UNDISPUTED - Skip & Shannon react to Jamal Adams is not happy about his fine

  • Published on Sep 19, 2019
  • UNDISPUTED - Skip & Shannon react to Jamal Adams is not happy about his fine
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  • Bill Graper
    Bill Graper 19 days ago

    Lifetime Browns fan & Baker fan here, that hit was perfectly fine. Stupid NFL. I understand protecting the QB, but this is ridiculous!

  • jamison jones
    jamison jones 20 days ago

    This is all a joke!!! Jamal Adams didn’t do shit wrong!! Baker mayfield is just a bitch.! lmao,,, same with obj!!!

  • MJ 23
    MJ 23 21 day ago

    Hahaha regular hit in NRL and RUGBY NFL is soft

  • Milton VonAhnen
    Milton VonAhnen 21 day ago

    I have to agree with Adams if Mayfield pumps and jukes him, he looks silly to the rest of the league. If he knocks the crap out him like he did then he gets fined from league. The NFL has to stop playing players with outrages contracts and then try and protect out of harms way. The NFL needs to quite letting players juice or stop paying em' like they are royalty but we know that will never happen

  • keneti Pese
    keneti Pese 21 day ago

    If they really cared about the players they would give them medical for life. The league is hypocritical and just wants to create the perception that they care, when they really don"t. This is what the players signed up for. This is a gladiatorial sport of modern times and if you dont like it then go play golf.

  • bam2xl14
    bam2xl14 21 day ago

    If he would have pull and and BM would have pump fake then BM would have went right around him.

  • Harrison Williams
    Harrison Williams 21 day ago

    They were crushing Mike Vick and everyone found it Amusing.

  • pulptarantino
    pulptarantino 22 days ago

    This and the Chubb call we’re both ridiculous. Gotta go with Shannon. What they want, Jamal to hurt himself trying to lay up? Then he isn’t giving his all. And it’s bad enough that this call got penalized during the game. The League then has the balls enough to fine him too? F’ing joke.

  • J
    J 22 days ago

    What's funny is the LFL plays harder and hits harder. Maybe we should bring the women to the NFL and being these boys to the LFL.

  • Johny Briones
    Johny Briones 22 days ago

    If there trying to make the saver than is should be flag football

  • TB 12
    TB 12 22 days ago

    Ball was thrown a spilt second or two after a perfect hit, didn't fall with Baker and put his weight on him. But unfortunately adjust or lose 100 of thousands of dollars.

  • ted stone
    ted stone 22 days ago

    To argue skip about the hit what about if Baker would’ve pump faked and it was a sack ? Qb hits and Hurries are a stat. This is a contact sport.

  • Intercepting Fist
    Intercepting Fist 22 days ago

    It's not even humanly possible to stop yourself that fast.

  • Craig Rand
    Craig Rand 22 days ago

    A flag for that hit is debatable but a FINE, the NFL lost its goddamn mind. 💯

  • KingGeorge24
    KingGeorge24 22 days ago

    Eric Dickerson: I hate the America's Team thing.
    Skip: You know it's true.
    Me: Damn straight! Lol!

  • mikeyy425
    mikeyy425 23 days ago +1

    damn skip, are you ever NOT biased? We know you love the overrated Mayfield. But that was as clean a hit as you can do. No helmet to helmet, no knee shot, no drive into the ground.... I mean what!? All this does is allow quarterbacks tomanipulate the rules. Next time Baker will pump fake, defensive player pulls up, baker keeps going for 5-10 more yards

  • Huge Chrome Peach
    Huge Chrome Peach 23 days ago

    Skip mentioned a bevy of QBs that are out while playing within this absurd QB protection without recognizing that the rules didn't curb any of the injuries, and has only crippled the sanctity of the game so far this season. Imagine being this clueless....

  • Young Chuy 23
    Young Chuy 23 23 days ago

    Montana, elway, Marino, Jim Kelly, Troy aikamn, and Brett Favre would all be throwing for 5,000 yards and 50 tds each year if they played in today's league

  • Young Chuy 23
    Young Chuy 23 24 days ago

    We got clowns who've most of them never played football running and ruining the NFL

    DOLOLANDO GUUWAPP 24 days ago


    DOLOLANDO GUUWAPP 24 days ago


  • PrivateSnowbal8
    PrivateSnowbal8 24 days ago

    Yeah it way to far the nfl is so weak

  • joncruz castro
    joncruz castro 24 days ago

    That was a totally clean hit! Second after the throw, and in the chest.

  • david Tron
    david Tron 24 days ago

    I didn't see much in it tbh u got to be allowed to tackle

  • Aquruis Air Bound A.A.B

    Good Thing I im a NBA fan Suckers 😄

  • William Harris
    William Harris 24 days ago

    Dak made Millions on endorsements only because hes a Cowboy

  • William Harris
    William Harris 24 days ago

    If QBs don't want to get hit, keep them in the pocket

  • Eric Branch
    Eric Branch 24 days ago

    Owners want to penny pinch players just to fine them for their pennies

  • Mega Josh X
    Mega Josh X 24 days ago

    Brian Dawkins, Sean Taylor (rip), Troy Polamalu, would be broke in this league.

  • TrainWithRhettKind
    TrainWithRhettKind 24 days ago

    Bro this is football smh

  • Michael Davenport
    Michael Davenport 24 days ago

    Skip needs to stop like foreal...that's not foul play on baker or Odell. These guys are talented if you don't put them in the ground they will score. These new rules are terrible for defensive players they may as well play flag football.

