Model 3 vs Model S: The Ultimate Tesla Battle

  • Published on Feb 28, 2018
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    If you're in the market for a luxurious electric vehicle, then you might be considering the Tesla Model 3 and the Tesla Model S. While both have their strengths, only one Tesla can win this versus. Watch to find out!
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Comments • 509

  • AstroTrain100
    AstroTrain100 7 days ago +10

    I wish Model 3 would integrate the display into the dash like the Model S.

    • [InXA] Invader
      [InXA] Invader Day ago

      You're gonna be disappointed to know that with the Model S refresh that Tesla is going to have a similar look to the Model 3...

  • Angelique Gonzalez
    Angelique Gonzalez 8 days ago +2

    The model S is my true dream car. I knew it the moment I saw it. 💛

  • V1Gibby
    V1Gibby 8 days ago +1

    S is Better. That is why it costs more

  • Danie Bello
    Danie Bello 11 days ago

    Re-do this video with performance model 3

  • Jayden Garmo
    Jayden Garmo 11 days ago +1

    The model S is better over all, but the model 3 is better for its price.

  • Marcus J
    Marcus J 19 days ago

    Manlets when will they learn

  • Toby and James Goldsmith

    S all the way

  • Hilary Young
    Hilary Young Month ago +2

    Finally someone talked about car seat room! Ty

  • Nischal Maharjan
    Nischal Maharjan Month ago

    i am getting a BMW

  • sheru4444
    sheru4444 Month ago

    Liked the beginning of the video

  • Dimas Alcântara Suassuna

    Your audio is terrible and this background music does not help at all. Unfortunately I could not stand to watch more than 3 min of it.

  • NotoriousLife
    NotoriousLife Month ago

    Model 3 performance is 3.3

  • Twelve Wing Productions

    Great video, but I'm not sure the comparison with a 75kwh model S was a true measure of why people buy that car.
    With a 75kwh battery, the range is going to limit it's use as a full size sedan. So it would be more fair to up this to a 100kwh and then compare the price difference for that so that the two could be compared as they are... equal in use but for different markets perhaps.
    Good video of both cars though.

  • Christi Kemp
    Christi Kemp Month ago

    Got my Model 3 December 1st and I absolutely love it! 58k. It's sleek, sexy, and fast, worth every penny

  • Abraham Wilberforce

    I am now deciding if I am going to buy a Model S or Model 3, fully knowing that I can afford neither.
    However on this specific Model S in the video I really dislike the beige interieur.
    My grandpa had a mercedes S claass with beige interieur and I think that theese beige interieur really looks like old mans car.
    Also you see less dirt on black interieur.

  • TheRealTK101
    TheRealTK101 Month ago

    I would want an updated Model S

  • evo lve
    evo lve Month ago +1

    Love both cars, but bought a Model S for the quieter & smoother ride, liftgate, larger cargo space, dual screens, faster performance, looks(subjective I know), 21” wheels, and more traditional controls/stalks. Considering how amazing these cars are, I’m certain that no matter which Tesla you get, you’ll be happy!

    • evo lve
      evo lve Month ago +1

      Keyur Patel regarding sound system and suspension, I’d recommend playing the same tracks in both cars to see which you prefer as sound is subjective to the listener (personally, I prefer the S Ultra High Fidelity Premium sound); The suspension is more objective, however, the S longer wheelbase yields a smoother ride, and even smoother when coupled with the air suspension (which I love). If you’re more interested in throwing it around, the lighter, smaller 3 is more track ready.. especially the P3. They’re both great cars, so if you haven’t done so, make an appointment at your local Tesla showroom to drive both. Should be easier to decide immediately afterwards. Hope that helps 🙂

    • Keyur Patel
      Keyur Patel Month ago +1

      evo lve May I contact you via email to hear more about the car. I’m considering a used p90d over a new model 3 performance. Also how’s the sound system and suspension on both?

  • C MILL
    C MILL Month ago +2

    Model S all the way!...screen is better vertical...not feeling the horizontal. also love the middle screen behind the steering wheel and the 3rd row !
    The S has great leg room also I'm 6/2 yeah.

  • 19swaggkidd
    19swaggkidd Month ago

    who else wants a model s?

