Tesla Cybertruck Test Ride and Impressions!

  • Published on Nov 22, 2019
  • We ride in Tesla's newly announced Cybertruck prototype! Just hours after its highly-anticipated unveiling, we meet up with Ryan McCaffrey of the Ride the Lightning Tesla podcast to discuss details we noticed from our test ride and getting up close with this futuristic electric pickup. It's controversial and aggressively designed, with an aggressive price to boot.
    Check out Ryan's great Tesla Motors podcast here: teslapodcast.libsyn.com/
    Shot and edited by Norman Chan
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    Intro bumper by Abe Dieckman
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Comments • 3 011

  • pixelkiste
    pixelkiste 9 hours ago

    A Stainless Steel Origami

  • Eric Karczewski
    Eric Karczewski 10 hours ago

    Was that really truckla at 9:42? I thought Simone wasn't allowed to bring it??

  • Led automotive
    Led automotive 12 hours ago

    Hello everybody
    If you subscribe up for my TVclip channel, it helps me improve my passion for car modifications
    Thank you guys

  • confusedwhale
    confusedwhale 16 hours ago

    The cybertruck is just a hatchback.

  • Devansh Chauhan
    Devansh Chauhan 18 hours ago +1


  • J B
    J B Day ago

    y'all if the car doesn't crumple the driver could die in a crash it's not road safe this car fucking sucks

  • Brian Paulson
    Brian Paulson 2 days ago

    Sorry but i will stick with my Dads 25 T roadster pickup!

  • DGTasdiq
    DGTasdiq 2 days ago

    It looks like it came out of that blocky game called Roblox.

  • kokorolex
    kokorolex 3 days ago

    Broke af but still buying this

  • Kalum Batsch
    Kalum Batsch 3 days ago

    This thing could hit you at walking speed and still turn you into a quadriplegic.

  • GamesPS 98
    GamesPS 98 3 days ago

    Riding trash can.

  • NoLongo
    NoLongo 3 days ago

    Interesting how Tesla can remove even the most basic features for cutting costs and be considered visionaries.

  • John Chatman
    John Chatman 3 days ago

    This car really plain as hell

  • Peter Cook
    Peter Cook 3 days ago

    T-shirt is more ludicrous than ludicrous. It’s plaid.

  • VoltisArt
    VoltisArt 4 days ago

    Truckla & Simone Giertz at 9:42. Not a secret prototype!

  • AxelL No1
    AxelL No1 4 days ago

    Looks like a 2 year old draw it...

  • Luthfi Mohammed
    Luthfi Mohammed 4 days ago

    If you are planning to buy new tesla, get free 1000 mile by using referral link ts.la/luthfi25484

  • Hey I'm a Maker
    Hey I'm a Maker 4 days ago

    I like the obnoxious amount of bright light from up high. That will be sure to piss off anyone in front of it in traffic.

  • Curtis Crafts
    Curtis Crafts 4 days ago

    Super cool truck. Pre-ordered before I ever looked into it even. Lol

  • Bob Silver
    Bob Silver 4 days ago

    Does it have a cigarette lighter?

  • Narti's Channel
    Narti's Channel 4 days ago

    UGLY CAR more likely to call it a bucket!

  • Chadontey
    Chadontey 4 days ago

    Okok all jokes aside and hype aside this vehicle is garbage

  • britton3377
    britton3377 4 days ago

    All distraction while they spray you with chemicals

  • Andrew
    Andrew 4 days ago

    Vegan leather, so you mean plastic.

  • Zidders Roofurry
    Zidders Roofurry 4 days ago

    TRUCKLA! 9:41

  • Mark Bello
    Mark Bello 5 days ago +1

    It looks like a concept design I made for a car when I was in preschool. Give me one for free and I won’t sue for copy right infringement.

  • silver scape
    silver scape 5 days ago +2

    I can't call that a truck. It looks like shit honestly. Like a concept model that's nowhere close to being complete

  • Redisia
    Redisia 5 days ago +1

    no side mirrors feels like a really bad idea. They are to useful for tight parking or for finding what drives in your angles

  • Timothy McSwain
    Timothy McSwain 5 days ago

    1:25 Polarizing for sure. Fans of crappy low poly graphics must love that thing... whilst the rest of the world, with working eyes, know it’s hideous and would never get one. Ugh.

