Film Theory: Is Miss Peregrine's BETTER than Hogwarts? (Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children)

  • Published on Sep 27, 2016
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    With Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children coming out, and being in the start of a new school year, it got me thinking about these private schools for our gifted youngsters. Are they as great as they seem? Or, are you doing a disservice to yourself by forgoing a proper education? And if you had the choice, which one should you choose?
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Comments • 18 060

  • Dyath
    Dyath 8 hours ago

    So, it’s
    A lady who failed to protect about 20 children from a skrull and an invisible venom
    Dumbledore, who protected about ONE THOUSAND children from a whole army using dark magic the magical equivalent of nukes)
    And don’t get me started on Xavier who let them go to death battle

  • Conner Booton
    Conner Booton Day ago +1

    He shoulda had camp halfblood

  • kayden nguyen
    kayden nguyen 2 days ago

    Death eaters only got in because they had inside help

    EYLÜL BIÇAK 2 days ago +1

    You should’ve added U.A they would’ve won.

  • GStorm TCunno
    GStorm TCunno 3 days ago

    I watched the home for peculiar children a day before watching this video

  • A1DHP
    A1DHP 3 days ago

    Up to 7: Hogwarts 3, Xaviers 2, Peregrin 1
    After 8: Xaviers wins.
    I tried doing my math and it seems like it should be a tie. Looks like someone didn't take his math classes:)

  • Amazed Alloy
    Amazed Alloy 3 days ago

    Hogwarts' students can read. They learn it before going

  • Sara_Lemon_Drop
    Sara_Lemon_Drop 4 days ago


  • Mavicity Relayson
    Mavicity Relayson 4 days ago +1

    If Dormamu's one true love is Ms. P. Tsk. The poor man.

  • Cjzzz
    Cjzzz 4 days ago

    It was 3v3 hogwarts tied

  • Kirk WAHmett 89
    Kirk WAHmett 89 5 days ago +1

    11:50 *Hitler liked that*

  • Andy Aung Phone Sett

    The one about Hogwarts being illegal, they literally put criminals into prison with soul-sucking beings. Plus it's a magical society.

  • cal.
    cal. 6 days ago +1

    this Is an old video but I still wanted to point this out. In Harry Potter the government that Hogwarts receives it's funding from is the ministry of magic. Not the UK. Which everybody knows, and by that logic that means the Hogwarts does not need to abide by non-discrimination laws because the ministry magic does not have any in place. As well most of the ministry within the timeline of the books are discriminatory towards squibs and muggles as well as donors like Lucius being so meaning Hogwarts would not be shut down

  • Frederick Sta. Maria

    i am Ella 7 years old i am using my Computer i am diffrent but Secretly Peculia i am stronger than ten men!

  • Sheev The Senate
    Sheev The Senate 7 days ago

    Mat Pat you can't just judge out of categories and then have one category be worth way more

  • Alria
    Alria 7 days ago

    Category is .....
    Oh wrong show, my bad.

  • Sheev The Senate
    Sheev The Senate 7 days ago

    I'm sure if a squib was educated enough that they would be able to learn some subjects, there are also some subjects that they can't learn anyway because they aren't magical.

  • Daniel Morman
    Daniel Morman 8 days ago

    Unfortunately Film Theory after 1998 the school would become as safe as it was supposed to be. And the school is under the BRITISH MINSTRY OF MAGIC LAWS ONLY so the muggle ministry laws DONT MATTER!!!!

  • Trick Master 47
    Trick Master 47 8 days ago +1

    You forgot the giant three headed dog in the corridor

  • Zai Gaming
    Zai Gaming 8 days ago

    Hermomie is a muggle born and they let her in!! Hogwartz is the BEST

  • Hating Mirror
    Hating Mirror 8 days ago

    Rowling is not Rallying, she's Rolling

  • Lmao I ThinkUr Gay
    Lmao I ThinkUr Gay 9 days ago

    If it is legal to allow 13 year old kids to own a book that can kill you if left unattended, and allows 11 year olds to be around the site of the biggest and deadliest war in wizarding history.... I think it's legal to not allow non-magical children into a magical school

  • Anna Lynch
    Anna Lynch 9 days ago +1

    What adout ilvermorny

  • ThatOneLilPup
    ThatOneLilPup 12 days ago

    Me: sees title
    Me: clicks into video to comment a phrase
    *Fucking no it’s not*
    Me: clicks away from video without watching it

  • Worthless_That_Can_Draw

    I feel ya Pat I have a hard time explaining Miss Peregrine's to my friend

  • Olivea HD
    Olivea HD 12 days ago

    I know I’m weird BUT

    My favorite channels are Film/Game Theroy and theoddonesout that’s pretty cool

  • DJ The Skeleton
    DJ The Skeleton 13 days ago

    It's been two years but I'm still annoyed that matpat doesnt know that money is provided to muggle students most of the time

  • Devon Williams
    Devon Williams 13 days ago

    Buuuut, there’s no point in having a squib attend hogwarts, how would a blind and deaf person be able to learn without a school committing many many resources on Braille? Or a non gifted individuals attending the other schools?

