How to rescue kittens with a feral mom

  • Published on Apr 19, 2019
  • Feral cats may not want to be near you, but they're still great moms for their babies! This video shows how you can give feral cats a safe space to raise their young. While the kittens can be socialized and adopted, a feral adult cat cannot be socialized and does not want to be indoors. The safest and best place for them is outdoors - after they have been spayed and vaccinated.
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  • rivka
    rivka 6 months ago +10001

    what a wonderful video!!! i especially loved the “behind the scenes” watching mama cat play with her kittens when you guys weren’t in the room. also, very helpful of you to show how you opened and closed the carrier door, while still protecting yourself.

    • siren
      siren 2 months ago


    • sticc
      sticc 2 months ago


    • buyerbware25
      buyerbware25 3 months ago

      @Sebaka & Co. Calicos are wonderful cats. They don't stay in shelters very long.

    • Wild Card
      Wild Card 3 months ago +3

      E. R. Leave her alone, creep.

  • Christian Nickel
    Christian Nickel 6 hours ago

    Why didn't you sterilize the mother cat before release?

  • Dafty
    Dafty 13 hours ago

    0:53 - lmao, that cat got a fuckin YEET

  • Nanami Yamaguchi
    Nanami Yamaguchi 18 hours ago

    That's one spicy mama calico. 🌶🌶🌶

  • Blottingpaper
    Blottingpaper 20 hours ago

    You entire channel is a feels express.

  • Most Hated Mak
    Most Hated Mak Day ago

    Damn @Melvoni from Flatbush

  • Luke
    Luke Day ago


  • El Fahado
    El Fahado Day ago

    Dude why did you separate the kittens and the mom?

  • Some Random Fellow

    What was wrong with the neighbours approach of simply giving the cat food where she was at?

    • Some Random Fellow
      Some Random Fellow 17 hours ago

      @IrishEvey Feral cats have it thought, but it depends on where the streets are. I'm in SEA and here it's pretty much the way of life to have wild cats running everywhere. They eat rodents and cockroaches.

      If the climate is cold, then it's tough. But otherwise more cats the better, if you ask me.

    • IrishEvey
      IrishEvey Day ago

      Some Random Fellow none of the cats were spayed or neutered. The mother cat would have had litter after litter, her babies would have grown up to do the same. Feral cats have an extremely tough life on the streets. Getting them fixed and vaccinated and then ensuring they are fed regularly is the best thing and most responsible thing you can do for them.

  • Some Random Fellow

    So, why are you interfering with this cat again?

  • Summer Heimlich
    Summer Heimlich 2 days ago

    how do we get to the kittens?

  • eser Duman
    eser Duman 2 days ago

    Anneden neden ayırdılar ben hepsini bir büyüycek sandım 😢😢ya anne hasta olup ölürse 😢😢

  • Marky Duran 3
    Marky Duran 3 2 days ago


  • Paparazza Canon
    Paparazza Canon 2 days ago

    scooping the kittens out...wonderful!

  • Maria
    Maria 2 days ago

    This is amazing, you are amazing. I saved as many cats as possible and it's an awesome feeling, BUT the worse part for me, is separating the mom when it is the time. I just can't do it xD it makes me feel so sad ...wish i could keep them all but, the best is to find someone that can focus on them 100%..

  • hjander 09
    hjander 09 3 days ago

    I foster and can therefore relate to your video. Beautifully filmed with important commentary.

  • Quỳnh Nguyễn
    Quỳnh Nguyễn 4 days ago


  • John Johnson
    John Johnson 4 days ago

    KITTIES!!! 😍

  • MultiGamerClub
    MultiGamerClub 4 days ago

    Now i want a kitten myself. I miss my old cat.

  • Yellow King
    Yellow King 5 days ago +1

    "If you get the kittens first, use them as bait to trap the mom."
    Damn, that's cold.

  • KatherineWinter
    KatherineWinter 5 days ago


  • Aliyah Phelps
    Aliyah Phelps 5 days ago

    I like how they scoop out the fluffy meat balls

  • Paul Michel
    Paul Michel 5 days ago

    5:23 Mama: Why don't you come on in here so I can give you a nice scratch?

  • Paul Michel
    Paul Michel 5 days ago

    About the cutest moment in this video is when the little ginger girl spontaneously kisses mama.