  • ZenoM
    ZenoM 6 days ago

    I can't stop preferring a 1977 firebird, sorry.

  • Venus Ursa
    Venus Ursa 6 days ago

    I'm more interested in the police spinner.

  • Mitch Smith
    Mitch Smith 6 days ago

    I honestly don't see it being able to be sold in Europe. The hard body and lack of mirrors are two very important points to address in a vehicle.

  • Davis FourOhFour
    Davis FourOhFour 6 days ago

    Adam Savage can redo his Iron Man armor in cold-rolled 30x steel instead of titanium.

  • nonuseraware
    nonuseraware 6 days ago

    The Cyber Truck would make a very intimidating Cop car.

  • Philippe Morin
    Philippe Morin 6 days ago

    love this channel, great detailed conversation

  • remo1366
    remo1366 6 days ago

    What happens when you use a sheet metal brake and a ruler and forget the English wheel and french curves were invented in the 19th century...

  • remo1366
    remo1366 6 days ago

    That much glass and you still choose to put all display information out of the line of the drivers view rather then using a HUD,makes no design sense...

  • remo1366
    remo1366 6 days ago

    Even mentioning the work of Syd Mead as a comparison to this visual nightmare should be punishable by death.

  • Deu5MaK1nA
    Deu5MaK1nA 6 days ago

    Truckla, I see your cameo...

  • Tidwell
    Tidwell 6 days ago

    Finally. A car that literally looks like nothing on the road

  • TVperson1
    TVperson1 6 days ago +1

    It's a missing a *big red or green hud* in sci-fi font.

  • Ben Lasher
    Ben Lasher 6 days ago

    The look of that truck still doesn't unprove that Elon is super villain or a Bond Villain

  • Jonathan Vergara
    Jonathan Vergara 6 days ago

    Me being late for work and seeing my boss

  • Cody Glick
    Cody Glick 6 days ago

    sneeky sneeky truckla

  • Moniek 76
    Moniek 76 7 days ago

    For 5 years will be rust...

  • ActiveVision® 3d
    ActiveVision® 3d 7 days ago

    Welcome to the new dimension

  • ActiveVision® 3d
    ActiveVision® 3d 7 days ago


  • miro2424
    miro2424 7 days ago


  • WestOfEarth
    WestOfEarth 7 days ago

    The design has grown on me over the last week or so. It occurred to me that many auto manufacturers showcase their futuristic designs at auto shows, but they're never put into production. Elon Musk gives us the futuristic design and will actually sell it.

  • Jesse Lejarzar
    Jesse Lejarzar 7 days ago +1

    I want Simone's truckla model 3

  • Jesse Lejarzar
    Jesse Lejarzar 7 days ago

    God this is fugly! Take my money, but I'm bitter about it.

  • David Riddick
    David Riddick 7 days ago

    This truck reminds me of ARK II.

  • beezzarro
    beezzarro 7 days ago

    How is it that after a week, no one can think of an original joke to tell about this design? The entire internet can only think of either "it's from (some low-polygon game)" or "my kid drew this"

  • ArrigAutist
    ArrigAutist 7 days ago

    Slick city dwellers "testing"...?

  • Jesse Roddick
    Jesse Roddick 7 days ago +1

    Truckla behind the Cybertruck, loved that clip

  • Marc Lapinff
    Marc Lapinff 7 days ago


  • Tr1umph Productions
    Tr1umph Productions 7 days ago

    am i the only one that really likes the cybertruck???

    • Tr1umph Productions
      Tr1umph Productions 4 days ago

      @iforce2d why? i like the design of the vehicle and if i had the funds i would totally order one.

    • iforce2d
      iforce2d 4 days ago

      Maybe, if it was you who made all those 200,000 pre-orders by yourself

  • BrantheBroken
    BrantheBroken 7 days ago

    Easy to make sections of rear LED strip swirchbacks for turn and reverse.
    Truck's cool af. Production version will be a bit tamer but still rad

  • Lars Gottlieb
    Lars Gottlieb 7 days ago

    That just has to be the ugliest car anyone has released since the 1950s.

  • Greg Esch
    Greg Esch 7 days ago

    I think the truck is just a early April prank and its just a fan concept for cyberpunk the game.