Daisy Ridley Cried over the First Force Awakens Trailer

  • Published on Dec 4, 2015
  • Daisy Ridley talks to Jimmy about landing Star Wars: The Force Awakens as her first major film role.
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    Daisy Ridley Cried over the First Force Awakens Trailer
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  • Diego Pisfil Ramirez

    She looks like a mix of Cara Delevingne, Harry Styles and Emma Watson

  • Spook
    Spook 2 months ago

    ok idc about the person can we just realize that her full name predicted smash ultimate's part of the roster

  • Diego Pisfil
    Diego Pisfil 3 months ago

    Hermana gemela de Harry Styles

  • Javier Rodriguez
    Javier Rodriguez 6 months ago +2

    I love Daisy's work! Great actress! She is very beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  • mercurion1000
    mercurion1000 6 months ago

    Same smile as Keira Knightley
    Problem is she is so intelligent and cultured sounding it’s almost a turn off.... lol

  • dule pro
    dule pro 6 months ago +1

    Daisy Ridley is the best at all . I have ten years but I've watched seven and eight dwo star wars much as I liked because there played Deisy Ridley -Rey.I'm her biggests fan.

  • Valelacerte
    Valelacerte 7 months ago

    The studios need to stop raising girls on these role models who can do everything immediately and without any work, who never fail and always win. Luke Skywalker trained with Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda, it was years before he first confronted Darth Vader and even then he lost the fight and his hand. Han Solo smuggled and battled in the Millennium Falcon for years, repaired and modified it, learned it inside out, went through torture, imprisonment and carbonite freezing. Then along comes Rey and with little or no training, she beats Kylo Ren, all of Snoke's elite fighters and Luke Skywalker. She then jumps into the Millennium Falcon and starts advising Han Solo on repairs. Is grinding hard work and perseverance embarrassing or uncool for women?
    Girls are being raised on this delusional feminist fantasy, that skills, experience and abilities will just manifest themselves when needed and that there's absolutely no reason why a woman can't overpower four highly trained men. Not least the message is that men are there to be competed with but certainly never lead or protected by.

    • Kim Bolduc
      Kim Bolduc 5 months ago +1

      and you're a delusional, whiny manchild, who cannot appreciate fiction without pushing an agenda. You are twisting all those things to suit your agenda. Luke barely trained with Obi-Wan, then he jumped into an x-wing and used the force to blow up a superweapon, besting Darth Vader, the best starfighter pilot in the galaxy per Obi-Wan himself. Literally the definition of a Gary Stu who can do everything immediately without any work in A New Hope. Then comes Anakin, the 8 year old boy who can build a robot himself and is already an expert flier. Is grinding hard work and perseverance embarrassing or uncool for men? ''Why are boys raised on this delusional masculine fantasy???'' asked no man ever.
      You practically invented Han Solo's background for your purposes. Solo: a Star Wars story just came out and surprise, the Falcon was Lando's ship and Han started piloting it in extremis. He even did the Kessel run IN LESS THAN TWELVE PARSECS!!1! pretty much his first time piloting the ship.
      Then for all the whining about Rey: her backstory is that she grew up fending for herself with pieces of ships that she scavenged. There's the grinding and hard work ; very similar to Anakin Skywalker. You gloss over the reason she has those skills the same way you gloss over all her defeats. She is bested by Kylo Ren twice, the first time getting captured, the other getting knocked out after being force pushed into a tree. In TLJ, she is completely defenseless before Snoke.
      ''Not least the message is that men are there to be competed with but certainly never lead or protected by.''
      What a crock of shit, but who's surprised you can't get the basic events of movies right wearing those MUH MEN!! ideological goggles? She gets protected by Finn who convinces the Resistance to go get her on Starkiller in the first place, Finn protects her again by fighting Ren after Rey is knocked unconscious, and Rey survives TLJ because rather than killing her, Kylo Ren kills his mentor.

  • gd131
    gd131 8 months ago +1

    megan rain megan rain megan rain megan rain megan rain megan rain megan rain megan rain megan rain

  • rj rjheathersnow
    rj rjheathersnow 8 months ago +3

    Dalsy Ridley look pretty and I love her she beautiful I love her

  • Paradyme
    Paradyme 9 months ago

    Jimmy Fallon is Spongebob.

