School strike for climate - save the world by changing the rules | Greta Thunberg | TEDxStockholm

  • Published on Dec 12, 2018
  • Greta Thunberg realized at a young age the lapse in what several climate experts were saying and in the actions that were being taken in society. The difference was so drastic in her opinion that she decided to take matters into her own hands. Greta is a 15-year-old Stockholm native who lives at home with her parents and sister Beata. She’s a 9th grader in Stockholm who enjoys spending her spare time riding Icelandic horses, spending time with her families two dogs, Moses and Roxy. She love animals and has a passion for books and science. At a young age, she became interested in the environment and convinced her family to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • Vettesweetnos
    Vettesweetnos Hour ago +1

    Zero carbon emissions? Like Mars ???

  • JustDigIt
    JustDigIt 11 hours ago

    So she is a happy kid again.... While other kids are worried because her.... F U Greta... Stop boring us with that BS lies. How dare u.... Against the wall.

  • Christian Strachan
    Christian Strachan 16 hours ago

    She is depressed breathing heavily and kid of tears in her eyes

  • Christian Strachan
    Christian Strachan 16 hours ago

    She Repeats this speech Everywhere.....😇😈😅

  • Christian Strachan
    Christian Strachan 17 hours ago

    Just ask her how many trees she has planted...

  • Christian Strachan
    Christian Strachan 17 hours ago

    She doesnt have Solution, just suggestions.....😏

  • Christian Strachan
    Christian Strachan 17 hours ago

    🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳Can somebody tell her that INDIA is going to plant 242 crore trees in next 5 years.......🙂🙂

  • Rosa Ani
    Rosa Ani Day ago

    Can’t she wash her hair and clothes and have a normal hairstyle. Wearing normal shoes,pants and a clean pullover would help her.😂

  • Style Files
    Style Files Day ago

    Even if some of the science about man made climate change is wrong (and i think some of it is), i think the attention she is bringing to the dangers of endless economic growth and consumption is good.

  • The50Fordman
    The50Fordman Day ago

    She has been well rehearsed by her handlers.


    She scares me!!!

  • Mark S.
    Mark S. 2 days ago

    Greta won’t be taking anymore trips across the ocean in a boat ⛵️,... using a Home Depot pail for a toilet in pitching seas was the worst ,..

  • Sergiio Van Haren
    Sergiio Van Haren 2 days ago +3

    Depression at a age of 8? has she ever seen a bill so high you feel like not waking up the next day?

  • Gábor Dani
    Gábor Dani 2 days ago

    Nice piece of virtue-signalling.

  • spartjovic
    spartjovic 2 days ago +1

    She should try these talks in more polluted parts of the world.

  • patrick mulgrew
    patrick mulgrew 3 days ago +1

    so, she has mental issues she should be focusing on. instead her parents are putting her forward to push a narrative that can't be discussed b/c noone wants to hurt a child's feelings who has mental disorders.

    • Lo Sv
      Lo Sv 22 hours ago

      And if the freaking president tries to undermine her and semi insult her without succseding then you dont need to worry that discussing this topic might ”hurt her feelings”

    • Lo Sv
      Lo Sv 22 hours ago

      Lol so if she just shuts up and starts focusing on herself maybe her aspergers will be cured? Haha no. And her depression etc got better when she found something important to focus on, so why stop ? And she is getting ALOT of critisism so the discussion is real

    • Luna Lovegood
      Luna Lovegood 22 hours ago

      Mental disorders? If you’re referring to her aspergers, then you don’t realise what it really is. If you’re referring to her OCD, then you realise that this can help her feel less helpless by making people aware of what really is going on in the world?

  • Irwin K.
    Irwin K. 4 days ago

    greta dumbberg

  • Robin Marquardt
    Robin Marquardt 4 days ago +3

    I don't understand how she gets so much media coverage and actual scientists are completely ignored and left out.

    • Sharon
      Sharon Day ago

      @Whizper2me She's so protected no-one can get near her. Not even someone with a legitimate question. She wouldn't even know what a bully is. She's the second coming for many.

    • Whizper2me
      Whizper2me 2 days ago

      Because she has the balls not to cower and timidly withdraw when the bullies try to silence her.
      Climate scientists need a pair of balls.

