Dim Sum Dos and Don'ts with Mike Chen of Strictly Dumpling | Sean in the Wild

  • Published on Jul 18, 2017
  • Though dim sum has its roots in ancient China, the meal has become an inextricable part of life in NYC. In order to help Sean Evans navigate the cuisine's unique customs and courtesies, Strictly Dumpling's Mike Chen decided to set up a crash-course at Nom Wah Tea Parlor, the oldest dim sum shop in Chinatown. From proper tea etiquette to strategy for attacking a plate of chicken feet, TVclip's globetrotting gourmand breaks down the dim sum dos and dont's for dumpling fanatics everywhere.
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  • chuchuchuchia
    chuchuchuchia 4 days ago

    I want Dim Sum soooooo bad

  • chuchuchuchia
    chuchuchuchia 4 days ago

    Sean got a collab with everybody

  • i4Ni Management
    i4Ni Management 4 days ago

    you guys distgust me with cherishing pork so much. Abrahim, prophet of the Lord, would be so disappointed in Americans

  • coplepk04
    coplepk04 4 days ago

    What was the music during the intro?

  • LiuProduction
    LiuProduction 5 days ago

    when he said shaomai instead of sui mai i knew this man ain't no Cantonese speaker which is much more respectable

  • chilidili
    chilidili 5 days ago

    love learning about the culture with the food not just the food

  • Tom Haflinger
    Tom Haflinger 7 days ago

    I love shrimp noodle rolls. Tried making my own recently. They tasted good but the noodles were messed up. *Very* important to make sure your steamer basket is nice and level.

  • HowToOverthink
    HowToOverthink 12 days ago

    All over the world yes, but he doesn't ever go to China (but not because he doesn't want to go back)

  • Joline Monet
    Joline Monet 17 days ago

    Woo Mike Chen!

  • Malone Samson
    Malone Samson 19 days ago

    Sean Evans met so many people revolving from famous to well-known youtubers and Hollywood actors to celebrities

  • therealdgh13 dgh13
    therealdgh13 dgh13 19 days ago

    But the bones are the best part of the chicken feet!

  • Armok501
    Armok501 21 day ago

    Please bring Mark Wiens on hot ones!

  • Jake Doogily
    Jake Doogily 23 days ago

    I’m 11 and I love chicken feet and I put it in my mouth and then Ibite and whatever I bite I chew unless I can’t and when I have bones I don’t pick them I spit them out and it love it

  • Skiddla
    Skiddla 28 days ago

    4:06 a whole pot of ass 23333

  • Jason Bowens
    Jason Bowens 29 days ago

    MIKE CHEN?!?!

  • mbr715
    mbr715 Month ago

    NOM-wah? deceased.

  • Kevin Lee
    Kevin Lee Month ago

    when he said dim sum meant touching your heart I immediately puked. fuck this dude he doesnt even know what dim sum means

  • Jeff Crisanto
    Jeff Crisanto Month ago

    This man put the whole foot in his mouth?? Lol.
    Pro tip: Do the toes like you’re cracking your knuckles backwards. Makes the bones and little tidbits easier to navigate cause you’re not throwing a bone grenade in your mouth.
    Edit: then give it a hard succ, like you got dim sum stuck in between your teeth

  • Productive
    Productive Month ago

    Yo anyone know where I can get that sweet soy sauce please

  • railsea
    railsea Month ago

    I'm Chinese. Why am I watching this? :')

  • Almaz 48
    Almaz 48 Month ago

    Hot ones with Mike Chen please

  • Daniel Wang
    Daniel Wang Month ago

    Have him do one of your chicken wings challenge. He will demolish the chickens ,without waters.

  • Aquesance Averun
    Aquesance Averun Month ago

    Cool that you guy him on first we feast, I like you both, ge thim on hot ones!

  • Caleb Collier
    Caleb Collier Month ago

    It’s just not the same without the hot oil

  • lebCa
    lebCa Month ago

    Super pale set the whole time makes it look weird

  • tom dijksman
    tom dijksman Month ago

    sharing is caring western decency

  • Manuel Rendon
    Manuel Rendon Month ago

    Yeah suure I know him from strictly dumpling, ; ( yup...

