Film Theory: Is Miss Peregrine's BETTER than Hogwarts? (Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children)

  • Published on Sep 27, 2016
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    With Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children coming out, and being in the start of a new school year, it got me thinking about these private schools for our gifted youngsters. Are they as great as they seem? Or, are you doing a disservice to yourself by forgoing a proper education? And if you had the choice, which one should you choose?
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  • Eli G.
    Eli G. 6 hours ago

    Wouldn’t be “and scene!”?

  • Eli G.
    Eli G. 6 hours ago

    I actually went to Aldwyns.

  • Eli G.
    Eli G. 6 hours ago

    I freakin’ love this guy’s show.

  • The Jspace Hilton
    The Jspace Hilton 13 hours ago

    I came here again to see the potter fans go insane about this

  • Tmnt plush videos

    my guess is xaviors

  • Cheatcode Hub
    Cheatcode Hub Day ago

    During one of the Harry Potter sequences, when MatPat mentions that pets are required, they are not, they optional, read the first book more carefully.

  • Cyber Punk
    Cyber Punk Day ago

    Whos watching in 2019? 🤣

  • Himari uwu
    Himari uwu Day ago


  • Tselmeg Enkhbaatar
    Tselmeg Enkhbaatar 2 days ago

    No, about the money for the whole school list, if you read or even watched Half-Blood Prince, you would know that there is a fund for kids at Hogwarts if they don't have any money.

  • Charlotte Weitzel
    Charlotte Weitzel 2 days ago

    Ms. Peregrin's *HOME* For Peculiar Children, it's not a school, it's an orphanage, Jacob's grandfather was an orphan, Emma ran away from her abusive father with help from her sister, Bronwyn strangled her horrible uncle, and so on, each of them being orphans due to some reason!

    (that's how you pronounce Ybryme?!)

  • SplashGod TV
    SplashGod TV 2 days ago

    The orange ish school you showed at the begging is my actual school I go to

  • Chicken Ella
    Chicken Ella 2 days ago +4

    Before Hogwarts most young witches and wizards are homeschooled also muggleborn students attend normal school

  • kacper player28
    kacper player28 2 days ago

    Miss peregrines house for peculiar children wins

  • Makai Labayen
    Makai Labayen 3 days ago

    dumbledor offered a muggle exception into the school but they declined and this was before harry potter

  • Javier G
    Javier G 3 days ago

    The pet at Hogwarts is completely optional also if you don't have to have to have to have wizerd money to get the supplies

  • bramble
    bramble 3 days ago

    but if hogwarts is a HIGHSCHOOL then the students must have gone to primary school (even though you learn more maths skills during highschool) also muggles are allowed to attend hogwarts

  • Imari H.
    Imari H. 3 days ago +1

    I’m a Hufflepuff. Any Newt Scamander Fans?


    GOT episodes!
    Lol my life

  • wild starfish
    wild starfish 4 days ago

    I have a idea for you. How about switching it up. Rather than how it is rates as a "regular" school as one that is gear to those that have unquie Changells. Afterall the Disability act have parts that deals with "adeptions {1}" which could mean an all kids with similar Changels{2} { classroom even those that need more supported than their family can gave, that way they can live as "independent {2} as Possible" (e.g. Squid and muggleborn wizard Boarding school in a magical world or Peculiar Children needing hided their changelling for safeness.) That will rule off Harry Potter's School (no classes on the basic living skill to lived in this world).
    1. items or special action to allowed you to keep a job or Home
    2. Those thing that regard special attend- thing that slightly a person for the society (e.g. Autism or Blindness)

  • Blake Conner
    Blake Conner 4 days ago

    That's uhhh 3-3. It's a tie. Are you sure your school taught math?

  • Necro Boomer
    Necro Boomer 5 days ago

    Mat pat we know what a record is just say cd

  • SoundWaves In Headphones

    I feel like he was kind if harsh on Hogwarts. Let’s be honest, wizard laws probably works at least slightly different from normal laws. So Hogwarts can probably reject Squibs. As far as the X-Men go, he even said it himself on another video that this was Film Theory, not Comic Theory (though that would be awesome!) meaning that comics shouldn’t count
    Still a great video though. Good job, MatPat!

