Neodymium magnet in copper pipe


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  • tomfalkon
    tomfalkon 27 days ago

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  • Rafikul Islam
    Rafikul Islam Month ago

    this magnet what mm

  • Newer Account
    Newer Account 2 months ago

    Put volt meter to the pipe while dropping magnet

  • Jason Warren
    Jason Warren 2 months ago

    If you put that copper pipe in the freezer, it will stop the magnet completely. The electrons in the copper behave much more radical in the condensed state, once the copper is below 30 degrees Fahrenheit. The magnet stimulates the frozen electrons but they have nowhere to go, so they stop the magnet. Try it, experiment!

  • AnonX
    AnonX 2 months ago

    The infancy foundations to interstellar travel.

  • Cynthia Nunez
    Cynthia Nunez 3 months ago

    There’s a toy that does tre same thing in different variety that do different thing u kno dat

  • Omkar Kulkarni
    Omkar Kulkarni 8 months ago

    EMF slowing it down

  • kevin Luis
    kevin Luis Year ago

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  • Stevin Hogg
    Stevin Hogg Year ago

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  • Nevilleness
    Nevilleness Year ago

    I would use it as car shocks. I think it could work.

  • Robert Haas
    Robert Haas Year ago

    why not make magnetic brakes for stuff? why burn up brake pads. create electricity in the process?

    • rockethead7
      rockethead7 Year ago

      That's what is happening with electric cars that have "regenerative braking."

  • Zxenmusic
    Zxenmusic Year ago

    Wow! can this be used to travel quickly through malls from level to level?

  • topautos
    topautos 2 years ago

    It never stops being cool :)

  • Jim Martin
    Jim Martin 2 years ago

    Make a large copper pipe run an electric current through it to generate a magnetic field then make a magnetic fan that will float and spin at high rate of speed in the center.

  • hqdefault
    hqdefault 2 years ago +1

    What if it was an aluminum pipe or coiled, will it have the same effect?

  • Gigih Seftiadi
    Gigih Seftiadi 2 years ago +2

    eddy current

  • christopher boyd
    christopher boyd 2 years ago

    wonder what would happen if the magnet was hollow and had a mercury core, or copper core

    • Tucker Dunbar
      Tucker Dunbar 2 years ago

      it would fall faster because the magnet would be less magnetic and therein induce less current therefore less gravitational potential energy is converted to electrical energy.

  • Theo Schutz
    Theo Schutz 2 years ago

    it induces an electrical magnet...interesting

  • S1KE
    S1KE 2 years ago


  • James Tait
    James Tait 2 years ago

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  • Ed Brown
    Ed Brown 2 years ago

    wow man

    BEEFAMET 2 years ago

    Oh wow. I want to play!

  • _J.v.St._
    _J.v.St._ 2 years ago


  • Pavithra Space
    Pavithra Space 2 years ago

    same as free fall

  • teledomando
    teledomando 2 years ago +1

    i wonder if this stopping effect could be used for elevators...

    • YEEE
      YEEE 2 years ago +3

      this effect is used for brakes in those sky fall attratctions at amusement parks... its failsafe because it needs no electricity

    VANDAL ALLEN 2 years ago


  • HigherWaysWoman
    HigherWaysWoman 2 years ago

    BRAVOOOO!! Standing ovation for this! I have that exact neodyn' magnet...they are incredibly powerful...I have 2, when connected they are nearly impossible to separate. So to see this was absolutely phenomenal...! I'm getting mine to do to this! thanks for sharing awesome video...!

  • Steven Stam
    Steven Stam 3 years ago +1

    I could watch this all day

  • Mary Northern
    Mary Northern 3 years ago


  • Stephen Su
    Stephen Su 3 years ago

    Eddy current is cool!

  • QTech Blogs
    QTech Blogs 3 years ago

    Eddy currents!! :)

  • Ben Barker
    Ben Barker 3 years ago


  • Ankur Sawani
    Ankur Sawani 3 years ago

    can you explain when two identical pieces, when passed through a pipe ? then why one slows down and other does not ?

  • Lieber man
    Lieber man 3 years ago

    Could you film it with a thinner and a thicker pipe? According to my calculations the Mass of the pipe will have an impact of the way the magnet falls through.

