r/Entitledparents "I Wish My Child Was Dying of Cancer"

  • Published on Jul 29, 2019
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    r/Entitledparents In today's video, an incredibly selfish entitled dad is waiting in line at Disney World when he sees a Make-A-Wish kid go to the front of the line. After loudly complaining in front of the dying child, he says he wishes his own child was dying of a terminal illness so that he could cut in line too. How did the other people around him react? Watch this video to find out, and don't forget to subscribe!
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  • rSlash
    rSlash  3 months ago +5752

    Like if you like puppy bloopers

    • Harper Stillman
      Harper Stillman 22 hours ago

      :😆😊😀☺ yes

    • MAN IS HOT
      MAN IS HOT 14 days ago


    • ItsScorpii •
      ItsScorpii • Month ago

      Who doesn't?!

    • Tammy Martinez
      Tammy Martinez Month ago

      Duel Tainer it’s kinda hard not too. All the Reddit youtubers get these from the site. So if you follow several your going to get same stories

    • Tammy Martinez
      Tammy Martinez Month ago

      I don’t think you really need to include puppy bloopers.

  • TD Mike
    TD Mike 2 hours ago

    A "LEG" up
    Me: *face palm*

  • Aaron Tjondrorahardja
    Aaron Tjondrorahardja 14 hours ago

    Aren't we all garbage, we're here sitting our lazy butts down watching this video and complaining to others about the same topic yet we don't even try to make a change in humanity and just watch as everything crumbles. Oh, this definitely applies to me, since I too am watching this video.

  • ??
    ?? 17 hours ago

    Tbh ur laugh sounds fake and annoying .-.

  • Animation Life
    Animation Life Day ago

    Have you got the videos

  • Alexis Canty
    Alexis Canty Day ago

    It gets juicy with entitle mom and her entitled brats. Please post the new story of the update rSlash.

  • Jillian Wright
    Jillian Wright 2 days ago

    The park story reminded me of a park story I have.
    Sometimes when i'm having a really bad day, i'll walk from my house to the nearby city park to chill out. Usually i'll bike, and thats what I did. I usually stay away from any children or anyone else when i'm there because most parents don't really like having a random teenager being near their kids lol. I respect people's boundaries, and I make sure they are followed because I have social anxiety and don't really like people either way. The playground area is kinda big, and I like playing on the swings, so I did. Now, I know the rules are that no one over 12 can get on the play equipment, but no one really follows that. So one day, I walk up to the swings after checking to make sure no one was there. So I started swinging. It was like, 5pm, and in my area thats when the sky starts to darken a little but not much. I started swinging and minding my own business. I wasn't playing music nor did I have my phone, so I wasn't bothering anyone. That's when a minivan pulls up and a Karen gets out. She looked like a Karen, anyways. She went to the park area with two small kids, like a toddler and a little girl who couldn't have been any older than six. I kept an eye out in case they wanted to swing so I could leave, making sure I wasn't intruding on anything. They went on the slides and play equipment and wasn't really looking to swing or anything, so I stayed. The Karen approaches me, leaving the children on the other side of the playground area. "Um, how old are you? You aren't supposed to be here." I slowed down swinging. "Um... Sorry, I can leave if needed, I was just swinging haha..." The woman looked visibly disgusted. "You're bothering my kids. Please get out of here." I was too afraid of confrontation so I just kinda gathered my things and left. I think she thought i was some kind of pedophile...

  • The Little one
    The Little one 3 days ago

    I love the puppy bloopers! They're always so cute!

  • CooperGal24
    CooperGal24 3 days ago

    The Disney Story, I HOPE the Mom found out what her horrible, arrogant, disgusting and self-centered piece of scum for a husband had said about HER daughter from others who witnessed the event! I bet she'd either divorce his sorry ass for that stunt, or ripped him a new ass and made him sleep at his friend's house for two weeks! But in the end, I hope the daughter finds out what her Dad said about her in the near future, it's her choice whether to continue to love her father or be disgusted and ignore him, to the point that he's considered dead in her eyes.Either way, Princess Aurora certainly put that jerk in his place!

  • Molly Lolly
    Molly Lolly 3 days ago

    From reading the comments I don’t think the first story is suppose to be the most infuriating. I’ve had to paused the out of angry though, something about it makes me just so full of bubbly wet anger. I’m not sure I’ll be able to make it through the rest video.....

  • Natalie Topete
    Natalie Topete 4 days ago

    Instead of calling the kids ugly just say “ if they’re related to you I don’t want them.”

