Dim Sum Dos and Don'ts with Mike Chen of Strictly Dumpling | Sean in the Wild

  • Published on Jul 18, 2017
  • Though dim sum has its roots in ancient China, the meal has become an inextricable part of life in NYC. In order to help Sean Evans navigate the cuisine's unique customs and courtesies, Strictly Dumpling's Mike Chen decided to set up a crash-course at Nom Wah Tea Parlor, the oldest dim sum shop in Chinatown. From proper tea etiquette to strategy for attacking a plate of chicken feet, TVclip's globetrotting gourmand breaks down the dim sum dos and dont's for dumpling fanatics everywhere.
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  • Cecily Cook
    Cecily Cook Day ago

    My favorite thing about food in general ..... besides the company, hospitality and the enjoyment of fully embracing cultures is how you could travel across an area and order the same thing everytime ...... will never taste the same. When one cooks, they put a part of themselves into it and its different everytime

  • holyshititzmark
    holyshititzmark 6 days ago

    He uses his hands to talk way too much...

  • Titus Tucker
    Titus Tucker 7 days ago

    I like Mike and his channel, been watching him since before strictly dumpling, we share a lot in common when it comes to food, I like mine spicy which I think he does also.

  • Patrick Yee
    Patrick Yee 10 days ago

    One thing I would add about dining at dim sum is that some people would have soy sauce and chiles with the oil. I dip the dumplings in it. I noticed when the Fung Bros. went there that sriracha was on the table, you could dip your dumplings in that too.

  • KickLikeLee
    KickLikeLee 11 days ago

    White people don't know how to eat food like us Asian we love our Asian food but can also eat white people food which we love as well.

  • Kris KK
    Kris KK 12 days ago

    Can someone who speaks Cantonese confirm that mike chen isn’t the right person for a dim sum lesson? Isn’t he a hot oil fiend from xinjiang?

  • jose lopez
    jose lopez 16 days ago

    Id eat this.. even the chicken feet. But then again i guess mexicans eat cow brain and bull balls

  • TXfrogboy
    TXfrogboy 16 days ago

    Asian food is the best food

  • Jack Kelly
    Jack Kelly 18 days ago

    Why does Sean seem miserable in this? He's usually a lot more personable.

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy 20 days ago +1

    As much as I like Mike and his videos, Mike is not the person for Cantonese food or Dim Sum. Mike loves to put hot chili oil on everything, the hotter - the better. However, chili oil is anathema to Cantonese cuisine which stresses freshness and natural tasting.the
    On a completely separate note, the higher end Cantonese restaurants in the greater Toronto and greater Vancouver areas offer communal table chopsticks which are of a different color and which are used to pick up and bring food to the individual’s plate. The chopsticks of the individuals should not be used to touch the food still on the serving plates. In the United States, this practice is not as well known and I have yet to see any food videos explaining this practice.

  • Athena Verene
    Athena Verene 20 days ago

    1:12 Did he just say Yamcha...

  • Offspring Gaming
    Offspring Gaming 21 day ago

    beyond science

  • Night Hunter
    Night Hunter 25 days ago

    Is iced tea ok to use instead of hot tea ?

  • Dustin Sisoutham
    Dustin Sisoutham 29 days ago +1

    "Figure it out with your tongue."
    Mikey Chen 2020

  • Joe Yang
    Joe Yang 29 days ago

    John thao was here

  • Julia Vang
    Julia Vang Month ago

    Mike chen needs to be on hot ones!!!!! He always claims that he has high tolerance for spiciness.

  • Brian Dubya
    Brian Dubya Month ago

    Ok so the first one is chicken feet, its no big deal

  • Cpt Murica11
    Cpt Murica11 Month ago

    You two together would make an awesome travel eats television show.

  • jamzxx
    jamzxx Month ago

    Someone needs to teach Sean how to hold chopsticks

  • shahram72
    shahram72 Month ago

    I love it when two of my fav TVcliprs get together!

  • Bob Dickens
    Bob Dickens Month ago

    I don’t know why people don’t like chicken feet. That stuff is heavenly... tastes so good

  • phuoi trinh
    phuoi trinh Month ago

    Two of my favorite guys on TVclip! ❤

  • Jacopo Carboncini
    Jacopo Carboncini Month ago

    Invite him to hit ones!

  • Felicia W
    Felicia W Month ago

    Damn Sean, nice mouth skills!

  • Nathan Gordon
    Nathan Gordon Month ago

    The grammar on the title is atrocious lol.

  • Michael Q
    Michael Q Month ago

    I wish I was mike chens friend. Hes great

  • zane vongola
    zane vongola Month ago


  • A. Jonathan Mamahit

    0:42 i know this place by watching 2012 movie called premium rush *nvm, just keep scrollin dude

  • mini696
    mini696 Month ago

    Get this boy on hot ones.