  • did he died
    did he died 3 years ago +2

    is this how baby is make?

  • Azmain Ahmed
    Azmain Ahmed 3 years ago

    only phisycs is real

  • slicedpage
    slicedpage 3 years ago +9

    uber cool. Now stop poncing around and fix that feckin sink.

  • 50 shades of the dominator

    I understand that like in an electric motor that has magnets in it. When you manually spin the rotor which usually has copper windings on it. That actually produces an electrical current within the copper. If you short out the two + and - on the motor it's a short circuit which is why you feel resistance when turning the rotor at that point since the energy is going somewhere. When you purely short it out the electricity in the copper actually just creates a magnetic field. What you are seeing in this video is similar in principle I think.

    • 50 shades of the dominator
      50 shades of the dominator 3 years ago

      +ziongite The same is seen for running the motor. When you pump electricity into the + and - of the motor it creates an electromagnetic field around the copper coils. This field reacting with the outside magnets field is what creates the spinning. Of course some motors don't even use magnets and use electromagnets for both the rotor and stator.

    • 50 shades of the dominator
      50 shades of the dominator 3 years ago

      +ziongite Basically the magnet falling through creates current in the tube. But the tube is simply all one thing like a short circuit so the phenomenon of it changing the energy into an electromagnetic field it seen. This field is what slows down the magnets decent.

  • 2 Clapps DJ Service
    2 Clapps DJ Service 3 years ago

    I want to get this set-up for my class. What size copper fitting and magnet are those?

  • David
    David 4 years ago

    would the magnet flow in space indefinitely if the copper tube is tilted so its axis is horizontal?

  • Steve Feldman
    Steve Feldman 4 years ago +2

    This experiment is a good way to illustrate the cause for resistance placed on a generator by the current drawn from it's load. I may use this as an easy visual for explaining such things to children. Thanks for the idea.
    What I find most interesting here is the diversity in posted comments. I see a significant number of people who understand the effect, and like me, were still somewhat tickled to see it in action. There are those who understand the effect and feel compelled to belittle others who don't have a grasp of the inverse relationship between magnetism and electricity, simply for trying to understand. There are comments from people who understand, yet wish to mislead those wanting to understand by directing them to some of the hoax sites who's hosts find ignorance and naivety funny, some of whom are actually cashing in on those who are gullible enough to fall victim. The interest in the pseudoscience is gaining momentum at such an alarming rate, I fear the dark ages are upon us once again :(
    Additionally, there are comments from people who are so accustomed to being misled that they assume this experiment is a hoax.
    I don't think you can compete with such popular tales as say "over unity magnetic motor/generators" by showing people interesting effects of experiments that don't break the laws governing matter and energy in this universe when the species is wired to believe nonsense. People today are so much more willing to "believe", than to invest effort in trying to "understand" why things are as they are, and how the universe works.
    For those who are intrigued by your video, and would like to further their understanding, I would recommend they they try this experiment for themselves. Unlike the thousands of prank video's out there, this one is genuine. Well, it fits my working model of the universe... Unless the knowledge and understanding that makes me proficient in my work, which subsequently puts food on my families table suddenly becomes "wrong", there is no reason this experiment should not work exactly as shown in your video.
    This is an experiment that can be performed by anyone, using inexpensive materials that are readily available. You should be able to achieve the same affect with a small copper tube and a strong enough magnet with a diameter that closely matches the inner diameter of the tube. You don't have to order plans over the internet, buy expensive materials, or build a complicated apparatus that serves only to showcase personal limitations.
    Performing this experiment may inspire you invest in understanding. At the very least, you can impress your friends.
    If you question the validity of this experiment, do it first while nobody is looking and don't tell anyone.
    I will, eventually, throw this together to show my kids.
    To the make of this video, thanks again for the cool idea!

  • GreatWaterCircus
    GreatWaterCircus 4 years ago

    What happens if you charge the magnet and copper pipe ? Neg magnet and pos the copper pipe?

  • Francisco Russo
    Francisco Russo 4 years ago

    so cool

  • Brandon C
    Brandon C 4 years ago

    how did this retard playing with his toy end up on the internet?

  • Yoda Tye
    Yoda Tye 4 years ago

    Interesting it gives an Garden shed inventor Ideas on so many different applications to this reaction between copper and powerful magnets and Possibly some carbon and Aluminium thrown in there Lol Good Video !

