Natalie Portman on Star Wars & Annihilation

  • Published on Feb 16, 2018
  • Natalie talks about visiting the Star Wars set with her six-year-old son and Oscar Isaac, and her new movie Annihilation.
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    Natalie Portman on Star Wars & Annihilation
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Comments • 463

  • Twinbee
    Twinbee Day ago

    She`s the wife of Darth Vader and ex Girlfriend to Thor !
    This woman have gone places !

  • Jerry Sowders
    Jerry Sowders 2 days ago

    She's good actor and she needs some good writer's to write her a good comedy. Cause she can do comedy. 😅

  • Roman Mora
    Roman Mora 2 days ago


  • ellahh
    ellahh 13 days ago

    Leon the professional oof

  • Cuttersway Park
    Cuttersway Park 18 days ago +1

    Love won’t save you Natalie, only my new powers can do that.
    *creepo smirk*

  • marszipan
    marszipan 20 days ago

    I thought she said arent i a cool mum to luke and leia when she appeared on the new star wars set,,

  • Diana ilarraza
    Diana ilarraza 27 days ago

    dosent it feel weird the Luke Skywalker is in real life is older then his mom like wow she looks so young and fresh lol

  • Mattack
    Mattack 28 days ago

    I would tear that ass up like a palestinian village.

  • Pickles Mcgee
    Pickles Mcgee Month ago

    Did Oscar put his man in her port?

  • Pankaj Kamnan
    Pankaj Kamnan Month ago

    Wn cn i get to c ur next human movie (No strings attached) other than that f star wars & Annihilation.

    STEVE P Month ago

    She's a beautiful, sexy woman.

  • G.I. JANE
    G.I. JANE Month ago

    Annihilation is a brilliant, instant sci-fi cult classic. Watch it, especially if you love sci-fi .

  • Janet amanicia
    Janet amanicia Month ago +1

    She looks like Millie bobbie brown 😣😂

  • Sean B
    Sean B Month ago

    I wish Jimmy just SHUT UP

  • Rowan Cox
    Rowan Cox Month ago

    This whole time I'd been resisting clicking subscribe to jimmy kimmel because he is not my favourite talk show host ever but I felt so bad that he was hungry to eat that cookie so I did what was right. ❤️

    CMONCMON007 Month ago

    I think il always have a crush on Natalie Portman

  • Juan Pablo Andueza
    Juan Pablo Andueza Month ago

    Jimmy, you're a hypocrite... So I'm never going to give you the chance to eat a cookie.

  • Anna
    Anna Month ago

    i took off my glasses to clean them and saw keira knightley instead of natalie portman

  • Christa Kwon
    Christa Kwon Month ago

    Ugh. She looks like she could be MBB's (11's) mom.

  • Robert lawrie
    Robert lawrie Month ago

    National security ;)

  • johnnyatab
    johnnyatab Month ago

    Too bad she was in the worst three Star Wars films. Oh well.

  • the reptilian dude
    the reptilian dude Month ago

    Jumping from one set to the other ? its no wonder both movies where shitty !

  • Vorath
    Vorath 2 months ago +1

    I'd tongue punch Natalie's fart box.

  • Kamil Malina
    Kamil Malina 2 months ago +1

    I wanna watch Leon Professional now lol

  • Subjective Mind
    Subjective Mind 2 months ago

    Done. Eat the damn cookie!

  • Blue Fox
    Blue Fox 2 months ago

    4 Weman ... *boooorrrrinngg

  • Doston Zukurov
    Doston Zukurov 2 months ago


  • Oriana J Borges
    Oriana J Borges 2 months ago

    damn, Annihilation was sooooo gooooood! love herrr!!

    CVBRVL 2 months ago

    I’m a huge horror guy so I’m used to them and this movie STILL terrified me in the theater. It’s the dream-like way it’s shot that’s so familiar it’s eerie.

    METALHENDRIX1 2 months ago

    “Its some kind of Dark Matter based Life Form that unintentionally affected our atmosphere by just trying to survive. Until it found a way to mimic, blend in and coexist and become The Next Evolution of Humankind”.

    DAY KON 2 months ago

    The unsee parts she’s talking about are the random sex scenes in the film that pop out no where, I know their meant to be symbolic but almost everyone complained that it was unecessary and I have to agree. On another note Natalie Portman is awesome an she will always be the princess of the prequels

  • Benoît Bohy
    Benoît Bohy 2 months ago / pa(o)n (Bang) / Klimt (le baiser) / bodak yellow (c.b.)

  • Sayaplayer
    Sayaplayer 2 months ago

    Talking about 2 movies a lot of people won't be seeing...

