Breaking a wine glass using sound

  • Published on Dec 6, 2006
  • This is a news report on how to break a wine glass using nothing but sound. The reporter explains the scientific foundation and the practical method on how to do this properly.
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  • Vincent Tedford
    Vincent Tedford 5 months ago

    *Glass Breaks*

  • Nahapet Balian
    Nahapet Balian Year ago

    Fake news Lol

  • Slandered And Stalked

    Gee I wonder what it does to soft tissue.

  • tim nguyen
    tim nguyen Year ago

    where can we find a special speaker like that?

  • Jan Berrios
    Jan Berrios Year ago

    0:24 SAVAGE

  • Daniel Nicolas
    Daniel Nicolas 2 years ago

    R.I.P. Headphone Users

    DEADLY HAZARD 6 2 years ago +4

    At the start hay gay I rape

  • Andres E. Gomez M.
    Andres E. Gomez M. 3 years ago

    Could be a really good science fair project

  • XxGamerZxX 1990
    XxGamerZxX 1990 4 years ago

    Does anyone else think he looks like Jamie Oliver? /:)

  • ps3master72
    ps3master72 4 years ago +7

    FUS RO DAH!!

  • ConcreteSurfer420
    ConcreteSurfer420 5 years ago +8

    an opera singer was the first person to figure out how to break glass with sound

    • somot olovo
      somot olovo Year ago

      i broke one playing bass, not surprise if a singer could do it.

    • Aranzahas
      Aranzahas Year ago

      ConcreteSurfer420 That's an urban legend.

  • piyush kumar
    piyush kumar 5 years ago +1

    lol the sound of the video will actually break the glass man it made my ears burst almost !!!

  • Nicholas R.M.
    Nicholas R.M. 5 years ago +8

    "can you see that?" Umm no.. cause the quality sucks..

  • Craig Potter
    Craig Potter 5 years ago

    does anyone know what 'speaker' he used for that? i'm sure they are called transducers. I just want a similar high intensity acoustic setup to perform some of my own resonance experiments but there's so much stuff out there it's confusing!

  • djinn toy
    djinn toy 6 years ago

    oh ok a little.. he sounds like he's saying "hi gay" but then obviously "im just great" not "rape" lol.. but anyway..

  • Thomas O'Keefe
    Thomas O'Keefe 6 years ago

    0:11 "good morning robert, hi gay" "how are you today?" "im just rape" Hope this helps ;)

  • djinn toy
    djinn toy 6 years ago

    What? lol

  • Faustodc
    Faustodc 6 years ago

    Your username has the same style as mine :D how cool.

  • Khalless
    Khalless 6 years ago

    but how we can make sure that there's gonna no causality from using bieber's song.
    Putting the song on the same frequency of breaking glass can kill anyone on radius of 20m!

  • Adsolution
    Adsolution 6 years ago


  • Adsolution
    Adsolution 6 years ago

    That totally depends on how full the glass is. It will take the same frequency that it rings at when you rub your finger on it.

  • troi walkabouts
    troi walkabouts 6 years ago

    what frequency is many hz?

  • Andre
    Andre 6 years ago


  • montanious vontanius
    montanious vontanius 6 years ago

    ohhh esta bien no te preocupes tienes una buena excusa

  • Andre
    Andre 6 years ago

    Posso sempre usar como desculpa que não sou ingles e que falo melhor ingles que tu portugues. Sorry about my grammar...

  • montanious vontanius
    montanious vontanius 7 years ago

    You broke my brain with your terrible grammar

  • Eli Queen
    Eli Queen 7 years ago

    IS it the inertia or is it the amount of matter?

