How to Treat Bouncers, According to Bouncers

  • Published on Jun 2, 2019
  • Bouncers see... a lot. We spoke to some of New York City's finest bouncers to find out the do's, the don'ts, and the fastest ways to get yourself kicked out of the club.
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Comments • 3 199

  • chapmanmerchant
    chapmanmerchant Day ago

    Gawd you all are relay kinda worthless dam. Just knowing how to fight is only one thing. WOW. kinda fail job in my mind. I love fighting but do ii in a ring. .

  • John Paul Herrera
    John Paul Herrera 2 days ago

    As a real life Bouncer, these four imbeciles have it all wrong. A bouncer is suppose to enforce the RULES of the club. If you’re over 21, sober, and in compliance with our dress code I’ll happily let you in. However, I may have to close if we’re full because we can’t go past over the legal limit.

  • Franky
    Franky 5 days ago

    My homie Chucky smoked a bouncer back in 10'
    After a big fight for not letting him in , he took out his 45 and gave him 9 in the chest.
    Crazy shit I ever seen.

  • Thousand_Cuts
    Thousand_Cuts 5 days ago

    3:06 that's what she said, amirite.

  • Thousand_Cuts
    Thousand_Cuts 5 days ago

    0:14 is...that a common issue at your place of business, sir?

  • Moe Szyslak
    Moe Szyslak 7 days ago

    Bunch of fucking losers, especially that dumb chick, how’s she securing shit silly bitch

  • Sweet Home
    Sweet Home 8 days ago +1

    Nice to be nice or they fuck you up then you can go to cry to mommy. understand gay boys.

  • B D
    B D 8 days ago

    That sneaker comment is just racist Bc black people love sneakers most sneakers cost more than most shoes or those feminine ass Chelsea boots anyway

  • Jeffrey Gillespie
    Jeffrey Gillespie 23 days ago

    Just treat bouncers like a fellow human being. I've never been turned away from a club because when I am in a major city I wear a nice crisp suit, greet them politely, and I PUT MY HAND OUT to shake but don't touch them unless they take my hand. If they do, there's typically a $50 in it, a $100 if it's Manhattan or London. Done.

  • chase.
    chase. 24 days ago

    I'm an actual bouncer and as far as my experiences go, these people are kind of bullshit. really the only things we care about are: are you the legal age, are you not going to puke/pass out, and are you going to give a decent tip. if you are all of those things, there won't be any sort of problem. most of the time our job is just to catch fake ID's, usually they're pretty obvious but sometimes it's a little hard to tell. if you are of the legal age and want to get in, bring in an ID, and another ID with your birthday on it. if you can't get in, if you insist enough that it is a genuine ID most bouncers won't give a fuck enough to tell you off and they'll let you in. speaking from experience.

  • cherry cheli
    cherry cheli 25 days ago

    I feel like if I just stand there, they’d roast me and i’d cry😀.

  • cherry cheli
    cherry cheli 25 days ago

    I feel like I’d exist near them and they’d say they’re closed🤢

  • QuestionsandAnswers
    QuestionsandAnswers 26 days ago

    A female bouncer.....?

  • z G
    z G Month ago

    Get another job

  • Mathias Schuett
    Mathias Schuett Month ago

    Bouncers are there to make the bar or clubs safe. They check id's. Prevent or stop fights at bars or clubs. I'm a bouncer and I understand what other bouncers go through. .just don't be stupid when u go to places with bouncers.

  • Bobo Is The Best
    Bobo Is The Best Month ago

    What is the ending background song?

    Alan JOHNSTONE Month ago

    Your a doorman. Get the door for me, I don’t need permission to have a drink. I choose that bar or club. Be thankful we’ve came down tonight!

    • kylethekidable
      kylethekidable 22 hours ago

      Ahahaha what an entitled cuck. It's not your legal right to come into their establishment, it is a privilege that is granted by the doorman upon checking your ID, attire, etc. You try that entitled bullshit just about anywhere and no bouncer would let you in. But then again entitled bitches like you tend to always get timid when face to face with a bouncer, if you've gotten into bars and clubs past then regularly it's only because you're too much of a bitch to talk like that to their faces ;)

  • Ross Turpin
    Ross Turpin Month ago

    Fuck bouncers.

