Fenix CL26R Rechargeable Camping Lantern Review

  • Published on Apr 17, 2019
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    It is time for my review of the Fenix CL26R Lantern;
    is it worth your hard earned money?
    Find out Now!
    Link : www.fenix-store.com/fenix-cl26r-high-performance-rechargeable-camping-lantern/
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Comments • 114

  • Jorkki !
    Jorkki ! 18 days ago

    Im going to buy 2 CM26R's at some point...i have a 400€ list of things i must get (Including - 2X CL26R - camping axe - folding saw - a mini backpack - Astrolux MF01S) :/

  • Independant Thinker

    Review the vont lantern please

  • SuperPaulmax
    SuperPaulmax Month ago

    Hi can this be used with 3500mah 18650 battery or only 2600mah

  • Jose Ortiz
    Jose Ortiz Month ago

    Luke for 60 dollars I just cant see spending that kind of money on a small lantern. thank you for your Honest reviews.. Keep up the good work.

  • Rob Amos
    Rob Amos Month ago

    Looks cool, though I like the "UCO Mini Ultra Light Candle Lantern", and if you have it at the top of your tent it seems to help with condensation buildup in your tent.

  • being momay
    being momay 2 months ago

    Watched your review and so I bought it😁😁😁 great lamp! And I got it for about $62 in Thailand 👍👍👍👍 love it

  • TheTrailDancer
    TheTrailDancer 3 months ago

    I think I like Apollo better... :)

  • CSharp
    CSharp 4 months ago

    Cycling through the modes to get to flashlight mode would drive me nuts. I have a UCO lantern/flashlight that is not as powerful but switching from lantern to flashlight just involves collapsing it. Four brightness levels and a blinking mode, though no red mode, but I have headlamps that do that.

  • sniuk
    sniuk 4 months ago

    I can not appreciate well in the video how bright the red light is...you say "you can not see anything" but in the video seems its kinda bright... Would use it for astronomy, for reading maps and so on (FYI, red light is good for your eyes when dark adapted)
    So...would it be good for reading with the red light? Also, what are the differences, if any, with the previous model CL25r ? (aside from the down flashlight and the battery indicator )
    Thank you for the review ^^

  • Jordi Hester
    Jordi Hester 5 months ago

    The low flashlight setting would be a great feature for a kids nightlight in a tent or power outage.

  • Haunter
    Haunter 5 months ago

    it should be able to charge your phone as well. also upgrade the USB to USB - C

  • michael leon
    michael leon 5 months ago

    They make the best flashlights in the market. Been using Felix lights for years and years, in fact, all my lights are Felix lights. 60 dollars seems a little expensive for what you get. I agree the flashlight should be much better.
    In regard to the red light, I think they might have had in mind that you can leave it at camp, maybe hanging from a tree in order to facilitate you finding your camp easier, that’s why it will last 250 hours on that mode.

  • joe bennett
    joe bennett 5 months ago

    Luke that red light is so you can leave it at your tent and find it at night if you need to relieve yourself

  • John Taylor
    John Taylor 5 months ago

    What’s the threaded hole on top for?

  • John Taylor
    John Taylor 5 months ago

    Which tent is that?

  • Bobo
    Bobo 5 months ago

    Sure someone has already said this, but red light does not effect night vision. So if u need to see without damaging night vision (which rakes 30 min to acquire) it can be used for this. Usually military use i guess.

  • Lee Benson
    Lee Benson 5 months ago

    As most of my "camping" is long term combat patrolling with my ex-military buddies. I think that the red light could be good for night time relocating of our basecamps with NVG's, but we would rather like it to be I.R. Still the cost is way to high for us as we can get many lights that are far better (with the limited info given, see durability test) then that for far less. Luke PLEASE do more durability testing of the products that you review as are type of "camping" can get very rough on the gear that we use in the field. Thanks as always and PLEASE tell your daughter THANK YOU FROM ALL OF US (238) for her service to this great country of ours. The number of days in a life time is limited so any days spent for the greater good is a great sacrifice on ones behalf.
    SPC-Lee A Benson 11B U.S. army (RET.)
    P.S. Durability test.
    1. Gave it a good throw.
    2.Step on it like 300 times.
    3. Butt-stroke it a few times.
    4. Leave it to close to the fire for a little while.
    5. Shoot it with a airsoft weapon are a paint ball gun.
    6. Drop it into the water, then leave it there for a while.
    7. Then accidentally leave it in front of Moose's front tire.
    8. Then find it's end game, like you did with the backpack. NICE!!!!
    9. Please add any test you think would be appropriate for the review at hand.
    P.S.S. And no I've never done any of this to any of my gear. LM(F)AO Sorry for the word, but I do spend far to much time with a bunch of old guys running around in the woods, swimming down rivers, jumping out of airplanes, climbing up and down cliffs and wasting a lot of ammo. one might think that after 12 yrs as a army ranger one would get over this type of behavior but NO not me. Is this a comment are what!!!!!!!!!! Had a little time waiting for my new boat trailer tires. Sorry!!!!!!