  • Devibala Srinivasan
    Devibala Srinivasan 14 days ago

    Hogwarts is hidden from the muggle world so the muggle laws don't count for hogwart

  • Magdalena Mayo Kavain
    Magdalena Mayo Kavain 14 days ago

    Title: Is Miss Peregrines Home better than Hogwarts
    Me: OfCoUrSe....

    It'S nOt

  • Alex Alvarado
    Alex Alvarado 14 days ago

    Me to I also feel old

  • Ethan McMorrow
    Ethan McMorrow 14 days ago

    Mugle law not wizard law

  • Water Sheep
    Water Sheep 15 days ago

    3:31 yeah I'd wanna be stuck in time before the last GOT episode too

  • Chris Wood
    Chris Wood 15 days ago

    Why did you not do camp half-blood it's called a camp but still people stay there year around

  • SSpilt milk
    SSpilt milk 15 days ago

    MatPat: man I'm ancient
    Me: I understand what your talking about and I'm only 11

  • Money
    Money 15 days ago

    Imagine being born a mutant+wizard and have to pick between the two to go to. I would definitely go to Hogwarts because even some of the more powerful mutants are self taught and it seems easier than magic to learn on its own. Definitely choose Hogwarts.

  • Ellie
    Ellie 16 days ago

    5:06 But Hogwarts is a secondary school (that’s middle school and high school to Americans) so you wouldn’t pay tuition, it’s not a university

  • Polly Alexander
    Polly Alexander 16 days ago

    A)Hogwarts gives money to students so everyone can afford what they need
    B)Hogwarts students go to muggle schools up to 11 so they would know the basics of muggle subjects
    C)Even if you ignore those points it’s still 1 to Miss P’s home, 3 to hogwarts and 3 to Xavier’s school, ie a draw between hogwarts and Xavier’s

  • B R O S K U
    B R O S K U 16 days ago

    11:48 eyy I could get there

  • VC Nair
    VC Nair 16 days ago

    That is not how the loop works you know

  • Blanket Squad
    Blanket Squad 18 days ago

    The wizard world of hogwarts could have different laws compared to us

  • Eggs 7C
    Eggs 7C 18 days ago

    Students at hogwarts who can’t afford any supplies get a small fund. Items will have to be second hand, but it’s enough. The weasleys aren’t rich, but they have enough money for school supplies. This is explained in the sixth book, proving that you didn’t read it. Disgraceful.

  • tyler feldman
    tyler feldman 18 days ago

    hahahahahahahahaha Nicolas cage

  • David Benson
    David Benson 18 days ago

    0:17 i am more of a monster so what are my subject recommendations can't wait to start studying scarology

  • Rehaan Punjabi
    Rehaan Punjabi 18 days ago

    The ministry of magic is the acting goverment over hogwarts. You follow some ministry laws and some normal laws which you can't do

  • LenaPlays 01
    LenaPlays 01 18 days ago +1

    4:54 Am I seeing things or is that Jeff and what's his face from rooster teeth? (Always forget his name, I think maybe Corey?)

  • ToastyRoast 101
    ToastyRoast 101 18 days ago

    Me:ofc hogwarts is gonna win ,5 minutes in , nope not today matpat.

  • Livvy Sweets
    Livvy Sweets 18 days ago

    Rant about Hogwarts
    1. It is a requirement that students learn to read, write, do maths etc, for example Muggle bores going to primary school or Molly Weasley homeschooling her kids
    2. There is an account of kids that can’t pay, e.g In the 6th book Tom Riddle asks how he would pay for his stuff and Dumbledore gave him money
    3. Do you honestly think the ministry of magic would have the same laws as the British government? Like really.
    4. Why on earth would a parent want a squib to attend Hogwarts, They can’t do anything, no spells, no nothing, no ones complaining about it, it would also cause tremendous bullying for the poor kid, Do you see the parents complaining, NO, if they complained it MIGHT be a different issue, but they aren’t complaining, only you are Matpat
    5. OF COURSE THEY CAN READ!!! Each class has like 2 books, and have you seen the size of those books, they are huge

  • busygalaxy YT
    busygalaxy YT 18 days ago

    There was a tie!!!

