Start Thinking Like Rich People - Dave Ramsey Rant

  • Published on Oct 15, 2018
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    In this video, Dave rants about changing your mindset to start thinking ahead and making decisions like rich people.
    Proverbs 10 states, “A slack hand causes poverty, but the hand of the diligent makes rich.” This is simple: laziness causes you to be poor, but diligently working makes you rich. Dave explains that diligence here is just continued excellence over time.
    In a study of 10,000 millionaires, our team found that people who have built wealth have a long-term planning window. Before they make decisions, they ask, “How will this affect me in 5, 10, or 50 years?” They set goals and then work diligently to reach them.
    And guess what? If you think and act like rich people, you get to become rich people.
    Our team has created a tool to help you start thinking ahead. The 5 Minute Coverage Checkup shows you ten ways you need to be covered long-term - having the right insurance, checking your credit report, getting a will, and more. Take the 5 minute quiz and get a personalized to-do list to make sure you’re covered. Taking care of this stuff now sets you up to build wealth in the future!
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  • cunn1n6ham
    cunn1n6ham Day ago

    “If you plant stupid you grow broke and desperate...You’re going to get a crop of something.” 🤣😂 Classic

  • Randy Pullman
    Randy Pullman 3 days ago

    Rich people think poor people are stupid after all there're poor and don't realize the weathy reneged on the social contract. EG you tell poor africans to think the same as weathy and they do thats why weathy africans are not here to be your friend.

  • johnny t
    johnny t 12 days ago

    How many left this vid early to go text?

  • Anax of Rhodes
    Anax of Rhodes 19 days ago

    Dave tackles those Bible verses in "The Legacy Journey." Go read it. Twice.

  • sam eden
    sam eden 20 days ago

    Bible banging bs

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown 21 day ago

    I wish Dave would stop peddling hack websites like Kelly blue book. The values are terrible.

  • jzeeTV
    jzeeTV 21 day ago +1

    Great advice and I would like to complement it with a verse from Hebrews, for the Born-Again Jesus Freaks: *_"Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, for God has said: 'Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you.'” -Hebrews 13:5_* 💯

  • Crystalianike
    Crystalianike 21 day ago +1

    "if you plant corn, corn grows and if you plant stupid you grow broken desperate" he is savage AF hahhaha but this is so true!

  • MrChiangching
    MrChiangching 22 days ago

    It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God. If you'r gonna quote the Buybull , don't cherry pick.

  • Boostang
    Boostang 24 days ago

    It took us almost a year but we finally paid everything off (student loans/2016 Corolla/credit cards) and I just sold my 2017 mustang today (10/28/18) and we are now finally DEPT FREE for the first time ever 😱. Thank you so much Dave for your teachings, now we can move to baby step 3

  • Jennifer Moore
    Jennifer Moore 24 days ago +1

    That’s one possible interpretation of that proverb. There are other possibilities as well. Yes, you have to work hard in life and be smart with your money. You need to live within your means whether your making $10,000, $100,000, or $10,000,000 per year. No brainer. Get past budgeting, estate planning, and saving for retirement. The super wealthy, the class most people aspire to, and what most think of when Dave, Tony Robbins, and others talk about “being wealthy” have ways that they build and preserve their wealth that most people don’t have. Tax shelters, tax breaks and write offs that the vast majority of people can’t use. Why don’t we start redefining what “wealth” means and looks like. What does wealth look like based on your socioeconomic bracket and occupation look like? Working with what you’ve got. A teacher income vs. a physician vs. a tech or finance executive vs. a professional athlete vs entertainment mogul will all look very different. Not everyone has the intelligence, aptitude, or talent to be a surgeon, CEO, Grammy winning singer, or Super Bowl quarterback. Not all entrepreneurs create multi billion dollar companies. How do you work with you’ve got?

  • Nate Davidoff
    Nate Davidoff 25 days ago

    You dont need a will if you are broke. All these stereotypical things should be taken on a case by case basis

  • Nate Davidoff
    Nate Davidoff 25 days ago +1

    I dont think timeframe is important here. Full information is more important for a decision. Time horizon changes too rapidly. No one can plan out 10 years not even companies. Change happens too quickly.

  • Casey Abrell
    Casey Abrell 25 days ago

    Dave knows his stuff, but making it sound like "hillbilly's" are the only people who fight and have money trouble is ignorant

  • Lqla
    Lqla 26 days ago

    Omg the quality of your camera is amazing!

    INVESTMENTS 26 days ago +1

    Thank you for this video mr Ramsey 🙏

  • B Amadasun
    B Amadasun 27 days ago +1

    Great advice and wisdom from the Bible and Dave!

  • Michael Woods
    Michael Woods 28 days ago

    I guess I'm already thinking like a rich person--at least like one of them, me. At least I'm rich enough to suit myself.