    • Gabriel Gutierrez
      Gabriel Gutierrez 2 years ago

      Eli Queen the amount of matter is mass, and the more mass something has, the more inertia

    ZZXXFiREMANXXZZ 7 years ago

    i used to break glasses like you
    but then i took a arrow to the knee

  • Nia Firce
    Nia Firce 7 years ago

    Captin obvious
    u mean

  • Autumn chris
    Autumn chris 7 years ago

    to qnwser his question at the end they get closer together

  • fat_goblin
    fat_goblin 7 years ago

    @tocrazy4cabbage So, when are you receiving your promotion, Lieutenant Obvious?

  • tocrazy4cabbage
    tocrazy4cabbage 7 years ago

    @FloatyPineapple Not the point.

  • phubans
    phubans 7 years ago

    What? That's a lower pitch?

  • Tiffany Scarberry
    Tiffany Scarberry 7 years ago

    this town has absolutely NO crime if they're airing this on the News

  • Andrew Cope
    Andrew Cope 7 years ago

    how did i get here from top 5 metal breakdowns...

  • Keon Brown
    Keon Brown 7 years ago

    It's over 9000!!!!

  • AP Sejuani
    AP Sejuani 7 years ago

    The soundwaves get closer... Jesus this sh*t is easy.

  • tmpka
    tmpka 7 years ago


  • Reuben Sandwich
    Reuben Sandwich 7 years ago

    Yeah highly trained finger....

  • freegamers69
    freegamers69 7 years ago

    just play rebecca black - Friday ,and it will do the trick :D

  • Parker Brock
    Parker Brock 7 years ago

    I don't think anyone can see the glass vibrate at 240p, people.

  • Isabella Martinez
    Isabella Martinez 7 years ago


  • Paitynluvsu
    Paitynluvsu 7 years ago

    He did say Hi Gay, Gay as in Gaylene?

  • Thomas O'Keefe
    Thomas O'Keefe 7 years ago

    "Hi gay, im just...rape"

  • hoahdog2
    hoahdog2 7 years ago

    As I said Justin Beiber generator

  • Icyveins906
    Icyveins906 7 years ago

    @hoahdog2 Any male can produce notes as high as that wine glass. Many are simply untrained. Bieber is simply a natural countertenor, so his voice stays in that range naturally. The rare vocal feats are by Vitas (look for vitas opera he hits female high c) and bass singers. Low voices are extremely rare.

  • TD Winch
    TD Winch 7 years ago

    Hi gay, im just rape??

  • shmkane
    shmkane 7 years ago


  • hoahdog2
    hoahdog2 7 years ago

    Annoying sound generator AKA Justin Beiber generator

  • nadnarf
    nadnarf 7 years ago

    if you can match the natural frequency of anything it will break....see nikola tesla on how to level a city block with a frequency thats far more interesting than a fucking glass

  • Andre
    Andre 7 years ago

    i once breaked a glass using nothing but sound.
    I yealled: "MOM DON'T BREAK IT" - she got scared and dropped the glass..

  • Turd
    Turd 7 years ago

    @FloatyPineapple or you can drop it

  • fat_goblin
    fat_goblin 7 years ago

    @atheism102 I wasn't actually going to suggest that you use a hammer instead of breaking it with sounds. That would be somewhat akin to going to a video of an atom bomb demonstration and suggesting that they just hack the enemy to pieces with axes.

  • fat_goblin
    fat_goblin 7 years ago

    @atheism102 Sarcasm 1 - Atheism102 - 0

  • Mari Juana
    Mari Juana 8 years ago


  • fannyranny
    fannyranny 8 years ago

    @Becky032 cheers mate

  • Autocane
    Autocane 8 years ago

    @pokemonmegaman Only because his family throws them at him.

  • zlyable
    zlyable 8 years ago

    Lexus LFA can do that

  • Filip Löwencrona
    Filip Löwencrona 8 years ago

    @Becky032 Thanks ALOT!

  • timrtz20
    timrtz20 8 years ago

    What a dumb question lol, people back then were smart

  • Matthew
    Matthew 8 years ago

    It's easier to throw it.

  • Mics C
    Mics C 8 years ago

    ok,I came here to watch something break! NOT education!

