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Comments • 80

  • Sourin Bhattacharjee
    Sourin Bhattacharjee 22 minutes ago

    the bunny guy is possessed!!!!!! I think....😂

  • jalynn gay
    jalynn gay 7 hours ago

    i miss them hanging out 𝘁𝗼𝗴𝗲𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗿

  • Elizabeth Coffey
    Elizabeth Coffey 8 hours ago

    3:15 🤣🤣🤣. I'm dying!!

  • squishy Bab
    squishy Bab 9 hours ago

    Y'all the boothworld industries number is fake, it's based on a creepypasta 5:40

  • baby yodas father
    baby yodas father 11 hours ago

    The hogwarts num is a South Dakota num

  • jayden reyes
    jayden reyes 11 hours ago

    "literally...go home"

  • Yenifer Hernandez
    Yenifer Hernandez 12 hours ago

    i love these videos pls make more make them come back

  • Darkempress94 !
    Darkempress94 ! 15 hours ago +1

    For some reason when Garret has his hood up he looks like a really trendy teen with the hair 😂

  • 50 facts about me
    50 facts about me 18 hours ago

    I'm still wheezing with what i got when i called the first number😂😂😂

  • Eric Longoria
    Eric Longoria Day ago

    This is scary because it's 3 AM for me

  • maddie your average demon emo

    Who else is in quarantine 2020 and just decided to watch the gang
    Just me......I'll go home

  • Harriet MacGregor

    Booze world industries is a really common called number. I don’t know what the the company is but it’s really sketchy

  • Carri Rose
    Carri Rose Day ago

    If I met all of u in person at once I'd cry. I love you guys, I know this is an old video but garret is in the one and I couldn't remember his name and I can't mention him if I'd forgotten his name

  • lizzy little
    lizzy little Day ago

    Lmao calls first number- gets sex hotline 😂

  • Senpai Daddy
    Senpai Daddy Day ago

    “Vase Breaking Service”
    I think I heard “You need a porn to” that’s all I heard

  • Sutāchairudo
    Sutāchairudo Day ago

    No one:
    Hannah: oInK OiNk

  • ENicole Carreno
    ENicole Carreno Day ago

    "Harry Potter land"

  • Cayzum forever
    Cayzum forever Day ago

    I called the 858 one and it hung up immediately

  • シo c e a n
    シo c e a n Day ago

    What the video ACTUALLY is:
    3 gay people calling scary and sometimes shitty numbers. We Stan that.
    Jks I'm gay too 😂💕

  • Maya Maayani
    Maya Maayani 2 days ago

    Next time you do this mute the phone so no one can hear you on the other side

  • SoggyTacos18
    SoggyTacos18 2 days ago +4

    Shane: I'm scared
    *Literally does creepy conspiracy theories for a living*

  • lps mermaid person
    lps mermaid person 2 days ago +1

    People: the earth is flat
    Shane:the earth is flat
    Me:Of CoRsE

  • Atley Richards
    Atley Richards 2 days ago +3

    shane: we are not getting the onezies
    shane again: we got the f--king onezies

  • Isabella Sanner
    Isabella Sanner 2 days ago +1

    When teenage boys have a sleepover

  • Crazy_Kar
    Crazy_Kar 2 days ago +1

    16:22 ok tell me why I really said "PERIDO-T"

  • 3
    3 2 days ago

    drew is literaly the best person ever.

  • Brynlee Marie
    Brynlee Marie 2 days ago

    I though garret said skinny me

  • Brynlee Marie
    Brynlee Marie 2 days ago

    Shane: sequel like a pig
    Hannah: oink

  • Moonie Productions
    Moonie Productions 2 days ago +1

    Garrett winked and I never noticed until I rewatched all Shane's videos.

  • Poppy Marcott
    Poppy Marcott 2 days ago

    Shane im wearing one of my onesies as im watching this

  • TheOneQuestionable
    TheOneQuestionable 2 days ago

    that sound of mental facility thing actually made me on edge and have a weird feeling wtf

  • Young Dagger
    Young Dagger 2 days ago +1

    The second number they called is fake because I once called it and it did not ruin my life.

    I’m fine

  • The Grim Reaper
    The Grim Reaper 2 days ago +1


  • Riley's art and makeup

    Shane needs to call 1 800 got junk me it is scary they will come to your house and pick up trash

  • Rose Rock
    Rose Rock 2 days ago

    Every time drew talked in this video I laughed

  • Mikayla Conroy
    Mikayla Conroy 3 days ago

    We need more Drew!

  • Mya Pezzarossi
    Mya Pezzarossi 3 days ago

    Don’t call these numbers
    Me:I shouldn’t call but screw it calls McDonald’s

  • Gabriella Garcia
    Gabriella Garcia 3 days ago +1

    Shane’s face when Garret made him call Harry Potter land lmaoooo 7:32

  • Low_Life_Lol
    Low_Life_Lol 3 days ago

    Maybe it is a vase breaking service...