  • Xavier Fall
    Xavier Fall 28 days ago +66

    Changing my life beginning today, I’m 22 and I refuse to hit 30 and still living paycheck to paycheck, Thanks Dave you’re saving futures

    • enricmm85
      enricmm85 16 days ago +1

      32 over here and have never lived paycheck to paycheck and always managing to save somewhere between 5% to 20% of my monthly income (45% to 60% when I still lived with my parents). And most months I manage to save 20% of the income.

    • Chris Vandernaald
      Chris Vandernaald 16 days ago

      You can do it man 👍

    • Pamela Clark
      Pamela Clark 17 days ago +1

      I refuse to hit fifty and still live paycheck to paycheck! I started budgeting in April, saving in June, got a second job in September. I am building a sinking fund for a new car in 16 months, and will be out of debt by summer 2020. "Excellence over time". I have stopped listen to the culture of "spend" and am now listening to my "long planning" window: saving for college and retirement. Long term, long term, long term! I love Dave. Go for it, Xavier! YOU GOT THIS - dial in that long term thinking!

    • Alex Bryant
      Alex Bryant 23 days ago

      Xavier Fall sweetie it won’t take 8 years to stop living paycheck to paycheck. You’ll start gaining wealth faster than you think following a plan like this.

  • ReggaeEli
    ReggaeEli 28 days ago +3

    People complaining about god is literally about gods plan so when people claim god is fake it just makes me know that we believers must be strong in this broken world

  • tskjesusfreak
    tskjesusfreak 29 days ago +1

    I only need a $250,000 portfolio. I just need enough to pay the bills and a little bit extra.

  • Alpha Centauri
    Alpha Centauri 29 days ago

    my son is 4 i am allready investing in mutual funds stocks etc for his education marriage etc 20 years horizon

  • Slick Rock
    Slick Rock Month ago


  • J George
    J George Month ago +1

    *You’ll have read it in one month.

  • Ms. Bryant Phillips
    Ms. Bryant Phillips Month ago +3

    Dave said “Rich people have wills and poor people have fights”. I have seen both happen and having loved ones fight instead of celebrating that persons life is the worst way to leave this planet.

  • 5StarFilmz
    5StarFilmz Month ago

    Love this guy

  • Laura Learning Everything

    Hey Dave! Just wanted to share that I started your program 2 years ago. My husband and I went from $100K in debt to Baby Step 6 in less than two years. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!! xo

  • David Heine
    David Heine Month ago +3

    It really interesting to know this. When i was younger I made a lot of mistakes as a person but growing up I released i needed to step up on my game as though I was rich. I involved myself by trying to invest in Binary Options. As a beginner i never wanted to make mistakes so, I hired a funs manager who helped me grow my investment. As i write, my dream came through. I now own a house, 4 cars and i live in luxury. If i can do it anyone else can. try my funds manager if you want to grow your investment portfolio. albertguzman at tutanota dot com

    • Leo clay Ford
      Leo clay Ford Month ago

      I have always wanted to do this. Thanks David. i will contact his asap. cheers!

    • Courtney hilton
      Courtney hilton Month ago

      thanks for the heads up David. I really appreciate this.

    • David Heine
      David Heine Month ago

      Sure Courtney he is really reliable. I have been using his services over three years now.

    • Courtney hilton
      Courtney hilton Month ago +1

      It sounds really interesting. I think I will do this. I have been looking for a reliable broker online where i can invest my money. Hope your funds manager is really reliable? I have $80,000 i would like to invest. Trying to raise money for Christmas.

  • Jeffrey Richardson
    Jeffrey Richardson Month ago


  • Jeffrey Richardson
    Jeffrey Richardson Month ago

    Mike Douglas...

  • Rural Paradise
    Rural Paradise Month ago

    Good advice!

  • LV Teach Me
    LV Teach Me Month ago

    You're right. I learned this is the difference between how the wealthy and poor think.

  • Ualan X
    Ualan X Month ago

    I can think like a rich person all day long, talk like them, dress like them, as long as I dont act like them and as long as I am not motivated to get money or get "rich" I will never be one, rich but not of silver, still want to be a good steward of the resources available

  • dash4800
    dash4800 Month ago +3

    The worst part about listening to Dave is he gets you really excited to start micromanaging your finances. And then you realize you don't get paid for another 2 weeks so there's nothing for you to do in the meantime but listen to him rant more.