  • Jacob Blackamore
    Jacob Blackamore 24 days ago

    NFL is not the same...

  • Charles צ'ארלס
    Charles צ'ארלס 24 days ago

    Jack Tatum 0_o
    I miss the old Raiders :)

  • Im RockndRoll
    Im RockndRoll 24 days ago

    Skip is normally wrong about a lot of things but the hit on Odell was clean... stop babying players and make football great again!!!

  • Shawn Bell
    Shawn Bell 24 days ago

    ITS FOOTBALL 🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣

  • Michael Doce
    Michael Doce 24 days ago

    Did Skip ever played one down on his own ?

  • Michael Doce
    Michael Doce 24 days ago

    totally clean hit on #6

  • martshmallow
    martshmallow 24 days ago

    The guy is running at 20 mph towards a QB who has the ball and is trying to run away, trying to get a tackle, sack or turnover. How is he supposed to make a full stop in the 1 second span the ball comes out of his hand?

  • KonaSaint504
    KonaSaint504 24 days ago

    As fans we control what happens..Stop watching and once the money starts to dip I guarantee they will make changes.

  • Superb Veon
    Superb Veon 24 days ago

    All defense players should strike til some rules change

  • Bruce Guillory
    Bruce Guillory 24 days ago

    Is this football or a got damn sit com they got hurt ole well that was on them toughing up. Pressure equals bad throws the nfl is soft af now been soft. That’s why when QBs do get hit enough, all that fighting Odell was was doing defense job is to lay the hit if u not down better get down. Let them play ball they recruit back ups for a reason so shit let them earn their money.

  • James Johnson
    James Johnson 24 days ago +2

    Be specific they are over protective of white quarterbacks...look at how they treated Vick, Cam and the list goes on and on

  • IamTheJesus69
    IamTheJesus69 24 days ago

    Bud Dupree put a hit on Russell Wilson this week in the same situation except it was helmet to helmet and they didn’t fine him but they fined Jamal Adams for his clean hit. This league just arbitrarily hands out discipline with no method or system.

  • Excobar Cortez
    Excobar Cortez 24 days ago

    What you have to understand is that these men agreed to put a helmet and armor on to play a game. Skip, if Odel refuses to go to the ground, by rule, it is the defensive players job to bring him down to the ground as quickly as possible. The rule on QBs should be "no roughing the passer if they choose to leave the pocket." If your really worried about concussions, don't play football. Don't support football. Clearly, concussions are not as important as profit.

  • Mr. Nyce Guy
    Mr. Nyce Guy 24 days ago

    The Black Qb's (especially Cam Newton) get hit late like this all the time and there's never any, flags, fines, or shows debating it.

  • may Pal
    may Pal 24 days ago

    If defensive players csnt hit QB no more then there needs to be a rule that QB can't run put pocket anymore its getting annoying. QBs sit there run out pocket in forcing himself get first down but the defensive player can't hit stick him so he won't get first down BS.

  • Miles Morales
    Miles Morales 24 days ago

    These lost QBs examples you gave make no damn sense
    Ben wasnt touched by anyone
    Brees was hit in the HAND the fucking hand...
    Cam was hurt before football even started
    Fuck outta here man
    Adams is right

  • Stringfellow Hawk
    Stringfellow Hawk 24 days ago

    If it had happened to Darnold, it would have been flagged also.

  • Hooks Set
    Hooks Set 24 days ago

    oh yeah shannon ? well im not ona have my QB tear his acl cuz some slaty cornerback is pissed his team is losing and is tryna play dirty. he knows the rules.

  • Ron Bergundy
    Ron Bergundy 24 days ago

    Eli Manning gets destroyed and they never throw a flag

  • munene mathenge
    munene mathenge 24 days ago

    This was a bullshit call. Baker threw the ball at the last second with a 220+ pound man bearing down on him. What was Jamal Adams supposed to do exactly?

  • Big B witDathirdeyeopen

    I like his approach

  • Jerome Garcia
    Jerome Garcia 24 days ago

    Chuck Cecil hell yeah, them days are gone, a 180 pound white boy devastated anyone who came his way... as Steve Atwater and lott

  • Jerome Garcia
    Jerome Garcia 24 days ago

    All quarterbacks should wear pink tu tu's and be off limits where they cant run to advance...

  • Lance Just Lance
    Lance Just Lance 24 days ago

    Kirk cousins is overpaid greatly

  • Art Giddens
    Art Giddens 24 days ago

    im startn to dislike skip wtf is he tlkn bout..this mofo lowkey racist with his take on certain players

  • Midlife
    Midlife 24 days ago

    One second , these guys say the rules have changed to facilitate more offense production. The next second they say Tom Brady is the GOAT. How can you be the GOAT when the rules have been changed to inflate your statistics and protect you from the physical play that all the quarterbacks who came before you had to face? I've seen what happens when Brady gets roughed up a little. He folds hard.

  • Taz Saalim
    Taz Saalim 24 days ago

    The cowboys are not America's team most of America hates them

  • Taz Saalim
    Taz Saalim 24 days ago

    Even Tom Brady talked about these bullshit rules

  • chiefred4
    chiefred4 25 days ago

    skip shut yo soft ass up