NYY @ HOU - Altuve sends the Astros to the World Series! ᴴᴰ

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
  • Jose Altuve sends the Astros to the World Series with a walk-off home run!
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  • Gabriel Martinez
    Gabriel Martinez 3 days ago +1

    It’s like he knew what pitch was coming

  • Wes Cottongim
    Wes Cottongim 4 days ago +1

    Am I the only one who keeps watching this just to hear the fans reactions

  • TheNegativeDude
    TheNegativeDude 24 days ago

    sign stealing cunt. take away his mvp award and give it to judge.

  • invisiblemanmusic1
    invisiblemanmusic1 25 days ago +1

    Bang bang bang goes the trash can

  • Abraham Negrete
    Abraham Negrete Month ago

    He’s a cheater and I will remember him as cheater this astros team is cheat !! Dodger fan

  • Lalo Camacho
    Lalo Camacho Month ago

    Probably knew what pitch was coming

  • Josue Resto
    Josue Resto Month ago

    Jose "roids" Altuve

  • Ryan Hungerford
    Ryan Hungerford Month ago

    Let’s talk about that opening second mustache though 👍

  • John Emmanuel Ramos-Henderson

    0:04 (Russ Hodges voice)
    There's a long drive, into left field, it's gonna be, I believe...... THE ASTROS WIN THE PENNANT! THE ASTROS WIN THE PENNANT! THE ASTROS WIN THE PENNANT!! Jose Altuve, the Venezuelan, has hit into the lower deck of the left-field stands! The Houston Astros have won the pennant and its' going crazy tonight in Houston!

  • Gemdex Física
    Gemdex Física Month ago

    Estoy igual que Chapman, aún no me lo creó.

    • Killo Alvarez
      Killo Alvarez 20 days ago

      Gemdex Física después de toda la trampa de que han echo esos malditos

  • Junior Valdez
    Junior Valdez Month ago

    Did anybody else see harden and Westbrook in the stands

  • John Cook
    John Cook Month ago +1

    Lmao. Chapman just keeps a smiling composure. God bless baseball!!

  • Seriously Malfunctioned

    Never gets old watching this

  • Mark Ortiz
    Mark Ortiz Month ago

    Man the pitcher really fucked up. And Altuve clutched the life out of it.#clutchcity

  • Serial Crepeist
    Serial Crepeist Month ago


  • FishManMike
    FishManMike Month ago

    Who were the dancers at 0:55, asking for a friend. 😁

  • CirculateWealth
    CirculateWealth Month ago

    World series grillz

  • kaleb kuykendall
    kaleb kuykendall Month ago

    After all those years of struggling the Astros have finally put together a great organization. Can we say the start of a dynasty?

  • ALFredo C
    ALFredo C Month ago

    Some News Channel needs to interview that couple prior to Home Run because they were the Astros “Good Luck Charm”.

  • All Day
    All Day Month ago

    The roar from the crowd after a hit is so dam cool

  • Justin Briggs
    Justin Briggs Month ago

    dude that initial roar of the crowd when he cracks it

  • Topspeed350
    Topspeed350 Month ago +1

    That guy can Fu€kin hit!!!

  • Prince Playz_Yt
    Prince Playz_Yt Month ago

    Y'all don't know how god damn happy I am bro...2 world series in a row...let's just hope we win cuz Jose just sent the Yankees back to town

  • Shane Brennan
    Shane Brennan Month ago

    Did anyone else watching this real time get a vibe that fan smiling knew Altuve was going to hit this walkoff. Dude was smiling while his wife was having an anxiety attack.

  • John Emmanuel Ramos-Henderson

    0:04 (Howard Cosell voice) THAT'S GONE!! (few seconds later) Jose Altuve from Venezuela has won the American League Pennant with a two-run walkoff homerun for the Houston Astros!!!

  • Jhonder Jaspe
    Jhonder Jaspe Month ago

    y es de venezuelaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa no joda carajo

  • terrick vaughn
    terrick vaughn Month ago

    Fuck who ? The Yankees 😂😂😂😂 karma a bitch ain't it!