  • HT FILMS 05
    HT FILMS 05 5 days ago

    its a magical school

  • cowboy20102
    cowboy20102 6 days ago


  • 3 gaming musketeers
    3 gaming musketeers 6 days ago

    0:10 oh cool I’m 2 of those magic users and I’m a tweenaged mutant ninja turtle so yay

  • Kian Mouton
    Kian Mouton 6 days ago

    Is it true that you met let me explain studio's.

  • Avenging Knight
    Avenging Knight 6 days ago

    I love how episodes of Game of Thrones is considered as a vital necessity

  • cheki breki
    cheki breki 7 days ago

    **Calls island off the coast of Britannia**
    Drunk guy:hello this is the piss hole

    Only og's will get that refrence

  • The Witch, King of wolf's


  • Ivy Rose
    Ivy Rose 7 days ago +2

    HOGWARTS for the win!! though not sending me my letter does take off some points...

  • SW3GGAM3R802
    SW3GGAM3R802 8 days ago

    lost of 75 years of game of thrones episodes. Its very important for school🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Kit Kat
    Kit Kat 9 days ago

    "Man I feel ancient"

  • isis ross
    isis ross 9 days ago

    Oh God, Red John was here 😢 lol


    That movie scarred me as a kid

  • Ekta Srivastava
    Ekta Srivastava 9 days ago

    Movie wacthing $#@&* #hogwarys

  • Nick D
    Nick D 9 days ago

    Is Harry Potter V Ms Penegrine Video.

    X Men WIN

  • Dat Potato Boi
    Dat Potato Boi 10 days ago +1

    Who else called that number and got answered by an electric company?

  • Viki L
    Viki L 10 days ago +3

    I’m guessing that before Hogwarts, children are expected to attend “muggle” school until they turn 11, having learned basic skills
    But they wouldn’t practice them so

  • Cats and Beyblade life
    Cats and Beyblade life 10 days ago +1

    Hogwarts is best

  • JD Nelson
    JD Nelson 11 days ago +2

    ... Camp Half Blood?

  • Beau Chang
    Beau Chang 11 days ago +1

    Woah... I just realized Ms. Pereguine is a death walker...

    • Beau Chang
      Beau Chang 5 days ago

      +cowboy20102 that's how mind blowing it was

    • cowboy20102
      cowboy20102 6 days ago +1

      don't you maen Death Eater

  • JP Dingle
    JP Dingle 11 days ago

    Umbrella academy?

  • KittiKat Lover
    KittiKat Lover 12 days ago

    But Miss Peregrine's is an orphanage...

    😱MatPat is wrong!😱

  • Kriso Bg
    Kriso Bg 12 days ago

    I don't see the point of using real life laws for something like Hogwarts. Like seriously why would any non-magic person even bother trying to go there if they can't even do anything?

  • Olivia Grey
    Olivia Grey 13 days ago +2

    But the wizards before they went to Hogwarts they went to Muggle schools 👍 if you agree

  • Saoirse O brien
    Saoirse O brien 16 days ago +1

    One of the profferers in hogwarts had the worlds most dangerous wizard in the back of his head

  • Mary Offenderman
    Mary Offenderman 18 days ago

    What about the Percy Jackson camps?! Surely, they deserve some recognition too?

  • Hedwig 628
    Hedwig 628 19 days ago

    In the Half-Blood Prince, Dumbledore explains that students who can’t afford the school necessities get support from Hogwarts, so Hogwarts could have gotten a point for that.

  • B T
    B T 19 days ago +1

    Sorry, Miss Peregrine nerd here, it’s pronounced imm-brinn not imm-breeyn!

  • KFG452
    KFG452 20 days ago

    This was unfair to Hogwarts. Just read some of the other comments.

