Israeli settlements, explained | Settlements Part I

  • Published on Sep 19, 2016
  • The maps that explain the settlers.
    You can watch a more comprehensive history of the Israel-Palestine here :
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Comments • 18 654

  • Cablingplan Rex
    Cablingplan Rex Hour ago

    Arabs can live in Israel, so why oppose Jews living in West Bank?

  • Arsalan Gujjar
    Arsalan Gujjar 12 hours ago +1

    israil bigest terrorist country

  • Elmos Pasco
    Elmos Pasco 23 hours ago

    There's a huge lie of omission going on in this video. For most of the time the British ruled "Palestine" Trans Jordan was part of "Palestine." What we're really talking about is a three state solution.

  • Dunedain Ithilien
    Dunedain Ithilien 23 hours ago

    Uma tragédia 😔 não se trata de uma guerra entre judeus e árabes mas uma guerra entre judeus e árabes quê querem a paz contra os judeus e árabes quê querem a guerra, infelizmente os quê querem a guerra têm o poder político e econômico

  • Garron Fish
    Garron Fish Day ago

    How did Isreal end up with all the best land for agriculture?

  • Vincent Koech
    Vincent Koech Day ago

    Justifying theft

  • yonathan yutkin
    yonathan yutkin Day ago

    The jews did not want war, palestine should've taken into consideration what they would lose before they threatened jewish people.

  • Jon Lenihan
    Jon Lenihan Day ago +1

    Palestine Arabs declare themselves the eternal enemies of the Jews, start wars, lose wars, and complain that the Jews are not always nice to them.

  • Gayatri saha halder

    We indians can understand your pain. British did the same with us!

  • Brian Cooley
    Brian Cooley Day ago

    I love the Israelis the Jewish people suffered horrific attacks and MURDER at the hands of the germans they have every right to build a fence around their homeland and have a great army to protect them.

  • Leon Kennedy
    Leon Kennedy 2 days ago

    why UN always interfered with the problem of other countries. Israel is for Jews.. no Palestinian..

  • Mahdi007
    Mahdi007 2 days ago

    its called "PALESTINE" not israel

  • Maspaijo Lastrock
    Maspaijo Lastrock 2 days ago

    Israel is Jews , Jews historically is from Arabia , the should back to Arabia

  • Ivo Naidenov
    Ivo Naidenov 3 days ago

    VIVA PALESTINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Charles Sinner
    Charles Sinner 3 days ago

    free palestine now

  • Cute Krishna
    Cute Krishna 3 days ago +1

    Long Live Israel ❤

  • dragonlaughing
    dragonlaughing 3 days ago +2

    The initial land assignment of the Brits gave government control of c the best land to the Jews. Then the next land grab took more Palestinian lands. The third land grab has taken more farmland, minerals, and water. And now the next landgrab will be an attempt to eliminate the Palestinians.
    The US has spent 7 trillion in endless war in protecting Israel from the consequences of it's choices.

  • Mishel Bengi
    Mishel Bengi 3 days ago

    When the Jews will learn how to conquer militralily territories and expand like an Empire ? never .thats why we slaughter them .

  • Irfan Mahdee
    Irfan Mahdee 4 days ago +1

    Liar tactfully defined.

  • Umar Tahir
    Umar Tahir 4 days ago +3

    Came here to watch an actual history of israel and palestine, but stopped right after 40 seconds. Vox you really need to show how did jews get there at first place.

  • Research0digo
    Research0digo 4 days ago +11

    I don't know who told this kid that Palestinians can drive on most of the WB roads. That is total BS.

  • Mind Over Matter
    Mind Over Matter 4 days ago +2

    Pretty sad how religion dictates their lives somehow

  • Hannu Koistinen
    Hannu Koistinen 5 days ago

    There is no "west bank" mister!!! Read the Bible!! The Land of Israel will begin from the river Nile and end the Euphrat river!! That is the truth. If you deny it, you must believe you are above the GOD HIMSELF, which I doubt.

  • Vicky Donor
    Vicky Donor 5 days ago +2

    Good on Israel for finding a home, just like other people did in the past they invaded other countries.
    If you can’t defend your territory then it’s your loss, ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE

  • Tanakh Keeper
    Tanakh Keeper 5 days ago +1

    That was a pretty decent summation. One thing not mentioned is that the Jews have a historic connection to that land for over 2000 years. They have always been there, they didn't just suddenly move there from Europe. Most of the arabs originally came from Assyria or Egypt.
    Another thing to note is that arabs don't want to be neighbors to Jews. All they believe in is death and destruction. Every single peace deal resulted in Israel accepting it and the arabs declaring war on Israel. When the arabs have self-government, all they do is commit terrorist actions against Israel. The arabs in Gaza don't want a functioning economy. They build military installations in hospitals and elementary schools. When they get building supplies, they build terrorist tunnels. Israel wants nothing more than to be neighbors with arabs, but they can't find any Arabic takers.

