10 Places to Hide a Spare Key


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  • Robert Scott
    Robert Scott 24 days ago

    Good ideas. Take a 2 inch or bigger PVC pipe with cap. Cut pipe to length u want. Tie key to sting tape to inside of cap. Bury in yard with just cap exposed. Looks normal in yard. Can also hid other things inside and will keep key from rusting.

  • Yong-Hu Fang
    Yong-Hu Fang Month ago

    The last one is cute

  • Cheryl T.
    Cheryl T. Month ago

    This was brilliant! I live in an apartment building not a house but, I thought the idea of putting a spare key under my car license plate was awesome. I never would have thought of that. I’m going to do it first thing tomorrow. Thank you.

  • Chris Monopoli
    Chris Monopoli 2 months ago

    this guy sure has a lot of spare keys around is house, I guess he's scared to get locked out

  • dennis walsh
    dennis walsh 2 months ago

    From back in the two car key days, a friend did a good job hiding an ignition key in his trunk somewhere and then put the trunk key behind the plate. He said "you can always borrow a screwdriver".

  • Yes Sir!
    Yes Sir! 2 months ago

    Stick em up your a..

  • Pete is never wrong
    Pete is never wrong 3 months ago

    I leave my front door unlocked and the key in my kitchen drawer. This way the kids never get locked out. Easy.

  • SicSemperEvelloMortemTyrannis TyrannyEnder

    Make sure, once you use the hiding place, you change the location.
    Because the secret location is compromised.

  • djackson35
    djackson35 4 months ago

    DeKalb County !!

  • The Hassler
    The Hassler 6 months ago

    So hide 5 dummy keys. That's way the thif won't know which one is the correct one. And far from home.

  • Matthew Rivera
    Matthew Rivera 7 months ago

    Hahaha if you leave your key on your friend maybe he or she will open your door and rob your house

  • Dee*the*singa
    Dee*the*singa 7 months ago

    You gave me so many options, I don't know which one to use!

  • Asking Something
    Asking Something 9 months ago

    what if the theifts watch this video 😂😂🤔

  • The Spiritual Prepper
    The Spiritual Prepper 9 months ago

    Make sure never to use a spot where a worker might find it, like someone working on your house.

  • John W. Stines
    John W. Stines 11 months ago

    I always keep an extra car key and house key in my wallet. I always have my wallet with me.

  • Grant Thomas
    Grant Thomas Year ago +1

    The elect box is not so good because theives often try to Cut the power to see if u come out

  • Shailesh Ramkissoon

    Very good love it 😍😍😍

  • Vita Teororo
    Vita Teororo Year ago

    wow now i know were to hide my keys

  • bob dylan
    bob dylan Year ago +1

    I carry keys every time I walk out of th house even for a min .... Don't close the door unless your hand is on your keys .... Car shed house ... Any door that you lock regularly

  • Ralph Bernhard
    Ralph Bernhard Year ago

    Under the door mat, bro 😂😂😂😂

  • Rayne
    Rayne Year ago +4

    Must be the Aussie in me, but I kept expecting to see a big black spider or snake. I wouldn't be sticking key or my fingers in any of those places. 😳

  • John Clarke
    John Clarke Year ago +2

    I don't worry that a thief will find my hidden key. If a person is going to break into your house they are not going to spend time looking for a key.They will just break in. The hidden key is for the homeowners use.

    • Anthony Thorp
      Anthony Thorp 19 days ago

      Locks only keep honest people honest.

    • Can't Think Of A Name
      Can't Think Of A Name 11 months ago

      John Clarke no its for if you forget them or if your daughter or son is hoping home but only the mom or dad has the key they can go home and find the key hiding place and bam

    • Lyon Gulati
      Lyon Gulati Year ago

      John Clarke
      absolutely correct!

  • Thomas Nielsen
    Thomas Nielsen Year ago

    Thanks for the new house

  • jenny taylor
    jenny taylor Year ago

    Original. Thanks! : )

  • natalie •
    natalie • Year ago

    What if your not carrying a screwdriver when your in your car? 😂

  • Ajaxson Brony
    Ajaxson Brony Year ago

    10 ways to make it easier for people to break in your house.