  • Richard Mollberg
    Richard Mollberg 5 months ago

    Red mode is submarine captain mode

  • Steve Robinson
    Steve Robinson 5 months ago

    Expensive (chartreuse) lantern. If you pick green haha.

  • TN Reloader
    TN Reloader 5 months ago

    The high price is a turn off for me.

  • SteelcityinNY
    SteelcityinNY 5 months ago

    Haven't shopped for many lanterns in my days, but know the need for a reliable light source. It may not be bright in the spotlight mode, and I feel the red isn't necessary, unless there are animals that have a limited color sight spectrum...that would make sense. I don't think one would be developing film while camping :) But, I am very versed and familiar with lithium ion batteries...in this case 18650. With a 66 rating, it falls a hair short of the limited submersion rating (I think) of 67, which would be nice to see at this price point. But the convenience of 18650 battery use? Awesome. You could bring quite a few extras with you and never run out of power. Well, as long as you aren't out there forever. Here is a vital and crucial point when carrying lithium ion batteries (even NiMH and especially LiPo)...store them in a case meant to store rechargeable batteries!!!! NEVER loose in a backpack or in a pocket!!!! You will not like the potential result. However, if carrying safely...usually no worries. Last but not least...18650 come in many capacities. You don't need high amperage, so you can find really good...and inexpensive 18650s that are 3000-3500 mAh. BUT...BIG BUT...do some research and stay away from the CHEAP (cheap and inexpensive don not mean the same...like Luke states with his tents and packs). If you read this far, sorry for run on, but I kinda like this lantern. Even at this price. You don't want to skimp with a rechargeable that uses lithium ion. If I need a flashlight, I can bring one that is the size of my finger and keep in pocket.

  • multimak
    multimak 5 months ago

    For me personally I would be ok with the flashlight being dim, but I would love to see a much much brighter red light, that right there would have me buying a lot of these as gifts

  • William Lesh
    William Lesh 5 months ago

    Cool little lantern but way too many dollar for my budget.

  • Byrd Huntr
    Byrd Huntr 5 months ago

    I like the option of red light. It preserves your night vision, and doesn't flash around in the woods. I use my red headlamp option when setting up in my deer stand in the dark. I agree though, one lumen is not enough, and 60 bucks is too much.

  • Scott Moore
    Scott Moore 5 months ago

    I like your review style and really count on what you have to say. Thank you for keeping us away from the junk out there. S

  • Sara Skold
    Sara Skold 5 months ago

    with regards to the red part of the light It can be a great tool as is when you sky watch and have a sky map you do not want to use a white light or a bright red or blue high watt light it will mess with your vision as you are star gazing

  • Joe Euculano
    Joe Euculano 5 months ago

    As you get older you will be using a walking staff to save your knees and that little lantern screws right into the top of my staff when I am hiking at night

  • Joey Kerr
    Joey Kerr 5 months ago

    I really hope they make a v2 with all those changes. It's not a bad little lantern if it was cheaper, but it could definitely be better.

  • Rudy O
    Rudy O 5 months ago

    Way over priced"

  • Wordsmyth8
    Wordsmyth8 5 months ago

    I think it's a great little lantern. I'd definitely buy it for s small, lightweight camp lantern. I also think the green is green. ;-)

  • lastfanstanding999
    lastfanstanding999 5 months ago

    wow wee !



  • Mads Man
    Mads Man 5 months ago

    What is that screw-in thing under the clip used for?

  • Lady-T Survival
    Lady-T Survival 5 months ago

    i would love one, cannot afford it though. all my camping/bugout gear that is powered.... i will insist on solar rechargeable via foldable solar panel , so yes, it would work.

  • Michael Kubis
    Michael Kubis 5 months ago +1

    The red light is not meant to be bright. It gives you some light while maintaining your night vision. The military was the 1st to use the red light for night operations.

