How to rescue kittens with a feral mom

  • Published on Apr 19, 2019
  • Feral cats may not want to be near you, but they're still great moms for their babies! This video shows how you can give feral cats a safe space to raise their young. While the kittens can be socialized and adopted, a feral adult cat cannot be socialized and does not want to be indoors. The safest and best place for them is outdoors - after they have been spayed and vaccinated.
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  • rivka
    rivka 3 months ago +6535

    what a wonderful video!!! i especially loved the “behind the scenes” watching mama cat play with her kittens when you guys weren’t in the room. also, very helpful of you to show how you opened and closed the carrier door, while still protecting yourself.

    • buyerbware25
      buyerbware25 Day ago

      @Skylark Calicos are wonderful cats. They don't stay in shelters very long.

    • Wild Card
      Wild Card 4 days ago +1

      E. R. Leave her alone, creep.

    • E. R.
      E. R. 5 days ago +1

      rivka hi u are cute

    • Timothy Holcomb
      Timothy Holcomb 8 days ago

      Mike you are absolutely right, you are not helping the situation at all by feeding them, the population will just continue grow with diseases spreading. The best thing to do is trap feral cats for TNR, so the population doesn't continue to grow with unhealthy cats

    • Timothy Holcomb
      Timothy Holcomb 8 days ago

      rivka the hard part about this is when there is a large colony and you Dont know who the mom is. To me the most important thing is to get the kittens healthy. There are supplements to nourish the kittens such as KTM, It is also important to get them to a vet for shots and deworming, its also common for feral kittens to have upper respiratory infections and eye infections which need to be treated so they are not spreading there disease between each other. It is also important to trap any adult cats for TNR, so the population of cats and kittens doesn't grow

  • jikook
    jikook 3 hours ago

    Awww it's a calico😚😚

  • Donna Peroche
    Donna Peroche 4 hours ago

    Why are kittens always given pompous asshole names ?

  • XxWoosh
    XxWoosh 5 hours ago

    i cried

  • Herz_BTK
    Herz_BTK 9 hours ago

    Incredible story 😭😭

  • Helena Maria Garcia Oliveira


  • Chloe Jordan
    Chloe Jordan 20 hours ago

    Mum is a beautiful calico

  • The gaming ninga Yeet
    The gaming ninga Yeet 23 hours ago

    You could tell who her favourite was 🤣

    Ill Mr/Mrs ginger and white

  • Shirosaki Hana
    Shirosaki Hana Day ago

    are feral cats introvert?

  • Lybby Montique
    Lybby Montique Day ago

    2:03 I see that fucken camera

  • Tevlame Stuff
    Tevlame Stuff Day ago


  • Shouldbeabrook
    Shouldbeabrook Day ago

    Thank you for all that you and your community are doing for the cats in your area! I love your setup for the not-so-friendly-feral mama and her babies.
    I’m wondering if you’ve ever seen Tiny Kittens plan for the Cabinet of Solitude? It may not work for your set up, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to share because maybe even just a part of it might be able to be incorporated into what you currently do to make scooping up the little furry meatballs up a little easier.
    I’m thinking about their trapdoor that they use once mama is out of the nest so that the babies can be safely checked out by you.
    Again thank you so much for working with all the cats that you do, especially for working with the ofttimes furrociously protective feral mama cats. And thank you for showing that ferals love playtime just like other cat! 💗

  • Melissa_ G
    Melissa_ G Day ago

    Love this video- momma is calm and happy 🤗

  • No one
    No one Day ago

    So you guys stole that cats baby and cut off their balls .. so they can’t make baby’s...

    • My Miki
      My Miki 9 hours ago

      Thank God. Every time I see street cats my heart aches.

  • Cats Maine-coon&Scottish fold

    какие же вы молодцы, спасаете котят

  • Nada AZ
    Nada AZ Day ago

    No she needed a home. How could you let her put like that

    • Cel Wackerle
      Cel Wackerle Day ago

      She's been outside since birth, she's practically a wild animal. Feral cats are aggressive and often don't want homes, they don't like people and trying to domesticate feral cats can be very difficult or even stressful to the cat.

  • Stephanie Glenn
    Stephanie Glenn Day ago

    People who save animals (and in particular cats and kittens) are my favorite kind of people. I have one cat I love her so much ❤️❤️❤️ I wish I could foster but sadly with autoimmune disease I’m very limited ☹️

  • XxMasterPvpX_x
    XxMasterPvpX_x 2 days ago +1

    -kittens- Kitty cats

  • Anni k
    Anni k 2 days ago

    poor mom probably miss her kittens🥺🥺 She really loved them

  • Kelly Kiewert
    Kelly Kiewert 2 days ago

    Was great to see mom doing those stretches in the carrier in the first few days of rescue. Even though she is feral and wants no part of humans, you can just tell that she was 100% completely relaxed there. She trusted you enough to know that for that short time she was safe. She had nothing to worry about, no fear of predators, no fear of survival, no fear for her babies. Was probably the most relaxed she has been for a very, very long time.

