A220/CSeries - the airplane with a tricky fate. History and description

  • Published on Sep 19, 2017
  • The Bombardier CSeries or C Series is a family of narrow-body, twin-engine, medium-range jet airliners by Canadian manufacturer Bombardier Aerospace.
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  • sputnik
    sputnik 3 months ago

    Hi there love your'e videos as always , but is it true I don't see Embrear ??? Have you not covered them yet ??

  • Manu 1340
    Manu 1340 4 months ago +1

    The quebecquors product is the best in the world

  • Putin The Great
    Putin The Great 4 months ago

    A220 will kill off some 737Max8

  • Inyalabudbud Punjabbidaliwad

    Laurent, and son Pierre Beaudoin, singlehandedly nearly destroyed Bombardier through the Lear 85 Mexican relocation catastrophe, and by proudly trying to enter the crowded, overly represented medium sized jet market, with this boondoggle. They also destroyed the lives of hundreds with the fobbing off of Flexjet as a bone, if only Flight Options would buy the ill fated, never produced, Lear 85. After 55 years, Laurent finally got his stupid ass out of Bombardier, following the idiot son’s departure. But never fear.....Ottawa was not going to let Bombardier, a Canadian crown jewel to fail....no matter the incompetence of upper management. Boeing is still laughing at this soap opera.

  • Gregory Ho
    Gregory Ho 8 months ago +1

    The real reason why Airbus bought this is because they could not come up with a better product and now Bombardier can't make a stretched version (CS500) that can compete directly with the larger A320 models.

  • Film & TV
    Film & TV 10 months ago

    Hi, great clip, with the pronunciation of "Bombardier", it's pronounced (based on being a UK English word meaning a Junior Non Commissioned Officer (JNCO) in the Royal Artillery (and the Royal Australian Artillery, Royal New Zealand Artillery, and likely the Canadian Army at some time/I'm not sure if they still use it): "Bom (or "Bomb") -bar-dier ("deer")".

    • Kleptomania GTA5
      Kleptomania GTA5 3 months ago

      Sorry, but it is definitely a french word. Look up the etymology.

  • Stephan Moore
    Stephan Moore Year ago

    I love airbus and Bombardier

  • Planes and Games
    Planes and Games Year ago +1

    Now it is the A220

  • renald sergerie
    renald sergerie Year ago

    L'avenir de l'aviation.Fantastique le génie canadien.

  • Heather T.
    Heather T. Year ago

    There’s literally only 1 thing I dislike about the C Series. It doesn’t have a yoke, and I think it somewhat follows Airbus’s philosophy of computer over man. That doesn’t surprise me because Airbus is in a business deal with Bombardier and Airbus basically saved the C Series jets.

  • Mauricio Castro
    Mauricio Castro Year ago

    The tax dollars the company is giving back to the government is more that 1 billion, on top of that the stock option was valued to 4 dollars and Bombardier wants to buy back the owneship of the goverment, so they will receive a way more that a billion. capiche?

  • Conor Power
    Conor Power Year ago +4

    I would have given Bombardier 10 times what Airbus paid!! They got played 😭

  • ultramanJR
    ultramanJR Year ago +5

    Boeing and Airbus when CSeries was introduced : Oi! You're entering our turf!

    • GmodGTX
      GmodGTX Year ago +4

      I think that was more Boeing than Airbus, as Boeing used its power in the US to make sure that Bombardier had a 220% tariff slapped on all of their products, if they wanted to sell them in the US, which made it absolutely impossible for Bombardier to sell planes in the US. I probably don't have to tell you that Boeing is American, and this is how they deal with the competitors, if possible. Airbus on the other hand didn't do anything like that in Europe, as Bombardier was able to compete in the European market just like any other manufacturer. Airbus hasn't got a reputation or history of manipulating and abusing their power like Boeing has, and the different treatment Bombardier has received from the 2 companies is further evidence of this.
      It's probaby also a part of the reason why Bombardier was okay with partnering with Airbus, as Airbus are now helping Bombardier sell their airplanes by slapping their Airbus brand onto them. This probably also means Bombardier has access to the US market through Airbus, as Airbus is not someone that Boeing can just exclude from the entire US market, they're way too big for that.

