Oh you like Call of Duty? Name three of their classic maps.

  • Published on Dec 8, 2019
  • uhhhh.. Crash, crash and crash.
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  • Khan Donaghy
    Khan Donaghy 2 days ago

    Like cosmetics? Just go to team fortress 2 motherfuckr

  • BowlSheet2019
    BowlSheet2019 4 days ago +1

    #NOT worth it but still BS!
    you take a game serious it is no longer a game .
    zzz including how long you take to make this video #YAWN !
    #NOT A GAME. !

  • LexMc0606
    LexMc0606 6 days ago

    26.99 CAD
    *FoR a FuCkInG qUiP lAdiEs AnD gEntLeMeN*

  • Aust. Daynus
    Aust. Daynus 10 days ago +1

    17:15 sounds so cute

  • Endersniperkiller21
    Endersniperkiller21 10 days ago


  • Pedro Luis Lozada Estrada

    8:49 - Classic COD Timing
    16:10 - "I'm Gonna Burst A Blood Bessel Bro" 😂

  • Tate Stockman
    Tate Stockman 12 days ago

    7:26 A GOD DAMB MOOD

  • Dr. A.I. Kryptanical
    Dr. A.I. Kryptanical 13 days ago

    wanna play it like the old days and be able to run around just play cod mobile instead they just added controller support or you can use the game loop app to play and crash is one of the available maps!

  • Panda morph
    Panda morph 13 days ago

    Crash, Rust, Highrise

  • Jacob Phelps
    Jacob Phelps 14 days ago

    I believe the reason people play so passive in this game is bc since it’s so new there’s a lot of newbies that come to the modern warfare franchise and they don’t realize that your gonna die in this game no matter what so they like to camp a lot and that’s what really pisses everyone off

  • Justin McShane
    Justin McShane 14 days ago +2


    Also Smii7y: You can jump over here now? I dunno, I don't like messing with old formulas...

  • Ashley Bykiw
    Ashley Bykiw 14 days ago

    Yes I love mowing the lawn in 40 FUCKING DEGREES

  • Ryan Durchholz
    Ryan Durchholz 15 days ago

    This is exactly how I remember feeling when I played COD.

  • htun. barz
    htun. barz 15 days ago

    I may not remember the map names, but I remember shredding my little sister in them like they were the last thing I knew

  • Zack Begonja
    Zack Begonja 15 days ago +1

    I don't think you want to be hear smii7y we have fires all across Australia at the moment and its bad

  • Micah Reynolds
    Micah Reynolds 15 days ago

    Wow, very nice didn't know pre- leader Vladimir Putin is a default op on the homescreen👌

  • Hamza Drazanin
    Hamza Drazanin 15 days ago

    Can someone help me find the thumbnail art? Its so cute, yet i cant find it anywhere.

    • Splendur
      Splendur 15 days ago

      Screenshot it then crop it to perfection

  • ManiK
    ManiK 15 days ago


  • _ ShadowStorm6002 _
    _ ShadowStorm6002 _ 16 days ago +1

    Crashed, crossfire, nuketown

  • N M
    N M 16 days ago

    Guys I don't think SMii7Y realized Australia is on fire chill

  • Matt Rowley
    Matt Rowley 17 days ago

    Battlefield Bad Company is better

  • Daniel Alejandro Fuenmayor

    Mara is Venezuelan niiiiiiiiiiice

  • James Ray
    James Ray 18 days ago

    @SMii7Y Tank top and tonka truck and kick rocks. If ur gonna quote letterkenny

  • ICE10000000
    ICE10000000 19 days ago

    What a waste of money.

  • lovelifenoites
    lovelifenoites 20 days ago +1

    Wow dis video now make me excited to play now. Always playing with own playlist like System Of A Down or Delta Parole or some McR. Gonna play later good fragz friendzzz

  • Odin Borson
    Odin Borson 21 day ago

    Agent orange... yikes.

  • Kannonball
    Kannonball 25 days ago

    Shipment, Vacant, Highrise

  • Devilry Games
    Devilry Games 25 days ago

    How classic we talkin?