  • Cmd 12
    Cmd 12 5 days ago


  • Dan Bass
    Dan Bass 5 days ago

    She is to young shut up

  • Liam Hii
    Liam Hii 5 days ago

    My English teacher made me watch this. Regret it so much.

  • Sarah Ishraq khan
    Sarah Ishraq khan 5 days ago

    I am in her age and I know what I do.

  • Sarah Ishraq khan
    Sarah Ishraq khan 5 days ago

    She is the genius one.

  • Phạm Thạch
    Phạm Thạch 5 days ago


  • Conservos
    Conservos 5 days ago

    I think she is cool. She seems to know that the biggest difference can be made by all the individuals in the world, but also that they are the biggest problem - not corporations, governments, but people who refuse to change.

  • Guilt Azaour
    Guilt Azaour 5 days ago

    she is a spy or something, she can't be this smart...

  • dodek gniewny
    dodek gniewny 6 days ago

    Greta zamknij mordę

  • Calvin BALDWIN SR
    Calvin BALDWIN SR 6 days ago

    Blame greedy corporations and scientists they are the ones who invented these plastics, chemical, nuclear waste, cutting ancient trees, chemical spraying the skies, and do i mention the "Georgia Guild-stones?" Do you think maybe that this is the plan premeditated plan to murder 95% of the population?

  • Сергей Смирнов

    Пойду прогуляю работу ,сяду на Красной площади и напишу плакат нет алюминиевой банке ,да стеклянной бутылке.

  • Earle Rowe
    Earle Rowe 7 days ago +3

    After reading some of these bad comments about Greta, how she looks, how she gets around by plane or boat or whatever are ridiculous statements. I think everybody should be proud of this young, brave girl. It's not propaganda or fake news she is talking about, but scientific fact.

    • joe fig
      joe fig 5 days ago

      You're working for the same team this little boy is working for.

  • Jon Snow
    Jon Snow 7 days ago

    Save the world, send Greta Thunberg back to school. High class girl with private school and sponsors who provide million dollar yachts to sail across the Atlantic wants to stop climate change by taxing and regulating HUMANS. Maybe to save the dinosaurs, the woolly mammoth,...etc.
    Late Devonian, 375 million years ago, 75% of species lost. ...
    End Permian, 251 million years ago, 96% of species lost. ...
    End Triassic, 200 million years ago, 80% of species lost. ...
    End Cretaceous, 66 million years ago, 76% of all species lost.
    All those because of bad bad humans. Not to mention the end of ice ages...."There have been at least five significant ice ages in Earth's history, with approximately a dozen epochs of glacial expansion occurring in the past 1 million years." Imagine 12,000 ago that SUV that made the planet warm up and the one mile thick ice on (NY) Manhattan melted in a very short period of time.....

  • Jared Mesa
    Jared Mesa 8 days ago

    so according to this mentally abused child. 365 thousand species have gone extinct since 2015. and over 10 million have gone extinct in the past 30 years . give me a break. shes the next Alex Jones.

    TRAP BOY 9 days ago

    She is really similar to the kid who lives in out street.But the problem is that that kid is he not she :D

  • Shilan Parambath
    Shilan Parambath 9 days ago

    this ted is one of us.i listen that body language.she is truly wrong for today.for tommorow all just waiting untill u become right.

  • BobH21 Holt
    BobH21 Holt 9 days ago

    indisputably insignificant to the real problem that is happening all around EVERYONE! EVERYWHERE!

  • BobH21 Holt
    BobH21 Holt 9 days ago

    I know and will always know more "truth" than you will at 30 yo... that is a promise.

  • BobH21 Holt
    BobH21 Holt 9 days ago


  • Riley Jennette
    Riley Jennette 10 days ago

    I had to wright an essay....................I still left a like!

  • Kira Djons
    Kira Djons 10 days ago

    she right

  • Quickie
    Quickie 10 days ago +1

    She really sold the Idea of skipping school reasonable.