  • Dr. Phil's creampie lounge

    4:09: sounds like bullshit. oil does not congeal in the stomach if you drink cold water. it's instantly diluted with acid in the stomach.

  • Bomby Drip
    Bomby Drip 2 months ago


  • Ian 71X
    Ian 71X 2 months ago

    Being a fan of both "First We Eat" & "Strictly Dumplings", I clicked on this video thinking Mike was gonna be doing the Hot Sauce Challenge with steam buns.... So when is this gonna happen? Since he does love his noodles to swim in hot spicy lava.

  • Soup_Er
    Soup_Er 2 months ago

    Ive been to dim sum so many times hahaha. Love everything about it

  • Nicholas Liu
    Nicholas Liu 2 months ago

    great guy mike 👍

  • News About Brews
    News About Brews 2 months ago

    Chicken feet with dim sum is definitely important. And it's legit good. I hated the texture for like 2 seconds my first time at a dim sum place, then fell in love with it.

  • malina1love
    malina1love 2 months ago

    I nominate Him and Mark Wiens

  • Karen
    Karen 2 months ago

    I cut in half.

  • Samson Wong
    Samson Wong 2 months ago

    Sean, come down to Sgv in soCaL I will take you on the full spectrum of what dim sum is all about.

  • Canopus al-Hariri
    Canopus al-Hariri 2 months ago

    Man. Chicken feet is my go to item in any dim sum restaurant in the world.

  • I made you read this
    I made you read this 2 months ago

    I’m so hungry for dim sum now!!!

  • Ogion
    Ogion 2 months ago

    Siu Mai is seriously delicious. You won't expect how good it is.

  • Copulaxoxi Ranbooi
    Copulaxoxi Ranbooi 2 months ago

    Great episode. I have never had dim sum before! Glad to of watched this to learn some tips. btw- random but the restaurant with the white and gold everywhere is beautiful!

  • TheCulinarian
    TheCulinarian 2 months ago

    Mikey would be good on hot ones, especially now that he’s got so much more travel under his belt.

  • Renita
    Renita 2 months ago

    This looks so much better than my Dim Sum experience.
    We went with my ex's step-mom and she ordered for everyone in Chinese.
    And a lot of stuff had faces 🤐
    And the chicken feet were a HUGE no for me!

  • cas4040
    cas4040 2 months ago

    Mike and Sean! I love it. Check out his Beyond Science channel.

  • Hiji Biji
    Hiji Biji 2 months ago

    Bring him on Hot Ones.Please

  • chuchuchuchia
    chuchuchuchia 3 months ago

    I want Dim Sum soooooo bad

  • chuchuchuchia
    chuchuchuchia 3 months ago

    Sean got a collab with everybody

  • coplepk04
    coplepk04 3 months ago

    What was the music during the intro?

  • LiuProduction
    LiuProduction 3 months ago

    when he said shaomai instead of sui mai i knew this man ain't no Cantonese speaker which is much more respectable

  • chilidili
    chilidili 3 months ago

    love learning about the culture with the food not just the food

  • Tom Haflinger
    Tom Haflinger 3 months ago

    I love shrimp noodle rolls. Tried making my own recently. They tasted good but the noodles were messed up. *Very* important to make sure your steamer basket is nice and level.

  • Overthought and Under Executed

    All over the world yes, but he doesn't ever go to China (but not because he doesn't want to go back)

  • Ms. Medusa
    Ms. Medusa 3 months ago

    Woo Mike Chen!

  • Malone Samson
    Malone Samson 3 months ago

    Sean Evans met so many people revolving from famous to well-known youtubers and Hollywood actors to celebrities

  • therealdgh13 dgh13
    therealdgh13 dgh13 3 months ago

    But the bones are the best part of the chicken feet!

  • Armok501
    Armok501 3 months ago

    Please bring Mark Wiens on hot ones!

  • Jake Doogily
    Jake Doogily 3 months ago

    I’m 11 and I love chicken feet and I put it in my mouth and then Ibite and whatever I bite I chew unless I can’t and when I have bones I don’t pick them I spit them out and it love it

  • Skiddla
    Skiddla 4 months ago

    4:06 a whole pot of ass 23333

  • Jason Bowens
    Jason Bowens 4 months ago

    MIKE CHEN?!?!

  • mbr715
    mbr715 4 months ago

    NOM-wah? deceased.

