How to be a High Schooler

  • Published on Mar 28, 2018
  • From puberty, parties to exams, learn how to survive high school by following this step by step guide.
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    Matt Dennison (@mattdennisontv)
    Jason Lucas (@itsjasonlucas)
    David Wiggins (@davidjwiggins)
    Michael Russell (@michaelarussell)
    Matt Dennison (@mattdennisontv)
    Josh Knepper (@joshknepper)
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    Kaz Yamamura (@kazyamamura)
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    Matt Dennison (@mattdennisontv)
    Special thanks to John Tyler, New Westminster High School, and Dexter for throwing the most lit AF party ever. Sorry about the marble floors!
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  • IFHT Films
    IFHT Films  10 months ago +1469

    What 'How to be' should we make next?

  • ItzAxthonyTG
    ItzAxthonyTG Day ago

    am i the only one who lines up their materials with each other

  • Tommie Tumlinson
    Tommie Tumlinson 2 days ago

    I wish that was a correct

  • Gamaliel Palma
    Gamaliel Palma 3 days ago

    Shit I thought the title said how to be a high school shooter

  • luis saldana
    luis saldana 4 days ago

    Just treat it like it’s regular school 🤷‍♂️ no such thing as stereotypes just be yourself

  • Connor
    Connor 5 days ago

    In my high school it was either wannabe hicks, or wannabe gangsters. Then there were the kids who were actually in 4H or the fish hatchery program. Everyone either smoked weed, cigarettes, or chewed tobacco.

  • Dank memes23
    Dank memes23 5 days ago +1

    I actually did the orgasm thing in front of like 40 people f in the chat boys

  • MJThe DJ
    MJThe DJ 5 days ago

    Is that Steve Aoki?

  • George Lykouropoulos

    nice vid bro

  • black mexican
    black mexican 5 days ago

    to 0:47 asian. if you are pussy in school you will be pussy in life. yea you can be a good, qualified employee, but not likely to run your own company. because your rival company owners will be new bullies and they will shut you down just like these in school.
    i'm trying to say, that just being a nerd is not enough.

  • Emily Revilla
    Emily Revilla 6 days ago

    Am I the only person that read “How to be a High School Shooter”?
    Yeah? Ok, bye

  • Left4StarStorm gaming

    Budget smosh

  • Person People
    Person People 7 days ago

    Please do how to be a skateboarder!!!

  • Dan's Dead
    Dan's Dead 7 days ago

    I hate black people

  • Brian Griffin
    Brian Griffin 7 days ago

    Fuck, i read how to be a shooter

  • the Pineapple dino
    the Pineapple dino 7 days ago

    Now im ready

  • Antonio Marino
    Antonio Marino 8 days ago

    No, no, no, no, no, fuck no, it's nothing like this it's just a sweaty, awkward, terrible time.

  • R.I.P Depression
    R.I.P Depression 8 days ago

    I'm both the nerd and preppy one

  • Dead Janie
    Dead Janie 9 days ago

    I’m the "no show edgy" one 😂😂😂

  • angelcakejjk
    angelcakejjk 9 days ago

    im in high school and ... high school is so so so weird. and different types of students are just labels. and it’s not that dramatic so just go to school and stop worrying high school isn’t even all that😭😭 things will change but it’s just.. not realistic. haha. also DO NOT GET CAUGHT UP IN DRUGS PLLLEAASSEEE. people smoke nowadays , but please just avoid that :/ that’s not cool. high school follows you every where, do good because your college will see your grades and how much effort you did. also first times aren’t always awkward bc mine wasn’t and ik other people that didn’t feel awkward.. it’s not awkward if you really trust them and are close. but it’s your body, do what u want. your body, your choice, but i waited until i fully trusted them and made sure. :)

  • tmxs
    tmxs 9 days ago

    actually in high school today you have the hardworking innocent children and the 7 different varieties of druggie

