Dim Sum Dos and Don'ts with Mike Chen of Strictly Dumpling | Sean in the Wild

  • Published on Jul 18, 2017
  • Though dim sum has its roots in ancient China, the meal has become an inextricable part of life in NYC. In order to help Sean Evans navigate the cuisine's unique customs and courtesies, Strictly Dumpling's Mike Chen decided to set up a crash-course at Nom Wah Tea Parlor, the oldest dim sum shop in Chinatown. From proper tea etiquette to strategy for attacking a plate of chicken feet, TVclip's globetrotting gourmand breaks down the dim sum dos and dont's for dumpling fanatics everywhere.
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  • ronald lazar
    ronald lazar 7 days ago

    What about Black Chicken feet...from Indonesia

  • big daddy
    big daddy 10 days ago


  • Juju On That Beat
    Juju On That Beat 11 days ago

    I love watching Mike Chen and Evans so this was a treat.

  • Muhtaseem Awsaf
    Muhtaseem Awsaf 12 days ago

    Please do hot ones with mike. It'll be awesome.

  • Jeggiesaur Journals
    Jeggiesaur Journals 13 days ago +1

    The table tapping is meant to symbolise bowing

  • natsblogs
    natsblogs Month ago

    are you KIDDING ME. i had one of those egg custard thing buns four years ago and haven't been able to stop thinking about it since. and had no idea what it was called. OMG thank you for highlighting it here.

  • Ashley Ivette
    Ashley Ivette Month ago

    I'm still waiting on a hot ones episode with Mike!

  • Numbnuts
    Numbnuts Month ago

    In Philippines we have the phrase “Nagkahiyaan” which means that no one took the last piece of any food because they would rather offer it to someone else

  • Jason Brown
    Jason Brown Month ago

    A chicken foot is just a ankle away from a hot wing

  • Gene Trujillo
    Gene Trujillo Month ago

    Hey cool! Two of my favorite foodie channel stars together in one vid!

  • MrQuidItSBuddA
    MrQuidItSBuddA Month ago

    not to be racist but mike kinda looks like jackie chan

  • Cassie. M
    Cassie. M Month ago

    Steamed buns are the best thing Ever

  • Lyla Cin
    Lyla Cin Month ago

    Mike can totally do Hot Ones

  • DragonGuy GTO
    DragonGuy GTO Month ago

    I'm always a bit a afraid to eat Chinese food. I love it but I'm always taking a risk. I'm a person of religion and my diet is very similar to the Jewish diet (meaning, no pork, no shellfish or any of that crap). If I see something like soup dumplings or any type of dumpling that doesn't specify what kind of meat it's made of, I have to ask. And me, being a shy person, is pretty hard and most of the times, they're always filled with pork. I mean, yeah, I can ask if they can fill it with chicken, beef or something else but I don't want to be a pain and have more of the chef's spit in my mouth than the actual food. So usually I just order something else. Like one time I asked what their dumplings were filled with, he said pork so I just settled for the chicken satay. They were good but I think I would rather have had chicken or beef dumplings.

  • Nougan Tanker
    Nougan Tanker Month ago

    Some say the proper way to thank someone pouring tea for you is to knock on the table with your index and middle finger's knuckle. The story behind was that a good Chinese King who wanted to ensure his subjects were living happily in his Kingdom. So he went undercover and traveled his kingdom in plain clothes. To act normal and not arousing any suspicion, when he was dining out with his bodyguards, he would also pour tea/wine for his bodyguards. But of course that would be a huge deal if they were back in the king's royal court - everyone should be bowing and kneeling in front of their king, let alone letting him pour tea for them! So in place of actually bowing and kneeling in front of their king in the public which would blow their cover, the bodyguards would bend their index and middle fingers and knock - symbolizing they bending their (2) knees and kneel on the floor.

  • Jackkey Brown
    Jackkey Brown Month ago

    2 of my favorite people

  • aimee vang
    aimee vang Month ago +3

    Expected so much more from this.

  • Garry
    Garry Month ago

    Can anyone tell me the music list

  • Etrigan
    Etrigan 2 months ago

    Ah see with the green peppers you lost me I can eat anything even the chicken feet I've eaten some pretty weird stuff but I will never eat green peppers it's bitter on top of bitter and it's just not very good it's a flavorless pepper. To me a green pepper is like eating a handful of Wax.