  • Uber Jim in DC
    Uber Jim in DC 5 months ago

    Looks cool but I’ll stick to my cheap Walmart lantern that cost me $3 and has survived multiple camping trips and my 7 year old son playing with it for about a year.

  • alf3553
    alf3553 5 months ago

    It looks like it has a 1/4- 20 threaded hole on top. So if you have a staff with a 1/4 -20 bolt for a camera you could mount it on the staff and run around like Gandalf with his illuminated staff keeping the trolls away

  • Rocky Mountain
    Rocky Mountain 5 months ago +1

    Big bucks. Not for me. Nice review.

  • Gon Ar
    Gon Ar 5 months ago

    i dont know if thats the purpose of it in this lantern, but, i use red mode mostly to keep my night vision, it doesnt kill your eyes if you need to search something, its also less visible from the distance if you wanna play ninja

  • Tyler Wangsgard
    Tyler Wangsgard 5 months ago

    I love my Fenix CL30R. It’s a great electric camping lantern.

  • LookingForTheTrail
    LookingForTheTrail 5 months ago

    Are those threads on top for a camera mount ?

  • The Wasatch Gear Review

    I really enjoy your honesty Luke! Strength And Honor my friend!

  • TheOutdoorGearReview
    TheOutdoorGearReview  5 months ago +10

    Opps, I got a bit mixed with the battery life numbers as some pointed out! I appreciate the catch everyone!
    Coming up soon, more MOOSE!

    - Luke

  • Matthew Wilcox
    Matthew Wilcox 5 months ago

    Looks like an awesome little lantern! Great video Luke.

  • freebird moto
    freebird moto 5 months ago

    $60 for a $10 light?

  • Todd Johnston
    Todd Johnston 5 months ago

    The 60$ Turned alot of people off, but the more I watched the More I liked .

  • Bluemuse182
    Bluemuse182 5 months ago

    I would love to see your take on the Biolite Basecamp lantern! Great review, very informative

  • Clarence Alvey III
    Clarence Alvey III 5 months ago

    I would probably only use this as an interior lamp/light only.

  • JelloFluoride
    JelloFluoride 5 months ago

    That's awesome!

  • BoilerRoomRadio
    BoilerRoomRadio 5 months ago +2

    STUPIDLY expensive.

    ONETIME OUTDOORS Dj 5 months ago

    Very nice

  • Great Outdoors
    Great Outdoors 5 months ago

    Fenix makes some really good flashlights however they do not hold up at all in the cold! You will get half the amount of time if not less in cold conditions but in warmer climates summer fall these flashlights work amazing and do last a long time. You just have to keep the battery warm

    • Great Outdoors
      Great Outdoors 5 months ago

      Ben Wilkinson Awesome thanks I’ll try that

    • Ben Wilkinson
      Ben Wilkinson 5 months ago +1

      If its really cold use lithium primary CR123 batteries, they won't be affected by the cold like the 18650's.

  • Taylor Brawner
    Taylor Brawner 5 months ago

    I really like my Fenix headlamp. The battery lasts forever. Did I also see a tripod mount in that lantern? You could really clip that thing anywhere with a little DIY ingenuity.

  • Raldo Maria
    Raldo Maria 5 months ago

    I like I but I’m not going to pay $59 for it. I’d rather buy a cheaper AA battery lantern from Walmart, I’d consider it if they removed the flashlight for a solar charger instead.

  • Mama Bear
    Mama Bear 5 months ago

    They're nice for kids tents but that green os ugly. It's the exact shade of green the outside of an egg yolk turns if you boil it longer than the standard 20 minutes.

  • Awesome Family Outdoor Adventures

    I like it. I always worry about trusting a solar powered light just in case the weather is bad for multiple days. That said, it's way too expensive.

  • Kevin Piggott
    Kevin Piggott 5 months ago

    nice review - take out additions are superb

  • david sawmandave
    david sawmandave 5 months ago

    I like my goal 0 18650 lantern / flashlight , much smaller

  • Billy Blaze
    Billy Blaze 5 months ago

    Hey bro, I have a "Tough light" lantern, it's heavy! However, I have used it for well over a year every single night and had zero issues with it, and on a full charge this thing will run for 2 weeks plus on low setting. It's about the same cost as the lantern in your review but as I said it's for car camping or using at home. I absolutely LOVE mine, best lantern I've ever used by a mile and has many other features, check it out on Amazon :-)

  • B P
    B P 5 months ago

    Good review. Fenix make excellent flashlights I have a couple but this is trying to be all things to all men, if it was just a lantern it would be great and probably less expensive.