  • jubileemama2000
    jubileemama2000 5 days ago +4

    European land and resource theft as usual. Isreal is the last active Colonial Settler State.

  • Anthony Brancato
    Anthony Brancato 5 days ago

    There already are two states: Israel, and Jordan!

  • ryszard sokolow
    ryszard sokolow 5 days ago

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  • Zain Hottson
    Zain Hottson 5 days ago +9

    4:44 extreme protesting *literally kids throwing stones*

    • GanjaFarmer
      GanjaFarmer 3 days ago

      They can throw rocks better than your average person though

  • Paige Hawkins
    Paige Hawkins 6 days ago

    Don’t worry. When Messiah returns, that land that Yahowah most high gave all the 12 tribes of Israel (not just the Jews of the house of Judah) will be given back and it’s much bigger than what you see now.

    MD. DIRAJ 6 days ago

    stand of pelistin.

  • Ahmed Ali
    Ahmed Ali 6 days ago

    Very soon all Palestine will returns green

    • bernie oldham
      bernie oldham 4 days ago

      Yes! Because the JNF will plant more and more trees and fields to develop all the deserts that Islam has created.

  • david burley
    david burley 6 days ago

    skewed truth again

  • John Rayne
    John Rayne 6 days ago

    It’s name is not israel. It’s the apartheid state. One nation one vote for everyone. This is the only solution.

  • Junaid Malik
    Junaid Malik 6 days ago

    Long Live Israel

  • Pancho Villa
    Pancho Villa 6 days ago +18

    Settlers same as invaders, ilegal aliens or imagrants.

    • Pancho Villa
      Pancho Villa 3 days ago

      @Dave Jackson isrealis till this date.

    • Dave Jackson
      Dave Jackson 4 days ago +1

      Yes, about 2000 years ago. They were called Philistines (Palistines) which translated means illegal immigrants.

  • Rodney
    Rodney 7 days ago

    Jews are making imposible for palestinians to have a State of their own, that is the real agenda behind these sttlements and the israeli government support.

  • Zakir B.
    Zakir B. 7 days ago

    what israeli state ?

  • o2fox14
    o2fox14 7 days ago +3

    You can name it whatever you like, IT IS PURE OCCUPATION

    • IspywmI .Tony
      IspywmI .Tony 6 days ago

      How Can a People Occupy its Own Lands? Its JUDEA AND SAMARIA it always was JUDEA AND SAMARIA before Arafat decided that after the war of Independence, Lo and Behold, there was a "Palestinian People" The Only Palestinian people that dwelt in the Land were JEWS,, The Area was called Palestine Renamed by the Romans, to Punish theJewish People of Israel. and the Arabs that lived there were NOT Palestinian. Judea and Samaria was Captured by Jordan after the 1948 war of Independence,Forced on the Jews by all her Neighboring Arabs.and in 1967 also know as the 6 day war,Israel recaptured its lands known as Judea and Samaria. and Gaza which was part of Egypt. and those borders you people like to take about ,was a cease fire line NOT BORDERS,,Jordan still retains authority over East Jerusalem and the HAR HABAYIT, and Egypt did not want to Retake Gaza back. So,, Whos Occupying who here?

  • CaVau
    CaVau 7 days ago

    Arabs started a war that they lost. They lost territory as a result.
    This is what happens when you go to war. Look at a map of Germany in 1910.

  • Lyn Travis
    Lyn Travis 7 days ago

    I'm not Jewish but would see my mom putting out Jewish items all over our house when I was really little. I paid no attention and grew up not paying attention to it. Now that I follow politics I can see why she was protective of Israel.

  • Youssef Itani
    Youssef Itani 7 days ago


  • Infinite Vortex Of Light Production

    Israel should be ashamed. Yahweh does not support this mess

  • matthew mann
    matthew mann 7 days ago

    Mizrahi Jews do not have much control of the overall Israeli Economy, government, politics, and population.