  • Great content
    Great content 2 months ago

    Literally you Paying 50k for a tuned Prius with lane assist, the model three is only hyped because it’s a Tesla, it’s interior is literally ass.

  • eduardoig17
    eduardoig17 2 months ago

    If money was no issue i would get the model s of course. I would really like it if the model 3 had a powered sunroof like the model s

  • briananders710
    briananders710 2 months ago

    Tesla cars gonna get hacked

  • James A
    James A 2 months ago

    I feel like the handle is going to chop my fingers off if u try to open it

  • AROWAY Plays
    AROWAY Plays 2 months ago

    in the model 3 you can fold the back seats for more storage

  • Bino Dino maxilimilanMus royal guard

    I used to think the model S looked better but now I think the model 3 looks better

  • S.R.
    S.R. 2 months ago

    If I had the money for a model S, I would still go with the model 3 but just get all the upgrades. The model 3 just has a lot of features that the model S doesn't do as well.

  • Weed Wine Waves
    Weed Wine Waves 2 months ago

    If you bought at the right time model s 75D was only $5,000 more dollars then average cost of the model 3. Also the warranty is drastically better on the model s plus free supercharging. The only thing I liked better about the model 3 was the vent but if you never tried it you won't miss it. I like to wake up to billion-dollar views in the mountains and on the coast. Sleeping in the model s is very comfortable the back fits a queen foam mattress. And we moved up from a Prius. The model 3 felt about the same size too small for my family.

  • MikeG4500
    MikeG4500 2 months ago

    I want a model s exterior with model 3 interior. Perfect

  • Aidan
    Aidan 2 months ago

    I’m 16 years old and have been working the past 3 years to save up for my Tesla. I have “only” accumulated $17,500, and have decided to instead get a cheaper car and save the rest for college. Nonetheless, I love the model 3!

  • Raymond Wong
    Raymond Wong 2 months ago

    Tesla is dropping $2,000 for each Model 3 now as demands start to lose stream. Previously, analysts have expected that there would be no discounts needed to lure new buyers even if tax incentives would be phrased out. I don't think I will buy one yet. I am still not liking the fact that some parked Teslas catch on fire suddenly. My wife wants no burning cars in the garage. I wish everyone who has a Tesla now will NEVER have that fire problem. Last time going to Lake Tahoe in my friend's Model S, we waited for about 40 minutes before he could get a charger available. My second point, will Elon start making the battery swap stations? Probably not. Since doing so means owners of their EVs and batteries will have to part with their paid batteries and may get another older battery after the swap. That should create some buyers' remorse.

  • A-Zombie 45
    A-Zombie 45 2 months ago

    A lot of people in the comments are saying the model s looks better than the model 3. I thought the same thing until I saw the model 3 in person. It looks way better in person.

  • Literally Un-electable
    Literally Un-electable 2 months ago +1

    the model s exterior design looks dated? its one of the most modern looking cars i see on the road, it looks more modern than every car with a grill

  • coolcat6778 - Roblox
    coolcat6778 - Roblox 2 months ago

    2:35 did anyone realise the windows go down

  • A.J. Bensinger
    A.J. Bensinger 2 months ago

    Just got my model 3 and it feels plenty big to me... coming from a guy that had a focus before though

  • bo phuong
    bo phuong 2 months ago

    No the iterior is the best

  • Harshal Sharma
    Harshal Sharma 2 months ago

    Tesla roadster is daddy of these cars

  • The Amazoner
    The Amazoner 2 months ago

    Phone dies car dies cause no key

  • The Amazoner
    The Amazoner 2 months ago

    Never assume genders but by the way cars are female so lil'sis and big'sis

  • Richard Ryan
    Richard Ryan 3 months ago

    What about a used Model S or a new Model 3?

  • The Everything inventory

    You talk to much

  • Carlton Sandrell
    Carlton Sandrell 3 months ago

    The 3 has taken some traits from the Porsche

  • ted Hodgson
    ted Hodgson 3 months ago

    Model s looks way better 🤗

  • Gunnar Stefán Bjarnason
    Gunnar Stefán Bjarnason 3 months ago +1

    I personally recommend the model s, my dad had one and it’s my favorite car yet to have been in. Even here in Iceland where bumpy roads are everywhere you don’t really feel the bad bumps

  • J Gallis
    J Gallis 3 months ago

    This was actually a good video hmmmm

    SWIYPER LC 3 months ago

    Was it a battle? Or just comparison... I kept pressing forward ... looking for a drag

  • DiscoDino
    DiscoDino 3 months ago

    I will be spending my money on the model 3 it's probably my dream car😍😍The Tesla model s is also good I mean not good but awesome but I like the model 3 both of these cars are awesome!