  • Byron Carter
    Byron Carter 20 days ago +1

    X-men would win safety because it has an army of super heros inside

  • Stephanie Harlan
    Stephanie Harlan 22 days ago



    4er x
    W. Sap

  • Lemon Head
    Lemon Head 22 days ago

    Dumbledore in book 4 (The Goblet of Fire) admits that he lets anybody into his school as long as they can do magic, referring to Hagrid or Grawp and I like to say "Hagger" (read the 5th book and you'll understand)

  • Conrad Smith
    Conrad Smith 23 days ago

    You never actually pointed at a wizarding law requiring schools to be non discriminatory. UK is close but not magical

  • Rosstheboss 122
    Rosstheboss 122 26 days ago

    But ther is different laws of the magical world then the Muggle world

  • Lost Ones soul
    Lost Ones soul 27 days ago

    Random question to the viewers: if you had any mutant ability what would it be?
    For me it's a version of Rouges power of power duplication but combine it with power combination.

  • Kayleigh da cookie
    Kayleigh da cookie 27 days ago

    Matpat your forgetting that you join hogworts at 11 years old so YOU KNOW HOW TO READ WRITE AND ADD 2+2

  • Galaxy Kitty
    Galaxy Kitty 27 days ago

    Hogwarts actually won

  • Carmel Carmen
    Carmel Carmen 27 days ago

    So basically... Camp Half-Blood?

  • Ruqaiya Swan
    Ruqaiya Swan 27 days ago +1

    They learn until year 7 so they can read write and do maths also there is a fund for people who can't pay in hogwarts also all the safety problem is because of voldemort it's like blaming a school for a terrorist attacks also they don't accept people without magic because they can't do what's on the curriculum it's like accepting a disabled person for a soccer student loan also sqibs don't pay tax

  • stephen asher
    stephen asher 28 days ago

    *HOGWARTS RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* Also MatPat, you don't know much about Hogwarts,do you?

  • Anthony Nguyen
    Anthony Nguyen 28 days ago

    7:52 What about Lockheart??

  • cheki breki
    cheki breki 28 days ago

    I I I I I! AYE!

  • Oxtian Universe
    Oxtian Universe 28 days ago

    Harry Potter and The winner ARE TIED

  • Tia Hauxwell
    Tia Hauxwell 28 days ago

    You want to know why girls go to the bathroom in groups................... encase there's a troll in there

  • SydneyCreatess
    SydneyCreatess 29 days ago


  • Nirjhor Nath
    Nirjhor Nath 29 days ago

    My dude I love your vids. But this argument is just flawed in every conceivable way. Squibs can’t go to hogwarts because they cannot do MAGIC. If they were allowed they would feel worse as they would most probably fail all the classes as they can’t to MAGIC...It’s like accepting a bat to do swimming classes. They phisically cannot.

  • Brennanjaco
    Brennanjaco 29 days ago


  • BDT MisterGaming
    BDT MisterGaming Month ago

    Matpat you dir gut that at the ene of Miss peregrins school of gifted children they Search a new Time loop and can life theres in Peace again so they coupe only die of their age but not from the bomb.

  • Elvie Vanguardia
    Elvie Vanguardia Month ago

    Miss perigrine's home for peculiar children is a HOME tho not a school

  • Aaron Slaats
    Aaron Slaats Month ago

    Super late, is it possible that the X-Men are thought from their induction as students to become teachers? I mean why would Storm study meteorology... She controls the weather, she has instinctual knowledge... Why she teaches history is probably as simple as her favourite field

  • Maggie Elliott
    Maggie Elliott Month ago +2

    Personally I think Hogwarts won by looking at what I saw and others said.