  • Emmanuel Nyoni
    Emmanuel Nyoni Year ago


  • diamond Tran
    diamond Tran Year ago +6

    No doubt. C Series' are "diamonds in the rough".

  • ralroost einsnulldrei

    Legit cool looking plane

  • ger du
    ger du Year ago +1

    Reading up like mad on Bombardier. I'm in an airline game, and Bombs are the only halfway decent planes I can afford....

  • Commentator541
    Commentator541 Year ago +1


  • Yumphal Langthabal

    Please make vedio on ssj 100 private plane.

  • patrick young
    patrick young Year ago +9

    I've flown it several times. Beats the heck out of the older Embraer turboprops, it's probably 200 knots faster, and makes short trips VERY short. Good overhead storage (unlike their smaller plane) and quite comfortable. Bombardier has a winner here.

  • Mahmed AlEidi
    Mahmed AlEidi Year ago

    Zurich airport R 16 run way .

  • Aerohk
    Aerohk Year ago +4

    The plane is now belongs to Airbus with majority share.

  • OliveChap
    OliveChap Year ago +3

    How about video on embraer aircraft

  • Serge Vivier
    Serge Vivier Year ago +26

    With Airbus having acquired 50.01 % of the Cseries, this plane will sell in the thousands.

  • Young Aviator
    Young Aviator Year ago +1

    Haha, I’ve been to that bombardier Aerospace building, and saw a really cool demo of the C-Series, it was very nice, and hope to fly on it someday.

  • Szymon Gorczynski
    Szymon Gorczynski Year ago +13

    Shame that it's got a joystick :(

    • GH1618
      GH1618 11 months ago

      Szymon Gorczynski - The sidestick as used to give better visibility for more displays on the dashboard. It doesn’t have the defects of the Airbus sidestick design, however. It’s a different design.

    • Javier Sandoval
      Javier Sandoval Year ago

      Captain Clemont YESS and the pilots get a lot more space

    • Hans K
      Hans K Year ago +1

      btw, failing handoff of controls is also possible on Boeings..
      thats why the callout: my aircraft - your aircraft etc. is mandatory on both airbus and Boeing

    • Hans K
      Hans K Year ago +1

      that is more a CRM issue. at no point was there a clear handover of controls
      ie "YOU HAVE CONTROLS" the whole CRM failed at af447 and every professional can tell you this.
      this whole side stick vs yoke bs needs to rest. do you think that the coming 777x and 797s will have classic controls? no they will also have a directive mode which controls the input following the flight envelope.
      again AF447- CRM issue at critical situation ( pitot tube failure, untrustworthy airspeed indication and 2 pilots with 3rd coming from rest and no clear CRM)

    • Hans K
      Hans K Year ago +1

      so the f35, f18, Typhoon use joysticks aswell?
      from a standpoint of being a pax your statement is typical. and stating 2 fatal crashes with no further background knowledge makes it even worse. its like "we are connecting the 200 fatal car crashes to the fact that every car has a steering wheel"

  • Sean Kiernan
    Sean Kiernan Year ago

    Is Idubbbz narrating this?

    • IvanWorldLiner
      IvanWorldLiner Year ago +1

      The guy is Russian. If you look at the "Channels" tab you can see his main channel which is Russian.

  • Hichame Hlimi
    Hichame Hlimi Year ago +2

    mmmh, this is the new Airbus CSeries ? I like it ! really :D

  • bradar bradar
    bradar bradar Year ago +2

    I watched in another video that Airbus got involved in this project, and that that has helped Bombardier to move forward with it. I compared it with the Embraers 190/195 and the CSeries have great advantages. They have very similar take-off and landing distances, and the CSeries is said to be also capable of steep approach, but they have wider bodies (but not as wide as 737s and 31Xs/32Xs), and carry more people (but still not as many as the giants' babies, at the same time that the cabin looks roomier from inside), and their maintenance is supposed to be at the level of Embraer's E-jets. Embraer's 190/195 sales will suffer a lot after the CSeries enter service, but I don't see the 170/175 being affected. It would be interesting to see Embraer partnershipping with Boeing to come up with a CSeries competitor.

  • LordLauderdale
    LordLauderdale Year ago

    I’ve subscribed yet think you got the passenger numbers wrong in the video.

