Lil Baby Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex


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  • Jen Hughes
    Jen Hughes 9 hours ago

    I so appreciate this man's honesty. He's honest about not always looking fresh, he's honest about growing up in humble circumstances. I have so much respect for that.

  • Ced Hicks
    Ced Hicks 11 hours ago

    We Need Young dolph " Goes sneaker shopping

  • tiger "if a tree falls in the" woods

    no wonder he called lil baby, nigga still hasnt spoken his first words

  • Peter Black
    Peter Black Day ago +1

    Wizkid on sneakers shopping

  • Adam Schellhouse

    Who tf wears two watches?😂😂😂

  • J R
    J R 2 days ago

    One day I’ll be shopping with complex and be on one of their episodes. Mark my words

  • Moose OvO
    Moose OvO 2 days ago

    I fuck with lil baby no homo

  • Moose OvO
    Moose OvO 2 days ago


  • Jacky Sauceda
    Jacky Sauceda 2 days ago

    PeOpLe WiTh AiR pOdS bE LiKe

  • Sweet Black Baby Neesah

    That you will never wear wow

  • Jimmy Solis
    Jimmy Solis 3 days ago

    He looks like manny

  • Numbas Music
    Numbas Music 3 days ago

    S/o Lil baby

  • peter randall
    peter randall 3 days ago

    dang lil baby time to hit the gym

  • Jas Deol
    Jas Deol 3 days ago

    Manny heffley goes sneaker shopping

  • Even Okstad
    Even Okstad 3 days ago

    he don't like ovversized clothes, but he like ''tiny'' pants that doesn't fit over his ass. pull up you're pants boii, you wearing them like they too big falling off.

  • Aruther Morgan
    Aruther Morgan 3 days ago

    Add a beat at 3:52 and you got you self a rap song

  • Aleksa Portic
    Aleksa Portic 4 days ago

    Drip to hard😎😎😎

  • Aye Bee
    Aye Bee 5 days ago

    I ain’t never shopping there! The rape game is crazy!!!!

  • swag Crisis
    swag Crisis 5 days ago +1

    "Couple more shoes for da collection I probably will neva wear" relatable 😂

  • Offset Huncho
    Offset Huncho 5 days ago

    5:43 the codeine kicked in 😭

  • Zapple
    Zapple 6 days ago

    Which Jordan's Shoes at 2:24?

  • Tow Mater
    Tow Mater 6 days ago

    pause......700 dollars for a shirt thats tuff

  • Kyle Martinez
    Kyle Martinez 6 days ago

    Blah blah sneakers lol

  • shoe king of2016
    shoe king of2016 6 days ago

    7:24 ye das a street nigga

  • Jaylen Avant _
    Jaylen Avant _ 7 days ago

    “Little baby”

  • EvanPlayz
    EvanPlayz 7 days ago


  • EvanPlayz
    EvanPlayz 7 days ago

    0:42 so LITTLE BABY 👶 LOL

  • get mad At my comment

    Playboi carti goes sneaker shopping

  • Lil Healo
    Lil Healo 7 days ago

    Do one with lil mosey

  • Conor Logan
    Conor Logan 7 days ago

    My man...pays with cash

  • Jernario gill
    Jernario gill 7 days ago

    True that.... i make 66% eye contact job interview, its more like 88%

  • Futte Er Sej
    Futte Er Sej 7 days ago

    Tf is Manny doing

  • Reginald Williams
    Reginald Williams 7 days ago

  • WhiteAnime
    WhiteAnime 7 days ago +1

    Them chains fuckin up his posture

  • Jose G
    Jose G 8 days ago

    His way of thinking is totally off.

  • Chris Dinerro
    Chris Dinerro 8 days ago

    My guy really just spent almost $800 on a shirt 😅🤟🏽🕺🏽

  • Philip Okala
    Philip Okala 8 days ago

    My man barely gave Joe eye contact😂😂😂

  • Makai Brogdon
    Makai Brogdon 8 days ago

    That man was walking around wit racks in his back pocket

  • Ms Paxton
    Ms Paxton 9 days ago

    And lil pump

  • Ms Paxton
    Ms Paxton 9 days ago

    Do bhade bhabie

  • Sikai Wu
    Sikai Wu 9 days ago

    "DRIP TOO HARD " stay off

  • Seon
    Seon 9 days ago +2

    Do Sneaker Shipping With Gunna 🐍♿.

  • Cordae Bonner
    Cordae Bonner 9 days ago

    Me: get out my room
    Sibling:im not in your room

  • Polo147
    Polo147 10 days ago

    Damn this is stupid

  • Ñåømì Çåmèrøñ

    So not only do they get free promotion, they get cash from the person buying the shoe

    NBA YOUNGBOY 11 days ago

    Is no one ganna mention the fact that he got $80 socks💀😩😧

    PHOTOGRAPHY PLUG IG 11 days ago


  • betaboy22
    betaboy22 11 days ago

    He really thought no one would catch him backing his G wagon into a parking spot

  • Tyjuan Madeline
    Tyjuan Madeline 11 days ago +1

    Why everybody got a card and no money 💴?