  • Esquire Life
    Esquire Life 3 months ago

    Great video, thanks for the insight.

  • Alan Tomalino
    Alan Tomalino 3 months ago

    I heartily agree with video about huge differences. I drove the X, S, and 3, 2018 versions. At my age (58) two aspects are paramount-- Noise and ride; S is vastly more refined in both. I also agree that model S interior, including vents, could use refresh, more like Model 3 which is superlatively uncluttered and future-proof. Another comparison, reference. My Mazdaspeed 3, with lighter aftermarket wheels and higher-profile, quiet tires (Continental DWS), is as quiet as the Tesla 3 (I dare say that!). My Mazda doesn't quiver (overshoot, or porpoise) on uneven concrete highway, where Model 3 does. Unique to Model 3 is suspension noise, a "clunk" over bumps-- makes the ride seem worse. No car is best in every aspect, including price. Hard to regret purchasing any of the three Tesla 2018 models. Tesla drivetrain are best passenger car drivetrain, for performance, efficiency, and emissions. A tidbid: Seats folded, makes a bed 6'+ in Model 3 and 6'4"(?) in the S. And to opt away from Model 3 gray wheels to more popular silver, results in a larger diameter which necessitates lower tire profile, placing rims closer and more susceptible to road hazard. Another advantage, Tesla S.

  • Zak New
    Zak New 3 months ago

    The model 3 reminds me of like a Porsche, Ferrari or a Lamborghini, just because where the badge is place on the hood

  • ibzy 280
    ibzy 280 3 months ago

    Neither of the two but the big SUV. Model X

  • Glitch969
    Glitch969 3 months ago +1

    Looked at all three models and ended up going for the maxed out Model 3 The S just felt like a giant, luxury grandpa car, and the X, despite the cool opening doors, just felt like a soccer mom ride. The 3 does so many things better than the older models. It's just....amazing.

  • Le Huy
    Le Huy 3 months ago

    it s hard to tell which model is more beautiful even though they are at different classes

  • Owen Wu
    Owen Wu 4 months ago +1

    I have a model s p90d with ludicrous mode. The acceleration still shuns me to this day.

  • Dan Ross
    Dan Ross 4 months ago +1

    Used Model S P85D vs Model 3 Performance Maxed.
    Toughest choice! Especially with the updates coming out for autopilot on the model 3.

    • Keyur Patel
      Keyur Patel Month ago

      Dan Ross I’m on the same boat! But with a p90d!

  • Felle_swee
    Felle_swee 4 months ago

    Model 3 full speced out

  • Bob Stanfield
    Bob Stanfield 4 months ago

    Awesome video!

  • ThreeDee
    ThreeDee 4 months ago

    Cpo model S easily over new model 3

  • Scott Sophia
    Scott Sophia 4 months ago

    The model S is scheduled to get an interior refresh in Q3 or Q4 of 2019, that will follow the minimalist aesthetic of the model 3, and will borrow some of the same design queues like the vents and the horizontal screen.
    I would also like to see some design updates to the exterior of the model S, like brushed aluminum to replace the outdated chrome, new headlight and taillight design, and maybe Elon can convince the NHTSA that cameras offer a perfectly good replacement for aerodynamically inefficient side view mirrors. I would also like to see some sharper lines on the exterior. But they should focus the majority of their design efforts on the Model X, which is a great car, just with strange proportions.

  • Mr. Boomguy
    Mr. Boomguy 4 months ago

    And now... We're waiting for the Model Y. Wow...

  • Matthew Morris
    Matthew Morris 4 months ago

    Model s

  • Cloxxki
    Cloxxki 4 months ago

    Same height, 12" length difference, HALF the cargo space! Where did it all go??? Seems like Model 3 could have been much more for just about the same cost. Imagine a decent estate version of the 3. There are some custom Model S with Shooting Brake or Wagon style rear on them. Check it out.