  • Isaiah Henck
    Isaiah Henck 2 months ago +1

    Mike: *scarfs down Phoenix bun, making moaning sounds of satisfaction as well*
    Sean: 😳

  • lauren mcd
    lauren mcd 2 months ago

    Where the hot oil at?! Get Mickey on hot ones!!!

  • Arkinova
    Arkinova 2 months ago

    How to & Style. So true, Bald American & China is in style

  • Mihai Haita
    Mihai Haita 2 months ago

    Soo ..when will mike be on hot ones ?!?!?!?!

  • vonlipi
    vonlipi 2 months ago

    I had chicken feet last week because of this video! They were delicious and I will get some next time!

  • Jiro Takeuchi
    Jiro Takeuchi 2 months ago

    Chicken feet is good!

  • Bryan Castor
    Bryan Castor 2 months ago

    This is honestly such a great crossover between these channels. Mike is so knowledgeable about this type of cuisine and Sean does a great job at being really receptive and listening close to what Mike says. This was so enjoyable to watch. I'm sad it took me this long to find this.

  • 2 dimitropolis
    2 dimitropolis 2 months ago

    Love for Micky

  • Feesha C
    Feesha C 2 months ago

    I’ve worked at an extremely busy dim sum restaurant for half my life. If someone asked me for the bottom steamed item I would spit in it before dumping it on the table. How on earth am I supposed to hold up like eight piping hot steamers and grab you the bottom one that’s not even that much hotter than the top one? Where am I supposed to put a tower of steamer baskets in a full cart? Do you think it’s a great idea to tetris the steamers around the cart to get it? During a lunch rush? Am i supposed to do that shit at every table? Dick move, man. Absolutely do not follow that ‘advice’.

  • ExxRay
    ExxRay 2 months ago

    I feel bad for the camera cast, give dim sum

  • E.a. Siblu
    E.a. Siblu 2 months ago

    do a hot ones with mike and mark

  • OneironauticalOne
    OneironauticalOne 3 months ago

    Fucking annoying BG music..

  • Um timo
    Um timo 3 months ago

    Hot ones for Mike would be a walk in the park. I'd love to see that.

  • Veylon
    Veylon 3 months ago

    For some reason the subtitles said chicken teeth instead of chicken feet 🤨🤨🧐🧐

  • HayYou 2
    HayYou 2 3 months ago


  • HayYou 2
    HayYou 2 3 months ago

    DIM SUM and FILIPINO FOOD are the 2 best cuisines on this planet. HANDS DOWN

  • Wasabi Junior
    Wasabi Junior 3 months ago


  • Juwangsang
    Juwangsang 3 months ago

    Hey, thats the dude who belves that there are alians hiding in space and that there are pyramides in antarctica

  • chiibits
    chiibits 3 months ago

    I am so jealous and hungry right now. I want Dim Sum tooooo!

  • nimish kulkarni
    nimish kulkarni 3 months ago

    making me hungry AF y'all

  • Sravan Kotlo
    Sravan Kotlo 3 months ago

    I knew about the teapot thing from jojo...lol

  • Lazer Kaufman
    Lazer Kaufman 3 months ago

    Ima get some chicken feet now!

  • That OneGuy
    That OneGuy 3 months ago


  • Matt T
    Matt T 3 months ago

    Lol I always avoided the chicken feet when I go to dim sum cause chickens walks over their own 💩 in the chicken pen

    • Matt T
      Matt T 3 months ago

      +Elise Blair ya but I still can't do it

    • Elise Blair
      Elise Blair 3 months ago

      Matt T you don’t think it’s been cleaned first..?

  • Austin Combs
    Austin Combs 3 months ago

    Sean Evans is such an amazing host

  • BapBop
    BapBop 3 months ago

    You need to put this man on the hot ones cuz he says he loves spicy let’s see how he handles it

  • John Paul
    John Paul 3 months ago

    I only know Mike from beyond science

  • tasidar3
    tasidar3 3 months ago

    He looks like a young Jackie Chan.
    It's not racist if its true.

    • tasidar3
      tasidar3 3 months ago

      +matics28 except i read a bunch of comments saying exactly that.

    • matics28
      matics28 3 months ago

      Nobody said it was racist except for you though lol. That's the funny thing about people like you, you're constantly bringing up race into situations that are not inherently racist lol. In fact, it's clear as day that you don't even know what the term racism is, most people don't these days and just throw the word around and apply it in every wrong situation lol.