  • jennifer bovee
    jennifer bovee Year ago +2

    what if you don't have a screw driver

    • bigjai
      bigjai Year ago

      jennifer bovee use your fingernail

  • CFC Josh
    CFC Josh Year ago

    the 3rd one is no use cause your screwdriver might be indoors

  • matt ereth
    matt ereth Year ago

    #3 wont work if screwdriver isinside house but your key will be with your car keys

  • Jim Manalo
    Jim Manalo Year ago

    boy FlashDrive

  • Adam Ajluni
    Adam Ajluni Year ago

    If you have a garage with a code just put it in there

  • Rana Khan
    Rana Khan Year ago

    I am not going to be having a screw driver when I am locked out ( for the number plate one )

  • BTB
    BTB Year ago

    Dental floss

  • Miranda Martin
    Miranda Martin Year ago

    I have a code on my door to type in so I dont have a key. But great video!!!

  • Marco Big Cronhike

    Now I know where to search if I wanna steal a house

  • Braselton94
    Braselton94 Year ago +1

    Dekalb? I'm in Gwinnett.

  • QUIETONE9999
    QUIETONE9999 Year ago

    what if you don't trust your neighbors lol

  • TrombonePug
    TrombonePug Year ago +1

    Lol the neighbor was wearing the cringe periodic table of Minecraft elements shirt

  • Truffel The Stufful

    Get your hand pecked and locked out of your house for number eight

  • scarletfluerr
    scarletfluerr Year ago +2

    Number 3 - horrible idea. Car thief removes license plate, finds key, gets address off paperwork in car. Your car AND all you possessions are gone. Number 9- horrible idea. Common place thieves look for hidden keys.

  • butz spin
    butz spin Year ago

    WTF I'm tryina hid it from my neighbor so defently not my neighbor and who would do that any way ?!

  • Inactive Account
    Inactive Account Year ago

    Did anyone notice that when he put the key behind the license plate what if your screwdriver is in the house when you can't get your license plate off until you get the ke

  • The Majestic Spoof

    Yea my key is behind my license plate I only need a screwdriver to.....

  • Guccigang Tripy
    Guccigang Tripy Year ago

    Nice vid

  • Don* Oc*
    Don* Oc* Year ago +1

    What if you forget the ten places you left spare keys?

  • Ethan Cash
    Ethan Cash Year ago

    Why would you hide a key under your car license plate when you could just attach it to your car key or put it in your glove compartment

    • lockergr
      lockergr Year ago

      Ethan Cash because how will you get in your car if you've lost your keys.

  • Rens Demmendaal
    Rens Demmendaal Year ago

    Number 3 is stupid!

  • bllourias
    bllourias Year ago

    I appreciate your directness throughout all of your videos.

  • muttkat
    muttkat Year ago

    Keep alot of crap in your yard.

  • xxxlil_boujee xxx

    your neighbor is breaking in at night

  • Francis Suemitsu
    Francis Suemitsu Year ago

    I don't like number ten... hqhahahaha

  • Emma S
    Emma S Year ago

    take a rock bigger than your container. hotglue the lid of the container in to the rock. put your key to the container... push the rock to the cround so the container will be under the rock and undercround

  • Will Stewart
    Will Stewart Year ago

    That's a lot of spare keys

  • Davan Murray
    Davan Murray Year ago

    1:12 knowing me I would have a screw driver

  • zombie slayer
    zombie slayer Year ago

    number 3 if u hided ur key in ur driver plate how would u take it of if it at school/work and why would u bring a screwdriver​ to school/ work

  • Morgan Playz
    Morgan Playz Year ago

    not the last one your neighbour can rob u

  • E Flores
    E Flores Year ago +4

    what if a burglar was watching this?

  • KotKtoryChodziłPoGłowieAdama


  • dalila valdez
    dalila valdez Year ago


  • Salman Khan
    Salman Khan Year ago

    Oh yh i left my key at home but ill be carrying a screwdriver with me😂😂

  • Niffler Queen
    Niffler Queen Year ago +1

    If you want to troll a person that wants to break in using a key
    1. You get a whole bunch of dummy keys
    2. You hang all of them together with your real house key to form a wind chime
    Not only it would alarm neighbors, it would take a lot of time for the burglar to find out which key goes in. But if the burglar manage to use the real key and guessed it they almost deserve their reward.