  • kreso grbesic
    kreso grbesic 10 days ago

    BMX Rider

  • RassuGaming123
    RassuGaming123 10 days ago

    1:28 BBC

  • Darcsidus mason
    Darcsidus mason 10 days ago

    The whitest highschool ever

  • Lauren Kearns
    Lauren Kearns 11 days ago

    You missed the band kids 😂

  • Ufuk Ercan
    Ufuk Ercan 11 days ago

    High school sucks

  • Alireza Alavi
    Alireza Alavi 12 days ago

    I mean, highschool is shit and exhausting as hell... youre gonna miss the memories

  • FR Alec
    FR Alec 12 days ago +4

    1:36 wtf I found that soo funny

  • Morgan Morgan
    Morgan Morgan 13 days ago

    The cheerleaders are nerds at my school

  • Nerd Baby
    Nerd Baby 13 days ago

    This is as cringey, and I think that is the point 🤔

  • SpiritOfTheNine
    SpiritOfTheNine 15 days ago

    2 years till high school

    me is scared

  • 0g prodigy
    0g prodigy 15 days ago +2

    I thought it said "how to be a school sh**ter"
    I really need help....

  • Antonyyy07
    Antonyyy07 17 days ago

    Jakbym miał taką mamę to sam bym się zrobił

  • DatTC127
    DatTC127 17 days ago +1

    *breathes out of vagina*

  • DatTC127
    DatTC127 17 days ago +1

    I swear no joke I read the title as how to be a school shooter

  • Edward Wu
    Edward Wu 18 days ago

    I've always wondered where the high school trope came from. It's pretty obvious this isn't how high schools are like in real life, so whats the deal?

  • SC4RC3 F4TLZ
    SC4RC3 F4TLZ 18 days ago

    Why do people from sethsbikehacks watch this

  • Jason Forster
    Jason Forster 19 days ago

    That Drama Teacher is for Rea.

  • Emaline Wilson
    Emaline Wilson 19 days ago


  • Kkme ËɯʞK
    Kkme ËɯʞK 19 days ago

    HAHAHAHA YoU're FunNy

  • Complete _TV
    Complete _TV 20 days ago

    1:27 look on the left side of the white board lol the dude drew a D

  • BRUH 559
    BRUH 559 20 days ago

    How to be a highschooler in a gay ass private school with hella white kids

  • Minecraftlegend27
    Minecraftlegend27 20 days ago

    When you haven’t been to high school in five years but you try to connect with the younger audience

  • MYKO
    MYKO 20 days ago

    are you like thirty? its all just juuls, phones and sex now

  • Anthony Hoang
    Anthony Hoang 20 days ago

    Is that a bike chain in his mouth?

  • Kian go
    Kian go 20 days ago

    This is filmed at my school

  • Can we hit 5000 subscribers with no Videos?

    I thought it said “how to be a school shooter”

  • The person that is on the internet

    I read the title : “ How to be a school shooter”

  • Jesse Cowan
    Jesse Cowan 21 day ago

    as someone who's going into high school next year i dont think this is gonna help

  • ItzMoonDux1 :3
    ItzMoonDux1 :3 21 day ago +1

    This video made me more scared to start high school thanks!

  • Mpafgregor
    Mpafgregor 21 day ago

    American schools are so cool,

  • K-19 9
    K-19 9 22 days ago +1

    I thought the title was how to be a high school shooter

  • Mixalis Ele
    Mixalis Ele 22 days ago +1

    High school is nothing like that.

  • Riley Bechiom
    Riley Bechiom 23 days ago +1

    You missed band kids

  • Void Beast
    Void Beast 23 days ago

    Thought it was how to be a school shooter so I clicked

  • David Voron
    David Voron 23 days ago

    The fuck is this? Spiderman 1? My guy looking like he's 30

  • Chilled
    Chilled 23 days ago

    next is how to be a school shooter

  • Chocolate Mafia430
    Chocolate Mafia430 23 days ago +1

    Who else started dying when she said vaginas and there was boys in the room who started enjoying it

  • Robert Williams
    Robert Williams 23 days ago +1

    Tryna learn how to be a schooler that’s high

  • nigga
    nigga 23 days ago +1

    Dat haircut tho...

