Giant Mass Found On Far Side Of The Moon - Scientists Are Very Confused

  • Published on Jul 12, 2019
  • Scientists are confused by a giant mass discovered on the dark side of the moon. Could it mean there is alien life out there, or does science have a simpler explanation for the strange occurrence? What could this mystery actually be, the space of astronomy has been buzzing about this!
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  • Perse Reikänen
    Perse Reikänen 10 days ago

    Moon landing is a hoax

  • Tonar Silverwolf
    Tonar Silverwolf 14 days ago


  • adolf hitler
    adolf hitler 24 days ago

    It's were one punch man jumped from

  • OneLastingFlame
    OneLastingFlame 27 days ago

    Bungie: we told you so

  • it's Smokey
    it's Smokey 27 days ago

    Moon’s haunted

  • Jerry Liu
    Jerry Liu 28 days ago

    Elvis went there

  • John Le
    John Le Month ago

    The Lunarians are powerful beings who watches over us

  • Flaming Freddy
    Flaming Freddy Month ago

    The moon is a ball of cheese and the mass is rot because it’s been left out in the sun for too long

    TRUTH FINDER Month ago

    We never been to the moon. It was all a lie.

  • Hoid
    Hoid Month ago

    3:29 trying to hide drugs in the open, are ya?

  • Keith Hunt
    Keith Hunt Month ago

    I think either Israel or India have a lander headed to the moon's South pole soon. Maybe they can find out more about this.

  • Bad Mr. Frosty
    Bad Mr. Frosty Month ago

    They need to put a MA’AM on the moon.

  • bloody jackflint
    bloody jackflint Month ago

    It's gotterdämmerung from iron sky

  • Astroz
    Astroz Month ago

    Lol I never have seen the moon today it will be my first time

  • Astroz
    Astroz Month ago


  • Steven Tinims
    Steven Tinims Month ago


  • The epic Gameplayer
    The epic Gameplayer Month ago +2


    There were three astronauts in Apollo 11
    One was just the pilot

  • Nobody
    Nobody Month ago

    Wait, why did they put a flag on the moon when there is no wind there???

  • AJigglyCupcake
    AJigglyCupcake Month ago +1

    Thea hit Earth and Created our moon. Thea was smaller and was dense in metal. The most Ultimate Equlibrium is mercury hitting Earth. It's most metal and Jupiter pulls it 1cm Everytime they line up.

  • Atreidian Executor
    Atreidian Executor Month ago

    why do women want to go to the moon? to clean?

  • Planet Earth
    Planet Earth Month ago

    2:57 Zeti? I think you meant Zeta.
    Also this video was uploaded on my birthday. ;o

  • Niamh Holmes
    Niamh Holmes Month ago

    I think it's a giant packet of Martian cheeto's

  • kevin nohra
    kevin nohra Month ago

    Let's raid area 51 and the moon

  • RpgOverlordGamer
    RpgOverlordGamer Month ago

    Enough we never went to the moon

  • Nit Infinit
    Nit Infinit Month ago

    Just send probes again

    JASON CUTSHAW Month ago +1

    That's private it's the moon's Uranus!!!

  • Albin Nilsson
    Albin Nilsson Month ago

    Do an video
    You vs Area 51

  • reznov perzen petrenko

    Moon Nazis

  • ProjectXv2
    ProjectXv2 Month ago

    [Pumps Shotgun]
    Moon's Haunted.

  • Shamik Pal
    Shamik Pal Month ago

    Whats better time to watch this video while lunar eclipse going on....

  • katyushof
    katyushof Month ago

    It's all the Kyle's preparing to raid area 51

  • Austin Gosky
    Austin Gosky Month ago

    I miss the old narrator

  • Nopeyou’rewrong
    Nopeyou’rewrong Month ago

    Imagine being on the moon and staring at the dark side, that’d be scary

  • sed8me
    sed8me Month ago

    LoL, golf flag.....


  • Crøss Wítcher
    Crøss Wítcher Month ago

    Giant mass found far side of the moon
    Destiny Community:- ohh! No biggy that's just hive fortress...We will melt the new boss inside the fortress in 10 sec

  • Nico Kiwastrovski
    Nico Kiwastrovski Month ago

    3:45 The crater is 2000KM wide when the diameter of the moon is only roughly 3500KM?

  • lol1000gt
    lol1000gt Month ago

    nah it will be sloved when ppl raid area 51

  • Andre Lypher
    Andre Lypher Month ago

    World is flat we skip of these lies

  • Michael Reyes
    Michael Reyes Month ago

    Science is the excuse for facts that are stranger than fiction.

