Adults React to Disney+ Memes (Baby Yoda, Disney+ And Thrust, And More)

  • Published on Nov 22, 2019
  • Disney Memes reacted to by Adults. Original links below.
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    Disney Plus (Disney+) is live and the internet has gone to infinity and beyond with memes. React along with adults as they discuss memes like 'Disney + and thrust', baby Yoda (The Mandalorian) and Netflix vs Disney. What are your opinions on streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Disney +? What shows are you watching?
    Content Featured:
    Paul Rudd
    Billy Madison
    Go Outside
    Hear Me Out Tweet
    The Hunchback of Notre Dame
    Friend In Me
    Mickey Mouse
    Yoda Show
    CVS Camera Tweet
    Ok Boomer
    America's Next Top Streamer
    Abandoning Netflix
    Infinity Stone
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    Adults React to Disney+ Memes (Baby Yoda, Disney+
    And Thrust, And More)
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  • FBE
    FBE  2 months ago +223

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    • ᡃ ᡃ
      ᡃ ᡃ 2 months ago

      Do sml pls

    • skullcandy
      skullcandy 2 months ago

      I was just wondering if you guys were gonna do a react video with the reactors and staff regarding the whole COPPA ordeal that will start at begining of January.

    • assembled 18
      assembled 18 2 months ago


    • Laila Wareham
      Laila Wareham 2 months ago

      Whatching this at posted 15mins ago

    • Emma Wilson Baller
      Emma Wilson Baller 2 months ago

      FBE I am your biggest fans i Watch your vids everyday not even joking ♥️I really hope you reply

  • sunnys gacha
    sunnys gacha Month ago +11

    netflix and chill
    hulu and woohoo

    watch mickey and do some frickey

  • The Unknown Known
    The Unknown Known Month ago

    I would rather have #Philo over all of them.

  • Joe mama and I are getting a divorce

    6:32 who?

  • Joe mama and I are getting a divorce

    Disney plus and thrust is great in having a fun time.

  • NanaMom
    NanaMom Month ago +5

    Baby yoda ugly

  • Motorola Moto C
    Motorola Moto C Month ago +1

    Fuaaa alto puto jajaja

    OK BROWER Month ago +7

    It's not disney plus and thrust its DISNEY PLUS THRUST AND BUST.

  • Camille Ward
    Camille Ward Month ago +6

    5:42 stop it mom yer embarrassing meee!!

    • Camille Ward
      Camille Ward Month ago

      Nazrin Nasarudin no I’m not. I was just making a sarcastic joke lol!😎😂

    • Nazrin Nasarudin
      Nazrin Nasarudin Month ago

      Are you her daughter/son cuz im really confuse right now

  • Cassie Krueger
    Cassie Krueger Month ago +6

    I have the Disney+ package and Netflix and Prime...Netflix gives me true crime and tv shows. Hulu gives me current shows. ESPN gives me sports. Disney+ gives me my childhood. Prime gives me free shipping and Jack Ryan

  • Spike147
    Spike147 Month ago +4

    “Watch Smart House” BRANDON GETS IT 👏🏽👏🏽

  • Leon Davis
    Leon Davis Month ago +8

    I'm just here for baby Yoda

  • Dalton Olson
    Dalton Olson Month ago +6

    With a pizza on the way is the best sentence ever made 😢

  • Marie Sophie
    Marie Sophie Month ago +3

    I can’t even buy disney + rn cuz I’m from Germany and we won’t get it until next year I guess wtff :((

    • felipe medrado
      felipe medrado Month ago +1

      i know this feeling, and i'm from brazil,we won't get disney+ until november next year

  • Avatar N
    Avatar N Month ago +6

    5:20 when Brandon realised what he just said...

  • Alex T.
    Alex T. Month ago


  • indil 19
    indil 19 Month ago +4

    Okay, what is Hulu? We don't have that in Germany.

  • Emmalee Donald
    Emmalee Donald Month ago +5

    i have both netflix and hulu... once i move ill probly get disney plus

    then again... im a child and under 18 soooooooooooo

  • XploitScorpex
    XploitScorpex Month ago +11

    6:24 when u squeeze the chicken

  • Garth Palmer
    Garth Palmer Month ago +5

    Are they gonna tell us the name of Yoda’s species is finally or what?

  • Vanessa's love for RM's dimples 바네사

    Combine Hulu and Disney+ 🤯

  • MrMatrix
    MrMatrix Month ago +45

    6:24 when you squeeze one of those screaming chickens at the store

  • Game Cat
    Game Cat Month ago +2

    Baby yodA

  • Game Cat
    Game Cat Month ago +2

    Baby yoda

  • Game Cat
    Game Cat Month ago +2

    Baby YODA

  • Heath Settle
    Heath Settle Month ago

    I'm only keeping hulu for the sports and Last Man Standing

  • Alex Farnham
    Alex Farnham Month ago +10

    My favorite meme is yoda talking about the mandalorian saying "hire him I did, child support I will not pay".