  • smileyeagle1021
    smileyeagle1021 Month ago +5

    The college savings one amazes me the most on how many people just don't get that. My state has a plan, that if you sign up your child within their first year of life, you can get a college savings account that guarantees 2 years of full time community college and 2 years of full time university for $250 a month for 5 years, about $15,000 total. Now, it is only valid at state funded schools, but that still gives some quality options, and even for instate tuition, you won't beat a bachelors degree for $15,000 anywhere (and again, that is guaranteed, it doesn't matter how much tuition goes up, this plan locks it in stone)... they'll even refund the full amount to us if our kid ends up getting a scholarship that covers tuition. They do have options for older children also, but the price goes up very quickly for every year your wait.
    My coworkers were baffled by the fact that on my first day back to work, I was on the phone to payroll to set up automatic payroll deductions for the prepaid tuition plan. How could I be thinking about that so soon... and all I could wonder, is how could they not? After a home, college education is one of the biggest expenses a family has, why wouldn't you think about it immediately?

    • smileyeagle1021
      smileyeagle1021 4 days ago

      +Isaiah Smith I'm not paying the state to save my money for me. I'm paying the state to hedge against rising tuition costs. Tuition is going up faster than my investments are growing. So, if you want tui look at it, I'm investing in an account with a rate of return of whatever tuition goes up by.

    • Isaiah Smith
      Isaiah Smith 4 days ago

      smileyeagle1021 so you pay the state your paycheck just so they can save money for you....
      Why cant you save your own money.

    • smileyeagle1021
      smileyeagle1021 20 days ago

      +tanL22 saving for college and saving for retirement aren't mutually exclusive... and if he is honestly against hedging against rising tuition costs (I've seen plans that will refund the difference if costs go down and guarantee that you won't have costs go up) then he is a fool.

    • tanL22
      tanL22 20 days ago +1

      1) Dave is against prepaid college plans. He's talked about that multiple times.
      2) Retirement and building wealth is more important than college savings.

  • Jus Rarsh
    Jus Rarsh Month ago +6

    Live on less then you earn.

  • RealLife Money
    RealLife Money Month ago +2

    I don’t like the the idea of TGIF and Oh god it’s Monday. If we don’t like our life we have to change it. Long term is very important.
    I was talking about retirement and someone said what if you don’t live that long? I said What if you do?! Haha
    Have the right mindset 😁

  • Libby Riggin
    Libby Riggin Month ago

    You are an amazing person! A few years ago my (now ex-son-law), told me if I teach Aliya (my grand-daughter) about God , he will make sure I will never see her again... I told him his true colors have came out. Later I bought a Bible with her name on it and pray for them all. Thank you for expressing your faith!

  • J D
    J D Month ago


  • Jennifer Davis
    Jennifer Davis Month ago

    👏 thanks so much Dave Ramsey!

  • Sergio Aguirre
    Sergio Aguirre Month ago

    Rich people leverage money to aquire assets that cashflow.....debt is leverage
    Consumer debt is dumb
    Business debt multiplies assets

    • Aleksandar Kolev
      Aleksandar Kolev 26 days ago

      @Sergio: Finally we can agree. in all points. In business world, the things are binary: evolve or die. The choice of CEO's matter because they could lead the company to success or failure. How they could handle the crisis.
      And yes. the most investors are too lazy to track the business operations. The problem is the most companies delivers report once per year, there should be reporting each quarter. Luckily the most things happens slow, and when red alerts is happening, you can prevent it.

    • Sergio Aguirre
      Sergio Aguirre 26 days ago

      +Aleksandar Kolev If all companies go bankrupt why would you invest in them at all? Makes no sense. CocaCola has done pretty well no? Cant remember them going bankrupt.
      The world is always changing and most businesses revolve around products that either change or cant. Those that cant or wont, die. GoPro is a good example....dominated the market, went public and lost marketshare to the Iphone and newer firms making similar products to them.
      Nothing can remain the same, businesses have to adapt to the market to stay fresh and relevant.
      Investing on autopilot is a good way to lose money for this reason. Stay active on how the investments are earning and what their market looks like. Most investors are too lazy to even track that.....they realize the losses too late and lose their equity

    • Aleksandar Kolev
      Aleksandar Kolev 26 days ago

      @Sergio: How you can trade stocks, if all businesses go bankrupt no matter what? There are no poor or rich businesses, there are good and bad leaders. However, there are events that are out of reach: like catastrophic event causing loss, or unexpected crash on the market. With debt, the things are making just worse. Even big businesses goes bankrupt, remembers Toy&Us, or 3Com.
      My parents have business, and I can tell you from first hand how using debt is very bad idea.
      At least businessman have control on their destiny, but the most shareholders are at mercy from companies. I use first rule for investing: never invest more than you can afford to lose. One CEO will rise the business, but the next one could bring down. I also buy shares of companies, but mainly not for trading stocks, usually main goal is to get dividend at the end of the year.

    • Sergio Aguirre
      Sergio Aguirre 26 days ago

      +Aleksandar Kolev Poor business people will go bankrupt no matter what. Investors know their is risk when giving businesses capital - the upside is worth the risk.
      The stock market is literally trillions of dollars of capital being sold/bought/traded based on business performance.
      If you dont understand how money works just keep it pushing.

