Black Dads Try Other Black Dads' Barbecue

  • Published on Jun 14, 2019
  • Four black dads battle it out for the title of Barbecue King!
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    Grilling hamburgers, slow motion
    viafilms/Getty Images
    Golden Confetti Party Popper Explosions on a Black Backgrounds
    Zozulinskyi/Getty Images
    Reuel Belt
    Louis Macarthur
    Marques Miles
    Top Rope Zeus

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  • Matteo De Angelis
    Matteo De Angelis 11 minutes ago

    I wanna see Italian moms try each other's Lasagna

  • Kat Brax
    Kat Brax 11 minutes ago

    I knew Marquis was going to win when I saw that beard and his cornrows. Then his food presentation was ON POINT TOO. 💯🙏💕🍗🏞️

  • BlackXD
    BlackXD 19 minutes ago


  • Toyota4runner TrdPro16
    Toyota4runner TrdPro16 27 minutes ago

    I’m waiting to see video with the most dislikes on TVclip, watch black dad’s pay each other’s child supports 😂

  • Udon rich
    Udon rich 50 minutes ago

    Why’s Marques acting like he don’t wanna eat all the sudden 😭

  • RaMpAgE Red
    RaMpAgE Red Hour ago

    The guy with the green hat looks like Tupac kinda

  • Chino Ireneo
    Chino Ireneo Hour ago

    Ok Marques wasnt joking with his container. He came to battle.

  • life of slav
    life of slav Hour ago

    You fasist chanel

  • Bryce K
    Bryce K 2 hours ago

    Black dads try other black dads BBC

  • HaitianKat
    HaitianKat 3 hours ago

    Jesus 3000's I Like Him Already 😂😂😂

  • Thekid G
    Thekid G 3 hours ago

    Big dude rib look good no lie but everyone brought pork ribs and he brought beef ribs (which is a HELL of a lot more soft that pork ribs)...there’s no competition here 😂

  • Generation Sensitive
    Generation Sensitive 3 hours ago

    The winner was ignorant for barely trying any other dishes but it seems like he had a good meal setup for everyone

  • Mike Haaancho7
    Mike Haaancho7 3 hours ago

    Blacks have dads??

  • Doug West
    Doug West 4 hours ago

    Why do you gotta make the title like that

  • Nikki Bell
    Nikki Bell 4 hours ago

    I want cocoa butter to have their own TVclip channel pleeeaaassse BuzzFeed we have pero like but plllleaaasse make a cocoa butter channel!!!

  • Ko C
    Ko C 4 hours ago


  • Ko C
    Ko C 4 hours ago


  • Dissafn
    Dissafn 4 hours ago

    Now lets do Mexican dads try eachother salsas

    By the way im mexican so its not RACIST

  • asdf
    asdf 5 hours ago


  • Freddy Quiroz
    Freddy Quiroz 5 hours ago


  • The Tantrum
    The Tantrum 5 hours ago

    It ain’t no just black dads it has to be the big fellas

  • Ig Jah
    Ig Jah 5 hours ago

    Bro showed up with just beans

  • Nova
    Nova 5 hours ago

    Damn bro i'm suprised they showed up to make the video

  • Kahn
    Kahn 6 hours ago +1

    They all have sound cloud rapper names

  • Alexander Hamilton Productions

    I really wanna try what Marques made like damnnnnn

  • Feng Vue
    Feng Vue 6 hours ago

    Black people need to try red ribs southeast asian style. Yall mfs wont be going back to traditional ribs.

  • Jackson Bisson
    Jackson Bisson 6 hours ago

    when they said they need love that reminded me of spongebob

  • Samuel Eason
    Samuel Eason 7 hours ago

    Everyone of those dads said crap about every single one just so they can win

  • Jamaree Bell
    Jamaree Bell 7 hours ago

    5:19 It taste like potato salad

  • Karl Harvey
    Karl Harvey 7 hours ago

    That one guy that didn’t even bring the barbecue just wanted some free food

    MONTAGANOO 7 hours ago

    Iraq vets try other Iraq vets PTSD triggers

  • Awesome Goddess
    Awesome Goddess 7 hours ago

    Where do I go buy his ribs

  • Hoop Bros
    Hoop Bros 7 hours ago

    Wtf this is racist why everything political correct these days why can’t it just be dads screw this channel

  • guinhaBR
    guinhaBR 7 hours ago

    Came just because cudi was on the thumb

  • Matthew James Hemmer
    Matthew James Hemmer 7 hours ago

    Audioblocks? Bruh I swear it sounds exactly like the beat for bright pink tims by blackbear

  • King Drop
    King Drop 8 hours ago

    Zeus is the man weave guy

  • Itsmichaelboi YAHOO
    Itsmichaelboi YAHOO 8 hours ago

    *Don’t show up with ya side chick! Show up with ya main chick*

  • Puckered
    Puckered 8 hours ago +1

    White people cook better BBQ than blacks do. All high end BBQ places have white or mexican chefs

  • simply.
    simply. 9 hours ago

    They ain’t a real black dad if they’re observing it.