  • JLo
    JLo Month ago +6

    6:29 “cutie nudies”

    • Brody
      Brody Month ago

      Bruh lol

  • Bryan Gonzalez
    Bryan Gonzalez Month ago +4

    6:21 This is the moment where we can appreciate the mating call of a walrus

  • Bryan Gonzalez
    Bryan Gonzalez Month ago +3

    6:20 When she finally nuts

  • Jarryn Vlog too
    Jarryn Vlog too Month ago +1

    Vibe check

  • The Robro
    The Robro Month ago +4

    U had me by "Disney + Thrust"

    • T1NCH3
      T1NCH3 Month ago +1

      The Robro disney + and bust

  • Crystal Wood
    Crystal Wood Month ago +2

    You can bundle Disney+ with your Hulu

  • Yabdiel Ubiles
    Yabdiel Ubiles Month ago +7

    Hulu is owned by disney🤯🤯

  • Not Now Not Ever
    Not Now Not Ever Month ago +15

    Unpopular opinion... I did not get Disney+ for star wars ( I hate star wars), I got it for my childhood nostalgia

  • MarkToons HD
    MarkToons HD Month ago +1

    Mickey and MOCKEY

  • MAD kids
    MAD kids Month ago


  • RedwolfXlll
    RedwolfXlll Month ago +4

    Disney+ is not available in greenland...

  • monamations
    monamations Month ago +10

    Faith is my spirit animal 😂

  • Brent Jordan
    Brent Jordan Month ago +13

    8:15 Disney+ can be bundled with Hulu and ESPN+ *BIG BRAIN*

  • MogoDoes
    MogoDoes Month ago +5

    Zazu and Wahoo

  • MogoDoes
    MogoDoes Month ago +10

    Mickey and Frickey

  • Lamarie Mosley
    Lamarie Mosley Month ago +12

    Anyone else for a split second think that Alicia was China Anne McClain...or is it just me?

  • John Diaz
    John Diaz Month ago +3

    Your merch is not worth spending time & money.

  • Gonçalo Goulão
    Gonçalo Goulão Month ago +17

    I only use Netflix because my country doesn’t have Hulu nor Disney+ ... Still, my netflix shows are my netflix shows and they are not going away

  • Daniel Duntavs Saunders


  • Kauft Senf BROOOT
    Kauft Senf BROOOT Month ago +27

    TF is worong with the blond dudes outfit?

    • SHODAN64
      SHODAN64 Month ago +5

      QueerNB Femme she ? maybe it identifies as a bird bigot don’t assume it’s gender

    • QueerNB Femme
      QueerNB Femme Month ago

      I think they go by "she" pronouns misgendering asshole.

    • Kauft Senf BROOOT
      Kauft Senf BROOOT Month ago +2

      @Alexa Holmes If you think ao, I find it a bit over the top, if you get what I mean.

    • Jukeboxknocks
      Jukeboxknocks Month ago +8

      Hes got issues

    • Alexa Holmes
      Alexa Holmes Month ago +3

      Absolutely nothing!!! It's a fabulous outfit!

  • Viki B
    Viki B Month ago +7

    1:10 she is amaizing!!! jajajajajaja " poor infortunate souls" jajajajajaja poor indeed

  • Kate Grimm
    Kate Grimm Month ago +42

    I'm all for that!

  • Jacob Sarcringieuos

    meme marketing

  • BaileysWorld
    BaileysWorld Month ago +13

    Each streaming service is a different infinity stone

  • Reiley Smith
    Reiley Smith Month ago +5

    The only thing I really watch on Netflix Is stranger things

  • Madness Arcade
    Madness Arcade Month ago +11

    Netflix still has stuff Disney plus doesn’t so I wouldn’t go that far

  • tv tv
    tv tv Month ago +14

    Cool but when do we get a Baby Yoda series cuz that’s all I need in my life

  • SHODAN64
    SHODAN64 Month ago +36

    god wtf is that creepy thing 0:25 lol

  • cryptic X
    cryptic X Month ago +5

    There is no disney+ in germany😭

  • Hi its me Again
    Hi its me Again Month ago

    Hulu that’s it

  • Bz_Guy 6905
    Bz_Guy 6905 Month ago +11

    Disney+ ?!, back in the 90's i could have that 4 free

  • Kimochiii
    Kimochiii Month ago +20

    Imagine paying for these services. #Piratelyfe

    • TheCouncilGaming
      TheCouncilGaming Month ago

      @EzClapzzzExactly what I am doing!
      (I have a ton of used gift cards, so I am good)

    • EzClapzzz
      EzClapzzz Month ago +2

      Kimochiii “pirate life”😂 just make a bunch of emails and make different accounts with free trials using prepaid gift cards with nothing on them

    • Darth Bombad
      Darth Bombad Month ago

      Take what you can...

  • Men Connoisseur
    Men Connoisseur Month ago +20

    who here doesn't find the hype for Disney+, come on I cant be the only one?