  • Ecstasy_Of _Agony
    Ecstasy_Of _Agony 9 months ago +1

    I normally do not get struck on famous people and i absolutely abhor the audiences pampering anybody who has just become famous but Daisy as Rey looked like an exception to me. I fancy her lovely accent, her cute smile, daintiness as well as her down-to-earth personality.
    Daisy also has happened to be the biggest reason for me to start Star Wars Battlefront ii video game cos you can enjoy the game by playing as Rey yet randomly hear her lines from Star Wars TFA and TLJ. That is quite amusing.

  • Tropa Elite De Trolls
    Tropa Elite De Trolls 9 months ago

    But the movie was shit

  • Rex Goodtimes
    Rex Goodtimes 10 months ago +1

    I would eat her ass.

  • Awesome Man
    Awesome Man 10 months ago

    I wouldn’t

  • Travis Cummings
    Travis Cummings 10 months ago +1

    One could say that Daisy felt the pull of the Force to audition for Star Wars...just sayin'

  • SuperTopCat
    SuperTopCat 10 months ago

    Shame she can’t act

  • Борщ с чесноком

    why am i watching this i have to prepare for my exam!! or they will kick me out of the university

  • Kaname
    Kaname 10 months ago +1

    daisy is too pure for this world

  • Daniel Rodriguez
    Daniel Rodriguez 10 months ago +1

    I. would smash.. just saying 😉

  • Sébastien Vannier
    Sébastien Vannier 10 months ago


  • haran sugahfoot sanders
    haran sugahfoot sanders 10 months ago

    If I saw myself in a star wars trailer I would have boyega reaction with a lot of billy bouncing.

  • A Duck Person
    A Duck Person 10 months ago +2

    God what a wonderful person!!!! I love Daisy Ridley, such a bright soul!

  • Mr Spelly
    Mr Spelly 10 months ago +2

    This woman is a reason. Why i just adore British woman over others. 😂

  • robert f
    robert f 10 months ago +2

    she's so gorgeous 😍

  • Bromageddon7729
    Bromageddon7729 10 months ago

    Crazy enough I cry every time i see a star wars trailer and movie

  • Christopher Yiwei Liang
    Christopher Yiwei Liang 10 months ago

    Star Wars is the only American movie to achieve such high box office records with a bunch of new actors. Awesome!!!

  • Ramsey Hsu
    Ramsey Hsu 10 months ago

    Can she strive outside of Star Wars tho👰🏻👰🏻👰🏻

  • homecmng1
    homecmng1 10 months ago

    Its funny hearing her say she couldnt tell anybody she was in it or anything.mark hamill said that after filming a new hope they wher like”go ahead tell people about it, we dont care.” The development story of a new hope is amazing.

  • Ruiwen Zhang
    Ruiwen Zhang 10 months ago

    daisy ridley is so precious nd shdjfkg i love her so much wow ????

  • pokemonix 69
    pokemonix 69 10 months ago +1

    Her smile is great !!!

  • pokemonix 69
    pokemonix 69 10 months ago +1

    Ha awesome

  • MaD SaM
    MaD SaM 10 months ago

    I think she smells good

  • iamyetiman
    iamyetiman 10 months ago

    I've been in that studio. It's actually pretty small.

  • Ishak Belghit
    Ishak Belghit 10 months ago

    Daisy is very sexy

    PSYCHO PATH 10 months ago

    She is honestly the most beautiful and adorable person

  • Park Ave Shop
    Park Ave Shop 10 months ago +1

    datz my grand-daughter! so proud! :-D

  • Chris Austria
    Chris Austria 10 months ago

    Im so happy for her

  • B Smith
    B Smith 10 months ago

    I cried too, you non acting Keira Knightly clone.