  • XxRoblox Kittens MilliexX

    Im concerned if theres only 2 kittens..

  • HellsKat123456789
    HellsKat123456789 2 days ago

    Very informative

  • Bruno Chercheur
    Bruno Chercheur 2 days ago

    I also had an aggressive mom, with the time she became kind. The separation of the mother is difficult for babies, it's a shame

  • Young Artz
    Young Artz 2 days ago

    stub tail is my hero

  • Infinite Flow
    Infinite Flow 2 days ago

    9:33 gorgeous eyes Phoenix

  • Miyu Miyu
    Miyu Miyu 3 days ago

    I bet the mommy feels much safer in a controlled environment over the unpredictable streets where dogs and even other cats "males" might harm the litter.
    Spaying Mommy and the kittens when they are of age to do so guarantees a better life for both them and their mommy.
    We need more of this in our countries/neighborhoods where cats life spawn is only 1 to 3 years due to sickness or human related causes.

  • KY KRaZY
    KY KRaZY 3 days ago

    Awful music aside (the early music) GREAT JOB !!!!! From one rescuer to another....GREAT JOB.

  • KY KRaZY
    KY KRaZY 3 days ago

    Starting @ 2:52....Possibly the WORST music EVER. GREAT,GREAT,GREAT VIDEO!!!! BUT THAT MUSIC BLEW GOAT DICKS.

  • Elizabeta Macovei
    Elizabeta Macovei 3 days ago +1

    3:40 LOL, when I was a kid I played the same way with a chicken wire gate/door thing too XD

  • Beautiful Beginning
    Beautiful Beginning 3 days ago +7

    Mother Cat: Am i a joke to you?

  • Terry Watkins
    Terry Watkins 3 days ago

    You got to worry though about wild cats freaking out in that cage and hurting herself

  • Camp counselor KeBin


  • claude charles
    claude charles 3 days ago

    the mom was pretty chill for a feral cat

  • elijah deanda
    elijah deanda 3 days ago

    Nobody cares

    EDYTA L 3 days ago


  • oldchickie
    oldchickie 3 days ago

    What happened to the little yellow kitten's tail?And I feel sorry for the mom cat for having to leave her kittens behind,so sad!

  • Smiles & Cries
    Smiles & Cries 3 days ago

    Meatballs 🤣 one of our kittens is call meatball too cute

  • Lexapro
    Lexapro 3 days ago +2

    She protecc
    She attacc
    But most importantly
    No kittens when she goes bacc

  • Raven Albacite
    Raven Albacite 3 days ago

    now my recommendations are full of cats and rv vans LOL

  • Ashley Murray
    Ashley Murray 3 days ago

    You should keep all the kittens together so they are completely okay with getting a new home

  • М a f u n k a 36
    М a f u n k a 36 3 days ago

    Маму кошку жаль

  • who am i
    who am i 4 days ago

    my mom used to somehow "civilized" some feral cat. she usually do it to cats that start to disturb the neighborhood
    i sadly haven't fully learn the magic spell
    though i have done it once before

  • trisha jones
    trisha jones 4 days ago

    You guys are the absolute best. Love your wonderful vids. bless you for the work you do .

  • Angela Magic Salveson

    As soon as she was in the big crate she ran right to her babies, how cute! She knocked that night camera right over, she wanted privacy lol.

  • Mark Thompson
    Mark Thompson 4 days ago

    Those kids were beautiful! I especially love the little orange & white one. I guess Daddy's a Manx! =^..^=

  • DoogelyJim
    DoogelyJim 4 days ago +1

    Well, I actually did cry during this one
    I'm not sure what it is. I think your videos (or the 2 I've seen so far at least) do something similar to that famous sequence in Up when the old man and his wife grow old together
    Which is about the highest compliment I can give

  • _merpitscassandra_
    _merpitscassandra_ 4 days ago


  • Dm Deg
    Dm Deg 4 days ago

    Did you know that the little runt (orange female) is a very special kitty? She is a stumpy cymric (longhaired manx-tailess). I would love to have her. There are so few of these and they are the most amazing cats---very dog-like. Both of mine (both gone now) would follow me around the house, walk on a leash, fetch balls in the yard and groom me all the time. I miss them very much and would love to find another.

