• Published on Jul 12, 2019
  • Jessica Alba stopped by & we played with makeup (The End) ... OMG BEST DAY!! Hope you enjoy! xo's ~ Tati
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  • Hakimu Malunda
    Hakimu Malunda Hour ago +1

    You look so pretty Jessica Alba

  • Uh huh123
    Uh huh123 2 hours ago

    Jesica Alba does not even need makeup LOL

  • Lesley DeMattie
    Lesley DeMattie 4 hours ago

    Jessica "all natural" great! But mica! She said it like it was a good thing. Go see how mica gets in our country for makeup products for that Sheen that glow. Children from five and up are going and digging Michael up for our makeup products and it's very dangerous go under these holes and they can collapse and children have died doing this for our makeup. It just seems ironic. Our planet great but what about the kids getting the Micah that one ingredient?

  • Tina Sosa
    Tina Sosa 2 days ago


  • Vic Vic
    Vic Vic 2 days ago

    I looked at some products from Honest Beauty and I don't consider it special. We have great and really natural and organic brands in Europe with products that do work in every way.

  • Angela Liao
    Angela Liao 4 days ago

    I really wanna know what lash curler Tati is using in the video😖😖

  • Farah Izati
    Farah Izati 5 days ago +1

    Im sooo obsessed with how jessica alba put all the make up i mean damn

  • nirvanateens
    nirvanateens 5 days ago

    ok but whats the blow dryer thing jessica used

  • Taylor Bradley
    Taylor Bradley 7 days ago

    This video is jessica alba interviewing tati... i love how jessica is genuinely interested in tatis answers

  • Liz Marquez
    Liz Marquez 8 days ago

    Tati make up game was not strong in the video.

  • Glam life Money life
    Glam life Money life 8 days ago +1

    Tati was trying not to laugh when jessica pulled out that elf pencil

  • Glam life Money life

    Jessica and Tati seem like they’ve known each other forever. This conversation was so natural

  • Britt J
    Britt J 9 days ago

    When you are so naturally beautiful you don't know what baking is. hahaha

  • Bunnydrum Crimblefinch

    Jessica Alba is one of the most beautiful women on Earth. Possibly top 5.

  • Queen Yaya
    Queen Yaya 9 days ago +1

    Jessica: “what does bake mean?”
    Random person: “it’s like where you mix ingredients together and then put the final product in the oven ..”

  • Queen Yaya
    Queen Yaya 9 days ago

    Moral of the story: their basically the same person

  • Dria Woods
    Dria Woods 9 days ago

    I love how Jessica makes really good wipes for $6.99 but Kylie made crappy ones for $10 😂

  • Aaliyah Karunaratne
    Aaliyah Karunaratne 10 days ago

    Me a Chem Major @2:59 ... WHERE IS HER PPE???

  • Yasemin Malik
    Yasemin Malik 11 days ago

    Hi Tati,
    I am watching you since a long time now and I am glad for your reviews and to see you make up skills. Thank you for very much for your kidness.
    Can you please tell me which colour of her blush Jessica has used in that video here?
    I am waiting for your answer, beauty queen😘, greetings and blessings, Yasemin🌹🌿

  • Ahmad Kashfy
    Ahmad Kashfy 11 days ago

    Well do you well aware where did "mica" came from?

  • D S
    D S 11 days ago +5

    Yeah Jessica Alba will always be “Honey” to me. 🍯 💛

  • Garima Malik
    Garima Malik 12 days ago

    Can someone please tell me the list of the tools used by Jessica and tati.?

  • Sasha V
    Sasha V 13 days ago

    Jessica is such a Taurus. Not fully interested in being a celebrity and just wants to educate Tati and bond over the products. 💕

  • ala lisa
    ala lisa 14 days ago +1

    I love Alba!!!!

  • libra lady
    libra lady 14 days ago

    Omg sorry tati looks so bad without makeup.

  • Rucha Bodas
    Rucha Bodas 15 days ago

    What eyelash curler is tati using

  • Sara Bedaweth
    Sara Bedaweth 15 days ago

    What the suction tool called?

  • Diana Aleysa
    Diana Aleysa 17 days ago

    Nice makeup simple
    Look face makeup beautyfull
    By diana aleysa

  • Tahira Begum
    Tahira Begum 18 days ago

    Can you get Honest Beauty in the UK?

  • maviss ballackk
    maviss ballackk 19 days ago +2

    what eyelash curler that tati used?did anyone knows?