  • Dan G
    Dan G 4 months ago +1

    You can't compare the S with the 3. Of course, everyone would pick the S if they could. And I don't think in any shape or form, the little model 3 is making the S look outdated.

  • Izzy Benedito
    Izzy Benedito 4 months ago

    “Im not super old but it’s hard for me to get in and ingress and egress is difficult”😂

  • Google Reviewer
    Google Reviewer 4 months ago

    The model 3 looks like Kermit the frog from the front.

  • TRY to HELP you
    TRY to HELP you 4 months ago

    wooshing to 60 :)

  • Kevin Smith
    Kevin Smith 4 months ago

    If you have fat pockets don’t be that dip shit that buys a model 3 if you have a budget you will be plenty happy with model 3 I know I am. just barely made finance on model 3 earning 30k a year as under paid electrical engineer I think my tax credit will max out about 4700 still better than nothing

  • treymtz
    treymtz 5 months ago

    The screen needs to be matte, interior needs work, speedometer and major important information should be in front of the driver not the side. UI of the touch screen needs simplification for less distractions.

  • Kainthemain
    Kainthemain 5 months ago

    Im going for a Audi q8
    That car is awesome

  • daniel_960_
    daniel_960_ 5 months ago

    Just get both

  • Elizabeth McGinn
    Elizabeth McGinn 5 months ago

    I tried both. Frankly, I found it easier to enter and exit the 3. The column is better placed. I have a bad knee so that is vital. The S was not as comfortable and seemed a little more crowded. This is typical in higher end vehicles. The more high end stuff leaves me claustrophobic.
    However, the lack of a hatchback (wth, Tesla) and the shape of the trunk opening is a game changer. Groceries will roll back into the trunk to far to comfortably reach and the frunk is way to small.
    This is why I got an X. Who am I kidding? I got the X because of the falcon wing doors. Really though, I am the cargo carrier in the family. Going on vacation or to get furniture or plants? Take my car. Hubby has a sedan and my son has my 10 year old crossover. Eventually, we will be the perfect S3X family. That is our long term goal.

  • Tim Ryan
    Tim Ryan 5 months ago

    A lot of this isn’t up to date now. Especially now you can adjust following and lot of other stuff with wheels on steering wheel

    • Tim Ryan
      Tim Ryan 5 months ago

      Also they are releasing a key fob for model 3

    • Tim Ryan
      Tim Ryan 5 months ago

      Also the user interfaces on s and x are much like the 3 now so it’s pretty easy to adjust

  • GamingTaylor
    GamingTaylor 5 months ago +17

    I was expecting a race

  • kebanyas1794
    kebanyas1794 5 months ago +1

    Irvine Great Park

  • Almost Anything
    Almost Anything 5 months ago

    Model 3 it’s better looking the interior is more futuristic and it’s cheaper

  • Station 2Station
    Station 2Station 5 months ago +1

    If fit and finish is ANY worse on the Model 3 than my Tesla Model S 100D, no way id get one. Jesus.....I didn't think it could get worse. It's basically a Saturn with electric motors.

  • benjaminaj1231
    benjaminaj1231 5 months ago

    Fucking Biased

  • Ness Rosenbrad
    Ness Rosenbrad 6 months ago +5

    Must be weird driving with the speedometer and all the other essentials not right in front of you. Don't like the fit of that screen. It's like the took a computer screen and just randomly stuck it there. Model S all the way!

    DRAMA L!VE 6 months ago

    Models: S-3-X

    DRAMA L!VE 6 months ago

    Model S (p100d) with Ludacris mode = 1.80 second 0-60mph
    Model 3 (p3D) = 3.13 second 0-60mph
    So. Both can beat sport bikes off the line... Ludacris mode however is almost 2 seconds faster 0-60 and that is just plain....... Ludacris ...

    • Richard Roberson
      Richard Roberson 5 months ago

      1.8 is a far way from 2.5. the only reason they beat sport bikes is because of traction and launching a bike is not exactly the most desired thing to do
      they're nowhere near the power/weight ratio of any liter bike, so a rolling start from anything over 10/15 will see a tesla crushed
      the batteries are the weak point
      the newer cell in the s/x come 2019 will make them interesting again
      it is a bit stupid that the s/x have lost free supercharging and the credit soon and have still not been refreshed
      they're the ones making tesla the most money, they're the ones crushing the bmw 7 series/ mercedes s class
      and are being neglected to focus on the ole econo car which is still doubtful to make decent money at 35k...if it ever gets there

      inflation alone is adding 800$/yr to the 3, its been what over a year since that price was even announced? id be surprised to see 39k

  • Brad Wildey
    Brad Wildey 6 months ago

    Is the monitor distracting when driving at night?

