Lil Baby Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

  • Published on Oct 15, 2018
  • Lil Baby goes Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma at A Ma Maniere in Atlanta and talks about the influence of his home city on the culture, his fashion style on the road, and giving away sneakers to kids in his community.
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Comments • 6 410

  • Jonathan Gonzalez
    Jonathan Gonzalez 7 hours ago

    This guy needs subtitles with all the mumbling he does

  • Sphezz
    Sphezz 2 days ago +1

    I feel lil baby is actually a baby, I never understands what he says. He may say his first words later.

  • Yung Jew
    Yung Jew 2 days ago

    He needs to learn how to speak with his teeth a apart somehow he mumbles when he talks, needs to go back to school 😂😂

  • Hellabandz 777
    Hellabandz 777 2 days ago

    7:23 you know he’s counted so much money that he counts it fast asf 😂

  • AN music
    AN music 3 days ago

    what the fak is he saying i understand NONE 😩😩

  • Josue Garcia
    Josue Garcia 3 days ago +2

    How tf does 1 pair of sock cost more than a shirt?😂

  • Ajant Smith
    Ajant Smith 5 days ago

    He has horrible posture.

  • R.I.P wherearetheavocadoes

    Get Travis Scott and Playboi Carti

  • Larry Brown
    Larry Brown 6 days ago

    Sexy man hey

  • Dat Boy
    Dat Boy 7 days ago

    Cry cry cry bitch I'm da baby

  • teebz R
    teebz R 7 days ago

    What? Speak english lil wack af baby

  • nuelo321 Oladee
    nuelo321 Oladee 8 days ago

    This needs gunna as a feature

  • Rezald Gaming
    Rezald Gaming 9 days ago

    Do lil mosey

  • Lohan 360
    Lohan 360 11 days ago +29

    Literally no-one:

  • 4zketke 4l
    4zketke 4l 12 days ago +1

    Why tf was he throwing the money on the counter like that lmao

  • Michael Miljevic
    Michael Miljevic 13 days ago

    This man always says little instead of lil when it comes to rappers

  • Andrew Lenhoff
    Andrew Lenhoff 13 days ago

    Yo I'm size 9/5 and I'm 11

  • Ben Maliqi
    Ben Maliqi 13 days ago

    where is gunna

  • Guest House
    Guest House 15 days ago

    WTF is he saying. I cant understand a single word.

  • Michee Alino
    Michee Alino 16 days ago

    Put Dababy on the show

  • 360 Kobe
    360 Kobe 16 days ago

    Get da baby on here

  • David IsAOkay
    David IsAOkay 20 days ago

    Bitch I’m a baby

  • Miriam Israel
    Miriam Israel 22 days ago

    "A couple of shoes I probably will Neve wear"= he is humble😂

  • Kyng SRyvvy X3
    Kyng SRyvvy X3 22 days ago

    U forgot to put ft gunna

  • Jonas YT
    Jonas YT 22 days ago

    Lil baby looks like a horse

  • Josh Ary
    Josh Ary 23 days ago

    He can count money fast

  • YT ElliciTy
    YT ElliciTy 23 days ago


  • William Vilche
    William Vilche 24 days ago

    How he count dat money doe 7:15 homie boujie fr😂💸💸

  • Lounging101 Boss
    Lounging101 Boss 25 days ago +1

    LITTLE baby omfg

  • hd _4kt
    hd _4kt Month ago +1

    He loves white airforce 1's so much

  • Bourbon IDK
    Bourbon IDK Month ago +2

    5:42 Didnt know Lil Baby sang like that

  • Trae Wyatt
    Trae Wyatt Month ago

    I need that beat its fire

    J HOOPS Month ago

    He cut him the whole video 🤣😂👶

  • latavius bolden
    latavius bolden Month ago +1

    Lil 👶 believes his whole team should win. ✊🏾 💯🐐

  • Fabricio Oliva
    Fabricio Oliva Month ago

    little baby

  • jay an jay
    jay an jay Month ago

    Im from ny and i still could understand him🤷‍♀️

  • KVNGcardinal
    KVNGcardinal Month ago

    boston is a offbrand state? damnnnn

  • sophie
    sophie Month ago +4

    lowkey have more respect for baby now

  • 7even 9
    7even 9 Month ago


  • Goku San
    Goku San Month ago

    This nigga off a bean 😗😂😂😂

  • Ulises Odriosola
    Ulises Odriosola Month ago


  • Benjamin Bartnicki
    Benjamin Bartnicki Month ago +1

    Joe-what was it like coming up shopping when your were younger?