  • Staci Harrison
    Staci Harrison 5 days ago

    My friend is a make a with kid. So I totally understand.

  • Fidget the Zorua Fossil Fighter

    That man (I refuse to call him a father) who wishes his kid was dying so he could skip the lines was extremely uncalled for that’s a really trashy human that Make-A-Wish kid is *DYING* and you’re so selfish that you wish your kid was in her position so that you can skip a line

  • Kaelin.Lee(:
    Kaelin.Lee(: 5 days ago

    The repeat offender towards the end has some dirt on OP’s parents or some shit

  • Maritime Buccaneer
    Maritime Buccaneer 6 days ago

    Wow how disgusting! My daughter is my lifeline and I would not want to live another day if something happened to her. Only a selfish, piece of shit, scumbag would want his daughter to die.

  • Jennifer Riley
    Jennifer Riley 6 days ago

    I think the parents of the Make-a-Wish foundation are very brave as it must be very hard to go through what they do. I can’t ever imagine what it is like. I can’t believe that father, he should rot in hell for what he said. The Make-a-wish foundation are amazing and so are the staff at Disney Word when dealing with them.

  • Sarah Abramova
    Sarah Abramova 6 days ago

    7:20 Nice

  • Sri Vaishnavi
    Sri Vaishnavi 7 days ago

    This subreddit should be named r/karens

  • Maycee Woodward
    Maycee Woodward 7 days ago +1

    I like reading this because I find rare people that ACTUALLY have common sense here

  • Moon Star
    Moon Star 8 days ago +1

    Im listening to your channel while I bake. Thank you for your awesome videos!

  • Gabriel Williams
    Gabriel Williams 8 days ago


  • dog453679
    dog453679 9 days ago

    No. Entitled Dad is an asshole for saying it.

  • Naturally Taylor
    Naturally Taylor 10 days ago

    I have a make-a-wish I don’t know what I’m gonna do yet.

  • nicksonic
    nicksonic 11 days ago

    i want know more i want be part 2

  • Michael Chill
    Michael Chill 11 days ago

    It would be pro revenge if the dad got cancer

  • Snake Queen243
    Snake Queen243 11 days ago +1

    Just imagine if the daughter did hear what her dad said. That'd be awful

  • where's mah muny betch I ain't gonna ask nice

    Bruh what the fuck did that entitled dad say

  • Confused Duck
    Confused Duck 13 days ago

    If it weren't for OP's dog, we wouldn't know about event 3 and 4. Think about it🤔🤔😂

  • Patrick Kennedy
    Patrick Kennedy 13 days ago

    Entitled Dad was lucky it was Aurora, if it was Rapunzel or Anna, he probably would have caught a frying pan

  • Sean Cher
    Sean Cher 14 days ago

    No one
    Not a singoe soul
    Em : rIDiCul0Us

  • Tala AlexZandra
    Tala AlexZandra 16 days ago

    I had a run-in like this last year during Halloween. I don't think of it as an EP but it was a case of judgmental people. So I and my sister were walking around of trick or treating at about 6 something in the afternoon. We had planned to hit a few areas. At one point we got to a nice looking house with a few decorations and the owners sitting outside, between then was 2 bowls. 1 had candy the other fruit. I figured the fruit was for kids who couldn't have candy. Oh boy, I was wrong. I and my sister walk up and I was about to pick out a piece of chocolate for myself. Ok so at the time I was prego and had a big belly. So I was getting a bit of candy as a treat for myself. Anyway, I go to grab a piece and the women speak up. "You can have that you are to fat. Get an apple and lose some weight." I was stunned. I go to tell the women off but before I can she puts an apple in my bucket and tells me I don't need all that candy and to give it to the kids. See there were a few other kids around me she says same with any of you other fat kids. I turn as see the parents of the kids going to walk away. I tell them to wait. I looked at the women than to her husband who could care less. I then took the bowl of candy and threw it on the pavement so the kids could get it. They women started screaming at me, I just told her to shut up and that for one I wasn't fat but prego and for two that she needs to get over herself and grow up. I then grabbed my sister and we walked off. Got to love a$$ holes like that.

    • Tala AlexZandra
      Tala AlexZandra 16 days ago

      btw I was 20 at the time, and yes I like trick or treating too.