  • Reagan Storlie
    Reagan Storlie 3 days ago

    whyd i get a voice of an 80 year ols

  • Izabel Leto
    Izabel Leto 3 days ago

    “ me when I get Jake Paul’s number!” “WE’RE NOT GETTING THE FUCKING ONESIES!” “ WE GOT THE FUCKING ONESIES” -Shane Dawson

  • Icis Hedlund
    Icis Hedlund 3 days ago

    Leave a comment that says sf for Shane safe so the demons dont kill Shane at night

  • Bakuhoe Thotsuki
    Bakuhoe Thotsuki 3 days ago +1

    Oink Oink Oink
    *Weird gurgling noises*

  • Rain Room
    Rain Room 3 days ago

    I’ve found that 630-296-7536 is from a reddit story and there’s even a website for it:
    Original Author: boothword

  • lexi g
    lexi g 4 days ago

    15:13 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Leo is my zodiac sign MARTIN

    When shane said i will let him live the girl said "yay"


  • Social Kodiak
    Social Kodiak 4 days ago

    When I heard that weird sound from the phone for a little while my eyes started to water and I felt worried...😫

  • Brooke Matejczuk
    Brooke Matejczuk 4 days ago

    Don't call these numbers

    Me-calls the numbers

  • Aidynn Barreras
    Aidynn Barreras 4 days ago +3

    Shane: that’s a pretty name..
    Girl: tHaNkS

  • Aidynn Barreras
    Aidynn Barreras 4 days ago +1

    Drew: * dose a British accent*
    Me: * chokes* my heart..

  • X A B I G A I L X
    X A B I G A I L X 4 days ago

    When one of the numbers has your area code 😳🙊

  • Emily Barton
    Emily Barton 4 days ago

    Poor you I got first phone when I was seven

  • Live with Fact
    Live with Fact 4 days ago

    Wow hahahah 😂 Jake Paul and the Harry potter hahahaha but I actually like Harry potter

  • Katie Cherish
    Katie Cherish 4 days ago

    As soon as i clicked this video my mum walked in and right at that moment shane said
    'We talked about sex' SHANE SERIOUSLY

  • Kristin Chestnut
    Kristin Chestnut 5 days ago +1

    I can’t express how much I love this video

  • Lex L.
    Lex L. 5 days ago

    “Listen, I know garret watts. Okay. Alright...” “HELP” “WERE POPPING U POPCORN. YOURE GONNA GET SOME BUTTER TOO. Well i would hope so” my fav parts lmao

  • 「Anxxiously hehe Yee 」

    No one..
    *Your promising some whip cream I’m guessin”

  • amelia knight
    amelia knight 5 days ago

    i lvoe garret sm😭

  • Random Animations
    Random Animations 5 days ago

    Shane: Where not getting fUckIng onEsies
    Shane: we got the fuCking oNesiEs

  • Yourlocalgarbage Yeet

    Them: this is scary
    TVclip: puts ad

  • Gracie Whitehead
    Gracie Whitehead 5 days ago

    5:05 Shane's face 🤣🤣🤣

  • Pink Star22
    Pink Star22 5 days ago +1

    Hannah is so relatable 😂😂😂

  • Josie Bacon
    Josie Bacon 5 days ago +1

    notice how drew looked very scared or blank-faced the whole time

  • Ashleigh Williams
    Ashleigh Williams 5 days ago +2

    The way this is one of the funniest videos on the internet... I want this back

  • Unicorns Forever
    Unicorns Forever 5 days ago

    Boothworld industries is fake. I texted them saying I wanted in on the scam to see if it was fake and they asked what part I wanted in it.

  • M S
    M S 5 days ago

    no one:
    literally no one:
    Shane: me

  • Yoga Andrianto
    Yoga Andrianto 6 days ago

    Garrett in the dark, with a little light. Yes dad.

  • Dianna Hall
    Dianna Hall 6 days ago

    Drew is legit the best idc

  • Colin Edwards
    Colin Edwards 6 days ago +2

    I want to go to *candyland*

  • lindasuemartinez13
    lindasuemartinez13 6 days ago

    I a huge fan

  • Holy Person
    Holy Person 6 days ago +1

    Shawn: you made us call f*cking Harry Potter land !!

  • P O T_ _A T O
    P O T_ _A T O 6 days ago +3

    11:00 little did this guy know he was on the phone with a bunch of grown men in onesies prank calling Denny’s

    TGL NiTRO 6 days ago +3

    Day 229 in Quarantine watching Shane Dawson.

  • Valeria
    Valeria 6 days ago +1

    Rewatching Shane’s video cause I have nothing to do on quarantine💁🏽‍♀️

  • Leandro Semedo
    Leandro Semedo 6 days ago

    Some one did this as well it was messyourself did he do this before you just curious😞

  • Athena S
    Athena S 6 days ago +5

    my opinion: this was Shane’s best era on youtube

  • Laura OMG
    Laura OMG 6 days ago

    24 427 220

  • •ᴄʟᴏᴜᴅʏ• _

    Seeing Shane smiling while Garrett is laughing is the cutest thing ever

  • Serena Carrizales
    Serena Carrizales 7 days ago

    It's almost 3am and I'm watching this-

    Drew: I know Garret...
    Girl: okay..
    Drew: Alright.....

  • Tammy McGrellis
    Tammy McGrellis 7 days ago

    Balloon: falls in fire
    Shane: me in a crowd