  • Robert Mcalister
    Robert Mcalister Year ago +18

    The windshield of the cockpit is just beautiful

  • Law19157
    Law19157 Year ago +1

    I don't see what's so special about this plane, why do Delta and Lufthansa want this instead of a 737-max or A318neo? Its too bad this plane is heavily subsidized and sold well below cost, they wouldn't have been hit with the 220% tariff by the U.S. government if they had sold it at market value.

    • Law19157
      Law19157 Year ago

      @Stuart Hecht Everyone makes claims on their taxes to reduce their tax burden, you're argument is not valid. Now if you could stop lying that would be great.

    • Stuart Hecht
      Stuart Hecht Year ago +1

      No they don't write checks. They just write off millions in taxes plus Chicago became their head office due to competition between states to get Boeing to come there.

    • Law19157
      Law19157 Year ago

      @Stuart Hecht No they have not. The U.S. government does not write billions of dollars in checks for Boeing without purchasing anything from them

    • Stuart Hecht
      Stuart Hecht Year ago +1

      Boeing has been heavily subsidized for decades.
      Note where their head office is now. It ain’t in the state of Washington !

    • Law19157
      Law19157 Year ago

      1. If Bombardier wasn't selling below market value Boeing wouldn't have done that deal 2. The 737-700 an old plane at the end of its production cycle not a new plane like the C Series & is being replaced with the 737 MAX which isn't sold below market value. Old planes can be afforded to be liquidated.

  • Serge Vivier
    Serge Vivier Year ago +5

    Good report Skyship Eng and good pronunciation of the name Bombardier.

  • Frank Galeon
    Frank Galeon 2 years ago +5

    I'm plannig to fly on it next week. Let's watch what is better 318 or CS300

    • Skyships Eng
      Skyships Eng  2 years ago +3

      Tell us later about your flight experience) It will be interesting I guess

  • Tom Robie
    Tom Robie 2 years ago +13

    Ain't that nice to see these people in this video were so proud & well entertained by our Canadian Tax dollars. The Billion $ sure put lots smiles to these folks. Bet you they were laughing all the way to the bank regardless of any sales. Nice going Canada .

    • GH1618
      GH1618 11 months ago

      Tom Robie - The oddest thing about this aircraft is that some Canadians constantly carp about its cost rather than taking pride in its excellence. Perhaps that is because English-speaking Canadians don’t consider Quebecers to be real Canadians.

    • Commentator541
      Commentator541 Year ago

      It is essential for Canada to have the capacity for aircraft production given our geography. Billion dollars well spent.

    • ryan white
      ryan white Year ago

      Tom Robie the tax dollars that was given wus either in exrage for onership in the porgam or intras free lons tat will be paid back

    • flait111
      flait111 Year ago +1

      For what its worth those are very good planes and I hope they will be a start of something bigger for the company.

    • flait111
      flait111 Year ago +1

      I do believe that is sarcasm.

  • Trash4Cash
    Trash4Cash 2 years ago +2

    Hahaha, Canadian flagship) My boat is a Canadian flagship)

  • ScribCase Team
    ScribCase Team 2 years ago +8

    Beauty) I didn't know about this plane. It's a most advanced reginal jet in the world)

    • GH1618
      GH1618 11 months ago

      ScribCase Team - Yes, but it doesn’t fit within the 51 to 76 seat category of US regional jets.

    • riot
      riot Year ago

      Trash4Cash yeah wish more airlines wanted it, only has like 200 orders. But it’ll probably get more in the future

    • Star Trek Theory
      Star Trek Theory Year ago +2

      It's so far ahead of it's time, you've never heard of it.

    • Joe Biden
      Joe Biden Year ago

      bcs airlines already have pilots trained for mainly the 737 and 320 so they don’t wanna spend money on new training cost for the c-series sadly :( this is also the reason why the 737 overheadpanel is not more updated than it is compared for example to the a320, training costs...

    • Serge Vivier
      Serge Vivier Year ago

      Trash4Cash, good question, They had engines problems with the P&W gear engines and also they were near bankrupt so they had to reduce spending and laid off workers. Now that Airbus owns the C series, things will change and some day Quebec will be repaid.