100 Years of Banned Fashion | Glamour

  • Published on Dec 3, 2018
  • Take a look back at the last century of banned fashion, from restrictions on the use of bird feathers in hats in the 1910s, and women's shorts being banned in the 1930s in some cities, to the flag-printed protest clothing of the 1970s and the illegal counterfeit purses that rose to popularity in the 1990s.
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    100 Years of Banned Fashion | Glamour
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  • Whatisthisshit
    Whatisthisshit 8 minutes ago

    The animal part is so sad..

  • Lily Katherine
    Lily Katherine 20 hours ago

    Explain how children managed to injure themselves with slap bracelets!

  • Chloe Dullingham

    i thought that was mac demarco in the thumbnail

  • Erin C
    Erin C Day ago

    Faux fur is great unless crazy PETA mistakes it for real fur and attacks you anyways 🤪

  • Alois trancy
    Alois trancy 2 days ago

    Basic white girls: I WaS bOrN iN tHe wRoNg gEneRaTiOn

  • Itzyabean
    Itzyabean 3 days ago

    1:55 is that E L A I N E T H E P A I N ?

  • Scarletto Symphony
    Scarletto Symphony 3 days ago

    Imagine cross dressing and running out in heels during a fire drill

  • kawaiipeopleXD Forever

    It's good they banned fur I mean why kill a lion or cheatah for it's fur like stupid

  • kawaiipeopleXD Forever

    I would not wear the bathing suit lol

  • Edie Boudreaux
    Edie Boudreaux 6 days ago

    I grew up near Delcambre, Louisiana. So I know this law personally. 😂

  • 311 DreamTeam
    311 DreamTeam 8 days ago

    *slap Bracelets were banned at schools*
    2019: *My friend brings a slap bracelet to school and teachers don’t give a dam about it*

  • Ahsan Anim
    Ahsan Anim 8 days ago

    Meanwhile in saudi arab
    Women gets arrested for not covering her face XD

  • Gabriela Martinez
    Gabriela Martinez 8 days ago

    2:43 maranda sings, is that you?

  • Najmah Chant
    Najmah Chant 9 days ago

    washed jeans girl is my spirit animal

  • Marium Hussain
    Marium Hussain 9 days ago

    The background is TOOO white. Please use a pale color so it's not so harsh on the viewer's eyes

  • Rukmani Sindhu Thangam

    And now they arrest women for wearing burkinis

  • Dacia Jade
    Dacia Jade 10 days ago +1

    The 70s man! I dig it!

  • j v
    j v 10 days ago

    i doubt that there was transgender activism in the 1950s in colorado. let's not rewrite history ok?

  • Elijah Culper
    Elijah Culper 11 days ago

    I don’t see what’s wrong with wearing fur. As long as we aren’t killing endangered or keystone species for fashion, how is wearing fur any less ethical than eating meat? A lot of animals with really beautiful pelts like mink, raccoons, and foxes are terrible agricultural pests, so why not wear ‘em?

    LEIGH OFFICIAL 12 days ago


  • Maria Cecília Dias
    Maria Cecília Dias 12 days ago +1


  • Abby Liu
    Abby Liu 13 days ago

    the model processing the pair of jeans was honestly so funny to me

  • Brooklyn Coody
    Brooklyn Coody 13 days ago

    😵 why so many rules for girls? Im glad they are lifted fr

    JOSH MIYU 14 days ago

    1950’s i’m more offended they have that terrible wig on

  • Sunitha Rayudu
    Sunitha Rayudu 14 days ago

    Girl: * wears a skirt a little above her knee*

  • Samo Abdalla
    Samo Abdalla 14 days ago

    Name of song used in 3:19

  • jih pun
    jih pun 14 days ago

    In this decade, I think bra-less is popular form of protest, too. I’ve seen not wearing bra underneath your shirt, banned in many schools and locations!

  • .ღღ╰ V ╮ღღ.

    First of all, that’s a man in a dress and makeup. 🙄

    • Danielle
      Danielle 6 days ago

      yeah, and? The law was banning cross-dressing, which is what the model was doing

  • Rachel DeMattia
    Rachel DeMattia 14 days ago

    3:49 Wait slap bracelets were banned in schools?? I remember a lot of people had them around when I was in the 3rd grade, I even had one of my own and we'd used to test each other with slap bracelets, it was fun but I never got seriously injured.

  • Rachel DeMattia
    Rachel DeMattia 14 days ago

    0:42 I live in Boston

  • LaFemmeCherry2Bomb
    LaFemmeCherry2Bomb 15 days ago +1

    1:44 who are you trying to kid??? No, he isn't slaying it either. HE looks ridiculous. Come whine and cry at me...see if I care.

  • Shubani Kadariya
    Shubani Kadariya 15 days ago


  • D'eva D'ethereal
    D'eva D'ethereal 15 days ago

    Slap bracelets were banned in the 90's the first time around. They made a comeback with different materials and were banned again in the early 2000's.