  • Kevin Lee
    Kevin Lee 4 months ago

    when he said dim sum meant touching your heart I immediately puked. fuck this dude he doesnt even know what dim sum means

  • Jeff Crisanto
    Jeff Crisanto 4 months ago

    This man put the whole foot in his mouth?? Lol.
    Pro tip: Do the toes like you’re cracking your knuckles backwards. Makes the bones and little tidbits easier to navigate cause you’re not throwing a bone grenade in your mouth.
    Edit: then give it a hard succ, like you got dim sum stuck in between your teeth

  • Kid Buu
    Kid Buu 4 months ago

    Yo anyone know where I can get that sweet soy sauce please

  • railsea
    railsea 4 months ago

    I'm Chinese. Why am I watching this? :')

  • Almaz 48
    Almaz 48 4 months ago

    Hot ones with Mike Chen please

  • Daniel Wang
    Daniel Wang 4 months ago

    Have him do one of your chicken wings challenge. He will demolish the chickens ,without waters.

  • Aquesance Averun
    Aquesance Averun 4 months ago

    Cool that you guy him on first we feast, I like you both, ge thim on hot ones!

  • Caleb Collier
    Caleb Collier 4 months ago

    It’s just not the same without the hot oil

  • lebCa
    lebCa 4 months ago

    Super pale set the whole time makes it look weird

  • tom dijksman
    tom dijksman 5 months ago

    sharing is caring western decency

  • Manuel Rendon
    Manuel Rendon 5 months ago

    Yeah suure I know him from strictly dumpling, ; ( yup...

  • CIA/FBI _
    CIA/FBI _ 5 months ago

    Chicken feet have never looked more appetizing

  • Kevin McCollom
    Kevin McCollom 5 months ago

    i perceive Sean and Mike are gym rats...do a work out session and then go eat!

  • TaRa0350
    TaRa0350 5 months ago

    We NEED Mike on Hot Ones!!!

  • PJ Austin
    PJ Austin 5 months ago +1


  • gusy629
    gusy629 5 months ago

    0:35 priceless. 😂😂😂

  • Obama is Gay
    Obama is Gay 5 months ago

    I just had my lunch now Im going to have my dinner

  • Atlas Marvel
    Atlas Marvel 5 months ago

    Mike has so many fuckin channels it's insane.

  • Jordan Yruegas
    Jordan Yruegas 5 months ago

    It'd be cool if I could stop getting Trojan Condom ads that make me feel like a lonely loser. :'(

  • bob king
    bob king 5 months ago

    i know him from beyond science

  • xhris
    xhris 5 months ago

    Still no Mike on Hot Ones, Cmon Sean!


    this nigga did not like the food 😂

  • Dillon Thompson
    Dillon Thompson 5 months ago

    Wtf is that garbage music in the background it hurts my ears

  • Caladas
    Caladas 5 months ago

    Good thing I'm not the only one wanting to see Mike on Hot Ones! ^^

  • Claudia
    Claudia 5 months ago

    The way Sean holds the chopsticks.... a lil painful to watch eheh

  • lamb man cam
    lamb man cam 5 months ago

    if you ever wanted to know anything @beyondscience (Mikey ) got you, you are great my dude!

  • Capricious Comedian
    Capricious Comedian 6 months ago

    Neither of them said thank you😡

  • Edward LIU
    Edward LIU 6 months ago

    I’m cantonese

  • Im Lost
    Im Lost 6 months ago

    I really hate rice rolls and rice cakes and rice paper but rice I like 😂😂😂😂

  • pokemonfan1993to09
    pokemonfan1993to09 6 months ago

    I'm surprised that you two didn't talk about Beyond Science

    • Im Lost
      Im Lost 6 months ago

      pokemonfan1993to09 I knoww

  • ville666sora
    ville666sora 6 months ago

    I know Mike from his Beyond Science channel. I actually didn't know he had a food channel.

    • Im Lost
      Im Lost 6 months ago

      ville666sora same

  • Ethan Villanueva
    Ethan Villanueva 6 months ago

    Ahhhh this all looks so damn good. Dim sum good eats

  • Otie Jason
    Otie Jason 6 months ago

    Rules are stupid it’s just food.

  • That _One_Asian_0
    That _One_Asian_0 6 months ago

    Were the chilly oil and soy sauce

  • WeedyistFlame420
    WeedyistFlame420 6 months ago

    Match made in heaven, both channels are awesome in my eyes.

  • moreforme74
    moreforme74 6 months ago

    Way too many rules. Now I don't want to try it. Thanks for turning me off, I'll stick with takeout.

  • No Gusta
    No Gusta 6 months ago

    dim sum = peasant food

  • Charlene Parr
    Charlene Parr 6 months ago

    Sean, I see you bobbin' with the beats of the laid down tracks...I see it so often... you must have a musical interest in rap and hip hop. I think you missed your calling as a dj/promoter/mc/artist/rapper in another life.

  • phuoi trinh
    phuoi trinh 6 months ago

    I love Mikey Chen!