    • Radu
      Radu 5 months ago

      Brad Wildey I think it changes the brightness automatically.

  • Seth Franco
    Seth Franco 6 months ago +1

    Model S is way better in my opinion because it is a lot faster. I wish he would have contrasted the faster model 3 with a faster model S not the slowest one they make.

  • Kimball Yates
    Kimball Yates 6 months ago +1

    I would get a maxed out model 3, P100D, all the good options, and still save money. i think it’s just the smarter choice (unless you need the bigger car of course)

  • Kimball Yates
    Kimball Yates 6 months ago

    Model 3 is the most important tesla.

  • Jon Godwin
    Jon Godwin 6 months ago

    I picked the Model 3 for one reason: I take enough long trips that I really value the 300 mile range. On a Model S, that’s a 100K purchase. On a model 3, I got it for 60K. Absolutely love both cars and incredibly happy with my 3

  • John Volt
    John Volt 6 months ago

    Classy black and chrome car on mud pit brown tires, that’s bizarre. Take 20 min to clean it before you take 20 hours makin’ a video.

  • Sean Z
    Sean Z 6 months ago

    The S is only possibly “outdated” to Tesla. Not to any other manufacturer.

    • Richard Roberson
      Richard Roberson 5 months ago

      only thing outdated about it is possible interior, just that its similar to 2013 models....teh battery, the drivetrain in that the newer battery will supply more power....and i guess the stupid airvents? if your upscale luxury market even wants digital air vents.....

  • Elijah Acevedo
    Elijah Acevedo 6 months ago

    Want to definitely work my way to getting a model 3. That will probably be a while away though lol

  • Reezy El OG
    Reezy El OG 6 months ago +1

    I love the both but the model S is definitely my favorite because I think this car is really perfect (design and interior).

  • amgad osama
    amgad osama 7 months ago +1

    If u have the money which one would u go with .. i8 .. m4 .. model s .. c63 .. gtr

  • MrDevanWright
    MrDevanWright 7 months ago

    Great video, TB.

  • Robert Holmes
    Robert Holmes 7 months ago

    These cars are way overpriced and not worth it, but dude I have news for you, electric cars are not the future!, hydrogen fuel cell is the future of cars, once they figure out the infrastructure for the hydrogen and turn seawater into fuel, electric is dead and so will Elon Musk, there is not enough precious metals in the world to make enough ion batteries for billions of cars, that is why electric cars will not last, sorry to burst your money bubble.

  • Gnosis7
    Gnosis7 7 months ago +1

    The Model S looks way slicker and sexier! I don't like the rear design on the Model 3.

  • Alexander Hamilton
    Alexander Hamilton 7 months ago

    FILMED AT MY OLD BASE: MARINE CORPS AIR STATION EL TORO. Lived there for 3 fuckin' years.

    MCD0И4LD TЯUMP3T 7 months ago

    I super dislike the model 3, I'm not that interested in it. My dream car is the 2015 Tesla model s

  • Mr. EL1
    Mr. EL1 7 months ago

    My neighbor have a model 3 and I seen every Tesla and I sat in a model s and model x

  • Jaroslav Reznik
    Jaroslav Reznik 7 months ago +42

    I really like Model S exterior, it's definitely not dated but Model 3 interior is just amazing. Simple clean minimalistic design.

    • Tom Wheeler
      Tom Wheeler Month ago

      Model s interior is better though. Model 3 inside has too much traits of bad minimalism (e.g. cost saving-oriented minimalism).

  • Mike B
    Mike B 7 months ago

    Right steering wheel button controls speed and car length while in auto pilot so no need to use touch screen.

  • Elco Messelink
    Elco Messelink 7 months ago

    Please use the metric and SI systems!

  • CSTwister
    CSTwister 7 months ago

    Ordered my model 3 this weekend broo I’m so obsessed rn.

  • Wazza722
    Wazza722 7 months ago

    The model s wins it for me because it still has a instrument cluster!