  • Minamitiu 777
    Minamitiu 777 19 days ago +1

    Jessica is seriously goals! She has everything and looks so young! Girl crush🥰 her hubby so luckyyyy

  • Jamchick16
    Jamchick16 19 days ago

    Keep wanting to go back and like this... but I already did :) I appreciate this for a myriad of reasons

  • Kyra de la Fuente
    Kyra de la Fuente 19 days ago

    love love love this conversation about sourcing ingredients and formulas

  • liyanamii
    liyanamii 20 days ago +37

    Jessica's bare face is perfect, she can literally get out of her bed and go straight to work, no one would notice she has no makeup on

  • sarah ram
    sarah ram 20 days ago

    Thjs better work im about to buy some products

  • Red G
    Red G 21 day ago

    I thought this was click bait but ... No it's real holy smokes

  • Bella Rose
    Bella Rose 21 day ago

    Marketing is the difference between over spending or keeping your own $$ in your pocket.

  • H H
    H H 21 day ago

    God save her marriage. Wish her the best.

  • bluebearmuffin cakes


  • TessaInfires
    TessaInfires 21 day ago

    Jessica looks on her late 20s tbh

  • Trish Van Roggen
    Trish Van Roggen 22 days ago

    Great video. Love Jessica, love Honest Beauty!

  • Madelynn
    Madelynn 22 days ago +10

    jessica: my skin is really bad rn
    me: * 30 sec before that: I WANT HER SKIN

  • Boho Lotus
    Boho Lotus 23 days ago +1

    Jessica looked like she already had makeup in the very beginning of the video.... *jealous*

  • Josephine kromer
    Josephine kromer 23 days ago

    I was never really a Jessica Alba fan before, but tell ya what, as a natural minded mom myself I just became one! Seems like she would be a cool person to talk to just about life!

  • Wendy Braddock
    Wendy Braddock 24 days ago +1

    Hi what was the tool Jessica used before putting on makeup please

  • KB !
    KB ! 24 days ago

    what did jessica do her eyebrows with

  • Ella capri Spencer
    Ella capri Spencer 25 days ago

    as im literally about to get honest kids soap lol\

  • Darla Elliott
    Darla Elliott 26 days ago +3

    My favorite thing about Jessica Alba IS her Honesty Brand, so mych respect for her starting and driving her company to bring consumers good quality and safe products. Huge fan of her company and her personality.

  • clarissa zubia
    clarissa zubia 28 days ago +2


  • clarissa zubia
    clarissa zubia 29 days ago

    i wish more people talked about jessica and honest beauty i adore her shes doing it RIGHT

  • n lepi
    n lepi Month ago +2

    jessica: my skin is really bad right now
    *has zero imperfections and is glowing to the gods*

    ANEERZA IMIA Month ago

    Ah yes, common folk with money that dont actually know how chemicals work lmao

  • Olga Zuluaga
    Olga Zuluaga Month ago +1

    Now I NEED to try honest beauty!! I just got an allergic reaction to elf makeup because I have the most sensitive skin ever!!

    • Stefanie Adams
      Stefanie Adams 7 days ago

      Olga Zuluaga please don’t. Her products are full of chemicals and fragrances. (Doesn’t matter if they’re natural or not) They’re extremely irritating on sensitive skin. I’d never use her stuff on any of my clients.

  • Weiwei Yu
    Weiwei Yu Month ago

    eed the 8.22 palette. how to spell the name?

  • Melissa Coello
    Melissa Coello Month ago

    What's the beauty tool vaccuum tool jessica uses?

  • Dominique Alvarez
    Dominique Alvarez Month ago

    Tati I'm sorry but we wanted to see Jessica in this video, no close ups of you. Still love u

  • kathleen swenning
    kathleen swenning Month ago

    Omg I remember when you reviewed the LV lipstick weapon!!!!!!!!!lol😂🤣! I thought and still do think you were one of the most gorgeous woman that I had ever seen!

  • Krystal Sadashiva
    Krystal Sadashiva Month ago

    I love Jessica she's so cute. Poor woman looks like she has a cold or something. She looked uncomfortable but I'm sure she was happy to be with Tati. I love Tati!

  • SBChambochay
    SBChambochay Month ago

    I remembered what Tati said about the cream blush and was finally in a Target that carried the Honest makeup and had to pull up this video on what color Tati used but then Jessica's looked great too. Couldn't decide so I picked both up. I'm kicking myself for not picking up the liquid lip and the mascara.

  • Mary Teixeira
    Mary Teixeira Month ago +1

    At the time this video came out, it didn’t even register with me how affordable this line is (even though they literally show the prices in the inserts😂) The prices make this so much better, really