  • b0nkert0ns
    b0nkert0ns Month ago

    Someone needs to meme that Chapman smile

  • body7100
    body7100 Month ago

    I just now peep harden and Westbrook showing no emotion 😂

  • The Rush
    The Rush Month ago +1

    Harden and Westbrook in the front at 0:04

  • Steve At Random
    Steve At Random Month ago

    Congrats to the Astros, but damn, that was definitely one of the weakest game-winning on-field celebrations I’ve ever seen. Especially for a walk-off home run to send your team to the World Series

  • Felipe Sustaita
    Felipe Sustaita Month ago

    That sound off the bat is incredible.

  • Andrew Colvin
    Andrew Colvin Month ago

    Not a fan of either team but these moments give me chills as a sports fan. The big moments and the crowd

  • Levi Brown
    Levi Brown Month ago

    As a Yankees fan, you have to sit back and admire what he just did. Plays like that makes you a hall of fame player. Upset now, but will look back and can say you witnessed that. What a play by a great player

  • RJ Abundo
    RJ Abundo Month ago

    Poor Goliath Judge once again beaten by David Altuve

  • Ether 12:27
    Ether 12:27 Month ago

    Altuve.......fudging SAVAGE! !!!!!!!

  • Ether 12:27
    Ether 12:27 Month ago

    Chapman knows a thing or two about giving up big home runs.

  • Alex
    Alex Month ago

    That old man right in the start was smiling like he knew something

  • Texas Made
    Texas Made Month ago

    I can never watch this enough times!!! Such a beautiful finish! Let’s go Astros!!!!

  • Rayner Barreto
    Rayner Barreto Month ago +1

    José Altuve el astroboy es Venezolano y de los navegantes del magallanes que les puedo decir más bendecido imposible 🇻🇪💛💙❤

  • John Adams
    John Adams Month ago

    I hate the little monster but I respect his game. He’s clutch

  • Greg ybarra
    Greg ybarra Month ago


  • Inez Ojeda
    Inez Ojeda Month ago

    Altuve grand master, you did it buddy 🤣💚

  • Ethan Gilbert
    Ethan Gilbert Month ago +3


  • Dave Rindone
    Dave Rindone Month ago

    Thanks for shutting those classless Yankees fans up and rip ass against Washington! From a local Astros fan deep in Red Sox territory.

  • denzelsnipes69
    denzelsnipes69 Month ago

    LOL @ Aroldis Chapman smiling

    ANDYYOUU Month ago

    James Harden and Russell Westbrook in the background be like: What just happened?! Why is everyone standing?! LOL

  • iran lassninja
    iran lassninja Month ago +1

    This one hurts my soul
    But it is extremely impressive

  • Matt Wilkie
    Matt Wilkie Month ago

    How can you not love this guy? What a freaking stud. Barely cracks a smile as he's rounding the bases. Fun to watch man

  • Sergio Gonzalez
    Sergio Gonzalez Month ago +1

    I love my city go astros

  • Nunya Business
    Nunya Business Month ago

    Better call than "see ya later"

  • satyagraha a
    satyagraha a Month ago

    Altuve (Venezuela) 1 ...Chapman (cuba) 0

  • satyagraha a
    satyagraha a Month ago

    Amazing player .....a giant and always showing awesome class.

  • Jorge Cordoba
    Jorge Cordoba Month ago

    Astros came up big time. Damn

  • Johann Wilder
    Johann Wilder Month ago +2

    Chapman’s facial expression is more puzzling than the Mona Lisa.

  • fspec
    fspec Month ago +1

    Where the Yankees fans at? Lol y’all pretty quiet compared to a couple of days ago when y’all were throwing shit 😂

  • Dan MacLean
    Dan MacLean Month ago

    0:12 Why was Chapman smiling?

    • Dan MacLean
      Dan MacLean Month ago

      @Michael Hoffman Those are good points although you figure he'd be more mad, pissed or hanging his head instead of smiling.

    • Michael Hoffman
      Michael Hoffman Month ago

      Dan MacLean he’s in shock he can’t believe what just happened plus I’m sure he’s embarrassed that got his team sent home

  • Kenny Nipp
    Kenny Nipp Month ago +1

    He's so tiny! Compared to his teammates!

  • Dan MacLean
    Dan MacLean Month ago


  • D Ddd
    D Ddd Month ago

    I want the Astros ,but I actually felt bad for that pitcher when Altuve hit it out .he just kind of smiled !!!!!!!!