    • Aleksandar Kolev
      Aleksandar Kolev 26 days ago

      And then Murphy law knocks on the businessman and the businessman goes bankrupt. Debt, consumer or business purpose, is good only if everything going by plan. But in real parents can confirm that when doing business

  • TIUlove
    TIUlove Month ago +2

    Hmm except I can think of plenty of rich people who’ve gotten in fights over wills... so that’s a bad example.

  • Tasia Larri
    Tasia Larri Month ago +1

    Assets > liabilities

  • fedoracore321
    fedoracore321 Month ago

    Thought long term about going back to India and being a missionary. Those days did not have much. I was not a millionaire. Does thinking Long term for Christ makes some one rich?

    • fedoracore321
      fedoracore321 26 days ago

      Very true!! I wonder sometimes this American Dream is it Biblical in the first place? I do agree with Dave on not getting into debt and saving but the point where emphasis on becoming a millionaire is where I disagree.

    • A. P. Heffel
      A. P. Heffel 26 days ago

      fedoracore321 I don’t think a person could get a lot of money as a result of thinking long term for Christ.

  • fedoracore321
    fedoracore321 Month ago

    Dave, how do I know that I am over working or I am working hard..? is there a test?

  • blackericdenice
    blackericdenice Month ago +3

    Smart people don’t read the bible

    • blackericdenice
      blackericdenice 18 days ago

      +Kenneth G Am I making you start to see how stupid you are?

    • Kenneth G
      Kenneth G 19 days ago +1

      +blackericdenice Im sure you can find plenty of like minded atheist on another site. Please stop trolling religious posts and get a life.

    • Frederick Shull
      Frederick Shull Month ago +5

      That’s interesting, I know many extremely intelligent people that read the Bible. It is a historical book after all, just like Jesus is a historical figure. “Smart” people generally seek wisdom, and do not declare certain groups of people to be stupid.

    • Andrew Bailey
      Andrew Bailey Month ago

      blackericdenice ok

  • quinc g
    quinc g Month ago

    so im 20 years old 2 credit cards 3k in debt. should i close them and pay them off and just pay in cash?

    • Kurtus Doss
      Kurtus Doss Month ago


    • yoked up get big
      yoked up get big Month ago


    • rosen380
      rosen380 Month ago

      Are you likely to use credit cards as merely a convenience that comes with some minor perks or will you use it as a way to buy things you don't actually have the money for?
      Either way, pay them down ASAP as who wants to pay the interest when they don't have to.
      If the former,then I'd say pay it down ASAP and enjoy any benefits you see from using the card over cash. If either card has an annual fee, I'd probably ditch it anyways -- there are plenty that have no annual fees so why choose to pay one?

    • dobattlers
      dobattlers Month ago

      quinc g lol no why would u ever do that. Just pay them off and use them responsibly

  • IslandGalOne
    IslandGalOne Month ago

    😂😂 You're mad funny Dave.

  • DeathRowToDisneyWorld
    DeathRowToDisneyWorld Month ago +31

    I have a Masters Degree in D.U.M.B. Glad I finally dropped out of that program!!!!

  • Andrew F
    Andrew F Month ago +4

    Checkup from the neck up, baby

  • Andrew F
    Andrew F Month ago +10

    I have a relatively high paying job and definitely take a long term view of finances investing.... yet I still think “thank god it’s Friday / oh god it’s Monday” haha

  • Slikcvic
    Slikcvic Month ago +18

    Wealth= The amount of time you can live/survive without working. You're welcome 😉

    • Slikcvic
      Slikcvic 27 days ago

      You'll be a wealthy employee who doesn't need to work but wants to work

    • Tsar Peter I
      Tsar Peter I 27 days ago

      Slikcvic I want to be wealthy and be like a poor person a work

  • Habesha Trader
    Habesha Trader Month ago +6

    Read the book of Ecclesiastes and understand "everything is meaningless..."

    • Aleksandar Kolev
      Aleksandar Kolev 27 days ago

      Yes, leave own children in trouble and mess in their own life. We are all going to pass away one day, but the legacy is passed on our children. The purpose of legacy is not to make easier life to our children, but to pass our acts and works to them.

  • M D
    M D Month ago

    Commercial video :(

  • crazywhoosier
    crazywhoosier Month ago +22

    Dave when my kid was born i immediately opened a 529 and a savings account for them so their college and future needs like cars, or home deposit will be supplied by me. So he will be better off than me.

    • crazywhoosier
      crazywhoosier 18 days ago +1

      +Benny He will not do that me and his mother are the only ones authorized to release funds. HAHAHAHA

    • Benny
      Benny 18 days ago

      Lol, your kid will take that money and buy himself a fancy car at 19. I've seen it before.