  • CIA/FBI _
    CIA/FBI _ Month ago

    Chicken feet have never looked more appetizing

  • Kevin McCollom
    Kevin McCollom 2 months ago

    i perceive Sean and Mike are gym rats...do a work out session and then go eat!

  • TaRa0350
    TaRa0350 2 months ago

    We NEED Mike on Hot Ones!!!

  • PJ Austin
    PJ Austin 2 months ago +1


  • gusy629
    gusy629 2 months ago

    0:35 priceless. 😂😂😂

  • Obama is Gay
    Obama is Gay 2 months ago

    I just had my lunch now Im going to have my dinner

  • Atlas Marvel
    Atlas Marvel 2 months ago

    Mike has so many fuckin channels it's insane.

  • Jordan Yruegas
    Jordan Yruegas 2 months ago

    It'd be cool if I could stop getting Trojan Condom ads that make me feel like a lonely loser. :'(

  • bob king
    bob king 2 months ago

    i know him from beyond science

  • xhris
    xhris 2 months ago

    Still no Mike on Hot Ones, Cmon Sean!


    this nigga did not like the food 😂

  • Dillon Thompson
    Dillon Thompson 2 months ago

    Wtf is that garbage music in the background it hurts my ears

  • Caladas
    Caladas 2 months ago

    Good thing I'm not the only one wanting to see Mike on Hot Ones! ^^

  • Claudia
    Claudia 2 months ago

    The way Sean holds the chopsticks.... a lil painful to watch eheh

  • lamb man cam
    lamb man cam 2 months ago

    if you ever wanted to know anything @beyondscience (Mikey ) got you, you are great my dude!

  • Capricious Comedian
    Capricious Comedian 2 months ago

    Neither of them said thank you😡

  • Metal Head
    Metal Head 2 months ago

    Bruh chinese food looks scary, not for me

  • Edward LIU
    Edward LIU 2 months ago

    I’m cantonese

  • Im Lost
    Im Lost 2 months ago

    I really hate rice rolls and rice cakes and rice paper but rice I like 😂😂😂😂

  • pokemonfan1993to09
    pokemonfan1993to09 2 months ago

    I'm surprised that you two didn't talk about Beyond Science

    • Im Lost
      Im Lost 2 months ago

      pokemonfan1993to09 I knoww

  • ville666sora
    ville666sora 3 months ago

    I know Mike from his Beyond Science channel. I actually didn't know he had a food channel.

    • Im Lost
      Im Lost 2 months ago

      ville666sora same

  • Ethan Villanueva
    Ethan Villanueva 3 months ago

    Ahhhh this all looks so damn good. Dim sum good eats

  • Otie Jason
    Otie Jason 3 months ago

    Rules are stupid it’s just food.

  • That _One_Asian_0
    That _One_Asian_0 3 months ago

    Were the chilly oil and soy sauce

  • WeedyistFlame420
    WeedyistFlame420 3 months ago

    Match made in heaven, both channels are awesome in my eyes.

  • moreforme74
    moreforme74 3 months ago

    Way too many rules. Now I don't want to try it. Thanks for turning me off, I'll stick with takeout.

  • No Gusta
    No Gusta 3 months ago

    dim sum = peasant food

  • Charlene Parr
    Charlene Parr 3 months ago

    Sean, I see you bobbin' with the beats of the laid down tracks...I see it so often... you must have a musical interest in rap and hip hop. I think you missed your calling as a dj/promoter/mc/artist/rapper in another life.

  • phuoi trinh
    phuoi trinh 3 months ago

    I love Mikey Chen!

  • mr zed
    mr zed 3 months ago

    Chicken dumpring and chicken fly lice is my favorite

  • Apk Heaven
    Apk Heaven 3 months ago

    my favorite youtubers, you guys are awesome and it makes me double happy to see you together.