  • Miao Sun
    Miao Sun 3 months ago

    Oh Mikey don’t like dim sim cuz its not spicy at all

  • Tabitha Jones
    Tabitha Jones 3 months ago

    I love seeing you two together. Mike Chen and Sean Evans together at the same table, is priceless.

  • Dyceish001
    Dyceish001 4 months ago

    ok, this is awesome, Love Mike Chen, watch him on beyond science and beyond!!! Sean, Really liking your gig bro. HAve been watching for a while and I am finding it hard to get my fill of your awesome content. I am going to repeat this on a few videos so you see it! Thank you Sean and crew, so much for the amazing stuff!!

  • wrcardon
    wrcardon 4 months ago

    For those who have never had dim sum... Rule #1.... don't order all the dishes at once. Space it out so everything is hot when you eat it... dumplings especially cool off fast and lose their intended experience. Take it slow and enjoy the experience with family and friends.

  • Steven York
    Steven York 4 months ago

    I want Jamie from Sorted in Hot Ones please!!😁😁😁

  • Matthew Golterman
    Matthew Golterman 4 months ago

    I agree about getting Mikey on Hot Ones.

  • Trinh Tran
    Trinh Tran 4 months ago

    they forgot to mention that dim sum is best ate with a TON of people. Like 3 to 4 minimum. A good dim sum meal has at least 6 people on average. Not only does that mean you can eat a greater amount of food but the cost is less too....that is unless you're with the older generation in which case you get to watch the older adults bicker and legitmately stealing the bill from one another. Also the tapping thing, i thought it was a signal to stop, not gratitute.

  • Helen Mel
    Helen Mel 4 months ago

    This is the collab of a lifetime YEESSSSS

  • thebriculator
    thebriculator 4 months ago

    I've had top steamer trays my whole life, and they're usually too hot

  • juan def
    juan def 4 months ago

    Mike Chen is very American, but got his Chinese/Taiwanese heritage flowing through him still.

  • Your Conscience
    Your Conscience 4 months ago

    If I want just one thing in life, when its about TVclip, I want Sean Evans of "First We Feast", Mike Chen of "Strictly Dumpling", Trevor James of "Food Ranger" and Mark Wiens of "Mark Wiens" having a spicy food challenge.
    And, everyone can bring their own dish to the table. Mark Wiens with some superspicy Thai dish, Sean Evans and his Wings, Trevor James with some original Szechuan dish and Mike Chen with (also) something doused in hot oil :D
    Thats everything I want.

  • hedarfoota
    hedarfoota 4 months ago

    Mike would use hot oil on his wing.

  • xiaoying’s ASMR
    xiaoying’s ASMR 4 months ago


  • sope nation
    sope nation 4 months ago

    i see mike chen in the title, i instantly click!

  • kou
    kou 5 months ago

    im chinese and i didnt know about the no halvesy rule

  • Ting Zhang
    Ting Zhang 5 months ago

    A dim sum without chicken feet is the worst.

  • Michael Hudecek
    Michael Hudecek 5 months ago

    Great video!

  • Vcent Lee - The Unexpected One

    Good thing in our culture we don’t need to worry for that stuff when we go to a dim sum. I also don’t see people doing that if their Chinese or half Chinese.

  • Juan Davila
    Juan Davila 5 months ago

    Them chicken feet look so good.

  • Harry CHEUNG
    Harry CHEUNG 5 months ago

    hot ones pls

  • Valerie Garcia
    Valerie Garcia 5 months ago

    collaboration of the century

  • smiley37greg
    smiley37greg 6 months ago

    "Mike, you can eat" might be the biggest understatement ever said by Sean Evans in his entire life!

  • Sara Winardi
    Sara Winardi 6 months ago

    It’s. SO TRUE! You can’t have dim sum without chicken feet.

  • Blue Dynamite
    Blue Dynamite 6 months ago

    i cant believe this was a year ago and I missed it.

  • Jeoffry Geff
    Jeoffry Geff 7 months ago

    he looks like the daughter from bobs burgers

  • oh yeah yeah little boy
    oh yeah yeah little boy 7 months ago +1

    isn't he also like a crazy conspiracy theorist too?

    • Marlon Ricardo
      Marlon Ricardo 5 months ago

      Yeah, he has a Channel called Beyond Science where he talks about weird conspiracies.