    • Erwin Ahlers
      Erwin Ahlers 21 day ago

      +crazywhoosier Ok thats good I would not recommend forcing your kids to go to college. My parents did that and college has only been a burden for me than a "investment". I would have been better off at a trade or sales than wasting my time and money going to college.

    • crazywhoosier
      crazywhoosier 21 day ago +1

      +Erwin Ahlers I don't know but, if they don't they will have options maybe they want to go to culinary school or become a HVAC repair and may need to take some classes. I'd rather front load the education of any kind instead of needing to take out loans later. also An interesting side note is that if the beneficiary gets a full scholarship to college, the penalty for taking the cash is waived.

  • Arlene
    Arlene Month ago +4

    There are a lot of people who work very hard and will never become rich. There are also a lot of people who don't "woo hoo" spend who are broke.

  • Elite Clinical Research

    Long term thinking is for winers

  • girish gaikwad
    girish gaikwad Month ago


  • Stacy H
    Stacy H Month ago +16

    I like Dave's biblical references and his advice. Even if I don't believe in God, I can still listen and learn..people who are offended by that are too mentally limited to ever benefit from Dave's information anyways!

    • bmo
      bmo 7 days ago

      I wouldn't say i'm offended by religious references, but i do find it curious & amusing.

  • The ShawShank Preneur
    The ShawShank Preneur Month ago +1

    Who are the 19 idiots disliking this video? 🤔

  • caseih 5130
    caseih 5130 Month ago +4

    Some poor people think long term when mom dies I will be rich LOL!!

    • caseih 5130
      caseih 5130 Month ago

      It is true a guy told me this when I was telling to start saving money and get out of debt. But complains about living pay check to pay check and that is his 401k plan it is very sad.

    • Section8 millionaire
      Section8 millionaire Month ago

      ouch... thats bad.

  • Fepx094
    Fepx094 Month ago +1

    What’s a Jews piano?

    A cash register😭

  • jdmchriz
    jdmchriz Month ago

    How long have you been using Tobacco in your lower jaw Dave?

  • jfish147
    jfish147 Month ago

    other than proverbs verse, this brought no value to me.

  • I don't want a channel I'm just commenting

    A will let's a lawyer make money when you write it and when its executed.
    A family trust let's the lawyer make more in the beginning and less overall.

  • julie d
    julie d Month ago

    I'm diligent. So I am rich😀

  • Truth Exposer
    Truth Exposer Month ago +22

    Poor people save. Rich people invest. So I guess I'm poor lol

    • Chris Vandernaald
      Chris Vandernaald 16 days ago +3

      Heck poor people don't even save.. they spend it all and wait for payday

    • muckymucks
      muckymucks Month ago +2

      Save your 6-months emergency fund then you can invest without it breaking you.

  • Matthew Claiborne
    Matthew Claiborne Month ago +81

    All I do now is sit around a wait for Dave Ramsey rants.

    • Franky Baby
      Franky Baby Month ago +4

      that makes you a loser

    • K H-C
      K H-C Month ago

      ...and Dave Reads Mean Tweets. My kiddos LOVE those!

    • Martini is a wino
      Martini is a wino Month ago

      Matthew Claiborne I hope you’re already rich and have all that time to waste!😂

  • Mary Gibilisco
    Mary Gibilisco Month ago

    Did the checkup, picked the first credit company, answered all their questions to get a screen saying they don't do it online. Then it says I have 12 months to wait to do it again for free. NOTHING GOT ACCOMPLISHED.

  • Tracy's Kitchen and Appalachian Adventures

    could not agree more.

  • steve wonders
    steve wonders Month ago +167

    I wish I would have heard about Dave 15 years ago. But better late than never

    • Benny
      Benny 18 days ago

      +Jack Epstein Yep. I'm in my 40s. We didn't have the net back then, so we didn't have the opportunity to learn how to save, invest, etc. You can either have regret, or you can get to work.

    • Benny
      Benny 18 days ago

      +Isaac Spencer Are you still breathing? Yes, then let's get to work.

    • steve wonders
      steve wonders 24 days ago

      +L. wick Congratulations mate. I will be dept free in December :)

    • L. wick
      L. wick 24 days ago +3

      steve wonders you and me both. Good news is, we are not late! We can do this. After following Dave Ramsey I have paid of 12 out of 14 credit cards! Will be done with my last 2, next week November 2 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

    • Jack Epstein
      Jack Epstein 26 days ago

      My thoughts exactly regarding Dave Ramsey! I found myself broke in my early 50s (gulp), but I'm determined to be wealthy and secure when I retire in 20 years. Better late than never, my man.