    LIL 6LACK HEART 11 months ago +1

    I Love her

  • Mason Morris
    Mason Morris 11 months ago +2

    She's the best pic for Rey

    and she's pretty gorgeous

  • aresef
    aresef 11 months ago +1

    The OT changed the lives of its stars. This new trilogy has done the same for Ridley, John Boyega and Kelly Marie Tran. All were plucked from abject obscurity-Tran was all but out of acting and working at a temp agency when she got the call.

  • Damir Blazevich
    Damir Blazevich 11 months ago +2

    I love Daisy! I want to see her in more awesome movies ❤️

  • Ender Master
    Ender Master 11 months ago

    If I ever got a big part in a big movie I would do my best to keep that a secret and wait until the trailer comes out and record my parents watching it.

  • DanPH77
    DanPH77 11 months ago

    Wife material

  • davidsirmons
    davidsirmons 11 months ago

    And two years later, we have the utter horror and bitter disappointment of TLJ and everything Johnson did to it. At least the joy and hope of TFA is forever remembered in this beautiful video below:

  • JW Fan
    JW Fan 11 months ago +1

    1:22 I think Jimmy saw the whole thing but wasn't supposed to tell anyone so he made up a terrible cover story lol

  • HenkeTip Tip
    HenkeTip Tip 11 months ago


  • Nat Goes to Concerts
    Nat Goes to Concerts 11 months ago


  • Senthil Kumar
    Senthil Kumar 11 months ago

    Super super nice happy 💜💞💜💞💞💖🌷

  • Gabbyb133
    Gabbyb133 11 months ago

    remember when she was this excited to promote a star wars movie

  • * Nadia Mundt *
    * Nadia Mundt * 11 months ago

    “Yeah it’s alright” arE YOU KIDDING ME

  • Big Boss
    Big Boss 11 months ago

    it was in a reaction video just the start and end

  • Bruce Davis
    Bruce Davis 11 months ago

    I saw the movie it was amazing i. Loved it...

  • Nate Erre
    Nate Erre 11 months ago +1

    What a cutie ❤️

  • CaliforniaGirl49
    CaliforniaGirl49 11 months ago

    She is truly talented and should have been discovered way before this!

  • Jyn Lim
    Jyn Lim 11 months ago

    I think she felt very touched when watch the trailer

  • Marlon Crosby
    Marlon Crosby 11 months ago +1

    So lovely..love her energy etc.

  • TheOnly 0506
    TheOnly 0506 11 months ago +1

    I couldn’t understand half of what she said

  • peace4harmony
    peace4harmony 11 months ago +1

    She's the best star war's character. I was really impressed how good she can act and how good she was in that movie playing Rey.

  • VentionMGTOW
    VentionMGTOW 11 months ago

    GOD I HATED THE FORCE AWAKENS! It was such a feminist train wreck I almost barfed in the theater. This time around I'm waiting for reviews from people I respect, not the hollywood insiders who get to see it early. Their opinion can't be trusted.

  • Dana Hoxie
    Dana Hoxie 11 months ago

    Daisy Ridley, I am not sure if you got this but, I wanted to ask how did it feel to play your first important role in a Star Wars film? And, Congrats on your audition, that was intense! -from a 14 year old girl, Dana Hoxie

  • Noah Kokobo
    Noah Kokobo 11 months ago

    Anyone realize how much she moved her hands when she talks

  • Cayley Thompson
    Cayley Thompson 11 months ago

    Bad ass short - cyborg rebels against governmental control tvclip.biz/video/1IsbnB2v1Z4/video.html

  • Samara Cantos
    Samara Cantos 11 months ago +1

    I also cried, specially when Han Solo said ''Chewie we are home'' damn I couldn't stop it from happening

  • Panicguy77
    Panicguy77 11 months ago

    Mosquito bites

  • Jason Effinger
    Jason Effinger 11 months ago

    I may be very late, but, my golly! Daisy's SO cute, pretty, and adorable that, looking at her now, I am once again a little boy meeting Cinderella at Disney World -- and by that I mean I'm SUPER enamored with her! If I could meet her, I'd likely have the same reaction as back then even as an adult.

  • Tommy Indra
    Tommy Indra 11 months ago

    She's so beautiful

  • Bot Prophet
    Bot Prophet 11 months ago

    She smile laughs like Emila Clarke.