  • avaliable cupcake2007

    After setting her free I would leave a bowl of food for her if she wanted it.

  • Black Panther
    Black Panther 4 days ago

    There is one of many cat colones where I live. One is at a Home night there are tons of cats there. From Siamese, Calico, Long haired Persians, Black ones, Tiger, Orange Tabby........soooo many beautiful cats with NO home. You can tell many were family owned. Heart wrenching.......Wish I could have trapped one at a time. When I reached out to ALL the tons of rescues in my area.......guess how many helped?? Let alone helped.......but offered me a bit of sound advice?? Out of 20 rescues.......only one would help! That was to belittle & degrade what I was trying to do. As if I didn't KNOW the cat / dog population was out of control. But.....I wasn't one of these awesome Animal saviours that had money.....not being sarcastic. I truly do mean AWESOME persons who give their ALL to rescue animals in need. Bless you ALL!!! If I had $$........I would've gladly given it ALL for a animal wounded or in need. Don't just give to ANY rescue or 501 animal rescue just cuz they SAY they save dogs, cats, other animals. Do your many do nothing.......but collect all that money!! This man is the REAL deal!! Live & learn.......New Subbie!!

  • Anime Aunty
    Anime Aunty 4 days ago

    That little marmalade bob tail is gonna a b somethin special

  • Star Cat
    Star Cat 4 days ago

    Beautiful video!

  • R P
    R P 4 days ago

    Little red Lynx :D

  • drcurioustube
    drcurioustube 4 days ago

    Love the cat spatula!

  • Tara
    Tara 4 days ago

    She knocked down the camera. Lol. So cute

  • elisa la visio
    elisa la visio 4 days ago

    is it me, or one of the kittens was born without tail?

  • Alifa Aprilia
    Alifa Aprilia 4 days ago

    is it ok to separate the kitten with the mom?

  • Inna Medvedeva
    Inna Medvedeva 4 days ago

    Почему маму на улицу выбросили? 😕☹️😞

  • Sean Gionelle
    Sean Gionelle 5 days ago

    Omg when the cat attacks the camera i was jumpscared

  • Gemtail
    Gemtail 5 days ago

    They're all beautiful but phoenix had the most gorgeous amber orange eyes I had ever seen on a cat! I'm so glad she and her siblings got to go to great homes!

  • Diana Shashko
    Diana Shashko 5 days ago


  • Wings_Of_Fire_Hailei

    Some of the kittens are bob tails
    Edit: and possibly lynx?

  • Christine Stange
    Christine Stange 5 days ago +3

    Wish Mom the very best. She did a.great job with these tiny babes. 💕

  • Katheryn
    Katheryn 5 days ago

    Thank you for all that you do!

  • M Pullman
    M Pullman 5 days ago +1

    Amazing job!!
    World needs more people like you....full of compassion !!!!
    Love makes the difference
    THANK YOU !!!

  • Nathaniel Ontiveros
    Nathaniel Ontiveros 5 days ago

    Thank you for helping keep these cute, furry animals from having to experience the harsh reality the world offers. Glad to know there are people like you that show the love and compassion for these strays. Thank you again for what you are doing up to this point and have a wonderful day. 😺😸😻

  • Houston Ericsson Laos Olortegui

    Que pasó con con la mamá?? La soltaron a la calle???

  • HolySmokes Am Rich
    HolySmokes Am Rich 5 days ago

    So why can’t the kittens return outside with the mother as they older now ate the kittens feral too. ??

  • I love Tom Holland
    I love Tom Holland 5 days ago

    I just realized the ginger kitten doesnt have a tail omg

  • Karina Avendano
    Karina Avendano 5 days ago

    Let her kill birds and desapear a whole species. I am sorry but the best desition was not to let her out.

  • Hailey Torres
    Hailey Torres 5 days ago

    My dad owns his own mechanic shop so he had this small white trailer that had tires in it. And we found a small kitten under the trailer so then we took her in and pretty much adopted her. She’s 4 years old now maybe 5 years. She is friendly and she like to hide. She lives in the shop. We have cat litter and food and water for her. When I’m at my dads shop I give her some attention or let some of my dads customers give him some attention. My dad was thinking on bringing her home to his house. (She doesn’t like the outside very much is what I’m understanding.) And her name is Shadow. I thought I would share this to you guys because your pretty much a rescue cat team and I feel like you deserve to hear a little rescue story that is true!

  • Dawn Reyestakaki
    Dawn Reyestakaki 5 days ago

    OMG I loved this video

  • Julie
    Julie 5 days ago

    Dear People, Thank You !!