  • t d
    t d 2 months ago +4

    Annihilation was really good, but if youre looking for a basic, predictable sci fi movie you probably wont like it

  • Rob Sorbo
    Rob Sorbo 2 months ago

    I really enjoyed that movie. Natalie Portman was excellent in it.

  • Jar Jar Abrams
    Jar Jar Abrams 2 months ago

    Anakin come back I love you

  • IlikeEmerica96
    IlikeEmerica96 2 months ago

    Movies come from our imagination

  • Rado Radukov
    Rado Radukov 2 months ago

    *Neta-Lee (Portman) Hershlag*

  • JackBauer137
    JackBauer137 2 months ago +7

    She looks bad for 36

  • Kevin Reynart
    Kevin Reynart 2 months ago

    Luke Skywalker and Leia Solo's mom and Kylo Ren's grandma.

  • Caleb Harris
    Caleb Harris 2 months ago

    She doesn't look a day older, weird

  • SilkSatin Paradise
    SilkSatin Paradise 2 months ago +113

    If it wasn't for Jar Jar Binks, Anakin Skywalker would have probably lived out his whole life as a slave.

    • naked snek
      naked snek 28 days ago

      the reptilian dude he's also the reason why Vader crushed the dark side and brought balance to the force (not counting those Disney bullshits)

    • the reptilian dude
      the reptilian dude Month ago +7

      Jar Jar is probably the reason why Anakin joined the dark side, i know i would !

    • swedishfootballfan
      swedishfootballfan 2 months ago +5

      SilkSatin Paradise If it werent for fiction Jar Jar Binks would not exist. And his fictionious actions wouldnt effect Anakin.

  • crazy dog 55
    crazy dog 55 2 months ago +1

    Jimmy you are still waiting to eat that cookie

  • Little Big Men Productions

    Annihilation is the best movie I’ve ever seen..and that SAYS A LOT coming from a filmmaker/movie fanatic, I’m quite picky with my films and have had several favorites that I thought could never be passed up...but I guess I was wrong, everyone in the world needs to see that movie

  • Anders Hansen
    Anders Hansen 2 months ago

    Am I the only one that feels like Jeff Vandermeer might be intentionally distancing himself from the film? I never hear his name referenced, or even the fact that it's an adaptation of a novel (other than a brief text in the trailers).

  • Lauri Markkanen
    Lauri Markkanen 2 months ago +1

    The force is no match against the power of a boner according to Cinemasins

  • Jason Todd
    Jason Todd 2 months ago +2

    You turned her against me!

  • ScaF
    ScaF 2 months ago

    *L I A R*

  • Abram Sullivan
    Abram Sullivan 2 months ago

    I subscribe for you Jimmy you can now eat your cookie. Also I'm looking forward to see Natalie Portman new film Annihilation hope it good.

  • Super Dan
    Super Dan 2 months ago +3

    She is a treasure

  • Sixth Sith
    Sixth Sith 2 months ago

    ...but, I do love sandwiches 👡

  • BB42
    BB42 2 months ago +7

    It's weird watching Natalie Portman get old. I remember her vividly back in the Star Wars films and she always seemed so young. Time passes so quickly for us all.

    • malowski
      malowski Month ago +1

      She would need to be older than she is to be middle aged though.

      DVRK NIGHT DUMMO Month ago

      malowski I am not though so that wouldn't apply to me. Regardless, she's getting old. It would be wrong to still call her young. She's middle aged at this point. Basically a milf

    • malowski
      malowski Month ago +1

      Not mid 30's anyway. Again, if you were a kid below below 12 the viewpoint might be different.

      DVRK NIGHT DUMMO Month ago

      LMAO what is old to you? 500? 😂

    • malowski
      malowski Month ago +2

      To a child, maybe.

  • Al Barleta
    Al Barleta 2 months ago +2

    Queen Amidala, please save the invisible hamster.

  • Alan Su
    Alan Su 2 months ago +1

    Like her role in Star Wars, scene I wish I can unsee.

  • Schweppes Boy
    Schweppes Boy 2 months ago

    Wife of Darth Vader
    Mother of Luke and Leia Skywalker
    Grandmother of Kylo Ren
    Mother-in-law of Han Solo
    Queen of Naboo

  • Abigail Klein
    Abigail Klein 2 months ago +1

    Kylo Ren's cool grandma

  • Smiley Heart
    Smiley Heart 3 months ago +1

    I’m a girl and I played with Star Wars toys more that my brother I noticed slight sexist comments

  • Olle Henriksson
    Olle Henriksson 3 months ago +1

    Natalie Portman's face when he brought up Star Wars brought shivers down my spine.

  • Beef Fishstick
    Beef Fishstick 3 months ago +1

    Padme my queen

  • Redbug 3
    Redbug 3 3 months ago

    March for Our Lives. ----March 24, 2018. Do something positive please!