  • Dafte _
    Dafte _ Year ago

    with the car one, you forgot your key and have one under your license-thing. then you realise that you dont have a screwer. you go to the neighbours and say:
    can i borrow a screwer, i need to get my key of my car...

  • BubbaFett17
    BubbaFett17 Year ago

    sure leave it at a nabohrs house...

  • BubbaFett17
    BubbaFett17 Year ago

    way to show off your licsends place dude... (sarcasm)

  • Adams
    Adams Year ago +1

    Just put an electronic deadbolt with a keypad on one of your doors. If you get locked out, you can get in if you remember the combination.
    Or get a fake rock key holder and bury it a few inches underground, don't have the fake rock showing on the surface. Mark spot with a plant or something else. The plant is good though because if the soil looks new, criminals just think you planted it recently and you can also tell if someone took your key if the plant has been dug up.

    • Adams
      Adams Year ago +1

      You are probably right that someone could try all the combinations until they find the right one but it would take a very long time depending on the number of digits in the code. Adding a "Ring" or "Skybell" doorbell camera would solve the problem. The "Ring" and "Skybell" are motion activated and can send you alerts on your cell phone. There are also regular security camera systems that also can send you motion activated alerts on your cell phone. So if someone is walking up to your keypad and trying to figure out the code the motion activated camera will record them and send you an alert on your cell phone.

    • lockergr
      lockergr Year ago

      Adams How secure are the electronic deadbolts? I mean if I was out of town and someone had some patience couldn't they figure out the combo?

  • 1 For The People
    1 For The People Year ago

    Recently moving into a lower level apt I have had a difficult time figuring out where to hide a spare key. I locked myself out one day running out to the laundry room. Luckily I had left the bedroom window open. Love the idea of behind the siding or license plate. Thanks for sharing.

  • GlitchEmpire
    GlitchEmpire Year ago

    what if your neighbor is a theif

  • GlitchEmpire
    GlitchEmpire Year ago +1

    now thieves know where your keys r best spot is the only one you know of

  • im1who84u
    im1who84u Year ago +3

    I like some of the comments about hiding the key someplace in your neighborhood.
    I keep a whole set of keys (house, car, office, safe box at bank...) shallow buried on my property in a air tight water tight container I purchased from REI. I only had to use it once in my 63 years of living but was sure glad to have the option.

  • im1who84u
    im1who84u Year ago

    How do you keep the key from rusting?

    THUMPER_AHM Year ago

    another place to have your key is in your pocket, wow so amazing

  • edward lewis
    edward lewis Year ago


  • BrandonSkatesAlot

    leave ur key at ur neighboors house yea watch you get robbed lol

  • downbntout
    downbntout Year ago +7

    I provided a key to my neighbor and invited them to do the same. Pretty soon they gave my key back, saying they didn't want to be open to suspicion in case of some break-in or whatever.

    • Angie Brown
      Angie Brown Year ago

      downbntout what if they made a copy of it though...

    • CandyCandy
      CandyCandy Year ago

      downbntout well that's true

  • Kieonte Miranda
    Kieonte Miranda Year ago +1

    he has a lovable personality

  • canofsodda gaming

    yah and why there's a wind storm the tree blows off and then lose the key

  • Gary costelloe 1
    Gary costelloe 1 Year ago +10

    your naber is so rude he just grabbed it of you : {

    • Ken Yeh
      Ken Yeh 4 months ago

      Why don’t you work on your grammar first

  • Official Jesse
    Official Jesse Year ago

    Theifs know how to get into houses now😂

  • Farmergirl of Chickens

    Use a flat head screw instead of a Phillips . You will usually have access to a coin to unscrew it.

  • dre Vill
    dre Vill Year ago +1

    very funny how the next door neighbor just sticks their hand out

  • Kristijan Nankov
    Kristijan Nankov Year ago

    Dude you are so stupid!!!!!!

  • SupaEMT134
    SupaEMT134 Year ago +2

    Thought as logically as possible - but I can't reconcile hiding a key on your car. If you're already driving the car, aren't you using a _keyring_ or _keychain_ for the car key?

