• Published on May 21, 2019
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    today, when teacher says pick a partner, teen girls when power goes out in class room, when quiet kid in class gets upset lol, sonic the hedgehog & avengers end game movie memes smh

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Comments • 3 944

  • Clumsy
    Clumsy  25 days ago +1870

    *You have 3 wishes...*

    • ビールMarshy
      ビールMarshy 50 minutes ago

      Me: I was wish that animal abuse will be gone in 1 second

    • Mansur Diese
      Mansur Diese 12 days ago

      That my crush loves me,
      That my crush loves me,
      That my crush loves me.

    • NGMFakeFilms
      NGMFakeFilms 20 days ago +1

      Me: *wishes for free money*
      Genie: *gives 6 dollars*
      Everybody disliked that

    • Iyram Zen
      Iyram Zen 23 days ago

      Me:I wish for thanos to live again
      Genie: that is beyond my power, ask someting else
      Me:ok, then i wish for purple guy with infinity glove to live
      Genie:ok (boom hes back)
      Genie:what have i done!!!(looks at me)

    • Aa A
      Aa A 23 days ago

      I wish for a rebirth of way more dead games.

  • Dragon’s attack on YouTube

    5:55 I remember him I guess I need a dicont

  • Mikhail Fuckoffavich
    Mikhail Fuckoffavich 10 hours ago

    People in back of bus : Rosa parks

  • Theresashing KhawTi
    Theresashing KhawTi 19 hours ago

    Parents: paper, metal,cardboard and glass, let’s not put it in the trash!
    Trash can:come closer

  • Richard Barber
    Richard Barber 20 hours ago

    7:46 thank God because there way to many perverts in the world...😥

  • Richard Barber
    Richard Barber 20 hours ago

    5:51 no they aren't.

  • Psycho Exposer
    Psycho Exposer Day ago

    What if we used 100% of the brain
    Why dont we wish for fairy god parents instead so we have infinite wishes

  • Simplistic Sketches

    Me: Enjoying a bowl of cereal
    My mom: Clean your room!
    Me: I’m eating
    My mom: Imma eat cho ass if you don’t clean yo room!
    Me: 😟😐

  • Shivv4_
    Shivv4_ Day ago

    Friend zoned by Cat ears to school 🏫??...
    How did you find
    Me chum

  • lolz king
    lolz king Day ago

    Clumsy: #DDM a funny comment down below
    Me: #MMD
    Clumsy: rebellion detected

  • Screen Slaver
    Screen Slaver Day ago

    Happy hogan: you will be the next iron man
    Peter:it would be my honor
    Rody/war machine:am I a joke too you

  • Raptor
    Raptor Day ago

    1st grader: spell icup
    Other 1st grader: eye cup how do you spell it
    1st grader: icup
    We’ve been tricked, backstabbed, and quite possibly bambozzled #DDM

  • Jace
    Jace 2 days ago +2

    Genie: Okay, you have three wishes
    Me: I wish I was happy
    Genie: Sorry, can't help you with that

  • Ryan Hopf
    Ryan Hopf 2 days ago

    #🅱️🅱️M when I use this instead of #DDM

  • Ryan Hopf
    Ryan Hopf 2 days ago

    4:41 This exactly happened to me

  • [I'm Vegan't] Psygirl14

    My 3 wishes:
    -Bring back Stan Lee
    -Bring back Grumpy Cat
    -the 3 Doggos live forever

    ETHAN MADE 2 days ago

    flie: *flies in my room*
    me: your free trial of life has ended

  • REBEL2654
    REBEL2654 2 days ago +2

    I wish for you to make me cure cancer (my mum got it yesterday)

  • Croquet Yuzu
    Croquet Yuzu 2 days ago

    4:43 I did that two people in the same day. Am I a bad person now? :(

  • Doan Lac Thien
    Doan Lac Thien 2 days ago +2

    Oh, he might be me.

  • stuart coombes
    stuart coombes 2 days ago

    When you want to move onto the next TVclip video but to watched them all
    Reality is often disappointing

  • Thrive Mk
    Thrive Mk 2 days ago


  • Rebecca Hoerter
    Rebecca Hoerter 2 days ago

    2:00 So true...

  • Elvis Sanchez
    Elvis Sanchez 3 days ago

    I can't help to realize i will be thinking about most of this stuff today. =/

    OMGS Gold YOSHI 3 days ago

    Pause the video then hit my timestamp when you do this is exactly what happened to me 4:44

  • siiri does gacha
    siiri does gacha 3 days ago

    horses produce fast

  • X_Grave_ X
    X_Grave_ X 3 days ago +1

    1:46 wtf does that even mean how does the kid know these words

  • Æ Leon
    Æ Leon 3 days ago

    Genie: You have 3 wishes
    Me: I wish I have infinite wishes
    Genie: (⊙.⊙)

  • Mr. Lazurus
    Mr. Lazurus 3 days ago

    *During Pokemon Lets go team battle against a lvl 1 ratata trainer vs level 100 level pikachu and Zapdos*
    Pikachu: Uses thunder on Zapdos and tries to be funny
    Pikachu: Accidently zaps himself too because they were touching and lost
    What the fuck did you just bring upon this cursed land