  • ResidentEvil rican
    ResidentEvil rican 3 months ago

    I'm sorry alot of Chinese r disgusting people the food is good some of it but they have bad manners they r the worst tourist and they r very cheap and eat anything

  • wytefoxx
    wytefoxx 3 months ago

    I really appreciate how respectful Sean is to the food and the delicacies.

  • King Mai
    King Mai 3 months ago

    There are many things that make me smile, and this is one of them

  • LilianaKali
    LilianaKali 3 months ago

    My family will go half-sies, but that may be because we're with family/close friends so that's okay. When we eat formal meals (wedding, meeting new people) we don't do the half-sies - it's all or nothing.
    I was taught not to turn the lid upside down, but rather offset it enough (like partially resting on the arm of the pot) so it's open and the servers will know to refill it.
    I also learned from a tourguide at a heritage sight in China that the reason why we do the "finger-bow" when someone pours you tea as a thank you is because one of the emperors snuck away from his duties and disguised himself as a servant with the help of one of his servants. While hanging out with other servants the emperor decided to pour tea for everyone. The servant who helped him sneak out nearly wet himself - because he was worried about having the emporer - The Friggin Emperor - pour his tea, so he wanted to show a sign of respect - he wanted to bow as a 'thank you' but since no one was supposed to know the emperor was in disguise he opted to only subtly "bow" two of his fingers atop the table as a thanks and prayed the emperor understood his signal. This is probably an old wive's tale - but I think this would be a pretty awesome origin story for the "finger-bow", I've never seen anyone rap their knuckles on the table like a knock before though? Is that a younger generation thing?
    EDIT: the rules of chopsticks that I was taught growing up (may vary by region/family):
    1. Chopsticks should be in pairs - it is rude to stab something with a single chopstick or to handle them separately.
    2. If you accidentally drop a chopstick you're supposed to say a phrase which is a homophone for "chopstick down" and also "happiness" to ward off the bad luck from dropping a chopstick. If you don't speak Chinese maybe just pardon yourself????
    3. Eat with the tapered end of the chopstick - when you serve someone else with your own chopstick use the other end that hasn't been in or near your mouth unless you're close (like parent-child or spouses)
    4. Another option for serving other people is to have a few pairs of serving chopsticks around the table so you don't need to use either end of your own chopstick to serve other people (mostly formal occasions like weddings, celebrations, etc.)
    Also, pouring tea:
    1. Always fill other people's cups before your own - even if you're super thirsty you need to at least make the visible effort of offering tea to other people - at least the ones within arm's reach of you. Don't let your guest's cups be empty - or at least not for too long. You don't have to peak at their cups - but just make sure others are taken care of before you fill your own cup. Sometimes this mean the pot will empty and you will need to signal or wait for a server to refill it before you can finally wet your own parched throat - but manners. I admit I cheat a bit depending on how thirsty I feel - if I can feel by the weight of the pot that there isn't much tea left but I really can't wait I will underfilll other people's cups a little bit to allow myself at least one sip. SORRY!! And then as soon as the pot is refilled I do a cursory glance around at their cups again before FINALLY FINALLY drinking ALL THE TEA I WANT!!! Ugh manners.
    (these same manners apply to food, Mike mentioned this - but always offer the last piece to someone else first - if no one wants it then you can have it, or you can offer to get some more if it seems like enough people want it so the food doesn't go to waste).
    2. Also, like Mike mentioned, elders first. In general, Asians care about respect and hierarchy. So as a sign of respect pour elders and people of higher social status first: ex. I would always pour grandparents or bosses/supervisors first, then the next in age or position and of course, all the way down to subordinates/ younger family members, then finally - myself last.
    What manners do your families/cultures practice when eating?

