How do i keep going?

  • Published on Apr 7, 2018
  • JACK!
    SIBOT -
    FRENCH 79 -

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  • Bipolar Marco
    Bipolar Marco 11 days ago

    Casey be looking like he's in the Men in black!

  • fiimell
    fiimell 24 days ago

    You look so much prettier with the sunglasses!
    Lov u Casey ❤️

  • Chetan Chauhan
    Chetan Chauhan Month ago

    where to get music for videos?

  • Marsonal Carrey
    Marsonal Carrey 3 months ago

    I'm soooo tiredd, my mind is on the blink

  • AdamMcGrath
    AdamMcGrath 3 months ago

    😂😂😂, how did you find skateboarding through New York,........ sketchy, I,m surprised you’re still alive!

  • Alberto Candelaria
    Alberto Candelaria 3 months ago

    I like that song I can sing it

    PASSPORT PAPIII 4 months ago

    That black dude killed it smooth pipes

  • Join the revolution
    Join the revolution 4 months ago

    Jack kinda looks like chandler

  • JulianFree
    JulianFree 6 months ago

    Some body know the Front at the end? "See You Tomorrow.." love it

  • gabriel ferreira
    gabriel ferreira 6 months ago

    1:09 and its demonetized😂😂

  • L Gordo
    L Gordo 6 months ago

    aha Jack got chubbier

  • My_Fault
    My_Fault 6 months ago

    1:17 MF DOOM?

  • Kristen Braselton
    Kristen Braselton 8 months ago +1

    Jack reminds me so much of chandler from friends lmao

  • Haiden Geary
    Haiden Geary 9 months ago

    "How do I keep going?"

    Probably the same way most keep going, because they have to.

  • damian v.
    damian v. 9 months ago

    let me just say that there is coming huge CHANDLER BING vibe from Jack

  • Robert Passarelli
    Robert Passarelli 9 months ago

    I'm starting to see a pattern with the apple fritters, but that's a good thing, cause they're my favorite too...

  • _-DaRk³NorSZ-_
    _-DaRk³NorSZ-_ 9 months ago

    so dave is there to do your dirty annoying work that takes time, so hes a white slave out of africa NOICE!!

  • Everyone
    Everyone 9 months ago

    I approve of Dan's onesie and I am definitely a little jealous.

  • Conor Purdy
    Conor Purdy 9 months ago

    Anyone know what the brand of Dan’s black jacket is that he’s wearing at the beginning of the video?

  • Abhishek Ajay
    Abhishek Ajay 9 months ago

    Can anyone please tell the song being played at the end of the video?

  • thunderchiefj Jay
    thunderchiefj Jay 10 months ago

    Guys you should put a fireman's sliding pole on that loft area... would be fun

  • Jayce Anderson
    Jayce Anderson 10 months ago

    What is the music at the end at tomorrow’s episode of 368

  • Daniel Crossan
    Daniel Crossan 10 months ago

    Dan needs some more art on his wall JEEZE. Tell him to hit me up and I'll send him something for free! (it's my name .com) Keep up the good work guys

  • Philosophase
    Philosophase 10 months ago +1

    Watching your vlogs almost feels like watching a cartoon.
    It's awesome.

  • Luketh
    Luketh 11 months ago +1


  • Hush Teofy
    Hush Teofy 11 months ago


  • Right. How do I make that?

    Your Command and Control room needs some NASA style operations desks.

  • I like apples I like apples

    Build a wall u say...

  • I like apples I like apples

    Kevin looks like a cool guy.

  • Go Brudda Films
    Go Brudda Films 11 months ago

    Straight out of WAKANDA! X

  • Massie Bros
    Massie Bros 11 months ago

    Your such a legend man! So freaking motivational to see such a continuously innovative creator!

  • Enrico Pentucci
    Enrico Pentucci 11 months ago

    "come to 368 come to 368"

  • Jimmy Q
    Jimmy Q 11 months ago

    you can add a slide

  • Dominic Schunke
    Dominic Schunke 11 months ago

    You have to put a whip on the wall where the new nest is.

