How to Treat Bouncers, According to Bouncers

  • Published on Jun 2, 2019
  • Bouncers see... a lot. We spoke to some of New York City's finest bouncers to find out the do's, the don'ts, and the fastest ways to get yourself kicked out of the club.
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Comments • 3 083

  • ChieftainFish
    ChieftainFish 3 days ago

    bouncers seem like assholes

  • Brandon ThaKidd
    Brandon ThaKidd 3 days ago

    getting into a club is not that serious, why respect an person who guards an door when he wants to

  • Ken Williams
    Ken Williams 4 days ago

    God her voice is sooo annoying.

  • dude anonymous
    dude anonymous 4 days ago

    Damn, these bouncers are all dicks lol. Should've gotten good ones and not assholes

  • Dante monterey
    Dante monterey 5 days ago

    Ok but y'all acting like some folks arnt Rollin in 500dollar sneakers though

  • D. Rusty
    D. Rusty 5 days ago +1

    thats why i stay home and get high so i dont have to handle with these... "humans"? ^^

  • John Mayes
    John Mayes 5 days ago

    Oh well I guess I'm not going to the club can't wear sneakers I like how the bouncers says your an 8 your not getting in when he has no room to talk his hurting

  • B MB
    B MB 6 days ago

    DONT talk to me about the weather, DO tell me how good your hair is

  • HacaPotato
    HacaPotato 6 days ago

    This comment section is disgusting.

  • Ingemann Ingemann
    Ingemann Ingemann 6 days ago

    Wtf is up with the dress code bullshit? I LITERALLY ONLY WEAR SNEAKERS AND CASUAL CLOTHING.
    Since when did bars and clubs become a formal setting?

    • Ingemann Ingemann
      Ingemann Ingemann 4 days ago

      @Emidius _ Lmaoo your gameplays sucks, just like your personality.

    • Emidius _
      Emidius _ 4 days ago

      Sweatpants and adidas isn’t welcome everywhere. It’s not hard to dress like you aren’t going to Walmart. You sound 12.

  • Jonny Quest
    Jonny Quest 7 days ago

    What a bunch of shitcunts

  • mojojojoddsTU3
    mojojojoddsTU3 8 days ago

    2:31 NO sneakers? WTF

  • TimeWatch5
    TimeWatch5 9 days ago +1

    Not for nothing but they only get paid to remove the worse of the intoxicated people. Idk why they expect a royal banquet. Your paid for nothing more than your muscle and eyes.

  • Mitch S
    Mitch S 9 days ago

    These people don't really seem like assholes idk what ya'll are on about in the comments.. lol a lot of what they're saying isn't unreasonable. It's fair, and It doesn't look like theyre taking themselves super seriously?..
    The only thing I don't get are the sneakers and the sweatpants bit, everything else I can understand. I'm sure the owner of the bar or pub doesn't want sketchy or bummy people smelling like shit or wearing masks.
    To me reading the comments it sounds like a lot of ya'll are generally the dickheads they're talkin about lmao..

  • Luis Avila
    Luis Avila 10 days ago

    that bitch asks for too much. & the sneaker rule is bull...

  • hfanti
    hfanti 11 days ago

    "MY BAR" HAHAHA. Bouncers.

  • Trebor Ironwolfe
    Trebor Ironwolfe 11 days ago

    RIP Dalton, you will always be the greatest.

  • Josue Cota
    Josue Cota 11 days ago

    To the lady i wear sunglasses in the evenings because most of my work is done in front of a screen and my eyes are sensitive, i can see just fine so why do you care.

  • SwissMarksman
    SwissMarksman 12 days ago

    The joke is, the majority of the time, the bouncers apply their own fucking rule. One time I didn't got in, since I knew the owner, I asked him wtf is going on. It came out that the guy made his "own" little rules towards the customers.

    Seriously, fuck you & your little power trip.

  • Tow Dow 3
    Tow Dow 3 12 days ago

    next up, How to treat Deez Nuts according to Deez Nuts

  • Tow Dow 3
    Tow Dow 3 12 days ago

    there is literally a song detailing why I wear my sunglasses at night...