  • Captain Habibi
    Captain Habibi 5 days ago

    The mom cat needs to barbecued

  • Wischmopps
    Wischmopps 6 days ago

    Did you sterelize her?

  • AM G
    AM G 6 days ago

    A vet told me kittens should NEVER be separated from mum before 12 weeks. Eating solid food is not the measurement. There is also the psychologicsl factor. Too young to leave mum.

  • Selim Soykan
    Selim Soykan 6 days ago

    I know cats are not like humans but it still makes me a bit sad to separate the mom from the kittens.

  • luiz gabriel
    luiz gabriel 6 days ago

    So cute

  • Siti Muslimah
    Siti Muslimah 6 days ago

    kemana ibunya.. apa kalian memisahkannya

  • Manoela Vieira
    Manoela Vieira 7 days ago

    Awwww she just want to protect her babys

    KAZUTO KIRIGAYA 7 days ago

    The mom cat rushed to her kittens

  • Aliiisyddd artsss
    Aliiisyddd artsss 7 days ago

    “Scoop the little meatballs out of the cage”

  • Abang Sado
    Abang Sado 7 days ago

    Wow no mom? So shit this video

  • Yeet on My deet
    Yeet on My deet 8 days ago

    Yay now I can safely kidnap kittens

    It's a joke ya dum fuck

  • Creeper Awww man
    Creeper Awww man 8 days ago

    3:39 he a bit confused but she hot the spirit

  • ᏀᗩᎩ Ꭲᐯ
    ᏀᗩᎩ Ꭲᐯ 8 days ago

    But like, the babies remind me of, Hawkfrost, Mothwing and Tadpole

  • Rizki Chand
    Rizki Chand 8 days ago

    God bless you

  • Руми Георгиева

    9:52 I cry.... 😭

  • marah ketebelece
    marah ketebelece 8 days ago

    So, they take a distance with the mother cat, trying not to domesticated her in order to let her back to the street?

  • Objective Gamer
    Objective Gamer 9 days ago

    2:12 hand of god swiping me away

  • Priya J Nair
    Priya J Nair 9 days ago

    why would you get her spayed when you are going to leave her alone?

  • Ichorof
    Ichorof 9 days ago

    He rescued them from a life of killing and hunting pests, fucking cats, fighting rivals, getting free food from old ladies getting petted by various pedestrians whenever they want and exploring an open world to have their balls cut off and live in a 65 square meter space for their entire lives wow isn't he a philanthropist.

  • Risto Pde
    Risto Pde 9 days ago

    Who??? is the father

  • Numfon Ticumpo
    Numfon Ticumpo 9 days ago


  • Pras Setya
    Pras Setya 9 days ago

    Awww look at those mama's eyes

  • Isabella Campos Matson

    this might be a stupid question but what happened to Phoenix’s tail? is there any way of knowing?

  • 《『luluycraig oh no no』》

    little cat name is jasper

    jasper from Steven universe: am i a my joke to you?

  • Jessica
    Jessica 10 days ago

    3:10 what... what is the black one doing

  • Sam Dragonborn
    Sam Dragonborn 10 days ago +7

    Shame she can’t be socialized, she’s quite the lovely calico, and seems pretty calm when it’s just her and her kittens

  • Clarebear73 Cooper
    Clarebear73 Cooper 10 days ago +1

    Just beautiful. 🙏🏽❤️🙏🏽 love your kindness xxxx

  • sun squad
    sun squad 10 days ago

    9:10 i touched a boob

  • Blaxk_Rosez *Faded*
    Blaxk_Rosez *Faded* 10 days ago


  • MysMiranda M.
    MysMiranda M. 10 days ago +1

    I've done this twice and kept the runt off two different litters

  • Christy Poos
    Christy Poos 10 days ago

    Well done. Im a prowd foster failure. :) love my babies

  • ichal ichal
    ichal ichal 10 days ago


  • MysMiranda M.
    MysMiranda M. 10 days ago

    Meatballs of fur!!

  • AKJStudios
    AKJStudios 10 days ago

    A spay and a castration are endocrine disrupting procedures.

  • Sora472
    Sora472 10 days ago

    you basicaly used the mom for feed the kittens and later kidnap her kittens... i 'm not proud about that

  • unknown creacher G
    unknown creacher G 11 days ago

    Lol the little MEATBALLS 😂😂😂