  • The Bearded Uber Guy
    The Bearded Uber Guy Month ago +5

    Thank you for your continued content Dave. Long Game Always

    • Quenna Savage
      Quenna Savage Month ago +2

      This has nothing to do with the video but I freaking love your avatar or whatever you want to call him. I picture him doing the Carlton dance! :)

  • D Liu
    D Liu Month ago +20

    Not to be a smarty-pants & I don’t ever disagree with Mr. Ramsey because he is way above me, but diligence does not mean excellence. Some people can do things well, some just can’t. But, diligence means “careful and persistent work or effort. synonyms: conscientiousness, assiduousness, assiduity, hard work, application, concentration, effort, care, industriousness, rigor, meticulousness, thoroughness...” (thank you google search). Everyone can try. Everyone can make an effort.

    • L. wick
      L. wick 24 days ago

      D Liu I can see your point. Is more than working hard. Actually I was listening to Bob Procter last night and he was talking about that. Is more, I don’t want to type because it would be a lot to type.

    • Twana H
      Twana H Month ago

      +Irene the Dryest Maybe that's why "excellent" was placed in quotes... I think we all got the gist the comment. 🤷🏾‍♀️

    • Irene the Dryest
      Irene the Dryest Month ago +1

      +D Liu Not to rip, but people with handicaps can't just be "personal bests" that's an insult. It subconsciously means that a handicapped person could not be as great as a person without one. When there are lot of excellent handicapped people like Beethoven, who was deaf, or Stephen W. Hawking, etc. ?

    • D Liu
      D Liu Month ago +2

      Antank I would, yes, you’re right. I was being kind of knit-picky I guess. I was thinking of people who have some kind of learning disability or handicap that keeps them from being “excellent” like a person without hindrances. But everyone can be their personal best - and that does take diligence! ^_^

    • Antank
      Antank Month ago +2

      I completely agree you, but wouldn't you think that if someone does something long enough they would get better at it and eventually get excellent at said thing?

  • The gardener
    The gardener Month ago +1

    Everything is a trick to get your name, address, email, phone number, etc. Forget it.

  • Practical Business Tips

    The key is to get rich slowly. Make good financial decisions over a lifetime and this will increase your probability of becoming wealthy. Get rich quick schemes will often bring heartache.

    • Robert Olivares
      Robert Olivares Day ago

      The conversation is not about getting rich, it's about making good decision with your finances so that you will not have worries, headaches , disappointments about money in life.

    • Andrey Kanareyka
      Andrey Kanareyka Month ago

      Rich and wealthy are two different words (and colors).

    • Clarissa McPigeon
      Clarissa McPigeon Month ago +1

      The only sane way you can suddenly "get rich" overnight is either by a huge lottery win or massive inheritance windfall.
      The other ways to "get rich" are to build a large, profitable business and invest any income or proceeds into other things which can generate you income. For example, you're a corporate executive earning $1m a year - you should not be going out and buying helicopters or a gigantic house that's 10x larger than what your family actually needs.
      Don't try and live like a billionaire on a millionaire budget, because that will end in disaster. Live comfortably, not lavishly. Invest every spare dollar into other assets, such as property, stocks, real estate etc.
      You can give yourself an absolutely huge side income and at that point work becomes more enjoyable. That's part of the reason why so many tycoons and the super rich work until they drop - it's because work has become a hobby as they don't need the money, so they are happy to keep at it.

    • SuperTRev
      SuperTRev Month ago

      I see. Nevermind then. Good work.

  • JellyBean xo
    JellyBean xo Month ago +7

    I love declaring that we’re wealthy. And I love being generous. It’s what makes us rich.

  • MishuTaste
    MishuTaste Month ago +23

    I've based my spending decisions on, "Woo hoo!" before.

  • Dylan Roberts
    Dylan Roberts Month ago +4

    I know exactly what the oh god it’s Monday thank god it’s Friday is like. I feel like I’m stuck and I don’t know how to get out. I’m 25 and I want to do something that I will enjoy. I’m wanting to get my real estate license.

    • Karen Kramer
      Karen Kramer 29 days ago

      Dylan Roberts, generally if you like what you do, you will do good at it. I love real estate and I did good at it. Start off being an agent. Then start buying houses. First one, of course, for you to live in. Rent a couple rooms out. Then buy your first rental house. Then buy another house and do the same. Then later on you will not have to work at all except managing your own properties and collecting rents. In 30 years those mortgages will be paid off and you even make more profit.

    • dobattlers
      dobattlers Month ago

      Dylan Roberts got it. Well take a look at my other comment about doing something you enjoy. If you work harder and experience more failures and awkward situations than most, you will eventually get to a much better place.

    • Janet Hockey
      Janet Hockey Month ago

      Find someone brokerage firm and buy them out when they retire.