  • CaptainNarwal YT
    CaptainNarwal YT 18 days ago

    Miss pregnant wins all the way. 😉

  • AmateurVase1384
    AmateurVase1384 18 days ago

    Any one watching in 2019

  • Ice Cupcake
    Ice Cupcake 18 days ago

    *slightly raged he didnt mention camp halfblood*

  • The Star Wars Questioner

    We know that there is financial aid for Hogwarts students. Dumbledore gives Tom Riddle a bag of gold from the school find set up to help students who don't have other means to pay for their supplies.

  • Bacon Meatballz
    Bacon Meatballz 18 days ago

    Where can I buy da book? XD

  • Nam Trần Hải
    Nam Trần Hải 18 days ago

    If hogwart dont teach student how to read, then how can student practice spell

  • Significant Extraordinary

    I think I’m talking for everyone that we would buy Matt pats book

  • Tanner Lee
    Tanner Lee 19 days ago

    Hogwarts is under ministry of magics government. Besides what would squibs do? Going to Hogwarts without magical abilities is like going to a muggle school without a brain. They could get homeschooled with a few subjects like herbalogy.

  • Pixel Pudding
    Pixel Pudding 19 days ago +1

    *U.A. High sweats nervously*

  • Kent Hornberger
    Kent Hornberger 19 days ago

    Hogwarts is funded by its own government and therefore does not follow the laws of the government of the UK. Also only wizards and witches have to pay taxes for the school.

  • Ridwan Mujahid
    Ridwan Mujahid 19 days ago

    Don't worry Matpat, I to know what record and compact discs are, are I'm only thirteen :)

  • Hana Leach
    Hana Leach 19 days ago

    It’s a draw the X-Men didn’t win

  • OK obiedat
    OK obiedat 19 days ago

    You know they probably learn something before they are then years old and go to hogwarts

  • Vu Khoi Nguyen
    Vu Khoi Nguyen 19 days ago

    Also Miss Peregrine’s home literally has an INVISIBLE monster that comes back every day (due to the loop) to kill people and the only thing stopping it is Miss Peregrine carrying a crossbow and time it precisely to kill the damn thing.

  • Bardo Tsa
    Bardo Tsa 19 days ago

    Pretty sure a loop isn’t a school...

  • Julianna Elwell
    Julianna Elwell 20 days ago +1

    Squibs are more like disabled wizards than muggles.
    Julianna Elwell
    Squibs can do Care of Magical Creatures, astronomy, arithmancy, muggle studies, history of magic and possibly potions that don’t require spells. Actually, on Pottermore, it’s said that squibs have an affinity with magical creatures. Children in wheelchairs still take gym classes to learn about the sport. Squibs could take theoretical classes. Squibs are like disabled wizards, they can do some things wizards can, like care for magical creatures and view magical places that would normally turn down muggles, (like hogwarts and the leaky cauldron) and are allowed to participate in the magical world. Squibs are really getting the short end of the stick.

  • Sam Atefi
    Sam Atefi 20 days ago

    Wizards have DIFFERENT LAWS so they DON'T have to follow muggle laws

  • Serpentatious YT
    Serpentatious YT 21 day ago

    Maths in primary schools

  • Sree Dev
    Sree Dev 21 day ago +1

    I love how all the comments are defending Harry Potter

  • Jessica Esui
    Jessica Esui 21 day ago

    Um... Tom Riddle ahd no money in the wizarding world and he got to go to hogwarts. So I think that they gave him money.

  • Oswin bricks
    Oswin bricks 21 day ago +1

    Make an update of this with Charles Xavier's school for gifted youngsters

  • TRG
    TRG 22 days ago

    But what would be the point of sending a squib to Hogwarts..? Hogwarts is for learning magic, and squibs don’t have magic. Sending a squib to Hogwarts would be like sending a Muggle to Hogwarts. They wouldn’t even be able to complete the courses... *they need magic to do that and they don’t have magic!*

  • Ink Bendy
    Ink Bendy 22 days ago

    *bois book theory is coming*

  • immortal men
    immortal men 22 days ago

    well you would be right about the last one about hogwarts
    but hogwarts follows the law of the ministry of magic aka muggel law does not apply to them
    and it is never mentioned to have that kind of law

  • Capture Fn
    Capture Fn 23 days ago

    1:11 Another demonitized video I wonder what I should do

  • Libby Wood
    Libby Wood 23 days ago

    Let me just say m p h f p p is the most scary movie I’ve ever seen