  • Madelynn Cook
    Madelynn Cook Month ago

    I'm still going to miss peregrin's , she ( and her books) are BOWMB

  • wintergirl gamer
    wintergirl gamer Month ago

    All quotes doesn't accept quests because it is a school for gifted magical beings not mughals or squared I mean as such as an exception but still Hogwarts accept every every person except non-magical beings and because do you want to keep the magical community safe

  • wintergirl gamer
    wintergirl gamer Month ago

    Hey read harry potter and the cursed child because the castle also known as Hogwarts School gets rebuild ,the basilisk killed in the second movie ,the troll is killed in the first movie and all the Death Star destroyed and like the last movie and McGonagall becomes headteacher

  • Homer Simpson
    Homer Simpson Month ago

    They can read as Hogwarts is a secondary school that they start at the age of eleven, by which point they should be able to read

  • Eric Carrillo
    Eric Carrillo Month ago

    5:05 slender man

  • k aikoo
    k aikoo Month ago


  • k aikoo
    k aikoo Month ago

    Hogwarts has my vote, literally just finished the 8 movies yesterday 😂

  • Craig Krogstad
    Craig Krogstad Month ago

    I would want to go to Hogwarts and tell me if your house on potter more

  • Evelyn Rugama
    Evelyn Rugama Month ago

    9 yr old me: I've watched harry potter ... so i know magic and spells

  • Ceili Joan
    Ceili Joan Month ago

    You said that Xavier’s wins? No following your logic Hogwarts and Xaviers tie.

  • Starkiller 1346
    Starkiller 1346 Month ago

    But hogwarts should have won 1: see 5 &6 they do it best and 2: they tied

  • Scøut Animationz
    Scøut Animationz Month ago

    I know this video is old but it really reminds me of the umbrella academy

  • 8 bit pixels
    8 bit pixels Month ago

    Hogwarts and the x-men tied

  • Matt Webb
    Matt Webb Month ago

    British schools all have federal funding and British laws allow private schools to choose who can enter and who cannot

  • Atticus Dillard-wright

    Hogwarts and Xavier’s are tied

  • Meah Little
    Meah Little Month ago

    I pick Miss Robichaux academy for exceptional young ladies instead 😂

  • NoonCat
    NoonCat Month ago

    I'm sure we can all agree that South Park Elementary is the best magic school in the universe

  • Elle The Animator
    Elle The Animator Month ago

    0:09 I saw that X-Men logo

  • Rodrigo Bueno
    Rodrigo Bueno Month ago +1

    1)Well since they need to buy books and buy things,i think is obvious hogwarts hs students that are already literated and knows basic mathmatics.
    2)Well you know there are places in the world that beleives in free education you know,not everything need to works as in usa...
    3)i really don't get why you compare with collages if its clear all of that institute are not in that elvle in educaiton (ok hogwairsts last 2 years are,but xavier's is celary a high school in the movies)

  • Lucy May
    Lucy May Month ago

    Dude why did you call it a “compact disc”? That’s a CD, quite easy.

  • Privatizität
    Privatizität Month ago

    Yeah, Harry is realy lucky that he has dead parentss

  • LavaringX
    LavaringX Month ago

    Wizarding kids go through a primary education up until they're ten, which teaches them basic math and reading and stuff like that. You could argue that that's too early to stop learning basic skills, but let's be honest, when has anything YOU learned past fifth grade helped you in the real world?

  • LavaringX
    LavaringX Month ago

    Yokai Academy from Rosario + Vampire. All of the above, plus fan service.

  • Connor Schuh
    Connor Schuh Month ago

    You missed the fact that every single day at a certain time Miss Peregrine has to go out into the yard to kill one of those spooky Slender Man looking things that eat the children's eyes and if she misses it then he eats all the children's eyes

  • Martin Herrera
    Martin Herrera Month ago

    I. Watching at 1:09

  • Jay Jaeger
    Jay Jaeger Month ago +1

    I mean.. technically it’s not the best, it tied with hogwarts, it didn’t beat it

  • kushitoku jikata
    kushitoku jikata Month ago

    sending squibs to hogwarts is a bad idea since they technically can't pass the curriculum bc they can't do any magic. and the ministry just thinks of squibs in the same way they think of muggles (except a little more sensitive and they recognize them as an individual) so in their universe this isn't illegal at all

  • Stephen Trotter
    Stephen Trotter Month ago

    100% of the time kids are regreating school and wishing it was invented in the wolrld