  • Buzzle 1000
    Buzzle 1000 Month ago

    Jeez, "don't dress to offend other cultures" is this what we've become. Judged on the door about whether or not your fitting into society

    • kylethekidable
      kylethekidable 21 hour ago

      Lol it's pretty simple logic. You dress in something blatantly offensive, the bouncer may not even truly care, what they care about is that they let some jackass in rocking blackface and now they have to break up a big fight later because he got jumped on the dancefloor by some black guys. People bitch and whine about dress code and this and that but most all of it has a linear reason that stems back to mitigating the potential for fights inside or being selective about clientele so as to not turn away other clientele

  • Günnar Schulke
    Günnar Schulke Month ago

    The woman literally sounds like an adult in Charlie Brown. Wah wah wah wah.

  • Rolu Fdes
    Rolu Fdes Month ago


  • UnchartedWalters06
    UnchartedWalters06 2 months ago

    They love teenage girls!

  • Skylar Delgado
    Skylar Delgado 2 months ago

    Ah, the bouncer life.

  • Barrier Boy
    Barrier Boy 2 months ago

    i worked the door (not as a bouncer) at a very desirable, hard to get into club for years in nyc and was never as sh*tty and self entitled as these goons are. just so you know, most of us are ok guys. just please dont act like you own us, or treat us like trash. and you don't have to sell yourself. we see you.

  • Sean Walisko
    Sean Walisko 2 months ago

    There actors and actresses by the way I've seeing them on other stuff

  • A G
    A G 2 months ago

    Hated these people too till I saw this, now it makes sense; these peoples jobs are to LITERALLY judge you before you walk in the door, almost like damage control preventing incidents before they even happen & protecting the desired club "image/vibe" so people actually have a good experience & opinion of the club. But I can see how judging people all night for a living goes to their heads as well. I almost feel like the bouncers don't even realize why they're there either.

  • Money Reeks
    Money Reeks 2 months ago

    Her mic is fucked holy

  • Kagiso Ngoma
    Kagiso Ngoma 2 months ago

    🇿🇦Before I went corporate I was a club Dj...essentially I have no beef with these glorified doormen. I only do when I come across such arrogant videos. I would definitely tip that white bouncer with a snickers bar.
    Glorified doorman / baby sitter or should I say drunk people sitter... Humble urself , the main reason you have a job is probably cos of everyone yal don't like dealing with by ur " office " the Door🚪

  • Martin Walker
    Martin Walker 2 months ago

    The title should be "How to limit the profits of your business 101".

  • s frozen mind
    s frozen mind 2 months ago

    What is the problem with sneakers?
    If not, what I’m supposed to wear?

  • Mystkal Diamond
    Mystkal Diamond 2 months ago

    My man with the beard looks like batista

  • Steve Priest
    Steve Priest 2 months ago

    😂 😂 😂 The bouncer did not get the snickers bar reference. Your not you when your hungry have a snikers

  • ubershredder1989
    ubershredder1989 3 months ago

    bouncers are fucking assholes..

  • dalexkom
    dalexkom 3 months ago

    her nose is plugged

  • Roderick Porter
    Roderick Porter 3 months ago

    Ok im seeing a lot of hate (and ignorance) in the comments. What people need to understand is that the bouncers who are for real would never ever be on camera. The ones that will talk to the camera like this have no problem being loud and flashy. The quiet professional bouncers are the ones who are actually very good at this job. And make no mistake there are certain clubs and bars where bouncing is very dangerous, very difficult, and very scary (at times; yes even the good ones get scared). In these kinds of establishments being a "loud mouth tough guy" on a power trip will get your head caved in, or worse. Some of these clubs have 20-25 man bouncer teams that are responsible for safeguarding 1600-1700 people at a time. Many of these establishments have drug dealing, sexual assault, gang, and varying other criminal elements to them (or all of them).

    The guys in the video are not the bouncers that are for real; again because the real bouncers would never be on camera/interviewed because they are just not the type.