  • perino lequin
    perino lequin 7 days ago +1

    palestinians are always on the
    wrong side of history

  • wan kyrol abbas
    wan kyrol abbas 7 days ago

    It's not Israel win a war.. but more into nato +Saudi vs Arab. .How can they win ..if not because of nato.. Israel gonna be defeated easily by Arab

  • Linda brown
    Linda brown 7 days ago

    Why does Israel continue to grow its nuclear arsenal?

  • Mohd Hafiz
    Mohd Hafiz 8 days ago +1

    why start from 1948...what happen in 1900..?

  • Larry Goodwill
    Larry Goodwill 8 days ago

    Israel same likes his older brother the USA needs a more war for capturing more land, more territory. This is the war between Israel politicians and Palestinian Politicians but not between people of Israel and Palestina.

  • amaira kahn
    amaira kahn 8 days ago

    I hope this happens to countrys that did this so u know how it really feels like ...

  • Jason Neally
    Jason Neally 8 days ago +1

    Vastly distorted, if you watch this video do yourself a favor and look up many of the events that were omitted from the timeline.

  • Indoali
    Indoali 8 days ago

    literally this place waas israel But Alot of people turned israel To Palestine Only Jews who lived there think that Israel was still there once palestine suffers to much that means Chaos will come

    JOEL DIZON 8 days ago

    If I were the Palestinians I would agree to a one-state solution. World opinion would be more vigilant and wary against the resurrection of an apartheid system where a ruling class keeps a minority class under permanent bondage and discrimination within a single state. By keeping the distinction between Israelis and Palestinians, the Israelis get away with letting the world see only the conflict, but not the double standard. As it is, with the Palestinians distinguishing themselves from the rest of Israel while living in areas that are not even recognized by Israel as pertaining to Palestinians, Israel is able to portray all Palestinians as internal troublemakers. How can you have two states with that kind of demographic dispersal pattern? By all means, let Israel stand as one state and put the pressure on the Israelis to show to the rest of the world that they will not discriminate against some of their own diverse citizenship. Right now, Israelis are oppressing the Palestinians because they can invoke the excuse that they fighting for their right to survive as a state. What if they were THE STATE covering all of Old Palestine , they would have no justification for killing THEIR OWN citizens. In fact, they would have no justification for remaining a purely Jewish state. They would have to be secular like all other functional democracies in the world. I suspect that the Israeli Jews would be the LAST people to support a one-state solution. They really do NOT want to be co-mingled with Arabs. But they're just too stubborn and selfish to allow Arabs to thrive as their own nation, they want to keep the land where the Arabs live--just without the Arabs in them as much as possible. In short, Israel wants to eat their half of the cake and keep the Palestinians half of it too--they want the WHOLE cake, period.

  • luke Porter
    luke Porter 8 days ago

    I'm still trying work out why is Israel to blame for everything when all they wanna do is live in there country in peace

  • Tosh Dan
    Tosh Dan 8 days ago +8

    There are just zionists who are illegally occupying the west bank

    • IspywmI .Tony
      IspywmI .Tony 6 days ago

      Its better to be thought of as Fool, than to open ones mouth and Prove it.

    • Tosh Dan
      Tosh Dan 6 days ago

      Peter Fagerbrant the killings have happened from both sides. Israel is not innocent either. Both have mistakes. Remember for a period of time, Jewish people didn’t have a land post ww1 and was fleeing Europe and went back to Israel. At that time, Palestinians were occupying the land. Sure Jewish people might have been there thousand year before. But still, Jewish people have repossessed their land and kicked them out. This is the reason why Palestinians won’t give up the fight. You people are claiming the same land to be yours. The only way is to split it up. Stop the killings. United Nations must intervene and redraw the territory lines even if it means to relocate tens of thousands of people

    • Peter Fagerbrant
      Peter Fagerbrant 6 days ago

      @Tosh Dan You are wrong again. If Israel wanted that land, Israel would have kept it. It was Israels before Jordan took it, and it was Israels again from 1967 to 1993 when Israel choose to give it away to PLO. Israel was not forced to do that, could have kept then, but that is not what Israel want.
      You really should try to learn som history, you are full of fantasies.
      In the between PLO and Israel agreeing, there will be a final negotiation of borders, that have the parties agreed upon. There Palestine will have more land from area C, some of it Israel will keep, some of the land Israel have now will become Palestinian. That is the agreement.
      But, the problem is one again not there, the problem is that Palestine demand to clean all areas from Jews, an ethnically cleansing. According to Palestine constitution, ONLY arabs is allowed as citizens. Also Palestine demand for the future an ethnically cleansing of Jews from Israel.
      There you have the problem in a nutshell. As long as there exist a Jewish state where it is now, Palestine will continue to not come to negotiations. Palestine will continue its terrorism. Palestine will continue to kill Jews in their attacks.