  • Jynxi Juxtapoze
    Jynxi Juxtapoze 12 days ago +1

    The audio on Shoshana’s clips was fucking garbage. She sounds like she’s sitting in a tin can.

  • Yolo Bro
    Yolo Bro 12 days ago +1

    Fuck off you fucking shits. I’m not even drunk and you don’t let me in you fucking dumb fucks!!!

  • Dave Daniels
    Dave Daniels 13 days ago


  • Sebastian Foy
    Sebastian Foy 15 days ago

    How to knock out bouncers, according to HGH and Dianabol.

  • Marcus fuller
    Marcus fuller 17 days ago

    Thede people also have superiority complexes!! I feel for their positions but come on man😒

    REALITEA PARODY 17 days ago

    Bouncers are the worst. They just make up rules to fit their idea of that should be accepted at an establishment that they work for not own. Money and respect for the establishment are all that should be required to get past a bouncer.

  • Noreen Doody
    Noreen Doody 18 days ago

    what a fuckin bunch of idiots

  • Steven Williams
    Steven Williams 19 days ago

    If you wait in a line to get into a bar, you’re a dipshit

  • jay tee
    jay tee 19 days ago

    this bitch is givin me a headache

  • jonathon glenn
    jonathon glenn 22 days ago +1

    Wasted 4 minutes not finding out how to get in faster

  • Tony Nordin
    Tony Nordin 22 days ago +1

    For fucks sake, you're a bouncer, it's a job in the service industry. They sound like whiny little snowflakes that should get a job selling Herbalife to their friends and family instead? If there's a club I want to get into and there's a long line, this is what I do: I walk up to the front of the line and politely ask the bouncer if I can skip the line and go straight in? Why? Well, its such a long line and I just don't feel like standing around for an hour waiting to get in. The bouncer either says, no, you have to get in line and wait just like everyone else. Or, the say, ok, why not! And then let me in. If they tell me to get in line I go somewhere else. But asking will get you in more often than you think.

  • Joseph Eddings
    Joseph Eddings 23 days ago

    1 time for Chad 🤙🏾

  • Postable Limited
    Postable Limited 24 days ago +1

    Her voice though. “Fnaaaagh fnaaaaaagh gnnaaaaaghhh”

  • Zak Avdol
    Zak Avdol 24 days ago

    These guys need to remember those guarding a place where people get drunk not a fucking army base with nuclear codes in it 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Ben Fifita
    Ben Fifita 26 days ago

    And dont assume that we're still gonna have your back against one of our co-workers because you tipped us

    THE BIG 26 days ago

    Fuck bouncers

  • Ragnar xdxd
    Ragnar xdxd 26 days ago

    I didn't knew these prodigies got a stupid job like these

  • John C.
    John C. 27 days ago

    bouncers is the reason why i don't goto clubs

  • The Nameless King
    The Nameless King 27 days ago

    2:45 cause it’s fucking cool obviously

  • RibZe1
    RibZe1 27 days ago +1

    Nobody: How to Treat Bouncers, According to Bouncers
    Everybody: How to treat patrons, according to patrons

  • xIceman_Z7
    xIceman_Z7 27 days ago

    Ok fuck off it's my free time so if I wanna go with sweatpants, sunglasses and shitty old Nikes im gonna fucking do it

  • What The
    What The 27 days ago

    What happened to freedom of expression? No sombrero's, no funky glasses, no sneakers, no having fun on your birthday.
    Break dancers in sneakers were the best, got a full on show for free, the whole "I'll Trump your moves" thing is awesome.

  • What The
    What The 27 days ago

    These guys have severe issues lol. You aren't the Secret Service... You're standing around as a lump of meat checking ID's...

  • Jarle S. Fremstad
    Jarle S. Fremstad 27 days ago

    What was up with the sound when the female bouncer was talking? Sounded like she was in a room filled with bees made of water.

  • Elgus 114
    Elgus 114 28 days ago

    Shoshana.......words are suposed to come out from the mouth, not the nose .......

