Game Theory: Is the Lost Level of Accounting+ Real? (Zoo Level Mystery)


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  • The Game Theorists
    The Game Theorists  17 days ago +6906

    It exists...we found someone who is able to dig even deeper into the code and we're just now finding the pieces.
    He's in the RAW code and it's still a struggle to figure out how exactly it's hidden.
    But it's there. Definitely.
    We'll let you know what we find!

  • That one Creator
    That one Creator 3 hours ago +1

    Maybe the zoo level isn’t in the game maybe it’s in a different game

  • LAWLZY560
    LAWLZY560 8 hours ago

    Has anyone scanned the barcode on the cartridge?

  • Noztradamuz
    Noztradamuz 8 hours ago

    Beign a game developer myself with knowledge in unity engine the "levels" can be anything from test scenes to menus, assuming you loaded the "scenes" packed in the game files in unity a Scene can be anything from a menu to a game level, its kind of difficult unless you manage to "crack" the game and see if you can reverse engineer the assets and either run it unpacked or open it un Unity altought I doubt if that will be possible, if you can, somehow unpack the levels asset, change the names and pack it again maybe you can test it that way, but i've never done that.

  • leah trumble
    leah trumble 9 hours ago

    What about the audio file, it has animal sounds on it ?

  • The Chicken Guy
    The Chicken Guy 9 hours ago

    I found the zoo level!!!

  • gamers in a container
    gamers in a container 12 hours ago

    Maybe it isn't in the game's code because the final step of the mystery is finding a download link for DLC. Or maybe it will be added in a future update? An update that will coincide the final clue? Come on.... I need some hope.

  • Ir1shBoy 1996
    Ir1shBoy 1996 15 hours ago

    @The Game Theorists My question is this. How have you not done a theory video on kingdom hearts? Austin did one, yes, but I just know there's enough in that franchise that *something* has to be there. Help me out guys. Let's make this a thing. It's perfect timing for the third installment coming out.

  • starless night sky lightless sunrise

    You found The Zoo level.

  • spidaxtreme
    spidaxtreme Day ago

    it's dlc

  • Marshall RBLX
    Marshall RBLX Day ago

    has anyone tried to grab the key? Like, being in a tall room and having someone boost you or stand on something and grab it?

  • The Midnight Cat

    Mabye the zoo level and its code has not been made yet.

  • Dank Raccoon
    Dank Raccoon Day ago

    No don’t ruin this game to

  • Alexander R. Jaruk

    What if the Zoo Level is DLC that can only be reached by solving the game?

  • Epixez
    Epixez Day ago

    MATPAT!!!! Zoo entrance backwards is ooz ecnartne! When I searched it on google the second link was a Belfast zoo pdf! I didn’t download it but BELFAST IS LOCATED IN GERMANY... Ring a bell???? The cartridge is from Germany (lower left of the cartridge)! ALSO just wondering if you guys looked into the animals on the cartridge. U know how they’re placed in a certain order or if the names of the animals can be scrambled into something else...

  • Rin Hitei
    Rin Hitei Day ago

    Without playing i always figured it would be overly simple amd that the clown is sitting on it....

  • Judager Plays
    Judager Plays Day ago

    What if the zoo level isn’t part of the game?

  • Adam Abo
    Adam Abo Day ago

    justin roiland has said that crowscrowscrows made sure that you couldn't find the level by just looking at the code, do you think this is true?

  • Me and I
    Me and I Day ago

    Have you tried finding a way to pick up the clown and... uh... y’know... “Dig deeper into clown@$$”?

  • ams.01.11.10
    ams.01.11.10 Day ago

    Mat pat, there is a secret zoo level within the interview the creators said that there was but that it was extremely hard to find. I think the Zoo level might be beyond and within the office where you talk to the screaming people on the phone. Also, perhaps it may be accessed within a certain game level like the tree level or one of the special levels. Maybe just maybe we’d be able to find it if you look into the games code or something also keep looking at the emails crows crows crows give out. And think within the box instead of outside the box. Try not to overthink it. It could be simple and we are just overthinking it way too much. Other games they might have produced or Rick and Morty might give the answer. Think about it.