    • dobattlers
      dobattlers Month ago

      You get out by not having weekends. Start your hustle on saturday and sunday and at nights. You work now like nobody will so you can live like nobody can in the future. Or you can stay in the rat race helping create someone else’s dream

    • Dylan Roberts
      Dylan Roberts Month ago

      dobattlers I do contribute to it. I’m saying after I get my car payed off I’m quitting that job

  • ADMA
    ADMA Month ago +3

    Lots of religious comments in this

  • Miyo Music
    Miyo Music Month ago

    dave tried to sneak in the credit report lol

    • Den
      Den Month ago

      I was surprised to hear that too.

  • Al Delgado
    Al Delgado Month ago +8

    Thats a jewish mentality, jesus is against wealth

    • Brian Dunlap
      Brian Dunlap 27 days ago

      No. He did not "hate wealth." He hates that many men love wealth more than God.

    • knpstrr
      knpstrr Month ago

      Proverbs is in the old testament, so yeah.

    • forgedabouted
      forgedabouted Month ago

      +MishuTaste What are you ?

    • Jonathan Hakim
      Jonathan Hakim Month ago +2

      Jesus is with God in heaven, not with money in heaven. He taught that "money" was a false god. If you look to money and savings for security, if you believe that you have to have financial security before you can reach out and help others, then you don't understand the Sermon on the Mount and you don't understand God's provision.

    • Piston1776
      Piston1776 Month ago

      MishuTaste Nazarene

  • ObjectiveBob
    ObjectiveBob Month ago +28

    Hey Dave. Love ya, but stop using the Bible to justify wealth.
    “Do not store up treasures for yourself on the earth” (Matthew 6)
    “But alas for you who are rich, for you have your comfort” (Luke 6)
    “Come now, you who are rich, weep, howling out at the miseries that are coming for you” (James 5)

    • ObjectiveBob
      ObjectiveBob 19 days ago

      +Anax of Rhodes
      And dave is a Biblical scholar, is he?

    • Anax of Rhodes
      Anax of Rhodes 19 days ago

      +ObjectiveBob : Read "The Legacy Journey." Dave tackles your verses in a chapter in that.

    • Mwila Kambamba
      Mwila Kambamba 24 days ago


    • Aleksandar Kolev
      Aleksandar Kolev 26 days ago

      @ObjectiveBob: I read this comment section. I also read the Bible. The proverbs are not the only refuge. What Jesus was asking is full commitment, not to give entire wealth and follow Him, but leave your father, your mother. In those times the pharisees were among the richest, and Jesus always confronting for the false righteousness and devouring widows houses. He did not praise the widow who gave everything what she had, but condemns the priests for sacrifice the widow and her family.

    • Alice S
      Alice S Month ago

      John Betts
      It is never better for a man to be poor. A poor man might rob steal or kill. It is best for a man to have his needs met. FOOD CLOTHES HOUSE UTILITIES AND AND FIVE DOLLARS IN HIS POCKET. After having all needs met and money in your pocket you are rich.

  • Sheila BlessedShihtzu
    Sheila BlessedShihtzu Month ago +167

    Dave is wiser because he follows The Bible. Period.

    • Robert Olivares
      Robert Olivares Day ago

      +Erwin Ahlers you just proved it

    • Arlene Forde
      Arlene Forde 2 days ago

      Um no! He is wiser because he knows how to manage his finances. There are a lot of people who follow the Bible who are a lot poorer than I am. I don’t follow the Bible. I just make better decisions after went through some hard times like he did.

    • Aleksandar Kolev
      Aleksandar Kolev 12 days ago

      +overthehill91 Well I did not missed part, but you missed the entire context. This mean that even the rich can not enter the kingdom of heaven. In that time the people though, the rich people are favored by God. Next question from the crowd was: Then who will enter the kingdom? (when even the rich can not enter).
      P.S: I already mentioned this passage in previous posts.

    • overthehill91
      overthehill91 12 days ago

      "It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven."
      - Matthew 19:24.
      I guess you all missed that part.

  • J Barnsley
    J Barnsley Month ago +10

    I really gotta start thinking more like Investing Hustler.

  • Godzilla Hårddisksson

    Start thinking like rich people: Take financial guide from the voices in your head that you call God!

    • Godzilla Hårddisksson
      Godzilla Hårddisksson 27 days ago

      ReggaeEli Don't be so harsh on yourself! It's not that sad!

    • Aleksandar Kolev
      Aleksandar Kolev 27 days ago

      In fact Dave said when someone follow the voices that is questionable, the Bible gives the best instructions, how to live our lives. If people respects the 10 God's commandments, the entire world would be like a heaven.

    • ReggaeEli
      ReggaeEli 28 days ago

      This comment is so sad.

  • Investing Hustler
    Investing Hustler Month ago +8

    Great advice dave , think about purchasing assets vs liabilities. think more long term vs short. Think about how You can build a Busines vs find employment and you’re on the right track ! 👌

    • Fepx094
      Fepx094 Month ago +1

      Investing Hustler DUDE YOUR EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!