    • Tyjuan Madeline
      Tyjuan Madeline 5 days ago

      Jada Palmer how much

    • Jada Palmer
      Jada Palmer 6 days ago

      Tyjuan Madeline its a certain amount of cash uu can carry on uu without getting arested

  • XannyOfficial
    XannyOfficial 11 days ago

  • Mr 33
    Mr 33 11 days ago

    8:05 lol😂😂

  • lulbby
    lulbby 12 days ago


  • Cdimops
    Cdimops 13 days ago

    anyone know what brand jeans he got on throughout the video and in the picture at 2:23

  • Seon
    Seon 13 days ago +1

    4PF 🐍💙💪.

  • cheezy wave
    cheezy wave 13 days ago

    so who else clicked to see what joe will call him in the video

  • Londyn Kumar
    Londyn Kumar 13 days ago

    Do Drake goes sneaker shopping

  • Diego Aguilar
    Diego Aguilar 13 days ago

    It’s “LIL” not “little” baby lmao

  • Cella&tete Vids
    Cella&tete Vids 14 days ago

    He’s real but he stuck up

  • ashley wallace
    ashley wallace 14 days ago

    "He said some real shit @ 5:50 .." -mascato

  • Karen Bryant
    Karen Bryant 14 days ago

    Good skin

  • reborn mommy
    reborn mommy 15 days ago

    Lil baby hot af

  • Mohamed hussain
    Mohamed hussain 15 days ago


  • Limp Noodle
    Limp Noodle 15 days ago

    His posture sucks

    SACRIFICE SINO 15 days ago

    wah wah wah bitch its lil baby

  • loved but_dead
    loved but_dead 15 days ago

    Lil skies goes sneaker shopping

  • Fortex
    Fortex 15 days ago


  • Fortex
    Fortex 15 days ago +1

    Lil mosey next

  • Michael Bae
    Michael Bae 15 days ago

    I thought he was kd for a sec on the thumbnail

  • Alex Frost
    Alex Frost 16 days ago

    "Off brand states like Boston" 😂😂

  • Crep Select
    Crep Select 16 days ago


  • Eder Sanchez
    Eder Sanchez 16 days ago

    My man just throws the fucken money

  • Dav Sosa
    Dav Sosa 16 days ago

    Get shoreline mafia on this

  • Detroit313Eskimoe
    Detroit313Eskimoe 16 days ago

    I like this nigga💯.. jus as a man in general I never really listened to his music.

  • Axi
    Axi 17 days ago

    Song at 0:40?

    EMILY CYRULIK 19 days ago

    Ahh he’s the cutest!! He’s fr so funny!🥰

  • Alex wooden
    Alex wooden 19 days ago

    Cj so cool should be on the show

  • Yvng Trill
    Yvng Trill 19 days ago

    I don’t never wear them but I need them

  • Thomas Pritchett
    Thomas Pritchett 19 days ago

    Brand new whip got no keys

  • Abraham Liu
    Abraham Liu 20 days ago

    It’s really hard for me to understand what is he talking about

  • Ms Paxton
    Ms Paxton 20 days ago

    That nigga high af

  • Noah Harrison
    Noah Harrison 21 day ago

    0:26 What??

  • kingofhaiti123
    kingofhaiti123 21 day ago

    Why niggas down south talk so lazyyyy lol

  • Dick Tator
    Dick Tator 21 day ago

    5:55 most important

  • Dick Tator
    Dick Tator 21 day ago

    Baggy swag k like how you put that bro

  • Dick Tator
    Dick Tator 21 day ago

    If ya like it rock it

  • Dick Tator
    Dick Tator 21 day ago


  • Dick Tator
    Dick Tator 21 day ago

    Always give back that's awesome

  • Dick Tator
    Dick Tator 21 day ago

    Wrd that was a faya shoe

  • Keira Ng
    Keira Ng 21 day ago

    It must be so uncomfortable that he’s just calling him baby

  • Sha'iere Smirnoff
    Sha'iere Smirnoff 22 days ago

    They making everything over size? Where he shopping at?

  • Soloboy Tae
    Soloboy Tae 22 days ago

    I wish i can hang with lil baby everyday

  • Sheil Patel
    Sheil Patel 22 days ago

    This the first time I ever seen/heard lil baby without gunna

  • baybridge49
    baybridge49 23 days ago

    No credit card, str8 cash homie

  • baybridge49
    baybridge49 23 days ago

    Did that say $79 for a pair of socks?

  • Andrea Clark
    Andrea Clark 23 days ago

    Lil baby look tired

  • Jt_mastermind
    Jt_mastermind 23 days ago +1

    The drugs make this nigga can’t look eye to eye

  • Shrek
    Shrek 23 days ago

    Lil baby in the thumbnail looks like he's waiting for his mom to get out of the dressing room

  • Astronaut Kidd
    Astronaut Kidd 24 days ago

    lil baby talk like he cant breathe

  • Aram Garbo
    Aram Garbo 24 days ago

    I can understand no sh*#!

    FOREIGN ZOE 24 days ago

    $743 for long sleeve newstory Mastermind shirt damn son hhelll nooo