  • lerious gaming
    lerious gaming 9 hours ago +1

    If you come across this
    May god bless you 🙏

    If you consider subbing it would mean the world thx

  • Sawler Bwe
    Sawler Bwe 9 hours ago

    Bruh he forgot to bring his ribs

  • doggwoof21
    doggwoof21 9 hours ago

    everytime one of these videos come out, the sassiest person has the worst score

  • sleepy0_oboii
    sleepy0_oboii 9 hours ago

    I like how the guy with the blue shirt with the glasses was so cocky and he got the lowest score. My dude even lost to the guy that didn’t bring ribs. 😂

  • Dovanna Marie
    Dovanna Marie 9 hours ago

    Jesus 3 thousands 😂and the heel out with a lil bit of ash very important I died 😂😂😂💀

  • Matthew BOB Xia
    Matthew BOB Xia 10 hours ago

    Typo on Top Rope Zeus's name at 1:14

  • Giorno Giovanna
    Giorno Giovanna 10 hours ago

    wow are we stereotyping foods

  • Dave Brock
    Dave Brock 10 hours ago

    Black dads 🤣 that’s hilarious 😂

  • fu thao
    fu thao 10 hours ago

    Why keep talking about asian stuff I’m mean like I respect you but you don’t have to say that much how that rid look asian food

  • IKONxIKONICS140915 Ikon

    White/Asian family try the food of other white/Asian ?

  • Kyle Nussbaum
    Kyle Nussbaum 10 hours ago

    How the hell did I get here?

  • The known forever in hell Unknown forever in heaven

    am sitting on my couch

  • lol eat rock
    lol eat rock 10 hours ago

    Black dads try other black dads

  • Eli Herrera
    Eli Herrera 10 hours ago

    "Black Daddies" fixed it

  • AG38
    AG38 11 hours ago

    Real ones knew who was gonna win this from the beginning lmaoo

  • daniel sarmiento
    daniel sarmiento 11 hours ago

    You mean to tell me you don't know what Chinese spare ribs are?

  • W. Dearth
    W. Dearth 11 hours ago

    Why does everything BuzzFeed puts out have to be so douchey?

  • Siere DelHoe
    Siere DelHoe 11 hours ago

    "Taste like potato salad" yo I'm screaming😭

  • SpankBuda
    SpankBuda 11 hours ago

    This is just another example of how black folks refuse to follow simple instructions and want to do what they want.

  • P3rcha
    P3rcha 11 hours ago

    Black people taste food for first time

  • Hongwu Emperor
    Hongwu Emperor 12 hours ago

    Black dads try each other’s BBC next please

  • Die With honor
    Die With honor 12 hours ago


  • A1ex. lin
    A1ex. lin 12 hours ago

    the beginning looked like an asian spare rib lmaooo

  • Bill Wang
    Bill Wang 12 hours ago

    Next up Chinese moms try each other's dumplings

  • Jejsjs Hdhshsjs
    Jejsjs Hdhshsjs 13 hours ago

    *black dads try other black dads*

  • Mansoorr68 Uvxeg
    Mansoorr68 Uvxeg 13 hours ago

    But black people arent even black they are red brown and whitish brown what buzzfeed are you blackist?

  • One Christian Boi
    One Christian Boi 13 hours ago

    I love how mans only showed up with beans and still got a better score than that one dude😂

  • Cereal Killer
    Cereal Killer 13 hours ago

    All big dark skin dads know how to make the perfect barbecue u gotta admit.he knows wat he doin

  • MotoMan
    MotoMan 13 hours ago

    A big black guys food is always the best.

  • Tracker Music
    Tracker Music 14 hours ago


  • Yaretzi Nietzsche
    Yaretzi Nietzsche 14 hours ago

    Literally two black dads with belt and rope in their name