  • Zipp4Everyone
    Zipp4Everyone 4 years ago

    This is a conspiracy! You can even see the hyper integer sodium satelites projecting this from space! Some cll me crazy but does a crazy man have sodium and tin and fryingpans adn makes science obsolete by folding papers like these into a think and Foil hats? You dont even know man! You werent there!
    And besides, the world was fucking confusing and i was fucking confusing too! But that have never killed nobody!

    Bah, aint nobody got time for that!

  • shon marsh
    shon marsh 4 years ago

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  • Fahim Anwar
    Fahim Anwar 4 years ago

    I'm going to make a large scale version of this copper tube wearing a neodymium body suit and have my friends over and be like brb gonna go buy some toilet paper. *floats down copper tube* Lol.

  • Raul
    Raul 4 years ago


  • MrTweetyhack
    MrTweetyhack 4 years ago

    Anti-gravity. If you put an electric field, it'll go up instead of down

  • Nilesh Khatri
    Nilesh Khatri 4 years ago +3

    know whAT????
    if you cooled down that copper metal you get better result

  • kazimodo
    kazimodo 4 years ago

    cool thing are the eddy currents

  • Xero phile
    Xero phile 4 years ago

    change in magnetic flux -> induces eddy current -> lenz's law states that current induced is such that it opposes the change the created it -> eddy currents induce magnetic fields that oppose magnet (conservation of energy) -> why its slow. simple.

  • Josh Deffenbaugh
    Josh Deffenbaugh 4 years ago +3

    Just wait until Christians uses this as evidence for divine intervention

  • Josh Deffenbaugh
    Josh Deffenbaugh 4 years ago

    A Proposition for NASA:
    (Used for interspace docking or re-entry of earth atmosphere)
    If NASA made a long wide copper tube that gradually got thicker as you declined in distance to the ground and put it at an angle, when a spacecraft entered the tube it would gradually slow down. we would line the exterior of the spacecraft with magnets strategically spaced for equilibrium during flight.
    FAQ will Be Below!
    1. For those inquiring about how neodymium iron boride when heated lose their magnetism; NASA could either:
    A. Use sufficient insulation or:
    B. Use Samarium cobalt magnets for they have higher resistance to heat
    2. For those thinking that the magnets would be to heavy, we could counter by making the magnets smaller, and increasing the size of the eddy resistance copper tubes.
    3. as a side note, not only copper works for the tubes, but so does aluminum, bismuth and many other non-magnetic substances.
    4. For those inquiring about how the magnets may corrupt hard drives and in flight navigation systems, NASA would implement iron ferrite sheets to cover the space craft; therefore reversing and neutralizing the eddy current/ magnetic field, and stopping damage to computers.
    5. In addition, NASA may consider using electromagnets instead for better control of the craft.
    6. For inquiries on iron ferrite meteors being attracted to the Shuttle, refer to FAQ #5 about the electromagnet.
    7. For those concerning about cost, the induction copper tube may be costly, but it would work for *ANY* size spacecraft that would liberally fit into the tube; therefore making the copper induction tubes extremely reliable and practical.
    8. The reason why the copper tube is angled and is exponentially and gradually becoming thicker toward the bottom is so that the G forces experienced would be no greater than 3-5 G's (Very normal for even F16 Fighter jets traveling at Mach 1.5 while doing limited maneuvers like in the case of a spacecraft)
    9. The amount of force being taken on the actual copper tube would be supported.
    10. By the way the copper tube would be rather big, so this is no small project.
    In effect with all of these statements said, this system would be highly reliable.
    If you agree with the suggestion please like this comment! For Concerns about how this may work, Please comment below. A formal suggestion may be sent to NASA ( I do have many friends in NASA and Lockheed Martin Etc.
    Please check out my FAQ's and do not suggest something that has been stated. if you believe the statement is incorrect, please tell me that! Trolling or unwanted comments will be either removed, flagged or both,
    Thank you guys so much for reading!

  • mhauck99
    mhauck99 4 years ago

    I was thinking magicians must use this all the time.