  • Matthew 322
    Matthew 322 11 months ago

    5000th comment :D

  • stormy the wonder
    stormy the wonder 11 months ago

    My friend called you ren

  • M D
    M D 11 months ago +1

    #beyou BeGenuine... i like it when i see those people react like that.

  • FiderLick
    FiderLick 11 months ago

    I think the casting was perfect, the actors really ARE the characters in Star Wars, it was a wise move to not go for any huge stars for the main cast, we know these guys as the Star Wars people and we always will, they're not casting Spider-Man as a Jedi etc.

  • Thefaithfullharleyquinn
    Thefaithfullharleyquinn 11 months ago

    awwwwww bless her shes so sweet

  • Teru Kage
    Teru Kage 11 months ago

    1:08 that smile...bosh!

  • TheMoonchild1969
    TheMoonchild1969 11 months ago

    I cried like a little boy when I heard the first notes of the encore, it brought so much nostalgia that was almost unbearable.This Star Wars franchise is more than a cultural thing is practically embedded in our human DNA.

  • solutionxero
    solutionxero 11 months ago

    for some reason, on multiple computers, i tend to have a lot of issues seeing the actual video picture for videos on this channel, while using google chrome. usually works in internet explorer

  • Tam Koeberle
    Tam Koeberle 11 months ago

    Now we’ve got the last Jedi in two weeks, oh how time moves fast.

  • Best Kinda Mess
    Best Kinda Mess 11 months ago

    She's a kiss ass

  • Tim Rice
    Tim Rice 11 months ago

    She is so innocent and sweet. Charming young lady.

  • Jayden Harris
    Jayden Harris Year ago

    Fuck the haters

  • NMJ
    NMJ Year ago

    Daisy sounds like book of Laura

  • A one legged man
    A one legged man Year ago

    damn, big teeth

  • Game Tourist
    Game Tourist Year ago

    she's so fckng cute

  • Roger Auger
    Roger Auger Year ago

    It humanized her for me, brought her down to earth.

  • Jay1228
    Jay1228 Year ago

    jimmy cant interview for shit...

  • julieta martinez
    julieta martinez Year ago

    My friend has a really big crush on her, I'm a girl but I can agree that she is very beautiful

  • clem guy
    clem guy Year ago

    She should do the rey look 24/7. A great look for her...bet imo

  • ebok98
    ebok98 Year ago

    Love her

  • Gabriela Hanriot
    Gabriela Hanriot Year ago +1

    Daisy Ridley, my crush.

  • Don Skiver
    Don Skiver Year ago

    God she's so freaking gorgeous.

  • Li Bo
    Li Bo Year ago

    Let's get down to business, to defeat the Huns
    Did they send me daughters, when I asked for sons?
    When I was younger so much younger than today
    I never needed anybody's help in any way
    But now these days are gone, I'm not so self assured
    Now I find I've changed my mind and opened up the doors
    Oh, let me see your beauty when the witnesses are gone
    Let me feel you moving like they do in Babylon
    Undo this hurt you caused
    When you walked out the door
    Well, life is too short, so love the one you got
    'Cause you might get run over or you might get shot
    Never start no static I just get it off my chest
    All I really want to know
    I already know
    All I really want to say
    I can't define
    It's love that I need
    My soul will have to wait 'til I get back and find
    Heina of my own

  • jordan robinson
    jordan robinson Year ago

    She’s so adorable

  • AM 24
    AM 24 Year ago

    Is she related to Keira Knightley? Looks a lot like her

  • Abram Ren
    Abram Ren Year ago

    Who tf is kylie Jenner? This is what i call a natural beautiful woman with great personality to

  • Brandon Dennis
    Brandon Dennis Year ago

    This women is the hottest Jedi ever hands down.

  • Old Scottish Glory

    If she had invested in some acting lessons there would be no need for tears...

  • Nairda
    Nairda Year ago

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. that's so amazing

  • mark greenberg
    mark greenberg Year ago


  • Luis Espinosa
    Luis Espinosa Year ago

    Olivia Wilde+Keira Knightly= Daisy Ridley.