  • Josh Hudlet
    Josh Hudlet 26 days ago

    Well, COD has now begun taking Siege characters.... Most promanetly Nokk, they look near identical.

  • Imix Tons o stuff
    Imix Tons o stuff 27 days ago

    Its 50 in america for me

  • Vocal Gaming
    Vocal Gaming 27 days ago

    my favorite classic maps had to be crash and pipeline

  • Nick Thornton
    Nick Thornton 28 days ago

    It’s cold enough to die from being outside in canada, I get it smitty

  • Gangster Panda38
    Gangster Panda38 28 days ago

    Im from Australia and for the past month and probably for the next 2 months its been and gonna be not a day thats under at least 100 degrees F aka around 35 degrees C >:(

  • SM41
    SM41 28 days ago

    Only smii7y can keep me entertained for 8 whole minutes without starting the game

  • jordan woodbridge
    jordan woodbridge 29 days ago

    ahh i love doing a MW update of 16 GBs every WEEK to be greeted with "installing shaders"

  • Gunner04X
    Gunner04X 29 days ago

    At the end of the video, smii7y basically just said everything I think about MW

  • Lucca Haskins
    Lucca Haskins 29 days ago

    Smitty should play Titanfall

  • Cory Jonet
    Cory Jonet 29 days ago +1

    Nuketown carrier raid

    • Cory Jonet
      Cory Jonet 29 days ago

      U all got to like these classic maps and I hope for a shout out Call of Duty Mobile Blog

  • mandy blackmer
    mandy blackmer Month ago

    I would play with you if I had the game but I'm still got at cod 3

  • xConvoy
    xConvoy Month ago

    Nukertown, hijacked and crash👌

  • Sean Morrison
    Sean Morrison Month ago

    Smitty shillington🤢

  • simon's big tinks
    simon's big tinks Month ago

    Play some halo reach!

  • Alexander Esp
    Alexander Esp Month ago


  • TonicJuice
    TonicJuice Month ago


  • Josip Rados
    Josip Rados Month ago

    SMittyy fleks wet his desk

  • T0xic
    T0xic Month ago


  • Troller Gaming
    Troller Gaming Month ago

    you should make another one of dolphin cod vid you know😏

  • Erik Chalk
    Erik Chalk Month ago

    Oh snap Mara is Alex Zedra like deadass

  • Stoopid Llama
    Stoopid Llama Month ago

    Smii7y, California is always warm. Even in the winter, some areas can get hotter than even Texas. You may be wondering why, and its cause Cali sucks and its on fucking fire

  • Gunnar McClain
    Gunnar McClain Month ago

    Yah, seasons are cool, but dont thank fortnite, rainbow six siege did it before fortnite came out

  • BigJ503
    BigJ503 Month ago

    SMii7Y: *tries to get a nice execution, has a bad game*
    SMii7Y: *could play another game and keep trying to get the execution that he wants*
    Also SMii7Y: That's it I'm done, vids over, everything is cancelled
    bruh just keep trying


    I have memory loss so here’s one: Azhir cave I’ll guess

    KONIJATOR133 Month ago

    Hey SMii7Y
    I Love all of your videos

  • xXGoryAlienXx
    xXGoryAlienXx Month ago

    3 of their classic maps? Okay okay ready? 1. Call 2. Of 3. Duty BAM 3 OF THEIR CLASSIC MAPS

  • Landen Tvat
    Landen Tvat Month ago

    It’s sad that he never scrolled in the store to see the other offers inside he categories....

  • gwbsgaming gwbsgaming

    Gotta appreciate the letterkenny reference 😱

  • Joeybuilder
    Joeybuilder Month ago

    We got fires over here in Australia and plus it’s like 32 degrees Celsius every day this summers

  • Euro Phann
    Euro Phann Month ago

    16:42 is my favorite moment. "Its been like I JUST GOT DROPSHOTTED IN 2019!!!"

  • Jacob Byers
    Jacob Byers Month ago


  • Quinqx Senpai
    Quinqx Senpai Month ago