  • Antonio Salerno
    Antonio Salerno 4 years ago

    visualizza i miei video motore generatore magnetico eolico fai date

  • fft2020
    fft2020 4 years ago

    That magnet is big enough to crush your fingers

  • gmeast
    gmeast 4 years ago

    With all due respect ... this is nothing new or unique. Before digital speedometer indicators were developed, eddy current devices were used to translate the torque of a magnet spinning in an aluminum drum against the force of a spring into the movement of a needle on a dial on your dashboard to indicated the speed your vehicle was going. The rotation usually came from a gear engaged on the output of the transmission that ran a flexible drive cable in a housing and that attached to the spindle turning the magnet. This technology reaches back to the beginning of the LAST century! Let's have something new! ... please! The technology is now being employed as a speed brake on some rail systems.

  • NikesTube
    NikesTube 4 years ago


  • bob s
    bob s 4 years ago

    The magnet would fall even more slowly if the pipe was made of silver. If the pipe was made of a superconducting material the magnet would fall into the pipe and remain suspended inside.

    • HerraTohtori
      HerraTohtori 4 years ago

      +bob s That would only be true if there were no losses to the current inducing the opposite magnetic field. With an ideal superconductor, the resistive losses are indeed zero in a linear current.
      But there would be other losses, like simply the fact that the current is flowing in a loop. Not much, by any means, but there would be some. Whether it would be measurable losses within reasonable time, that's a different question.
      Any losses in the current cause a reduction in the magnetic field opposing the direction of movement, which would require the magnet to move - albeit very slowly - to maintain the induced current in the pipe. Basically, the lower the electric resistance of the pipe's material is, the less power is required to keep up sufficient current to maintain an opposite magnetic field. So when you reduce the resistance, the speed at which the magnetic equilibrium is reached is also reduced.
      So while a superconducting pipe may create an illusion of the magnet being suspended and levitating, I would expect the magnet to very slowly sink in a long duration test.

    • bob s
      bob s 4 years ago

      +Buck Schaffenhausen
      In the case of a superconductor the initial magnet movement would induce a circulating current that would create a magnetic field that balanced the magnets field. Being a superconductor the circulating current would flow continuously and not decay so the magnet wouldn't need to move to maintain the current.

    • Schaffen hausen
      Schaffen hausen 4 years ago

      But it needs a changing magnetic field to induce current, How would there be a changing magnetic field if the magnet doesn't move?

  • Bazawaza1
    Bazawaza1 4 years ago

    that's so cool

  • Xro
    Xro 4 years ago

    Holy FS. I just happen to have a copper Connector (tube-ish) and Neo Magnet beside my PC and tried this thinking BS and WOW it does slow down going through. Before I droped it I thought Yeah they might say Thickness matters or some other stuff cause my tube was nothing compared to yours but Damn it, it worked. That is Weird stuff.

    • Analyzingfunny
      Analyzingfunny 4 years ago

      It works the same for silver. A neo-magnet will slow down. It is a test for silver. But other metals are even more amazing. If you take a one pound sample of gadolinium sulfate, and charge it with a 1000 gauss magnet, it will freeze to 1 degree Kelvin. Thats COLD. It was a new form of refrigeration introduced in the 1920's

  • Trevor Williams
    Trevor Williams 4 years ago

    So what if you used super cooled graphineene (making it a superconductor) -273 infact (absolute 0) and the worlds strongest magnet (that is also a superconductor electro magnet then wire it up to the graphineene as it falls it makes power keeping it in place... would it therefore levitate inside the tube? and then if so would it make a difference if you had a vacuum below 0 atmospheres?

  • Mick Tree
    Mick Tree 4 years ago


  • Jeronimo M
    Jeronimo M 4 years ago +70

    For those who are interested on how it works, here is the explain: (must say that english it's not my first lenguage, so be compassionate about my grammar mistakes)
    When you throw the magnet trought any metal pipe (in this case is copper, but can be aluminium too) it creates induced current in aaaaalll the surface of the pipe, and like it's a pipe, it's shortcutted so the current can flow on it. When it does, it generates a magnetic fiel around the pipe, so that magentic field it's strong enough to stop the faling of the magente, but still weak enough too for not stoping it. That's the explain

    • aspo pulvera
      aspo pulvera 3 months ago

      is that what they called magnetic flux?

    • Cosimo
      Cosimo 8 months ago

      pity! math can be learned!