  • Wolfie_Gamez
    Wolfie_Gamez 15 days ago

    2:21 dang she got a small head

  • Wolfie_Gamez
    Wolfie_Gamez 15 days ago

    On the 1950s was that a man?!

  • Aysha Ryer
    Aysha Ryer 16 days ago

    1:35 ......Ringo?

  • Ren Hoggard
    Ren Hoggard 16 days ago

    2:27 and now people wear it all the time as patriotism

  • some videos
    some videos 16 days ago

    2000s fashion is the worst

  • Avery C
    Avery C 16 days ago +5

    No one

    No one at all

    2019: SHOULDERS 😳 EWW

  • Lilly May
    Lilly May 16 days ago

    nice lady in the 1950s :|)

  • Emily Walters
    Emily Walters 17 days ago

    this video just made me sad

  • just a white blood cell

    Oh hey I remember slap bracelets

  • just a white blood cell

    I'm a swimmer over here laughing at the 20s girl

  • Chrissi Bonbon
    Chrissi Bonbon 18 days ago

    Slap on bracelets were lit bruh🔥

  • Alexis Jones
    Alexis Jones 18 days ago

    sexism, sexism, sexism.

  • amy leigh
    amy leigh 19 days ago

    why were they allowed to wear swimming costumes with shorts but not shorts in general-

  • Pavithra M
    Pavithra M 19 days ago

    Does anyone know why women drew lines on their legs???

  • kissfan7
    kissfan7 19 days ago

    In defense of the cops, those eyelashes should be criminal.

  • princessaya
    princessaya 19 days ago

    i wish i were born in one of theese years 😖

  • Shelby Alford
    Shelby Alford 19 days ago

    my school banned silly bands when they were popular

  • Andrea Gallant
    Andrea Gallant 20 days ago

    I only buy real fur

    • TricityBliss
      TricityBliss 16 days ago

      Andrea Gallant so you support torturing animals. Way to be a horrible person

  • Andrea Gallant
    Andrea Gallant 20 days ago

    Jees the 1954 man dresed as a eoman should be banned AGAIN

  • What a Maverick
    What a Maverick 22 days ago

    That guy looks bomb in that dress

  • Edie Hunter
    Edie Hunter 22 days ago +1

    This comment section is....it's um..interesting.

  • Wami Redi
    Wami Redi 22 days ago +2

    1:36 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮

  • Maria Lopez
    Maria Lopez 22 days ago

    U.S. history in a nutshell: those who are not cis white males must follow rules created by cis white males or perish

  • the beatLESS
    the beatLESS 22 days ago

    the person in the thumbnail looks like ringo starr

  • angel faishal
    angel faishal 22 days ago

    Am i the only one who thought it was Ringo Starr in drag on the thumbnail

  • Annika Jaglan
    Annika Jaglan 22 days ago

    Early 2000s was wack

  • Chubby Custard
    Chubby Custard 23 days ago

    Wow u can literally wear anything u want and nobody really cares these days

  • Tbnr Wolf
    Tbnr Wolf 23 days ago

    Slap bracelets were banned!!! They literally define my childhood. How could they!! :O

  • HAiRO_ 26
    HAiRO_ 26 23 days ago +3

    wait, if those clothes are banned, then why are they allowed to wear it?!?
    (The first one)

  • Dirk The Daring
    Dirk The Daring 23 days ago +5

    When thy local temptress shows thou, a man of the lord, her exposed ankles

  • Meilli Ismacat
    Meilli Ismacat 23 days ago

    70’s girl so pretty love her eyes 🥰

  • Maya Lejovitzky
    Maya Lejovitzky 23 days ago

    Can we do for 2010 how we aren’t allowed to show our collar bones in school lol

  • Queen A _
    Queen A _ 24 days ago +1

    Were animals hurt in the making of this video?

  • Khloe Bell
    Khloe Bell 24 days ago +2

    What were people in the 00s thinking “whaletales “ wtf so glad that wasn’t my generation 😂

  • Abby Does art
    Abby Does art 24 days ago +1

    Aww it’s sort of sad for the crossed dressing

    KHALIIL01 25 days ago +4

    The US🇺🇸 had/continues to have clothing laws but tries to force other countries to drop theirs.

    • KHALIIL01
      KHALIIL01 12 hours ago

      Lucy Liu - Explain your last comment🤔

    • Lucy Liu
      Lucy Liu 12 hours ago

      @KHALIIL01 no they don't but it has nothing to do with their own clothing laws

    • KHALIIL01
      KHALIIL01 12 hours ago

      Lucy Liu - But what gives the US🇺🇸the right to dictate what is acceptable in other countries/cultures?

    • Lucy Liu
      Lucy Liu 14 hours ago

      obviously there's got to be a line on what people can and cannot wear in public...

    KHALIIL01 25 days ago

    @1:20 Were tattoos legal?