50 Cavities: photos with treatment narrated by dentist

  • Published on Mar 8, 2018
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    Dentist, Dr. Tamisha Denis of Modern Smile and Implant Center, answers most frequently asked questions. Although she practices in Coral Springs,FL, he she has made her mission to educate people no matter where they live about good dental health and dental procedures in an effort to help people conquer their dental phobia and go see dentist. If you live in South Florida and are look for a dentist near you, consider Modern Smile and Implant Center, but if you are just interested in learning more about how to care for your teeth VIEW, LIKE, and SUBSCRIBE.
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Comments • 9

  • F. Ruit
    F. Ruit Year ago +3

    I loved this! Thank you.
    I find it really hard to judge anything on my teeth cause my grooves are so discoloured.
    One of my premolars has a kind of gray shadow on the mesial portion of it. Does that usually indicate interproximal decay or could it be something else. I have an appointment with my dentist in a month, anyway, just want to prepare myself

  • stiffboywhoyou12
    stiffboywhoyou12 Year ago

    Hey Dr Denis can you do a video on lingual braces? Much appreciated from New York.

  • stacey Leblanc
    stacey Leblanc Year ago +1

    Number 41 looks like a face lol

  • sciencelearnremember

    Why can't "watch spots" of future cavities be repaired before progressing to a full cavity?

  • Tony J
    Tony J Year ago +1

    Great video thank you Dr.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo

    I have had a white tooth coloured filling for 9 years will it need replacing

    • Cristiano Ronaldo
      Cristiano Ronaldo Year ago

      Oh ok thank you :)

    • Tamisha Denis
      Tamisha Denis  Year ago +2

      It only needs replacing if your dentist sees that it is decaying again or breaking down... good luck

  • Eliza Frambes
    Eliza Frambes Year ago

    its good