    • mrunal's cartoon club
      mrunal's cartoon club 11 months ago

      Jeronimo M thanks

    • SydneySouth Mechanic L
      SydneySouth Mechanic L Year ago

      I don't think it is good explanation to say weak enough too for not stopping it. The better explanation is the magnet has to move to create the current to stop its moving. So the magnet has to be moving first, if the magnet stops there is no current and there is no resistance to make it stop... unless the metal is super conductor so that once the current is created it will stays there even the magnet is not moving.

  • Vintz Vi
    Vintz Vi 4 years ago

    Hhmm I wonder what would happen if you add electricity to the copper

  • Rusty Cox
    Rusty Cox 4 years ago

    I take it that the copper pipe contains ferrous metals in it. That would make sense though... copper is very soft so they would put harder metals in the mix to give the pipe more rigidity so it would hold its shape better.

    MAXBLAYLOCK 4 years ago

    Wow! did you see that? It fell right through like there was nothing to stop it!
    On a second viewing I noticed it is falling very slowly. How did I miss that before?

  • Marc Sola
    Marc Sola 4 years ago

    The explication of these effect are the parasite currents of foucault, that movement generates electriciti insti de the pipe, and currents too so it turns in to a electromagnet.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 4 years ago +7

    Now that is the coolest thing I have seen in a long time..!!!!!

  • Sablicious
    Sablicious 4 years ago

    -Insane Clown Posse

  • MrPartyWaffle
    MrPartyWaffle 4 years ago

    Science is magnificent isn't it.

  • Nico Cardozo
    Nico Cardozo 4 years ago

    y? cual es el chiste? einstein

  • Misterlegoboy
    Misterlegoboy 4 years ago

    that's not right...

  • Volsterful
    Volsterful 4 years ago

    Eddy current brake google it

  • ANNRKEE666
    ANNRKEE666 4 years ago +2

    fuckin magnets how do they work?

    • ANNRKEE666
      ANNRKEE666 4 years ago +1

      ha ha ha ha ha

    • Sr John Deans
      Sr John Deans 4 years ago +2

      You take an ordinary piece of metal send it around the orbit of Jupiter and bring it back.

    • Pasu suel
      Pasu suel 4 years ago +2

      thats unknown actually. just like gravity.

    • Connor Reilly
      Connor Reilly 4 years ago +1


  • lukyamonra luky
    lukyamonra luky 4 years ago

    I tried,and its work just with neodium magnet

  • John Kross
    John Kross 4 years ago +3

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  • cowswirl
    cowswirl 4 years ago

    Spellbinding! Why does the magnet fall in slow motion?

    • kansasthunderman1
      kansasthunderman1 4 years ago

      The braking effect has absolutely nothing to do with the copper being "para-ferromagnetic, "ferromagnetic", or "diamagnetic".
      The field is the result of Lenz's Law which says the current in the copper tube induced by the falling magnet will create another magnetic field that has the opposite polarity of the falling magnet.
      Lenz's Law is a result of the Law Of Conservation Of Energy which says that generating electrical energy requires an equal amount of energy input in the form of work. The electrical energy produced in the copper tube is equal to the potential energy lost as the magnet falls through the tube and that's what causes the braking effect.
      The copper is merely a conductor of the induced current and does not have any effect on the field. If a cardboard toilet paper tube were as conductive as copper, the effect would be identical.

    • Jeff O
      Jeff O 4 years ago

      +Tomasina Covell Believe it or not, I actually had to look that word up. Copper would be diamagnetic, which are materials that are slightly repelled by a magnetic field. The eddy currents just make the repelling force a lot stronger. The other two types are paramagnetic and ferromagnetic, which are materials that are attracted to magnetic fields, with ferromagnetic being the stronger, permanent type, such as iron.
      I remember seeing a video a long time ago on TV of a frog being levitated by a very strong magnetic field. I'm sure such a video is on TVclip somewhere.

    • Tomasina Covell
      Tomasina Covell 4 years ago

      +Jeff O Would then it mean that the copper is para-ferromagnetic?

    • kansasthunderman1
      kansasthunderman1 4 years ago +2

      The slow fall effect is an example of Lenz's Law.