  • pokemonmegaman
    pokemonmegaman 8 years ago

    Justin Bieber must have to replace alot of glass in his house!

  • simf1
    simf1 8 years ago

    looser..even my dog can do this shit

  • jonah876
    jonah876 8 years ago

    @Becky032 thanks

  • andydj96
    andydj96 8 years ago

    @FloatyPineapple or throwing it away.. or letting it fall =/

  • RAMBO10366
    RAMBO10366 8 years ago

    @roses00000 its cuz ur not cool like that :)

  • godshellshe
    godshellshe 8 years ago

    lol wise guy .......

  • MsChickencheese
    MsChickencheese 8 years ago

    i blinked and i missed it

  • Ironsped18
    Ironsped18 8 years ago

    Mythbusters proved you can't push someone all the way around!

  • heyits zoe
    heyits zoe 8 years ago

    Pushing a kid on a swing!! LOL

  • fat_goblin
    fat_goblin 8 years ago

    ...or you can use a hammer.

  • Arnar mar
    Arnar mar 8 years ago

    lol Hi gay XD

  • Hod
    Hod 8 years ago

    2:48 - 2:51
    This is when Justin Bieber Spoke.

  • Daniel Ochoa
    Daniel Ochoa 8 years ago

    Get a life.

    FALLEROMAYOR 8 years ago

    550Hz +/-

  • Haseeb Sial
    Haseeb Sial 8 years ago

    DID HE SAY HI GAY!?!?!?

  • Guitardude1616
    Guitardude1616 8 years ago

    yesterday i broke a glass with the sound of my guitar and it sounded similar to that

  • jazziel munoz
    jazziel munoz 8 years ago

    notice at 2:55 that he takes of the purple glasses xD

  • Slaytounge
    Slaytounge 8 years ago

    @RAMBO10366 BAM!!!!

  • Mystwalker
    Mystwalker 8 years ago

    @milk4lifez: :)

  • Mystwalker
    Mystwalker 8 years ago

    @milk4lifez : I knew this since I was 6.

  • KatieAckers
    KatieAckers 8 years ago

    @op684 you don't get it do you...

  • strawberry dialectics
    strawberry dialectics 8 years ago


  • NegaJakone
    NegaJakone 8 years ago

    @Becky032 thank u that did save me time

  • Project FS
    Project FS 8 years ago

    its eazier then that jus play 1 of of justin biebers songs

  • BloodMoonBlade
    BloodMoonBlade 8 years ago

    I didnt see anything shake

  • roses00000
    roses00000 8 years ago

    @HarryJohnTurner95 ohhh.....right i get it now....!thanx....! xD

  • DeviousVolition
    DeviousVolition 8 years ago

    Is it live? Or is it Memorex?

  • roses00000
    roses00000 8 years ago

    okey yall americans... i have to ask it.....
    so this joke yall are sayin' THAT'S WHAT SHE see i don't get it....!!
    i've heard it before couple of times and i wonder what's so funny 'bout it....

  • TheNuclearWatermelon
    TheNuclearWatermelon 8 years ago

    he called the woman "gay" and she said "how are you today" like her name is really "gay"

  • patrick's broken glute

    Good morning robert
    Hi gay

  • DeltaSniper1000
    DeltaSniper1000 8 years ago

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  • P. Dophile
    P. Dophile 8 years ago

    lame white people..

  • RAMBO10366
    RAMBO10366 9 years ago


  • Margaret Wenclawiak
    Margaret Wenclawiak 9 years ago

    I am doing a science experiment for that.

  • Tara Miller
    Tara Miller 9 years ago

    closer together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nicklas O
    Nicklas O 9 years ago

    "ha ha ha. I love that." Well... he's entertaining.

  • Brandidoubi
    Brandidoubi 9 years ago

    In the beggining: Wise guy!!

  • Ńøt Ïdk
    Ńøt Ïdk 9 years ago

    Nazi sound weapon?