  • Zach Eggleston
    Zach Eggleston Year ago

    ohh thats where dan got the jumper

  • coolnanel
    coolnanel Year ago

    Love the new style

  • Jacob Schytte
    Jacob Schytte Year ago

    Where can I find that giraffe poster on the wall from Dan's apartment? Dan dosen't reply on Instagram

  • Paul Matthey
    Paul Matthey Year ago

    you look like Clayne Crawford

  • GuiaParaLugarNenhum

    Love you man. God bless 368

  • dchevron77
    dchevron77 Year ago

    Loving the series! Cant wait to see more

  • Laci Durham
    Laci Durham Year ago

    dan k i l l s me

  • Mathias Bakken
    Mathias Bakken Year ago

    Sector grab virtual tooth accommodate sweep whose slice record

  • Gerardo Francisco

    Did the video really answer the titles question though??

  • Anant Sharma
    Anant Sharma Year ago

    Yo who was the guy in the intro

  • Melissa Wiens
    Melissa Wiens Year ago

    I'm disappointed that you didn't get the "smoke meth and hail Satan" sweater, because you would've ROCKED it.

  • CMacGirlH
    CMacGirlH Year ago

    Does anyone know the song that is playing while they’re about to eat and then throughout the episode?

  • Terence Kearns
    Terence Kearns Year ago

    idea! put the link to the next episode in the description :)

  • Eric Frickey
    Eric Frickey Year ago

    Has Dan informed you? The streets of New York are infested with SHARKS.

  • Terence Kearns
    Terence Kearns Year ago

    Davinci Resolve is great for collaborative multi-user editing. You can both work on a project at the same time. Version 14 is also super fast/efficient. I don't know why everyone who wants to get shit done quick doesn't use it :/
    You can network render to other computers and keep editing.
    The beta version of 15 just came out - it's da bomb! It's an NLE with the best future.
    You should get some Resolve nerd to come in and spend a day bringing you up to speed.
    I reckon it will change your life.

  • arwsoccer
    arwsoccer Year ago

    Can I just say the music is rocking in these 368 episodes....can we get SoundCloud playlist

  • LEGO Nations
    LEGO Nations Year ago +1

    Dan Mace should work with David Dobrik definitely

  • Matthew Ritch
    Matthew Ritch Year ago

    I’m not giving up and do you think my channel look good and should I do vlogs but I don’t know how to edit on a phone

  • TheMelbournelad
    TheMelbournelad Year ago

    I think Casey keeps it going is to SMACK a packet of candy a day

  • Vlog Master
    Vlog Master Year ago

    I’ve been working so hard to vlog like you guys! True inspirations, tomorrow’s episode however evolves a bunch of tanorite, firearms and two old TV’s

  • martymoviemaker
    martymoviemaker Year ago

    “Never going to get a job again” best comment of this episode

  • Luis Feliz
    Luis Feliz Year ago

    caseyyyyy. i live in NYC and im gonna finish my last semester in college with digital media degree. can i work with you in your new studio please

  • The Doofus Channel

    It doesn’t seem real. Make it realer.?

  • Darrel Grosvalet
    Darrel Grosvalet Year ago

    That's the dream gentlemen.

  • Sarkis Elia
    Sarkis Elia Year ago

    My suggestion would be to make the videos 4-5mins max.... you would also get more views because it would be easier for someone to make time to watch.

  • ZavitMusic
    ZavitMusic Year ago


  • Brick Layer
    Brick Layer Year ago

    The question, will you ever trust him without another re edit?

  • pickupdance
    pickupdance Year ago

    Props for still doing some of your own editing!

  • Lisa Bedingfield
    Lisa Bedingfield Year ago

    you guys need a zipline in there!!

  • Matty Beatty
    Matty Beatty Year ago

    Instead of a desk looking out over the shop floor above the stairs casey you should put a slide in there 🤙🏼

  • J Lee Chronicles
    J Lee Chronicles Year ago

    9.3 million. First I’ve heard of this channel.