    • Jeff O
      Jeff O 4 years ago +2

      Something called "eddy currents." As the magnet is falling through the copper pipe, it's inducing a magnetic field inside the pipe which is opposing magnetic field of the magnet. The pipe temporarily becomes a magnet.

  • dsouzand
    dsouzand 4 years ago

    so is the magnetic flux slowing it down?

    • kansasthunderman1
      kansasthunderman1 4 years ago

      The falling magnet induces a voltage and current and a separate magnetic field in the copper tube.
      However the direction of the induced field is opposite to the magnet.
      The magnet must always be moving to generate the field in the tube and it is not possible for the magnet to remain stationary.

  • Lacaille8760
    Lacaille8760 4 years ago

    Nothing fancy here, just one outcome of Lenz's law, the opposing current in copper tube.

  • Brendland Hernandez
    Brendland Hernandez 4 years ago

    Where can i get some neodymium magnets?

  • ThePostal67
    ThePostal67 4 years ago

    Nice, but I use five feet of small tube and round magnets..

  • James Hopkinson
    James Hopkinson 4 years ago

    Must of been bored

  • jeff johnson
    jeff johnson 4 years ago

    copper plumbing parts are not pure copper anymore,certain amount of scrap in everything,whatever the manufacturer can get away with

  • jeff johnson
    jeff johnson 4 years ago

    where can i get a neodymium magnet that size?

  • DatGasMaskMan
    DatGasMaskMan 4 years ago

    Step 1: Get a huge copper pipe (One i can fit in)
    Step 2: by tons of Neodymium magnets
    Step 3: Mold the Neodymium magnets into clothes
    Step 4: Put magnet clothes on
    Step 5: Elevate the pipe with a crane so i can walk under it, but just barely.
    Step 6: Purchase a ladder
    Step 7: Put the ladder on the Copper pipe and jump down the copper pipe and amaze people.

  • DrH5N1
    DrH5N1 4 years ago +2

    Most interesting indeed

  • Tim Ballentine
    Tim Ballentine 4 years ago +30

    This could be integrated into a new design for an elevator,or a quick fire escape for high rises,the possibilities are endless.

    • f. g0nc9lv3s
      f. g0nc9lv3s Year ago

      how to go back up?

    • Tim Ballentine
      Tim Ballentine 3 years ago

      +Cobrakiller2000 That makes a lot of sense.I believe that they could space out the copper or aluminium in the tunnel . It would seem,that that material would not be needed until the last few floors.
      It also seems that something like a magnetic vest might be used with some quick-snap - clips,sorta like a life jacket and just like boating,one jacket is required per person.As someone else had mentioned about the smoke problem,it seems like the tunnel could be easily ventilated,besides,a person wouldn't be in it for more than a few seconds,falling doesn't take that long.

    • Magnet Tricks
      Magnet Tricks 3 years ago +1

      +Hurricane Floyd Well maybe the copper could be just for 2 meters at the bottom floor functioning as back up cushion and it wouldn't have to be in the shape of a pipe.

    • Chuck Norris
      Chuck Norris 3 years ago

      That would make insanely strong magnetic fields, maybe it can disturb equipment meters away, or even disrupt implants like pacemaker?

    • Sr John Deans
      Sr John Deans 4 years ago +2

      Yea right a superslow fire escape. Or an elevator that will get you there for your 80th birthday.

  • Hurricane Floyd
    Hurricane Floyd 4 years ago +5

    That is an expensive piece of copper.

    • Jason Warren
      Jason Warren 2 months ago

      Floyd, you have a very cool avatar picture!

  • Sutinah Tarima Ir. Rahayu

    is it true?

  • random dude
    random dude 4 years ago +1

    would an even smaller magnet just sit inside like suspended?

  • Against NAZO!
    Against NAZO! 4 years ago


  • Chad Hurley
    Chad Hurley 4 years ago +2

    The 102 people that "disliked" this video, simply don'y realize the a copper tube interrupting a magnetic field is possible. S

  • viciousKev
    viciousKev 4 years ago +5

    That magnet is scary. 1/4 that size is dangerous.

  • Chrystian Phillips
    Chrystian Phillips 4 years ago

    Good ol' Lenz's Law in action.

  • harry vigna
    harry vigna 4 years ago

    so cool

  • Buddy Revell
    Buddy Revell 4 years ago

    Bot those CGI graphics sure are amazing, so life like