  • Tom Crews
    Tom Crews 3 months ago +9

    Poe knows Padme I guess

    JOHN BOKO SHOW 3 months ago +3

    She would be a better Wonder Woman than Gal Gadot.

    • Cherry
      Cherry Month ago

      JOHN BOKO SHOW well that's ur opinion I disagree but whatever too bad she isnt

      JOHN BOKO SHOW Month ago +1

      No she's not the perfect Wonder Woman so no thank you.

    • Cherry
      Cherry Month ago

      Nooo I think everyone sticks with their role Gal gadot is the perfect wonder woman

  • Leandros Amarantidis
    Leandros Amarantidis 3 months ago

    There is like a thousand children appropriate tv shows, toys and Games about Star Wars ... why wouldn’t they know about it.

  • A.J. A
    A.J. A 3 months ago +16

    I hate sand

    • Captain Rex
      Captain Rex 11 days ago

      A.J. A
      I don't like sand, its coarse, and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere

    • Jackster249 plays
      Jackster249 plays 23 days ago

      It’s cold rough irritating and it gets everywhere

    • Graciocillo :D
      Graciocillo :D 2 months ago


  • Breaking News
    Breaking News 3 months ago +2

    Just a messenger. But Natalie Portman is all for the #MeToo and feminist movement, but takes away roles from Asians helping Hollywood to whitewash roles. A guy from Deadpool was casted and found out it was for an Asian and did the right thing and stepped down.

    • Split Dimension
      Split Dimension Month ago

      someone stepped down from a role because they didn't want to white wash? Hell I'd be happy not taking the role because I didn't fit the part. That sounds way too political and people caught up in racial justice and think they are doing the world a favor by trying so hard to be politically correct. To not offend anyone. Like trying to feed my family I really need this role. Its ok we can starve this month because this asian or black person needs this more than I do for the greater good. The whole thing is so overrated.

    • malowski
      malowski Month ago

      I just mean in the sense that her dad is an american and her mum was israeli. But yeah her nationality would be israeli.

    • clariola
      clariola Month ago

      jshariff786 is there an 8th continent?

    • jtron84
      jtron84 Month ago

      1) Middle Eastern is not Asian 2) Only one of the three books in the trilogy had been released when the screenwriter adapted Annihilation for film, and her character Lena's ethnicity was not specified in that first book.

    • clariola
      clariola 2 months ago

      malowski Natalie Portman is 100% Israeli. She's middle eastern (Asian). Not half anything.

  • Kat Robertson
    Kat Robertson 3 months ago +4

    Kylo Ren has such a hot grandma

  • Asap Animation
    Asap Animation 3 months ago +1

    If I was gonna cast Vader’s wife, I’d cast her too

  • thedearnoman
    thedearnoman 3 months ago

    natalie portman is such a whore. She is a retarded whore.

  • Trueskeptic
    Trueskeptic 3 months ago


    BLOOD1MONEY 3 months ago

    *god I want to raw dog her and nut in between her asscheeks then go and get her a wet towel to clean it up* 👌

    • cohletrain
      cohletrain 3 months ago

      Autism is a hell of a drug!

  • takz takz
    takz takz 3 months ago

    old hag

    • Kevin Reynart
      Kevin Reynart 2 months ago

      +takz takz Don't talk about your mom like that.

  • Miguel Cubero
    Miguel Cubero 3 months ago

    The Moral "the Man Show"

  • vcwchen
    vcwchen 3 months ago

    no one here bitching she said in golden globes? smh

  • oflightz
    oflightz 3 months ago +5

    Eff you Netflix for not making Annihilation available to watch in cinemas almost anywhere, I was so looking forward to Garland's next film. This will have the opposite effect - I will unsubscribe from Netflix as a result and watch this movie only if and when it appears in any cinema near me, or if not I will simply stream it from a third party site. It's a shame because I like some of your shows very much, but I will not support this war you're waging against cinemas.

    • BoogieDownProduction
      BoogieDownProduction 2 months ago

      No youre dumb. Netflix can release it online in a few markets. The rest are going to the theaters. This is done by Paramount. Goto the movie theater to watch it, done even bother if youre going to watch it in anything less than blu-ray on a big screen with a good sound system. Honestly that might still not be the same as theaters, this is a movie you experience. Its great.

    • oflightz
      oflightz 2 months ago +2

      Sorry but that's bull. Netflix have the rights, they can release it in cinemas the same way Amazon do their films.

    • BooksAndStuff
      BooksAndStuff 2 months ago +1

      oflightz it’s totally not Netflix’s fault though, Paramount’s the one that decided it wouldn’t do well internationally so they sold the rights to Netflix.