  • MoD
    MoD 10 days ago

    she is being used as a tool for political uses, the 'global warming' thing is false, plz don't get brainwashed by this bullcrap, the temperature will most likely go down but God did say in the bible that climate will get worse as the world comes closer to the end, so if you people are smart you will take this 'global warming thing with logic from the bible, of course, people will ask why im talking about the bible because you think its all fiction, but there's infinite proof out there, it's not even hidden you just have to move your finger, and think how did 'evolution think of this?!' or 'how did this happen randomly?!', now you guys all have human nature, and stubbornness so, some of you won't believe me still, hopefully, you guys find the truth easy to believe because a lot of people don't like the truth and they want a world without God so they can do whatever they want. and the last thing I have to say about Gods existence is that when you steal something you know its wrong even if you've never been told not do it, that's because God put those things into your soul before you were born, every human being was like that, other people like me could explain this better in even longer comments, but have a good day:)

  • bob scott
    bob scott 10 days ago

    abused kid on full display

  • Jorge Ramirez
    Jorge Ramirez 10 days ago

    Bueno no vengo a insultar pero la que se dice muy ecologista no lo es, dos caras de una misma moneda todos los líderes son iguales de mentirosos

  • nou
    nou 11 days ago +1

    God she’s just 15 and she remembers all of her speech

  • Noly Jr Favillaran
    Noly Jr Favillaran 12 days ago

    Greta Thunberg hi, thanks for being an inspiration for all the youth around the world with the Climate Change troubles that treathens te future of humanity. I'm from The Philippine and I will keep doing my part in making changes one step at a time. By the way you should reach out to former U.S. Senator & former Presidential Candidate Al Gore becayse as far as I can remember he is the only Candidate (i believe it was 2004 U.S. election against GWB) that made commitments about fighting Climate Change during his candidacy. Anyway God bless you Greta and goodluck to all of us.☺

  • Emrah Bey
    Emrah Bey 12 days ago

    Biz de bu yaşlardan geçtik hiçbir şey umursamazdik ergenlik dönemleri filan... Bu Kız ya psikopat yada iyi bir tiyatrocu... Eğer ailesi tiyatrocu ise tiyatrocudur

  • Teodora Paskaleva
    Teodora Paskaleva 12 days ago

    They are just using her.

  • むぎごめ
    むぎごめ 12 days ago


  • Armin Parekh
    Armin Parekh 13 days ago

    Now, global warming occurs with a human warning.

  • jonthe boii
    jonthe boii 13 days ago


  • Camil324
    Camil324 15 days ago


  • lambada L
    lambada L 16 days ago

    She is just miserable little silly neurotic, because her behaviour

  • Екатерина Соловьева

    "Greta Thunberg" is just a progect about creating a senses of visibility and significance climat problem (`cause nothing changes) IMHO. Nevetheless, i think about this, that means that this is popular and matter - Russian speech

  • helles246
    helles246 16 days ago

    This girl is so talented and honest fighting for a better climate. But unfortunately, she is criticized by greedy and narrow-minded people. And mostly in her own country Sweden. In Kurdish we say "Giyayê hewşê tehl e" in English is about our yard grass is bitter, useless or it is not appreciated.

  • Nuriyye Cavadova
    Nuriyye Cavadova 16 days ago


  • Rational Homosapien
    Rational Homosapien 16 days ago +5

    This poor kid should attend the school and gain basic and in depth knowledge on the topic she is passionate about.

    • Ruta
      Ruta 12 days ago

      Rational Homosapien Can you not insert random, unwanted statements? Thanks.

  • chicken wings stan girl
    chicken wings stan girl 16 days ago +2

    Greta Thunberg is lowkey annoying, she got famous from crying into a mic blaming everyone else for climate change, does little herself, and what else?
    P R O V E M E W R O N G

    • Joseph Jones
      Joseph Jones 14 days ago

      @Harmen Greven Classy...

    • chicken wings stan girl
      chicken wings stan girl 14 days ago

      @Harmen Greven dont just sit there wishing my family harm, that's pathetic, and won't prove your point. I opened up a conversation, so talk.

    • Harmen Greven
      Harmen Greven 15 days ago

      I hope all your loved ones get cancer while you remain healthy

  • Keta Basishvili
    Keta Basishvili 17 days ago


  • Paulo Rogerio Guimaraes

    E por que eu deveria estudar por um futuro que não mais haverá?

  • Robert Penny
    Robert Penny 18 days ago the reactor...Quaid!