  • izzut fum
    izzut fum Year ago

    they should add a shit ton of plants

  • just so you know I'm retarded,

    Oh god another Buzzfeed.....

  • Global Summit House

    casey this is awesome just looking at it. Exciting!!

  • Alex F. Lugo
    Alex F. Lugo Year ago


  • Caleb Collins
    Caleb Collins Year ago

    Dan is honestly my new favorite person 🤣

  • Odd Noble
    Odd Noble Year ago +1

    lmao! Greatest hoodie of all time! "Smoke Meth & Hail Satan" XD

  • Connor Mckeown
    Connor Mckeown Year ago

    LMAO that doesn't say NY that says Wakanda...

  • Dan Skups
    Dan Skups Year ago

    where they gona put all the storage lol?

  • PinkLazors
    PinkLazors Year ago

    your wife has the voice of the bazoo kid! haha!

  • Jeff Jefferson
    Jeff Jefferson Year ago

    368 i was a little sceptic about this gooood!

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith Year ago

    Jack reminds me of chandler, anyone else?

  • Suvin Raj
    Suvin Raj Year ago

    Yes, yes, yes1

  • komayonnaise
    komayonnaise Year ago

    I am jealous of your space, and I love your ideas for it. Really cool to have a control center with a little overhang!

  • Lorcan McSharp
    Lorcan McSharp Year ago

    Try a new editor maybe

  • Jhosua Castellano

    I really like the whole concept of 368 and all but this new videos look a little overacted to me idk :/

  • B-Girl 101
    B-Girl 101 Year ago +1

    Blonde hair??

  • Daniel Janda
    Daniel Janda Year ago

    What's with the suit ?

  • MrHeman2025
    MrHeman2025 Year ago

    “that will get the video demonetized. come on let’s go” HAD ME DYINGGGG

  • Saul Perez
    Saul Perez Year ago

    Love it

  • Baraka Gitari
    Baraka Gitari Year ago

    Did they really not sleep for 4 days?

  • KTR 723
    KTR 723 Year ago

    What’s w the suit Case?

  • curtis frame
    curtis frame Year ago

    why isn't Dan wearing the shirt?

  • Prashant Pareek
    Prashant Pareek Year ago

    jack looks like Jesse Pinkman from Braking Bad in this video.

  • Jake Bentley
    Jake Bentley Year ago

    Jack reminds me of Matt Damon so much!

  • Mantaray
    Mantaray Year ago

    casey my man you need to have some lighting system in the control room

  • Randy Curtin
    Randy Curtin Year ago

    Jacks Back!!!!! Welcome back, hope you keep doing your stream too.

  • prakash desai
    prakash desai Year ago

    what is this 368

  • FrenzyPinguin
    FrenzyPinguin Year ago

    This video gives me energy for creativity!

  • Garvey's Pic's
    Garvey's Pic's Year ago

    Lovin ur videos! missed them!

  • Andy T
    Andy T Year ago

    Can I come work for you as a food consultant and make you healthy as F ...Im not Qualified 🤩🍄🍄🥑🥑🍒🍒🍌🍌🥕🥕🍅🍅🍋🍋🥝🥝🍇🍇🥥🥥🍓🍓🍭🍭🍩🍩🍫🍫🌮🌮🍟🍟🍔🍔🍕🍕🌭🌭🍗🍗

  • Osaka78
    Osaka78 Year ago

    Total genius 👍👍👍

  • Belaal Shahin
    Belaal Shahin Year ago

    whats the song at the end

  • Christian Andrade


  • Erik Thureson
    Erik Thureson Year ago

    love that you were singing Whodini - Friends . . .

  • CombativePanda5
    CombativePanda5 Year ago

    I want a boosted board so bad but it’s too expensive, would u sell me a used one at a good price? :/... no ok then at least I tried ... love the vids