    • scarletfluerr
      scarletfluerr Year ago

      Car thieves remove plates, never hide keys on or in your car.

    • Don* Oc*
      Don* Oc* Year ago

      Michael Nolan Hide a key in the turn-up of your pyjamas...

    • biff322
      biff322 Year ago +1

      It would make more sense to hide a spare car key behind the plate. That way if you went somewhere and lost your keys, you'd be able to get in your car and drive home. Then get a spare house key from one of the other hiding spots to get inside.

  • Michael Studio Films


  • Rod Mascotto
    Rod Mascotto Year ago +1

    "why not have lock less doors?"then no need to remember where key is..

  • Adam Rose
    Adam Rose Year ago +4

    10 ways to allow easy access to your home for criminals.

  • Maria Brett
    Maria Brett Year ago

    only the last one is a good idea because now all crooks will check these places and Rob you😢

    • Maria Brett
      Maria Brett Year ago

      beccie I was just saying you never know who is watching😉

  • ᅚ
     Year ago +10

    So for the 2nd idea, of having the house (i suppose) key
    You said "chances are your car will be with you"
    I have a better idea. Stick the door key on a keyring with your car key. That way you have both, isn't that more logical?

    • Peggy Higgins
      Peggy Higgins 2 months ago

      If your car is stolen, say at a gas station, they now have your address and the house key. I keep two key rings.

    • scarletfluerr
      scarletfluerr Year ago +1

      That's what most adults do.

    • CandyCandy
      CandyCandy Year ago +1

      ᅚ yup lol

  • Jamie Wagland
    Jamie Wagland Year ago

    I would disagree with no 10 leaving a key with a neighbour you never know what your neighbour is capable of. They could be a thief or worse unless you've been friends for a good number of years

  • Erion Playz
    Erion Playz Year ago +1

    I know one way better to keep it in your pocket

  • Help get to 5000 subs without any videos Plz

    1:12 cant you just keep them in your car

    • mackenzie
      mackenzie 2 months ago

      +scarletfluerr he won't know your address if you park a distance from it

    • scarletfluerr
      scarletfluerr Year ago

      If you want to invite a car thief to clean out your house too.

  • genius guy
    genius guy Year ago

    most of them are bad ideals

  • ayee _its_me
    ayee _its_me Year ago

    good video bro

  • Kamdin Swift
    Kamdin Swift Year ago +1

    Part two anyone?

  • hinode saffen
    hinode saffen Year ago

    Well if u give your keys to a neighbor isn't there a chance that they will brake into your house or make copies of that key

  • A. Rivera
    A. Rivera Year ago

    i needed this for my locker didnt help but rly cool ideas

  • jorden young
    jorden young Year ago +1

    I think he lives in dekalb like I do

  • Bonnie Nash
    Bonnie Nash Year ago

    Silly idea to hide a key 🔑 in a plant pot ! Or under door mat etc .Someone I know had an argument with a friend so they slammed the door in their face so the person stood outside found their spare key by feeling above the front door looking under pebbles etc then found it in a plant pot let themselves in and slapped the person up! They could have done much worse think it's always best to leave a spare with someone you trust or saver still if you get locked out just brake the smallest window lol 😂

  • Hayley Poole
    Hayley Poole Year ago +27

    3: if you get locked out of your house, it is very unlikely that you will have a screwdriver on you!

    • dennis walsh
      dennis walsh 2 months ago

      Pretty easy thing to borrow from a neighbor.

    • David Oludimu
      David Oludimu 2 months ago

      Very true. Good thinking!

    • bigjai
      bigjai Year ago

      Hayley Poole You could screw it in loose enough that it will stay but still be able to get it off with your fingernail

    • scarletfluerr
      scarletfluerr Year ago +2

      Nothing like giving a car thief a key to your house. You never leave spare keys in or on your car.

    • Connie Smith
      Connie Smith Year ago

      A dime or quarter will take the place of a screwdriver. I hide a spare key under my truck tag, and have had to go for it more then once!

  • Martha Julian
    Martha Julian Year ago +1

    yikes! creepy neighbor! lol