  • De0rdinaryBush 101
    De0rdinaryBush 101 24 days ago

    *this is america*

  • shadow play237
    shadow play237 24 days ago +1

    Steve Aoki @4:30

  • Ethan Ellis
    Ethan Ellis 25 days ago

    How to be a bmx er

  • Logan Birk
    Logan Birk 25 days ago +1

    This looks like it was made by people who have never been to high school just seen it in movies

  • illushion
    illushion 25 days ago

    Am I the only one that read “How to be a school shooter”?

  • DaveDevil
    DaveDevil 25 days ago +4

    This channel is awesome made me subscribed in a seconds!

  • Pineapple pie
    Pineapple pie 26 days ago

    You americans always need some house parties to drink. Here we go out there - 20C to drink some vodka.

  • Laura Huynh
    Laura Huynh 26 days ago

    Haha! I graduated.

  • Ricky The Humanoid
    Ricky The Humanoid 27 days ago

    in the middle of sophomore year , going good

  • SynthJC
    SynthJC 28 days ago

    how did i enjoy this and still found it cringy

  • Jaenre Boje challenge
    Jaenre Boje challenge 28 days ago

    1:27 guy draws a dick in background lol

  • Marissa
    Marissa 28 days ago

    Representations of high school in the media are always more fun than actual high school lol

  • Nick Jerry Fitzgerald Vlogs

    Do how to be an Australian high schooler

  • Keystarter
    Keystarter 29 days ago

    Me in high school right now probably fucking up my whole reputation but not caring

  • Jack Edmonston
    Jack Edmonston Month ago

    the melon

  • Robin Bucur
    Robin Bucur Month ago

    Stereotypes at their best -_-

  • West Virginia Rider

    Shit I’m from WV, it’s more of a nobody gives a shit about you and everyone just keeps their headphones in and everyone is a functional alcoholic or drug addict.

  • Itz MitchMitch
    Itz MitchMitch Month ago

    Literally everyone is the Edgy One in high school. Probably should’ve added a Vape God as well. Glad I’m out of this shit hole in 5 months

  • yA kNow mE
    yA kNow mE Month ago

    could have sworn the title was “how to be a school shooter”

  • Caleb Mckenzie
    Caleb Mckenzie Month ago

    Dude. I went to highschool here

  • Broken Silver
    Broken Silver Month ago

    Fuck im the edgy one

  • Julian
    Julian Month ago

    I really like the liberal laws of Germany ;)

  • Itz_Alpha
    Itz_Alpha Month ago

    The no show is 100% me, i'm not proud but.............. it's me

    LLARI Month ago

    My dumbass thought it read How To Be A School Shooter lmao

  • Seth Racc
    Seth Racc Month ago

    What is this the 80s ?

  • Dkkts holst vlog
    Dkkts holst vlog Month ago

    Hahahha (3 sec later) nevermind

  • MBanette 049
    MBanette 049 Month ago

    More accurate, up-to-date highschool:
    -Vaping/juuling in the restrooms
    -Browsing social media in the middle of class
    -Trying to mentally communicate with your friend across the room about drama
    -Worrying over acne
    -Making the most dank and random nickname on Kahoot
    -Praying that your teacher doesn't take up homework you forgot to do
    -That one group of kids who are CLEARLY scene/emo/SJW/other
    -Young teacher that tries to act young and hip
    -Old teacher that has the stale classroom and constantly goes "uuuuhhh…" in-between lines.

  • s7even
    s7even Month ago

    The no show is me tbh

  • Tom Erwin
    Tom Erwin Month ago

    I think the people who made this never went to an actual high school

  • Running Forver
    Running Forver Month ago

    3:00 if it only was that easy...

  • Flowers Lanza
    Flowers Lanza Month ago +1

    0:04 That was a nice *GOUUPP*

    DIFFERENT NAME Month ago

    This video was sponsored by 8th graders

  • Jeyson De Alva
    Jeyson De Alva Month ago

    Not accurate at allllll

  • \\//Syntax Error//\/

    In my school all the kids are nerds and all the teachers are the ones who think they're in control but arnt because they've never dealt with real students.

  • Siddharth Karbhari
    Siddharth Karbhari Month ago

    This is not the case in India

  • Toots With a T
    Toots With a T Month ago

    1:29 look at the background