  • Quantum-gamer
    Quantum-gamer Day ago

    I have an idea it doesn’t have any thought put into it but the design of the carteage is different to others and it says accounting not accounting + (also a difference in design) so maybe it is in a different game called accounting not accounting +

  • Jedi Swiryn
    Jedi Swiryn Day ago

    He should have tried to play the weird audio file from the code on the xylophone

  • Tri Onion
    Tri Onion Day ago

    Human zoo

  • [squidboy13]
    [squidboy13] 2 days ago +1


  • Rhythm Dude
    Rhythm Dude 2 days ago +1

    Try playing the animal hidden audio on the animal xylophone based on the sound may work

  • pfp4ever
    pfp4ever 2 days ago

    no auido in the game
    look at pday2 when you steal america (doing the secret lvl) you trigger a download for accomplishing the lvl the download contains files... maybe its just like that the zoo lvl isnt inside the box maybe its outside and can only be reached if go deeper inside ;) hinting the vr inception

  • Austin Knuth
    Austin Knuth 2 days ago

    wait, why is the zoo entrance sign in the water park? (maybe the water park is part of the zoo.)

  • whatish thishshiz
    whatish thishshiz 2 days ago

    Now you really playing THEM BONES ;P

  • TheHuskyKid 10,000
    TheHuskyKid 10,000 2 days ago

    0:56 RIP HEADPHONE USERS!! aka me

  • ViperDemon 020
    ViperDemon 020 2 days ago

    This game is like a cheat code, but you can’t find the answer on the internet

  • supercyberfunk
    supercyberfunk 2 days ago

    Even if there's no zoo level, I still want to play it. Seems like a hilariously zany game.

  • Pure Depression
    Pure Depression 2 days ago

    There is a zoo level I checked

    Find it yourself

  • Guy ultimatecyberdog

    They still might just have it be an entirely troll level, with no dialogue or assets and just some text on a black background.

  • power cat
    power cat 2 days ago

    Maybe it's a different kind of zoo, like a clown zoo for example. It did say to look into clownass or whatever it was.

  • Sesoul White
    Sesoul White 2 days ago

    Mhm well i dont think that the level needs to be in the gamefiles yet
    they could just give you a code toa website where you have to download the zoolevel🤔

  • Oliver McKinley
    Oliver McKinley 2 days ago

    Maybe give the acid to the door guy if you haven’t tried it

  • Toasy Stuff
    Toasy Stuff 2 days ago +1

    you do realise that the game could download files from another source, just saying

  • Joshua Gain
    Joshua Gain 2 days ago

    Idk if this is gonna help anyone but the phonetics say "This is not an ARG clue".

  • SkellyTron
    SkellyTron 2 days ago +1

    MatPat, You need to run the secret mp3 file on a spectograph

  • Joseph Bosch
    Joseph Bosch 2 days ago

    what about the bar code and text on the left side of the zoo level cartridge?

  • bzeno 0
    bzeno 0 2 days ago

    Plz matpat what happened to the math and science related epispdes come on they were epic and u have lost so many subscribers to this

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker 3 days ago

    The intro was so funny XD

  • Killer Valentine
    Killer Valentine 3 days ago

    After just coming off the first part of this video series I was at just about to say that what if the zoo level is really a homemade to the idea of what happens if you "feed the monkeys"
    Like a good example of current times about not feeding the monkeys was one video game on Steam and which a person that is a basic voice is inducted into secret society or he just spies on people and every time calls the people that you spies on or give them some sort of treat, he is feeding the monkeys does making the entertainment of watching them even more richer.
    So I always thought that the secret Zoo level would be what would happen if you feed the monkeys and the monkeys being us.