  • Super Buu336
    Super Buu336 3 days ago

    That was me

  • Rex Richardson
    Rex Richardson 3 days ago

    8:19 can you pls exsplain

  • The real Tsuyu Asui
    The real Tsuyu Asui 3 days ago +4

    dad: *asks my brother if he has depression and he answers no*
    Also dad: *does not ask me things about depression*
    Me: am I a joke to you?
    I know this meme is dead but idc

  • ToiletProductions
    ToiletProductions 4 days ago

    5:29 you had the chance to say we’re in the endergame now

  • Dragon Studios HD
    Dragon Studios HD 4 days ago

    4:45 If you are feeling depressed, just remember there is someone getting friend zoned by a girl who wears cat ears to school. I am that girl with the cat ears. Maybe even a fox tail clipped to my pants if I'm feeling extra that day

  • Bridget Jafta
    Bridget Jafta 5 days ago

    1:58 r/notlikeothergirls

  • Dorcas Shako
    Dorcas Shako 5 days ago

    0:46 is true I'm 9⃣ my baby bro he fall and we laugh he dances unless it's serious but if we say sorry he starts crying

  • aloha the inkling
    aloha the inkling 5 days ago

    Actually someone at my school has gotten freinds zone by a girl that wears cat ears to school so she freinds zoned him and got with me

  • Derek Ryan
    Derek Ryan 6 days ago

    #ddm genie you have three wishes
    Me I wish I had unlimited wishes
    Genie (is now dead inside)

  • Nina andthegames
    Nina andthegames 6 days ago


  • Solo-Smokez Z
    Solo-Smokez Z 6 days ago +1

    When u get featured in DDM but didn’t put #DDM
    SNEAK 100

  • Gothica
    Gothica 6 days ago

    Genie: You have three wishes
    Me: I wish I had infinite wishes
    Genie: 🤬

  • Vault Boy
    Vault Boy 6 days ago +3

    Mom:its that damn phone

    • Ryan Hopf
      Ryan Hopf 2 days ago

      Shouldn't you be promoting a government funded mega corporation?

  • Chocking Hazard
    Chocking Hazard 7 days ago

    Genie: You have 3 wishes
    Me: I wish for infinite wishes
    Genie: we've been tricked, backstabbed and quite possibly bamboozled.

  • YK_SyBorg
    YK_SyBorg 7 days ago +5

    When it says like or your mom gay
    And you don’t press it
    *a small price to pay for salvation*

  • YK_SyBorg
    YK_SyBorg 7 days ago +29

    Me:*clicks on an *impossible* try not to laugh challenge*.
    Also me:*doesnt laugh*
    The TVclipr: *impossible*

  • PuppetsGalore
    PuppetsGalore 8 days ago

    5:53 Mr.Electric sharkboy and lavagirl

  • Jacob _
    Jacob _ 8 days ago

    No one:
    Clumsy: *says everything that is relatable*
    Every one that relates to clumsy: *everyone*

  • Gon Killua
    Gon Killua 8 days ago

    Omg this is always me 0:20

  • Anna Puszkarczuk
    Anna Puszkarczuk 8 days ago

    When your teacher says pick a partner and you have ur crush in that class and non of his friends are there and you have no friends in the class so the teacher partners you up together

  • Lonewolf
    Lonewolf 9 days ago

    8:00 who takes these pictures?

  • silliestchannel ever

    Dr strange has an amazing ppwer
    Most important battle
    I could go to help

  • Skelly
    Skelly 9 days ago

    Death: Free Death Fries!
    God: Deaths Head For One Cent!
    Devil: Am I a joke to you both

  • John Templeton
    John Templeton 9 days ago

    At 8:29 is so my dad

  • gaguhan gaguhan
    gaguhan gaguhan 9 days ago

    5:56 he's the guy from the sharkboy and lava girl

    DJ SONG 9 days ago +1

    No one in class:

    Not a single soul:

    My Best Friend: my poop was blue yesterday wanna see the picture???????

    • annette
      annette 6 days ago

      DJ SONG
      tvclip.biz/video/F7DShSulSlc/video.html is your friend

  • BramyCrazy
    BramyCrazy 9 days ago

    Theres usually an even number of students in my english class and so whenever the teacher says to pick partners I always just take whoever is left over

  • Cooldudebubba
    Cooldudebubba 9 days ago

    Friendzoned 1:47

  • Stop Polluting
    Stop Polluting 10 days ago

    I had a headache and I didn't want to laugh because it would hurt even more. But, u know what I did? Frickin did it anyway!!! I am quite mad at myself.

  • Albe Martin
    Albe Martin 10 days ago

    I REALLY feel bad fpr tom

  • kc stoddard
    kc stoddard 10 days ago

    5:56 who remembers??