  • Zelie Fernandez
    Zelie Fernandez 3 months ago

    celebrate arrest sorry lykkal commitment unity brand sky shine poetry awareness settle occupation ourselves.

  • Vylkeer
    Vylkeer 3 months ago +1

    Queen Amidala

  • Daniel Hendriks
    Daniel Hendriks 3 months ago

    stake because brilliant consume express proportion ie plus negotiation counter asian involved safe.

  • PHIFan-MIA
    PHIFan-MIA 3 months ago +2

    Star Wars royalty lmao. Look at her reaction she knows most fans disliked her acting in those films.

    • Kevin Reynart
      Kevin Reynart 2 months ago

      +PHIFan-MIA Blame George Lucas. He even made Liam Neeson and Samuel L. Jackson act wooden in the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy.

  • Anthony Avalos
    Anthony Avalos 3 months ago

    She hasn’t aged a day🔥she’s too fine

  • geeerod
    geeerod 3 months ago

    I got a poop commercial before this video and watched it all the way through...

  • BFKC
    BFKC 3 months ago

    She looked like two different versionsof 12 at 12 and 19. Now she looks like... just about anyone, and pretty old (near or around 40). Wth?

  • zamira176
    zamira176 3 months ago +5

    I love her so much

  • Ignacio Francés
    Ignacio Francés 3 months ago

    All jimmy kimmel subtitles arent sincronized, please fix it. Who wants to learn with this vids cant do it properly

  • SilverMuss
    SilverMuss 3 months ago

    I confirm, my 2 and 4 year old sons, love Star Wars and hum the music but haven't seen the movies either...

  • 415 s30
    415 s30 3 months ago

    Three movies she was in, I don't recall those, oh I have a document here that says I had them bleached from my mind.

  • Hurricane Long
    Hurricane Long 3 months ago

    I know one thing for sure the Last Jedi certainly wasn't better than my imagination of that movie would be!

  • Brown eyes Guy
    Brown eyes Guy 3 months ago +4

    I want to see a prequel movie but with a alternate story

  • michel de wees
    michel de wees 3 months ago

    Annual spiritual worried myth smart will in description veteran union who reception.

  • Son Goku
    Son Goku 3 months ago


  • Avos Quit
    Avos Quit 3 months ago

    Is she talking about oscar isaac? And if she is, am i getting it right that she said he didnt see star wars? How can someone whos playing a role in one of the greatest movie series ever have not seen the films? Btw i love oscar isaac but it seems kinda weird

    • Avos Quit
      Avos Quit 3 months ago +2

      Richard Laguna ahhh ok thank you, makes sense

    • Richard Laguna
      Richard Laguna 3 months ago +3

      Avos Quit I think she is referring to his son. In another interview she said she doesn't let her son watch SW because she fears he gets sad when he sees "his mom has died".

  • jimijuu omastar
    jimijuu omastar 3 months ago +1

    Watching natalie just makes me sad .....knowing i will never have her .

  • PositiveLastAction
    PositiveLastAction 3 months ago

    I want to see inislatikb

  • Mathilde Durand
    Mathilde Durand 3 months ago

    Heel college obligation lots incredible your while question protest.

  • Talon Diwisch
    Talon Diwisch 3 months ago

    I’m just happy she said “LEGO.”

  • Talon Diwisch
    Talon Diwisch 3 months ago +1

    Not only did Poe hook up with Padmé, but also her replacement. (Nativity Story)

  • Talon Diwisch
    Talon Diwisch 3 months ago +1

    She’s so gorgeous I can’t take her seriously.

    • Talon Diwisch
      Talon Diwisch Month ago

      jshariff786 You’re an idiot. I wasn’t insulting her at all. I was saying it’s hard to pay attention to what someone is saying when they’re very beautiful. Did I say she was an idiot? No. So stop putting words in my mouth. Also, I’m assuming you’re a woman so you wouldn’t understand as much about how males work.

    • jtron84
      jtron84 Month ago

      Wow, it says a lot about you and your prejudices that you can't take a university-educated woman seriously just because she is attractive, even _after_ she opens her mouth in an interview to speak intelligently about her latest film role. She cogently explained both the themes and plot elements of the movie. She's both smart and beautiful: _deal_ with it.

  • chrilope
    chrilope 3 months ago

    Her face gets further away from her head everyday.

  • jbroti 004
    jbroti 004 3 months ago

    I really want to see Annihilation cause the premise looks great! Sci fi thriller, environmental phenomena changes. I want to see that alligator!
    But I don’t watch horror cause I’m a 28 yr old pansy. I hope it’s just that mutated bear that’s the only scary part(s).