    • Tosh Dan
      Tosh Dan 6 days ago

      Peter Fagerbrant if short you are just one sided and you are not willing to compromise. You only wanted to believe what you wanted to believe (that Israel is entitled and deserve the land) you even have said that UNGA is wrong. You want to twist it to however to suit you, by all means suit yourself. But know this, this conflict will never end. Don’t just keep saying Palestine doesn’t want peace (Or so it may be) but still, it’s been going for far too long. Israel must also need to give up some land. Few decades it has been. The only solution to this is two-state solution. Israel need to carve out a land for the Palestine, in return they just sign a peace treaty. Stop thinking that you are more entitled to the land than the Palestine.

    • Peter Fagerbrant
      Peter Fagerbrant 6 days ago

      ​@Tosh Dan Everyone have to stick to International laws. UNGA have incorrectly declared it illegal of political reason, not factual.
      According to international law it is not illegal keep land you have sovereignty over. Also, if Israel did not have sovereignty since earlier, Israel have a peace treaty with Jordan about the area. That alone fulfill the requirements from international law.
      In this case the area belonged to the Jewish national home before Jordan illegally invaded, annexed and renamed it. It did not belong to someone else.
      Regarding the today Palestine. Palestine did not exist at that time. Palestine is the result of negotiation between Israel and PLO to solve the situation for local living arabs in the area. Israel gave of its land to create this Palestine. There is also here a treaty from Oslo accords, where PLO (Palestine) agree with Israel to divide the area in three areas A, B, C where Palestine have Area A and B and will have area C in final negotiations of borders.
      So far Palestine have refused to come to the final negotiation table, hence the situation is unsolved.
      They was even offered from Israel more land then was once proposed in 1947 partition proposal by UN, but still refuse to negotiate.
      Well, if they want to have land, they must negotiate with the owner of the land and fulfill the initial agreement.
      The problem why they refuse to fulfill earlier agreements and come to the negotiation table for final border, is that the agreement require Palestine to accept a Peace with Israel. That is against their will and policy.
      So.. In short, you do not know what you talk about.

  • Peter Cellphone
    Peter Cellphone 8 days ago +2

    These Israeli settlements are stealing lands from Palestinians and Arabs. Israeli are thieves and murderers.

    • bernie oldham
      bernie oldham 4 days ago

      No, Arabs are thieves and murderers. The land belongs to the Jewish people.

  • Rakshit Verma
    Rakshit Verma 8 days ago +7

    Britishers rule and left countries with the gift of conflict

  • Esti Avisti
    Esti Avisti 8 days ago

    Why always asking Jews to give to Arabs the so called "Palestinian Occupied land" while the Arabs are occupying the entire North Africa and they don't wanna hear about returning back Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Sudan, Mauritania, Morocco, Algeria to black people? So, Arabs can occupy black land, but Jews can't occupy Arab land?

  • haneul kim
    haneul kim 8 days ago +1

    Israel who?? never heard of them....

  • Khldoun Soul Rebel
    Khldoun Soul Rebel 8 days ago

    The evil British empire were never they went they ruined the earth

  • Antonio Costa
    Antonio Costa 8 days ago +2

    I was told some Israelis are buying land in Patagonia ou Southern Chile. You ought to check it out. Obviously not everything is rosy in Israel. Some of them are getting the heck out of Dodge.

  • Bookie
    Bookie 8 days ago +1

    What a childlike understanding of the situation...

  • Ahmed Atiya
    Ahmed Atiya 9 days ago +1

    Guys thers no country called Israel

  • Thomas Jamison
    Thomas Jamison 9 days ago


  • zygmunt zielinski
    zygmunt zielinski 9 days ago +6

    Simply put, land grab.

    ATG IMM 9 days ago

    A settlment needs our help. Here ill mark it on your map.

  • Shaikh enamulhaque
    Shaikh enamulhaque 9 days ago +2

    It is only one nation called PALESTINE ISRAELIS R invaders Israel is a terrorist organisation not a nation

    • Lman18
      Lman18 9 days ago

      Also its safer then tunisia and kuristan too.

  • Noora Yousef
    Noora Yousef 9 days ago

    Lies are cheap.

  • tigerman mccool
    tigerman mccool 9 days ago

    You start a war, the winner makes the rules...they been fighting since the dawn of time & most likely will continue to the end of time

  • White dots
    White dots 9 days ago