  • Markus Nickel
    Markus Nickel 16 days ago

    Dog...come on man;oDDDDDDDD

  • Melissa Lanina
    Melissa Lanina 17 days ago

    You should read some stuff from the r/niceguys subreddit if you ever get the chance

  • Crystal Hardesty
    Crystal Hardesty 17 days ago

    When i was younger we rode the bus downtown for fireworks, i was babysitting and had things like bags and chairs. The little boy was sleeping on me and the bus was packed, i was only taking up one seat with everything i had. These two middle aged women were standing next to where i was sitting and one said to the other while looking at me (i don't remember her exact words) "kids these days are so disrespectful, they should give the seats to their elders" i was literally a 16 year old holding a sleeping 3 year old child and she wanted me stand!

  • Caitlyn Hartnett
    Caitlyn Hartnett 18 days ago

    My favorite parts of these videos are the puppy bloopers
    "what do you want from me dog?"

  • Sports Drink
    Sports Drink 19 days ago

    I didn't know you made podcasts, I already watch your videos as podcasts anyway though, I listen with headphones while doing other things. Multitasking is fun

  • Evelynn Roye
    Evelynn Roye 20 days ago

    Once i had a friend who had a fake leg, and he was getting made fun of for it. Instead of yelling at them or punching the bully, nonono, he TOOK OFF his leg and hit them with it

  • Dash Howler
    Dash Howler 22 days ago +1

    I’m Australian and know the make a wish foundation

  • Nicholas Glenn
    Nicholas Glenn 23 days ago

    I like when doggie join the video

  • michaela keslar
    michaela keslar 25 days ago

    I was a make-a-wish kid for my Hypo plastic left heart syndrome, boi i swear the death glares from karens was scary.

  • AtotehZ
    AtotehZ 25 days ago

    7:00 my reaction would be less graceful. I would've said something along the lines of "Shut the fuck up you obnoxious cow!" And then berated her for her behaviour.

  • Harmony
    Harmony 25 days ago

    As a Make-A-Wish child, I’m SO glad I didn’t run into an EP. Someone (being my mother) would’ve gotten arrested for public disturbance

  • Glaishur From StarHenge

    Well if you said they were ugly it would’ve played out like this...
    NARRATOR: This is a public park

  • Ari Kershaw
    Ari Kershaw 28 days ago

    That kid has already gotten cancer from SOMEONE in the family **glances at ED**

  • Violet Palmtree
    Violet Palmtree 29 days ago

    What does entitled mean?

  • StarkJerk
    StarkJerk 29 days ago

    I live for these puppy bloopers, haha.

  • Lauren Haack
    Lauren Haack Month ago

    If you think you deserve special treatment for having a child because it’s hard being a parent...... DON’T. HAVE. CHILDREN. For the love of GOD KARENS

  • yasser assabat
    yasser assabat Month ago


  • Camden Bradham
    Camden Bradham Month ago

    Get a leg away from that joke
    Hahahahha so funny right
    End my suffering

  • Eeveetraining202
    Eeveetraining202 Month ago

    I love Pokémon Go, and if an EM or ED was saying I was going to take their child, I’d say, “Oh, no no no no no. I have my own children at home to take care of, so I wouldn’t need anymore children.” Then I’d walk away a few feet, and sit there, waiting for the raid.

  • Kendra A
    Kendra A Month ago

    Oh my goodness, I feel awful for tha older woman that had all of her flowers torn up by those brats.

  • Amarra Smith
    Amarra Smith Month ago

    "Wish my child was dying of cancer!"..

    911 whats your emergency?

  • Diamond Ditch
    Diamond Ditch Month ago +1

    When I was younger, my friend was diagnosed with cancer.
    I have no idea of the details, considering at the time I was about seven, but I can only assume it was hard for her.
    My friend went from a normal kid to a girl who physically shakes with every step she takes to this day.
    I won’t reveal my age, (as we are both the same age) but we are now far older then seven. :(

  • Itz MalKitty
    Itz MalKitty Month ago

    Minding your own business?! You are trying to KIDNAP my Kids!!!

  • Turgeis
    Turgeis Month ago

    I usually can't stand Reddit channels because of the annoying text to speech voice, but thank god you actually use your voice

  • fnvfan0145
    fnvfan0145 Month ago

    13:23 I hope the daughter never visits the r/entitledparents subreddit

  • Freya Abrams
    Freya Abrams Month ago +1

    I now have a great appreciation for aruora (i spelt it wrong i know)

  • Dean Gaskill
    Dean Gaskill Month ago

    I have a detachable hand and my dad said he would pay me if I gave him a hand later in the afternoon so he needed to Work on the roof so I climbed on a latter and left my hand there I almost pissed myself my dad got a little mad but said get over here just wanted to tell my story

  • UT playz and scp-2521