  • Ben Stoute
    Ben Stoute Month ago

    I think a massive astroid impacted the young earth it knocked a peace of it off and that created the moon. An impact of that magnitude could have left a deposit of that size.

  • Sangit Assam
    Sangit Assam Month ago +1

    India is going to the pole

  • Anthony Videa
    Anthony Videa Month ago

    Dnxmkrifkdkdkkxjdidjfnfjnfncfjhf h's hjfjsjsisjsbwjwie8283id8i2ou76666666666666666666666666

  • GodWorksOut
    GodWorksOut Month ago

    There’s a mass on the moon. We gave the moon cancer.

  • B G
    B G Month ago

    The large mass is part of the large mass we call the moon...who knew?

  • Karen Demavivas
    Karen Demavivas Month ago +1

    Guys the thing is the place with all of NASA funding we need to go there to get it but NASA needs funding to go back to the moon oh no!

  • Nkanyiso Khwela
    Nkanyiso Khwela Month ago


  • Anton Ironstag
    Anton Ironstag Month ago

    Its the dark energy reactor powering the massive underground observatory that has been watching Earth for a very long time.

  • William yoho
    William yoho Month ago

    Still going to lie to us about everything

  • Faisal Javed
    Faisal Javed Month ago +1

    Didn't come here to watch cartoons.

  • ClubMayview
    ClubMayview Month ago

    Just proves that in the greater scheme of things, science knows relatively nothing.

  • Gunnar Fredrick
    Gunnar Fredrick Month ago

    Boring video.

  • Matas Michailovskis

    Brethren moon (possible Dead Space 4 teaser???) 😂

  • Reza Far
    Reza Far Month ago

    I guess brains would taste similar to bone marrow.

  • Raditz _
    Raditz _ Month ago

    The man on the moon just building a bigger home. Dont stress he's also looking down to us for ideas.

    A J H PRODUCTIONS Month ago

    Is it a tumor?

  • rescue08jr Gaming
    rescue08jr Gaming Month ago

    You officially don’t know about spacecrafts. The lander wasn’t called “The Eagle” it was called “The Lunar Lander”. The mission control center said “The Eagle Has Landed” as code for “we made it safe and sound”.

  • wildyracing1
    wildyracing1 Month ago

    The Moon does not rotate at all around itself. This is what tidally locked means. Mercury rotates around the Sun the same speed it rotates around itself. That's why only one side of Mercury is forever exposed to the Sun and the other is forever dark. But Mercury isn't tidally locked, because it rotates. Moon, however, does not rotate around itself and IS tidally locked. That's what I learned so far.

  • Lem 56
    Lem 56 Month ago

    A giant mass found on the moon as people plan to storm area 51? Coincidence? I think not lol


    It's the Nazis

  • Less Talk, More Delicious

    And then there was Popeyes fried chicken🍗🤤

  • Bryce Kelley
    Bryce Kelley Month ago

    Moons haunted

  • Apolo X
    Apolo X Month ago +1

    *Sorry, that was just me taking a huge dump over there :(*

  • Russell Smith
    Russell Smith Month ago

    FAR side

  • ReDSauCe
    ReDSauCe Month ago

    This channel is me when the test essay requires 3 paragraphs

  • The Info Finder
    The Info Finder Month ago +1

    The moon will later turn into a Brethren Moon

  • Mustang Boss
    Mustang Boss Month ago

    You forgot to say that it made a loud vibration and a gong sound when they took off....


    Huge al8en ship deliberately buried?

  • Army of us all
    Army of us all Month ago

    Brains are delicious. However they won't find on here on Earth.

  • Kim Jong Un
    Kim Jong Un Month ago

    Lol we all know no one went to the moon 60 years ago 🤣🤣🤣

  • i dont even know
    i dont even know Month ago

    *M O O N S H A U N T E D*

  • Maruchan Nuudle
    Maruchan Nuudle Month ago

    Imagine being blind and hearing that opening sentence

  • chloe48377
    chloe48377 Month ago

    Umm wasn't it 3 men ? Yes, it was, but only 2 walked on the moon. One had to stay in the ship.

  • tayshawntf vang
    tayshawntf vang Month ago


  • trilary cumpton
    trilary cumpton Month ago

    Women on the moon? Yeah right. What are gonna do next? Put a dog up there? Space is fake and the earth is flat duh.

  • Marvel Boi
    Marvel Boi Month ago

    I bet that is vibranium at the dark side of the moon