• Published on Dec 6, 2017
  • Yo, I'm inspired to go do some weird ish to peoples heads now.
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    Don't forget to live your extra life! 😁
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  • Renita
    Renita 2 hours ago

    I hate these stooopid application clips!!!

  • Autumn Morgan
    Autumn Morgan 22 hours ago


  • SPDworks
    SPDworks 3 days ago

    I've seen that guy's videos before and I think most of what he does while doing hair, at least the colouring processes, are more performance art than working. That'd be why people watch his videos, because he doesn't provide much, in the way of information or advice during these videos... But they are kind of entertaining and the finished looks are never too bad, and sometimes they are pretty good 😊

  • Amanda Pandas
    Amanda Pandas 6 days ago

    The intro though lol. I just woke up and am watching this as my hair is frizzy like I got electrocuted

  • Nikee Noll' Torres
    Nikee Noll' Torres 6 days ago

    Did anyone notice this ? The one with the straws laying under the Saran wrap up the poor girl looks like the hairdresser just on the top of her head she's got little white spots and then the rest is like pink and purple like it just so wrong it's hilarious though

  • Karyna Hahn
    Karyna Hahn 9 days ago

    I just had surgery on my jaw and have been crying all day and when Brad said in the beginning the compliments no shit I started crying again because it was so sweet 😭😭 😭

  • OceanEclipsed
    OceanEclipsed 10 days ago +1

    Brad: YOU, are looking FIERCE today, Yas hunny yasss!

    Staring back with a face mask on, while in paint stained pajamas and my hair flying everywhere in a bun

    Also me: I know sis, I know

  • Adrienne RB
    Adrienne RB 10 days ago

    His Jean button up and fuzzy short sleeve jacket though 😍😍

  • D33N9
    D33N9 12 days ago

    ok wow

  • BeautyLink
    BeautyLink 19 days ago

    The girls with the fuchsia pink reddish hair were the only one that he got lucky with.....

  • It's Mandy
    It's Mandy 19 days ago

    Brad telling me how pretty I am keeps me going in life tbh

  • karissa Flores
    karissa Flores 21 day ago

    Brad I love you but ur lips are angry with you, you look better without the injection hun

  • karissa Flores
    karissa Flores 21 day ago

    I wish he would react to bradlee wannemacher

  • Hannah Strozyk
    Hannah Strozyk 27 days ago +1

    I need to stop watching these videos late at night

  • homie93
    homie93 28 days ago

    maybe he uses the gels cause they're reusable?

  • Carlie Michalak
    Carlie Michalak 29 days ago

    Ew. The I want to speak to your manager haircut. 🤢

  • Jessie37
    Jessie37 29 days ago

    At 8:05...Angelina from Rugrats!!😂😂

  • Anna Visk
    Anna Visk Month ago

    *shitting on the toilet * “you are looking fierce today”

  • Violeta Settle
    Violeta Settle Month ago

    OMG his side profile is male model straight girl fantasy. Gorgeous!!!

  • Megan Worthington
    Megan Worthington Month ago

    "You look fierce today"
    (sitting on the toilet)

  • Cat Dragon
    Cat Dragon Month ago

    0:07 I’m wearing my moms hoodie have not brushed hair in idk eating pizza chips sweat pants 🤧😭😫

  • mileymoe
    mileymoe Month ago +6

    "you look fierce today"
    Me with puffy eyes mid mental break down :

  • Joyce Johnson
    Joyce Johnson Month ago

    His reaction to the green 😂😂😂

  • Azendia2
    Azendia2 Month ago

    Thank you Brad for complimenting your viewer in the beginning of your videos, even if I know you can't see me, it is actually helping my confidence so thanks ❤️

  • Nanny Kloie
    Nanny Kloie Month ago

    Brad you need to stop lying to me at the beginning of every video... I look like a damn mess.

  • Melissa Hyde
    Melissa Hyde Month ago

    “You look fierce today.”
    Looks in mirror and look like someone who hasn’t slept in a week

  • Amy Rickenberg
    Amy Rickenberg Month ago

    calling me fierce even though i know for a FACT i look like a potato today. thank you

  • grace posey
    grace posey Month ago

    "Our next victim" XD

  • Nichole Elizabeth
    Nichole Elizabeth Month ago

    “You look fierce today”
    My hair is literally falling out of my bun

  • Idiotic_ Chaos
    Idiotic_ Chaos Month ago

    Brad: “hold up, you are looking fierce af today”
    Me in my bed at midnight listening to FNAF fan songs: uhhh thanks?