  • Bill Cosby
    Bill Cosby 3 months ago


  • Anthony Caldwell
    Anthony Caldwell 3 months ago

    I thought Mike Chen only did Beyond Science hahaha. The more you know

  • fuck ni ma
    fuck ni ma 3 months ago

    Isn't it called siew Mai that's the English spelling for that dish

  • Gabriel Romero
    Gabriel Romero 3 months ago

    Damn...they have 'patas de pollo' 😂 Jesus Christ i can't deal with those

  • Masaya Pyrok
    Masaya Pyrok 3 months ago

    Nice! thank you for educating us Mike. 😀

  • The Vilyn
    The Vilyn 3 months ago

    never realized you did a episode with strictly dumpling, nice

  • Nom Sauce
    Nom Sauce 3 months ago

    That guy has massive hands

  • Sonya Mataz
    Sonya Mataz 3 months ago

    he knows a lot about food

  • Grinshaw Novelty
    Grinshaw Novelty 3 months ago

    "Chicken feet; no big deal"

  • victoria chavarria
    victoria chavarria 3 months ago

    Ugh i want dimsum so bad right nooowww

  • Greta mmm boi
    Greta mmm boi 3 months ago

    Honestly chicken feet are my favorite thing to eat

  • Marsha Morrison
    Marsha Morrison 3 months ago

    Honestly Sean Evans has a creepy thing abt him! He doesn't have a TV personality just don't like you Sean! Your a straight up weirdo the way you say things!

  • mbadraftpick
    mbadraftpick 3 months ago

    Remember that Mike said he didn't like Nom Wah in another video haha but have to agree. The place is a tourist trap

  • TheWienerDogVlog
    TheWienerDogVlog 3 months ago

    Mike i need you to come help me in my food tasting.

    JRBDBC 3 months ago

    just found this channel. I came from Strictly dumpling.

  • Arief Nugroho
    Arief Nugroho 3 months ago

    I'd put The Last Dab on all of them first.

  • ******** ********
    ******** ******** 3 months ago

    y'all chinese people are great with your cooking 😍

  • TheENofficial
    TheENofficial 3 months ago

    This guy didn’t even get all the classics like phun gor, sticky rice in lotus leaf, stir fried sticky rice, fried taro dumplings, and no desserts. Wtf!?

  • TheENofficial
    TheENofficial 3 months ago


  • TheENofficial
    TheENofficial 3 months ago

    What? People cut dim sum in half all the time. The server even carrys scissors to cut it

  • TheENofficial
    TheENofficial 3 months ago


  • TheENofficial
    TheENofficial 3 months ago

    You tap your fingers on the table when someone pours you tea to tell them when you stop. When you stop tapping they stop pouring...this guy knows nothing

  • Erroll Leggo
    Erroll Leggo 4 months ago

    Two of my favourite food channels. We need Mike to eat the hot wings though.

  • Mini Wolfang
    Mini Wolfang 4 months ago

    Love love love Mike Chen!

  • Missy Seng
    Missy Seng 4 months ago

    You should do a segment with Mark Weins!

  • stilcrazychris
    stilcrazychris 4 months ago +1

    I love watching Mike's videos. Would love to do lunch with him, bc he knows his foods.

  • Jothunheim
    Jothunheim 4 months ago

    Yes, absolutely yes!

  • Kaldonis
    Kaldonis 4 months ago

    what if: you undid your collar or put on a tie. stop doing the inbetween.

  • sartorian darkstorm
    sartorian darkstorm 4 months ago

    mike needs to be in a hot ones

  • Tabitha S.
    Tabitha S. 4 months ago

    I love Mikey Chen!

  • Shan L
    Shan L 4 months ago

    Go mike and Sean!

  • Michael Duvic
    Michael Duvic 4 months ago

    Love him.

  • Ryan Demma
    Ryan Demma 4 months ago

    why the music remind me of complex shoe videos

  • Force0fWi11
    Force0fWi11 4 months ago

    The hot oil king.

  • stufoo
    stufoo 4 months ago +1

    mikey "mr. steal yo show" chen lol he took over this episode

  • 30th Century Fawkes
    30th Century Fawkes 4 months ago +3

    Mike Chen can take down some spices I think he would make an interesting guest on Hot Ones.

  • A Ghoshal
    A Ghoshal 4 months ago


  • Richard Andrews
    Richard Andrews 4 months ago +2

    What are the chances the last two videos you've ate/cook with my favorite youtubers. Small world