    Lil Baby-jandysk hsgeud ahs ndhshd jdjshs qwishs

  • yp doll
    yp doll Month ago

    Them tee shirts 1300 alone

  • Hi Hey
    Hi Hey Month ago

    My guy dripping out on socks for $79.00 :3

  • Rick Flint
    Rick Flint Month ago


  • Pehrson Young
    Pehrson Young Month ago

    Definitely high in this

  • Nazif jones
    Nazif jones Month ago

    Lil baby is one of ma favorite rapper and I really his fashion sense... "like what you like". Who do you want to see on complex next.
    Reply your comments here.

  • cristian gonzalez
    cristian gonzalez Month ago

    he looks like manny from diary of a wimpy kid

  • Barry McCockner
    Barry McCockner Month ago +1

    Yep another talentless rapper ive never heard of 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽 5 min of itunes samples tells me enough. No talent hack. 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

  • Cashmere Schwartzenegger

    Cashmere Schwartzenegger
    🔥🔥🔥Ready 🔥🔥🔥hard as Fx%k! 🔥“All my niggaz thoroughbred “🔥

  • Logan Sanaa
    Logan Sanaa Month ago

    I can understand him because I speak hood

  • Ranajit Choudhury
    Ranajit Choudhury Month ago

    I wanted to see joe's crep check man, he looked nice today good outfit joe
    And he dressed his age proud of em mam
    N lil baby of course always

  • Losy Bot
    Losy Bot Month ago

    Lil baby has that ghost ego
    It's like when you know something's special is there but you can't see it
    *That's him*

  • Kymani Eldemire
    Kymani Eldemire Month ago


  • Lucas Woelders
    Lucas Woelders Month ago

    7:30 - pulls out tens stacks of cash

  • Mason Kearney
    Mason Kearney Month ago

    bruh i cant understand a word that comes out of his mouth

  • juan the goat
    juan the goat Month ago

    Lil nas x is gay he hangs with toung thug and lil baby acts weird and he hangs with young thug wowwwwwwwww

  • PermafrostPyro
    PermafrostPyro Month ago

    I wonder how it feel when you working and you see a rapper just walk up to you

  • MrSuckafree247
    MrSuckafree247 Month ago

    That would be my focus, the kids that can't afford them, good look bruh

  • Dain A.
    Dain A. Month ago

    Damn he really does have drip

  • Amarhi Graham
    Amarhi Graham Month ago

    He say that every time

  • aubrey the goat
    aubrey the goat Month ago

    He sexy

  • muhammad nazim
    muhammad nazim Month ago

    How bou 2 watches on both hand ? , whatha😂😂

  • Eliam Valdes Zavala
    Eliam Valdes Zavala Month ago +1

    Ify caring all yo cash nun of dat plastic Shii 🤑

  • KJ The Show
    KJ The Show Month ago

    Lil baby real street nigga

  • Richard Killings
    Richard Killings Month ago +1

    He threw up R60llin Crip

  • Saucy Mature
    Saucy Mature Month ago

    Do cheif keef

    MiGUEL A COLON Month ago

    just saying

    MiGUEL A COLON Month ago

    yeah his peoples I never met

    MiGUEL A COLON Month ago


    MiGUEL A COLON Month ago

    just tuning in watching what you doing

  • Ian Clough
    Ian Clough 2 months ago

    Could anyone understand him that well 😂

  • Leon Stevenson
    Leon Stevenson 2 months ago

    You buy me a iPhone XR

  • Charlie Slump
    Charlie Slump 2 months ago

    Man get him an accountant

  • Daniel Ivan
    Daniel Ivan 2 months ago +4

    Ik y’all Boston natives salty he called Boston offbrand 😂