    Also, think about this. The bouncers who are for real, and work in some of these high risk environments, have to handle situations that can be extremely violent/dangerous (and yes sometimes scary) without a uniform; without a badge; without a gun, without a rifle. All they have is their wits, experience, and fellow bouncers. People like to give bouncers crap for not being cops....The real bouncers out there handle situations that most cops (and people in this comment section; yes that includes military, its not combat its a club) would not even have a clue how to handle without their uniform, gun, rifle, or badge.

  • Ben Ramsden
    Ben Ramsden 3 months ago

    You wear sunglasses to hide the fact that you are off your nut on mdma

  • Jay Smith
    Jay Smith 3 months ago

    luv the woman "bouncer" , nice name too, Oy Vey. the left is soo g ay . haha.
    Re Elect President Donald J. Trump 2020

    HULL GUITARS USA 3 months ago

    Yo girl your hair does look hella nice

  • Paul mcc
    Paul mcc 3 months ago

    Let's face facts, 90% of bouncers think there gods when in true fact there riod fueled bully's

  • Alexander West
    Alexander West 3 months ago

    No sneakers no stains, but he can go around looking like a homeless with that beard, come one scruffy fuck!!!

  • rolliepollie54
    rolliepollie54 3 months ago

    Low quality security guards who get paid to judge people to get in a place for socialization. Get a real job.

    • kylethekidable
      kylethekidable 22 hours ago

      Said like someone butthurt because they got turned away lol

  • Tim Heisler
    Tim Heisler 3 months ago

    bouncers fuckin blow

  • Gino Sierra
    Gino Sierra 3 months ago

    That chicks voice made me want to drink...Jesus. What a fucking annoyance it would be to have to listen to her all night.

  • David Dickerson
    David Dickerson 3 months ago

    You should NOT wear sombreros apparently

  • Goof Off
    Goof Off 3 months ago

    I can guarantee people who comment negatively in this section have no idea about the amount of idiots a bouncer deals with week to week and what its actually like in our shoes. Chances are they're probably one of those idiots themselves and felt the need to be salty on here.

  • caramel coffee
    caramel coffee 3 months ago +1

    looks like there's a lot of people in the comments who have been barred before lol

  • To st
    To st 3 months ago

    Shit video

  • fedor emielaneko
    fedor emielaneko 3 months ago

    everybody who shits on the bouncers fall into 10% of the people that go to clubs... they get caught breaking the rules then turn into a sucky baby for being asked to leave lol... love it u all a bunch of sucky babies that are arrogant, rude, disrespectful... thats why u dont like bouncers cuz we wont take ur millenial bullshit... but lots of tough guys posting on youtube haha pussys

  • fgfgfgf drtduud
    fgfgfgf drtduud 4 months ago

    1:22 Talk more to this guy

  • fgfgfgf drtduud
    fgfgfgf drtduud 4 months ago

    Woman is clipping

  • Meister Proper
    Meister Proper 4 months ago

    Unless a women is built like a Amazonian I just can't respect her as a bouncer. If you can't manhandle drunk people it's a danger to all other guests

  • Robert10075
    Robert10075 4 months ago

    She’s peng

  • valentinos kelasidis
    valentinos kelasidis 4 months ago

    Iam a bouncer myself
    And this video sucks
    And those bouncers.... I dont like them

  • Raymond Cordero
    Raymond Cordero 4 months ago

    Crowd control access and security good job public safety -

  • rockabillylaker
    rockabillylaker 4 months ago

    aaaaaaaaaaaand this is why I never went, or have a desire to go "clubbing". Give me a nice quiet , hole in the wall cocktail lounge any day.

  • Khalid Elmekki
    Khalid Elmekki 4 months ago

    I had a great experience with bouncers, they are very nice if you become a familiar and friendly face to them.😄🤗

  • Paladin Tactical
    Paladin Tactical 4 months ago

    lol I bribed a Door man once when I was underage to get into a club and 20 minutes later the same Door man kicked me out for being underage.

  • Mclovin
    Mclovin 4 months ago

    Damn bouncers are pickey assholes

  • GetRiite 187
    GetRiite 187 4 months ago

    Yea this video just made me enjoy drinking at home so much more.

  • Edan Alexander
    Edan Alexander 4 months ago

    Next episode, how bouncers should treat people...