  • Axle Greymoon
    Axle Greymoon 3 days ago

    Hmm i think you build the files via the puzzles just like the downloaded .wav it may be a series of strings and lose ends but its a possibility thaf does exist that maybe the reasin the files arent in the game. Also clownass may be another passwird for the original file that also downloaded it

  • Ashanti Sloan
    Ashanti Sloan 3 days ago

    yo, im keen on patterns, its my thing i see patterns in everything, and with this particular game, i think it works similar to "The unlce who works at nintendo" or even "undertale" the reason being, "trickshots" or as i see it, triggers. i believe more overly the game works with triggers each trigger you activate sets up both the default game experience and other game experiences, and when the game is over, i believe the game to cache your decisions made which carries on into other play through's, for example the moon level, it seems to unlock after a certain amount of trick-shots, starting with i think, the basketball... not sure from there, but it would seem the game retains "memory" in a sublte way of... like the Stanely parable which happens to be getting more endings in the Stanley Parable Deluxe sporting almost the same color of the secret zoo level animal photo. btw comments, has anyone checked the VR version of press the button, because Stanley is the operator for the buttons for that game, just happened to note that,

  • renzo sebastian diaz

    Hey game theory try2638684685165861753761754775173572537531739026352836735375183726723572527352892727385381639638369253826484672737RIGD54861

  • abfg616
    abfg616 3 days ago

    I got an ad for an accounting degree on this

  • Tec_King
    Tec_King 3 days ago

    What if you are the zoo lol

  • Cooper Davis
    Cooper Davis 3 days ago +1


  • Chris Daley
    Chris Daley 3 days ago

    I think WE are the zoo level, or the actors in it. I think the “Zoo Level” is our mad hunt to find a level that isn’t there. We are the animals on display.

  • Animuff Bro
    Animuff Bro 3 days ago +1

    Try playing the save the animals song on the xylophone

  • Sorian Rapson
    Sorian Rapson 3 days ago

    Check the original game accounting instead that could help instead of accounting +

  • Ethan Knotts
    Ethan Knotts 3 days ago +3

    According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway because bees don't care what humans think is impossible.

  • Nicholas Stephen
    Nicholas Stephen 3 days ago

    Play "save the animals" on the xylobones perhaps...

  • TILR
    TILR 3 days ago


  • Destiny/elemental god

    Hmmm well since its so random and its not been released and mamby you download it in the future or its in some version s have it and some dont but I cant say since I dont if you need a physical disk/cartrage or its online

  • Cocoa TheDutchAngelDragon

    The number dead end... Maybe you have to create a file labelled as it to unlock something in the game? Also, did you try to mp3 on the bones?

  • Sebastian Goodwin
    Sebastian Goodwin 3 days ago

    It's in the full white room hidden in the back behind a white pillar Cube thing.

  • Ω Ω
    Ω Ω 3 days ago

    did you try megalovania

  • Annabelle Gammons
    Annabelle Gammons 3 days ago

    Okay. I know NOTHING about game assets or how they’re handled inside the computer, BUT would anyone be able to apply a texture to the invisible asset? To see what it is? Again, I don’t know if that’s how that works.

  • Terent Julian
    Terent Julian 3 days ago

    Has anyone checked virtual rickality? Aren't these the people who made that game too?

  • juan cruz
    juan cruz 3 days ago

    What if your actually playing the zoo level

  • Emmalee Paarlberg
    Emmalee Paarlberg 3 days ago

    Maybe the level is found through a link to something completely separated from the game? If it's in a different location then you wouldn't see the code.

  • André Dias
    André Dias 3 days ago

    What if clownass is a deepweb page?

  • fire pancakes
    fire pancakes 4 days ago +2


    CROSSX SANS 4 days ago

    i found something it may help but i played it without vr the original version here's the gameplay (very short video)

  • Nikolai Rosploch
    Nikolai Rosploch 4 days ago

    Accounting+ is the Zoo Level
    My theory is that the game was meant to be a zoo simulator game, but the creators probably wanted to change it to a game full of secrets and hinting to the player and theorists that it was meant to be a totally different game, or something

  • kakorot mui
    kakorot mui 4 days ago

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  • Paul
    Paul 4 days ago

    Hey game Ferry can you can you see what is like Ghostbusters3 will look like or be about

  • Tornado House
    Tornado House 4 days ago

    This is basically Matpat complaining about how much work he had to do.

  • Mysterious Kitten
    Mysterious Kitten 4 days ago

    Te cachamos po compadre

  • Silvija Bucaj Shehi
    Silvija Bucaj Shehi 4 days ago

    He hit the button with the rubiks cube... W0T

  • Lukasz Dluzak
    Lukasz Dluzak 4 days ago

    Maybe if we discover how to get to The zoo Level they will update Game and add Zoo Level?