  • Ivan Cervera
    Ivan Cervera Month ago

    The girl in 8:00 looks like annabelle 😭😭💀💀💀

  • SunShine Ray
    SunShine Ray Month ago

    Whoever dislikes brad is crazy!!! Hes so funny.

  • Unsaved
    Unsaved Month ago +15

    me: *opening this vid while i’m sitting on the toilet*
    brad: hold on YOU are lookin fierce today YASSS honey
    me: *feels extremely uncomfortable*

  • Lauren Gustafson
    Lauren Gustafson Month ago

    “You look fierce today”
    Looks down at rolls and lets out a cackle

  • ashn mg
    ashn mg Month ago

    brad always make my self look pretty every time he uploading video i think he's complementing me 😂 even tho i look loke a messsss ily brad!

  • Hannah Arpagaus
    Hannah Arpagaus Month ago

    He's the best gay in this whole world❤️🤯💥🌈🌈

  • Bronwyn Ashleigh
    Bronwyn Ashleigh Month ago

    It’s AeStHeTiC!!!

  • Alyzsa Rhoten
    Alyzsa Rhoten Month ago

    *eye bags, unbrushed hair, mouthful of cereal*
    Brad: FIERCE

  • Diana Mocanu
    Diana Mocanu Month ago

    0:08 - 0:19 imagine him telling that to a camera cuz that’s what he really does lol

  • Kim Wong
    Kim Wong Month ago +1

    Me: icing my face after taking care of like six pimples
    My confidence: 😍😂

  • Olivia Logsdon
    Olivia Logsdon Month ago

    Total guess but what the dude is putting on the girl’s head that looks like cotton, could that be like insulation foam? That’s what it looks like.

  • Avery Brooks
    Avery Brooks Month ago +1

    "You look fierce today!"

    Me: in old pjs eating chips in my bed at 12:00pm

  • Tia Katelyn
    Tia Katelyn Month ago

    Me sitting in the bath looking like a drowning pig
    Brad:you look fierce today!
    Me:*looks around*.... umm thanks:/

  • *raisin- -cookies*
    *raisin- -cookies* Month ago

    *you look feirce today*
    **laughs in low self confidence**

  • Penny Parker
    Penny Parker Month ago

    Whenever you compliment us I can't help but smile.

    ahhhh Thank you, I'm feeling fierce now, boo.

  • lacey hacker
    lacey hacker Month ago

    totally was like is that cotton candy

  • Cookie
    Cookie Month ago +1

    Calls me fierce and stunning when i have literally tears running down my face LMAO

  • Carter Loughridge
    Carter Loughridge Month ago +1

    “You look fierce today”
    Me, laying in bed sick, dying.

  • eat - the - rude
    eat - the - rude Month ago +1

    I went to a hairdresser to get my hair cut (like half a meter, wanted to donate it) and showed her pics of what I wanted but she was like nah and did sth entirely different + cut a million layers with that razor technique and it looked SO BAD that I cut it myself at home but it still looks not good and I have a bit of a Karen-vibe 😭😂

  • 「 komaki sue 」
    「 komaki sue 」 Month ago +1

    *I Do Look Fierce Watching This At Night In My Bed. :) Thanks Brad*

  • SpaceClown404
    SpaceClown404 Month ago

    That hairdresser is just so fucking extra

  • Birdi 3
    Birdi 3 Month ago

    Brad: *says I look fierce*
    Me: *continues eating donuts and chips in 1 week non-washed sweatpants*

  • Paige
    Paige Month ago

    I think the red plastic sheets are reusable, unlike foil or Saran wrap

  • leanieeoof
    leanieeoof Month ago

    brad: you are looking fierce af today
    me while laying down with a double chin and messy hair while eating a burger: well....i know that already *you dont need to tell me again ;)*

  • Mara Beck
    Mara Beck Month ago

    make a video where you try these

  • Flobby Cameros
    Flobby Cameros Month ago

    Brad, I live for your compliments! Yassssss

  • Mermaid Unicorn
    Mermaid Unicorn Month ago

    Brad: you are looking fierce at today
    Me with a full body skin rash and bumpy face: ummm ok!?

  • Ariana Helvie
    Ariana Helvie Month ago

    Yaaaaas chicken yellow!!!

  • shanique joe
    shanique joe 2 months ago

    Blue black

  • Lyric videos
    Lyric videos 2 months ago

    he probably goes off camera and uses another brush