  • Jack Leo
    Jack Leo 5 days ago


  • Liv Guru
    Liv Guru 5 days ago

    U leave them the fuck alone that’s how

  • BrutalOS
    BrutalOS 5 days ago +1

    Mad pussy

  • Martine
    Martine 5 days ago

    I also foster wild kittens for an asylum. This is haw we do it:
    Look at my channel for more video's from fosterkittens

  • Bete Biscotti
    Bete Biscotti 5 days ago

    I like how mom cat has a lot of colors and the colors split to make the kittens’ coats

  • mansharker8
    mansharker8 5 days ago

    the orange and cream kitten reminds me of my friends kitten who I helped wean :)

  • Penny bradshaw
    Penny bradshaw 5 days ago

    So where does the feral mom go ?
    Back to the streets ? Just wondering. I'm new to this channel

  • H No
    H No 5 days ago

    A feral cat CAN be socialized, ask canada.

  • Sofia Narvaez
    Sofia Narvaez 5 days ago

    was the cat mom sterilized?

  • A B Bikes Cars N’ Guitars

    Ever since I recused my cat Buster about 2 years ago , I have gained so much love for these animals.
    Thanks for doing what you do.
    9:38 that is incredible, is that the cat (Phoenix) with the new owner’s other cat? Obviously they’re getting along. I’ve been wanting to get another cat to keep Buster company but I’ve heard a lot of different stories about introducing teen/adult cats to each other. Is that generally something that can be worked out without too many issues?

  • Elvis Sanchez
    Elvis Sanchez 5 days ago +1


  • J Russ
    J Russ 5 days ago

    The first 3 months are the most fun. good for you! sad about the Mom though. I kept my feral boy and he loved the house he had a brother and sister. who lived here. He was never comfortable being held until his teen years but we respected and loved him and he seemed very happy.

  • Alice Wilde
    Alice Wilde 5 days ago

    I don't know why they needed 'rescuing' what harm where they doing in the wild?? They were being fed by a stranger, the mother could hunt mice which is their best food. Why couldn't you just leave them alone?! You stole those kittens from her you horrible people.

  • Ana Ana
    Ana Ana 6 days ago

    No la castraron? Entonces no tiene sentido.

  • Emiley Ropp
    Emiley Ropp 6 days ago


  • Tedie Hristova
    Tedie Hristova 6 days ago

    Every neighborhood should have non profit organization like this one to control cats population, wellbeing and educating the citizens.

  • Valerie King
    Valerie King 6 days ago +5

    another excellent video, love the slow motion action scenes. Great music, relaxing, not too loud. Another thumbs up from me and I've subscribed.

  • Barb Cole
    Barb Cole 6 days ago

    The red and white has a bob tail !

  • This thing 0.o
    This thing 0.o 6 days ago

    I have this calico cat that was de-clawed from her original owners and i know why she would at random attack my feet when im moving around and i always think if she had claws i would be in serious p a i n and the likes to just be a angry bitch at RANDOM TIMES like she just attack my hand for absolutely no reason and my assumption is that the original owners were sick of her attacking them so they de-clawed her also he hates our cats and freaks out and hides under my bed whenever they exist around her :/

  • Britty Bear
    Britty Bear 6 days ago +6

    LOL the spatula on a broomstick, genius and made me laugh :P !

  • July Jackson
    July Jackson 6 days ago

    😾😾Mama kitty was like...❕❗❕ 😼😾"I don't want u 👨HOOMANS👩 being nosy, watching 👀 and filming 📷 📹 me& my children 😸 😸 😸❕
    Take that 📹 📷 camera❕❗❕😸😹

  • JanineBean
    JanineBean 6 days ago

    Omg, the little orange kitten who kept trying to climb the door of the carrier 😂😂😭😭❤️❤️ and mom sitting on top of the carrier where the kittens can’t get at her 😂

  • Forseti
    Forseti 6 days ago

    ur tearing me up!! just discovered my purpose!!

  • Tall Dave
    Tall Dave 6 days ago

    Why does the orange and white one have a bob tail?

  • Serdar Joshua
    Serdar Joshua 6 days ago


  • MsB inSYDNEY
    MsB inSYDNEY 6 days ago

    What a good Mamma she is. Such beautiful babies too 😍

  • Musical Cat
    Musical Cat 6 days ago

    We've caught, rescued and fostered 8 kittens. Attempted to catch mom for the first 2 litters, (4 kits, 3 kits and then 1 we caught alone) but she did not want to come anywhere near. she only came to check on them then left. Never stayed for long. But, she brought 2 litters to us knowing after the first we would save them. Do i miss the 5 we didnt keep? hell yes, but would i do it again and again? hell yes!