  • Benoit Marechal
    Benoit Marechal 28 days ago


  • The Critic
    The Critic 29 days ago

    How much you wanna bet that female either works with a gigantic dude, or works at a lesbian club

  • SwissMarksman
    SwissMarksman 29 days ago

    So I am willing to spend some money in a bar but some random asshole on a powertrip denies my entry due my sneakers?

  • Taistelu - Jaska
    Taistelu - Jaska 29 days ago +1

    replace these with robots xD

  • Bluenose Beer Reviews
    Bluenose Beer Reviews 29 days ago +1

    Sounds like a whole lot of shit bars/clubs.

  • TakanashiYuuji
    TakanashiYuuji Month ago +1

    I feel like there's a lot of wiggle room between puking on the floor and wearing sneakers.

  • LordYamz
    LordYamz Month ago +1

    I'm a bouncer in Richmond VA where there are some ghetttttttttttttos. The thing is dont act like an ass and youll be good man, as for bouncers dont take everything so serious man.

  • MateListo .com
    MateListo .com Month ago +1

    Wow, listening to these people makes me feel sick. Why can we just go to have a drink or dance without any idiot looking at my sneakers?

    • What The
      What The 27 days ago

      I wear my Disco Stu gold fish shoes and never have a problem

  • Daakist
    Daakist Month ago

    So I understand the role from a safety aspect but these guys seem like their trying to set the culture of the bar also. No sneakers? Dress code? What am I going to, a funeral? These guys dont even understand the social aspect of what their doing - they lump it all together. I guess thats what to expect from a bouncer.

  • SavageHobbit
    SavageHobbit Month ago

    sneakers and sweatpants for sure... 🤣🤣

  • WollongongWacko
    WollongongWacko Month ago

    Lol offensive outfit police

  • Kevin Mills
    Kevin Mills Month ago +1

    Lmfao who do these losers think they are ? You got that job because you’re an oversized disgusting slob. Last bouncer that caught an attitude with me, black bear south Norwalk, he quit his job the next day after realizing you ain’t gods fucking gift to earth. Mother fucker has a few broken bones in his nose

  • Sam Futch
    Sam Futch Month ago

    Bouncers are dicks at minimum, 75% of the time.

  • John holdin
    John holdin Month ago

    Wanted them to ask so bad what happens when they get a gun pulled on them

  • terence w
    terence w Month ago

    they have to act tough or people will climb all over them at the slightest sign of weakness

  • Mia Wallace
    Mia Wallace Month ago

    Don't think the bouncer ain't making more than you if the club holds 2000 people and you let in the local paying neighbourhood drug dealer man

  • AckmanDESU
    AckmanDESU Month ago +1

    Damn girl how many crayons did you stuck up your nose as a kid holy shit

  • Alex GuyMan
    Alex GuyMan Month ago

    Bro the ladies voice is so fucking nasally that my speakers literally sound like an automated robocall playing through a phone

  • MrBroken030
    MrBroken030 Month ago

    2:42 Probably to hide your drug consume? Like xtc, speed, cocaine and all that jazz

  • MrBroken030
    MrBroken030 Month ago

    2:06 American laws at its best, every citizen can buy a gun instantliy at the grocery market but drinking on the streets in front of the club, thats the danger to society XD

    the priorities are clear and i gotta say the gun lobby seems a lot stronger and more influencial than the alcohol and tabaco industry.

  • Matt GritsGo
    Matt GritsGo Month ago +1

    "Why are you wearing sunglasses at night?" Because we have to look at people like you.

  • MatrixEmulator
    MatrixEmulator Month ago

    So youre going to work at place where people are inebriated and god knows on what else and you want them to act normal....oh these bouncers sure dream a lot. Plus, ive been kicked out and snuck in plenty time so bouncers dont always know whats up. Youre just there to protect the establishment from my crazy drunk ass, good job.

  • Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson Month ago

    Well, when choose to work around people who are drunk and high. What do you expect.

  • pixoariz
    pixoariz Month ago

    Bouncers must never inhale helium.