  • Zach Spears
    Zach Spears 5 days ago

    the idea that the editor specifically ripped an invisible asset to feature in a video is hilarious.

  • Jeff King
    Jeff King 5 days ago

    try playing save the animals on the xylophone

  • silent whisper
    silent whisper 5 days ago

    wait... you know how you said "what if it is just called zoo to throw you off the tracks?" what if its not called "ZOO" and its called "Z.O.O" like an abbreviation for something (can we hit a few likes so this is seen by mat pat?)

  • Josh V
    Josh V 5 days ago +4

    Is clownass the password like is there a place that u can put in a passcode. If there is then clownass could be the password that unlocks something. Also what if a bunch of different meshes could create something

  • Mike Ock
    Mike Ock 5 days ago

    You know the secret zoo level could just be the game because all the levels are different small areas and you move through them fairly quickly, just as if you were to at a zoo, and it’s a secret because no one would expect the entire game to be the zoo level.

  • DogeyBoy
    DogeyBoy 5 days ago


  • Logan Manuel-McGarry

    Ik locked zip files can't have multiple passwords but maybe Roiland found a way to have different content in the locked zip file with the *inhales* CLOWNASS password?

  • OGNotAPussySlayer
    OGNotAPussySlayer 5 days ago

    What if
    1) the Zoo Level is a level with all of the characters in the game? No new assets, nothing.
    2) Or there are certain audio tricks that could take a sample of someone's prerecorded voice, and multiply it by sin(whatever), and boom, it's now something else. While it does require precision, it works.
    3) Or they could be using a method like sight2sound2text, which admittedly I developed, but if a high school student could compress a 1080p background to 1kb, who can't?
    4) Or, they could code the mesh directly into the code without using an external file, and same with the texture. They would have a hard time if they were using a triangle mesh and base OpenGL, no frameworks or anything xD

  • Kiran Puri
    Kiran Puri 5 days ago

    I’ve been waiting for this theory for soooooooo long!

  • Amrith Nadendla
    Amrith Nadendla 5 days ago

    maybe you have to download it

  • Kaleb Bradburn
    Kaleb Bradburn 5 days ago

    Hey guys! Go visit my friends TVclip channel RetroCJT! He’s new and I wanted to get him some subs! Thanks guys
    Also please shout him out!

  • Marcos Briones
    Marcos Briones 5 days ago

    What if it not in the game but a different one of it own

  • Overlord runt
    Overlord runt 5 days ago

    Hey MatPat maybe the consistent logic is there is no logic! Anything that makes sense woudnt make

  • Neel Naidoo
    Neel Naidoo 5 days ago

    Matpat what the zoo level is a whole different game. Perhaps you have to unlock the link to it and download it.

  • Kirkland Craft jr.
    Kirkland Craft jr. 5 days ago

    hit or miss i gess thay never miss ha

  • Ravien Mendoza
    Ravien Mendoza 5 days ago

    Have you checked to see if there is any hidden DLC in the code?

  • jax
    jax 5 days ago

    #un subbed sheepel

  • Kritter XD
    Kritter XD 5 days ago

    Aaaaahhhh, the beginning of the episode, you used the wrong "there!"

  • Nicolas Gomez
    Nicolas Gomez 5 days ago

    Me: Oh no, Im GoNnA sAy ThE f-WoRd!
    MatPat: No do not do that, thats not BrAnD sAfe!
    Me: ...
    Me: oh please, its not the n-word.

  • Snake-Eyes
    Snake-Eyes 5 days ago

    Shoulda said xylobone instead of bone xylophone

  • Crisppetals
    Crisppetals 5 days ago

    The real zoo level was friendship along.

  • ali albattat
    ali albattat 5 days ago

    For a code try that

  • ali albattat
    ali albattat 5 days ago


  • ali albattat
    ali albattat 5 days ago

    The zoo leave try taking every letter from ever animal

  • Nick Ryan
    Nick Ryan 5 days ago

    Think, these items may be red herrings.

  • Nick Ryan
    Nick Ryan 5 days ago

    Did you check the clown's asshole..?

  • Nreok Neokok
    Nreok Neokok 5 days ago

    Do a theory on the black ops 4 story in specialists headquarters