  • Fortnite fan Xdxdxd
    Fortnite fan Xdxdxd 10 days ago +1

    #DDM dad: hey is your phone turned off
    Me: yup
    Dad: ok text me when it turns on

  • Fortnite fan Xdxdxd
    Fortnite fan Xdxdxd 10 days ago

    #DDM me walking by myself:
    Bullie: hey idiot
    Me: hey gap teeth
    Bullie: arghhhh What DiD YOU say
    Me:hey gap teeth?
    Bullie: Idiot your grandma is ugly
    Me: ugly i have more teeth then your grandma
    Bullie: :(

  • mr. chill
    mr. chill 10 days ago +1

    how to make your teeth clean
    *brush your teeth in 24 hours*

  • Flight Everyday
    Flight Everyday 10 days ago

    i have 3 wishes i wish for infinite wishes okie here we go 1st wi-

    thanos:Ha take that
    clumsy:good job thanos

  • Flight Everyday
    Flight Everyday 10 days ago

    btw new sub

  • cooperman man
    cooperman man 10 days ago


  • cooperman man
    cooperman man 10 days ago


  • cooperman man
    cooperman man 10 days ago


  • cooperman man
    cooperman man 10 days ago

    Hi hi

    MICAH TIMS 10 days ago

    #DDM if u r 99 lbs and then u eat a pound of nachos does it make u 1% nachos

  • Cesar
    Cesar 11 days ago

    Women: Rapist should just tell us there name
    Man: hello my name is Carlos 🤔

  • John Mercades
    John Mercades 11 days ago +4

    You have 3 wishes
    I wish communism was still around
    Ok hood good you still have 3 wishes that one is on me
    Slav 100

  • Stephanie Herrera
    Stephanie Herrera 11 days ago +1

    1. What's a n i b b a?

  • Emberlynn Frazier
    Emberlynn Frazier 11 days ago +6

    Genie: You have three wishes.
    Me: Are there rules?
    Genie: Yes the rules are-
    Me: I wish for no rules.
    Sneak 100

  • 0ddLif3
    0ddLif3 11 days ago

    Me: *Tells a joke*
    Me: LAUGH!!!

  • Animathyst
    Animathyst 11 days ago +1

    I literally got friendzoned when I broke up with her and she wore cat ears.

  • Joshua Leon
    Joshua Leon 11 days ago +1

    Granny: Sweety are you hungry
    Me: nah
    Granny: U WOT M8!!!!!

    JJ COOL BEST KID 11 days ago


  • Supergavingaming SGG
    Supergavingaming SGG 11 days ago

    #DDM kid on Monday’s aw shit here we go again

  • Kathy Taylor
    Kathy Taylor 12 days ago

    i was friend zoned by a girl in school that wore bunny ears

  • Itz Shark
    Itz Shark 12 days ago

    Me: swims
    Sees turtle with plastic bag again
    Scientists: use paper bags again

  • anime toons
    anime toons 12 days ago

    me: it's not my fault adoption runs in the family!
    my kids: (insert crying kids)

  • Torin Ahn
    Torin Ahn 12 days ago

    7:28 that was the opposite at my school
    Edit: wrong time oops

  • commie2.0
    commie2.0 12 days ago +10

    5:57 gimme that Veterans Discount (ELITE) (I'm only 12)

  • My Little Productions
    My Little Productions 12 days ago

    4:39 im that guy... :(

  • 傭兵ホワイトタイガー

    Dyslexic people reads: Pick a Panter.

  • D.j M
    D.j M 13 days ago


  • Era Zinto
    Era Zinto 13 days ago +1

    When you look up the definition of a word, then see another word that you don’t know, so you look up that word, then see another word that you don’t know, so you look up that word, then see another word that you don’t know, so you look up that word, then see another word that you don’t know, so you look up that word

  • Sara the amazing mustache lady 2

    4:39 I am that girl... And lots of people are after my love but I reject them...😬

  • JettYetti
    JettYetti 13 days ago +1

    Me when I’m trying to find that last LEGO piece...
    (Insert person looking for LEGO piece when it is behind him or her...)

  • Bill Cipher
    Bill Cipher 13 days ago +1

    I love the Gravity Falls you added-

  • John Myers
    John Myers 13 days ago

    Your funny comment #DDM

  • Cameron WILLIAMS
    Cameron WILLIAMS 14 days ago


  • GliturKat
    GliturKat 16 days ago

    8:06 OK but how the hell did the person make the pictures look like that

  • TestPlayer82
    TestPlayer82 16 days ago

    That garfield one got me

    XXX TENTACION 16 days ago +1

    Absolutely Nobody:
    J.K. Rowling: It was never confirmed that Harry Potter was a boy
    Illuminati intro plays

  • TP3
    TP3 16 days ago +1

    I eat poo

  • Fortnife 111
    Fortnife 111 16 days ago

    You have 5 to live
    Five what
    5 4 3 2 1

  • Longingsphere21
    Longingsphere21 16 days ago

    Genie:you have 3 wishes but you can’t ask for more wishes that is the rule
    Me: I wish there were no rules for wishing
    Genie: Uhhhh.....wellll
    Me: can’t break rules if there are no rules
    Genie: Uhhh...your wish is my command
    Me: Since there are no rules I wish for infinite wishes.
    Genie: I quit
    *genie shoots himself*

  • Sam Ruiz
    Sam Ruiz 16 days ago +1

    5:57 shark boy and lava girl