  • Desirah Johnston
    Desirah Johnston 7 months ago

    The collab I never knew I needed

  • Mark Stephen S. Bacolod

    really hoping to see this guy (Mike) and Mark Weins eating those hot wings.

  • sartorian darkstorm
    sartorian darkstorm 7 months ago

    i think mikey chen is properbly the one guy who can top chili klaus on handling spicy

  • ADHDgaming _8
    ADHDgaming _8 7 months ago

    You can tell this guy is a youtuber almost immediately by the fucking speed at which he talks

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 7 months ago

    Man where has this been all my life. I love both of these guys.

  • derp derp
    derp derp 7 months ago

    Animals stand in shit, piss, and filth

  • Advent
    Advent 7 months ago +4

    Finally some people who don’t think that the only Chinese food are dogs and cats...

  • William Phillips
    William Phillips 7 months ago

    Lol in a first world country and eating chicken feet. Why dont you just eat some shit while youre at it

  • PebberJack
    PebberJack 7 months ago

    Finally Yamcha got his due.. !! got on him.. :P

  • LazR
    LazR 7 months ago

    4:08-4:20 Been drinking warm beverages rather than cold one since you mentioned this. It really helps, i don't get stomach pains or discomforts anymore :)

  • Terrific Popcorn
    Terrific Popcorn 7 months ago +1

    You spelled it wrong! It's not mike Chen! It's JACKIE CHAN!

  • Cecily Cook
    Cecily Cook 8 months ago

    My favorite thing about food in general ..... besides the company, hospitality and the enjoyment of fully embracing cultures is how you could travel across an area and order the same thing everytime ...... will never taste the same. When one cooks, they put a part of themselves into it and its different everytime

  • holyshititzmark
    holyshititzmark 8 months ago

    He uses his hands to talk way too much...

  • Titus Tucker
    Titus Tucker 8 months ago

    I like Mike and his channel, been watching him since before strictly dumpling, we share a lot in common when it comes to food, I like mine spicy which I think he does also.

  • Patrick Yee
    Patrick Yee 8 months ago

    One thing I would add about dining at dim sum is that some people would have soy sauce and chiles with the oil. I dip the dumplings in it. I noticed when the Fung Bros. went there that sriracha was on the table, you could dip your dumplings in that too.

  • KickLikeLee
    KickLikeLee 8 months ago

    White people don't know how to eat food like us Asian we love our Asian food but can also eat white people food which we love as well.

  • jose lopez
    jose lopez 8 months ago

    Id eat this.. even the chicken feet. But then again i guess mexicans eat cow brain and bull balls

  • TXfrogboy
    TXfrogboy 8 months ago

    Asian food is the best food

  • Tiddlers
    Tiddlers 8 months ago

    Why does Sean seem miserable in this? He's usually a lot more personable.

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy 8 months ago +1

    As much as I like Mike and his videos, Mike is not the person for Cantonese food or Dim Sum. Mike loves to put hot chili oil on everything, the hotter - the better. However, chili oil is anathema to Cantonese cuisine which stresses freshness and natural tasting.the
    On a completely separate note, the higher end Cantonese restaurants in the greater Toronto and greater Vancouver areas offer communal table chopsticks which are of a different color and which are used to pick up and bring food to the individual’s plate. The chopsticks of the individuals should not be used to touch the food still on the serving plates. In the United States, this practice is not as well known and I have yet to see any food videos explaining this practice.

  • Enji Todoroki
    Enji Todoroki 8 months ago

    1:12 Did he just say Yamcha...

  • Offspring Gaming
    Offspring Gaming 8 months ago

    beyond science

  • Honey Badger
    Honey Badger 8 months ago

    Is iced tea ok to use instead of hot tea ?

  • Dustin Sisoutham
    Dustin Sisoutham 9 months ago +1

    "Figure it out with your tongue."
    Mikey Chen 2020

  • Joe Yang
    Joe Yang 9 months ago

    John thao was here

  • Julia Vang
    Julia Vang 9 months ago

    Mike chen needs to be on hot ones!!!!! He always claims that he has high tolerance for spiciness.

    • Julia Vang
      Julia Vang 9 months ago

      I need to see him prove it.

  • Brian Dubya
    Brian Dubya 9 months ago

    Ok so the first one is chicken feet, its no big deal