  • KingdomFit Hamilton
    KingdomFit Hamilton Month ago +4

    Good conversation Sir

  • Mick Williams
    Mick Williams Month ago +13

    If you’re getting wiser, why are you still following a religion?

    • Paul
      Paul Month ago +3

      The Bible isn’t a religion. It’s a book. That’s what people need to understand.

    • Janelle Singleton
      Janelle Singleton Month ago


    • Ethan Stratege
      Ethan Stratege Month ago +1

      *Dave is our GOD👾*

    • Joshalots
      Joshalots Month ago +11

      That's why he's wiser

  • Lord Beasley
    Lord Beasley Month ago +15

    It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than a rich man to enter the kingdom of god

    • Jonathan Hakim
      Jonathan Hakim Month ago +1

      Matthew, you said not to stop reading. But when you were reading, did you miss these parts?
      "Jesus answered, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.”"
      "Peter answered him, “We have left everything to follow you! What then will there be for us?”"
      "And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or wife or children or fields for my sake will receive a hundred times as much and will inherit eternal life. But many who are first will be last, and many who are last will be first."
      What Jesus is declaring impossible with man, but possible with God, appears to be giving up everything and choosing Jesus instead. He's not saying that you don't have to give up everything, he's saying that with God you CAN give up everything. That's why he commands the rich person to do it, that's why Peter says he's already done it, and that's why Jesus makes that promise to all who will do it.
      But many who are first [the rich] will be last, and many who are last [the poor] will be first.

    • Jonathan Hakim
      Jonathan Hakim Month ago

      "The eye of a needle in ancient Israel was a opening on the ground that was large enough for a camel to climb through, tho very difficult to do it was very possible not a needle as we know it today"
      That is a total lie that was made up by rich people. There is no evidence for such a thing ANYWHERE in Israel, ever.

    • Michael James
      Michael James Month ago +1

      GREED is not 'godly', but the Wealthy would like us to believe how righteous they are.....

    • ron sylvia
      ron sylvia Month ago +4

      The eye of a needle in ancient Israel was a opening on the ground that was large enough for a camel to climb through, tho very difficult to do it was very possible not a needle as we know it today

    • MishuTaste
      MishuTaste Month ago +1

      But not impossible, heh heh heh.

  • Oscar Martinez - Stock Market Hustler

    Rich people think long term money rather than short term money plus buying assets rather than liabilities.

    • Anthony Dooley
      Anthony Dooley 25 days ago +3

      +Evodio Tovar Assets make money for you. Liabilities take money from you.

    • linda williams
      linda williams 28 days ago +2

      M V -I cant tell you how many neighbors and friends and coworkers have the same lifestyle ☹️.

    • ACR
      ACR 29 days ago

      Evodio Tovar no one knows. :(

    • M V
      M V Month ago +5


    • itsmiguell
      itsmiguell Month ago +4

      Evodio Tovar google is your friend! If you type in exactly what you commented here you will get a good explanation. Help yourself first and then if you couldn’t find it, ask someone.

  • Sonny Contreras
    Sonny Contreras Month ago +76

    My wife and I started watching Dave and my new favorite saying is "Don't be STUPID" 🤣🤣🤣. I love it. Makes so much sense. I love the biblical principles and now we are saving up for the financial peace University. Can't wait to go through it and get our new life underway. God is good

    • dobattlers
      dobattlers Month ago

      Sonny Contreras i doubt his material is online free outside of illegally downloading it which I dont condone. The content of how to be good with money is all online for free. If its cheap which it is i think like $100, it may be worth going thru the program given the time and effort needed to find the info yourself.

    • Sonny Contreras
      Sonny Contreras Month ago

      +dobattlers FPU is free? I haven't found that link nor any of the 9 video sessions plus material.

    • dobattlers
      dobattlers Month ago

      Everything that is taught is free online

    • Omar Gutierrez
      Omar Gutierrez Month ago +1

      Me and my wife are about to pay off our last debt of $4600 student loan once we get the the lowered amount in the mail. Let me tell yall something, me and my wife make $60k combined and bc we paid everything that was a payment we are able to save 10k every 2 1/2 - 3months. This stuff works and i love that the principles come from the bible. God Bless

    • NoChinDeluxe
      NoChinDeluxe Month ago +3

      The phrase "Don't be stupid, you're taking financial advice from broke people" actually came up at my family dinner table the other night lol!

  • Ethan Stratege
    Ethan Stratege Month ago +3

    *Cybersec is true and thanks for the Australia and United Kingdom for providing us privacy software.*

    Edit: love from philippines

  • Michael Lindell
    Michael Lindell Month ago

    Hi guys, I love the insight Dave gives and have put together a channel of my own around personal finance. Subscribe to my channel to learn more.

  • Tina L
    Tina L Month ago +2