Dramatic Lion Action: Lions Stalk And Catch Buffalo Cow & Newborn Calf!!

  • Published on Mar 22, 2014
  • An amazing, yet emotional sighting! Dramatic scenes as the Selati male lions start to stalk a herd of buffalo. The male lions have their eye on a buffalo cow with a newborn calf only minutes old. The action takes place on an open floodplain where the buffalo should notice the lions approaching, the newborn calf is not old enough to be aware of the danger...
    Two male lions ambush the mother buffalo and the buffalo calf watches the lions unaware the third male is on it's way.
    The third male lion leaps on the buffalo calf before assisting the other two lions to bring down the buffalo cow.
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  • بثينه البعاج

    تاكلون سم

  • boukandoul ammar
    boukandoul ammar 15 hours ago

    الله ينعلكم ليوم الدين
    لا رحمة ولا شفقة
    ربي يبعثلكم زلازال لا مثيل له

  • Lffuwefg Seghhfd
    Lffuwefg Seghhfd 21 hour ago

    Raw mother nature. Raw filming. Cruel and Savage. 🐯🐂🐃 might is right ? 😭 wish all predators extinct from 🌎

  • Como Fazer?
    Como Fazer? Day ago

    Filmou d lomgi muito

  • omar dixon
    omar dixon 4 days ago

    And this is what white people wanna make jump through a flaming hoop

  • joeblackakareaper
    joeblackakareaper 4 days ago

    No mercy

  • Gaming guy
    Gaming guy 5 days ago

    I have no sympathy for buffalo bcoz i eat beef😏😒

  • Gaming guy
    Gaming guy 5 days ago

    King of animal

  • Back4Fungame
    Back4Fungame 6 days ago

    I am curious what lions would say if they saw footage of a large slaughterhouse

  • Chaim Szlaf
    Chaim Szlaf 10 days ago

    It takes 3 huge males forever to kill the mother while already feasting.
    These creatures have NO class

  • 170 03363
    170 03363 11 days ago


  • Jason D
    Jason D 11 days ago

    Buy one get one of equal or lesser value free

  • Nash666
    Nash666 11 days ago

    How he went for the neck bite is awsome n skillful

  • Alex Bowman
    Alex Bowman 12 days ago

    I think lions can hear with their bodies, probably their front legs. If you think the way they sit like the Trafalger Square lion statues with their legs flat out they can pick up vibration and sense where prey is even at night. I also think they pick up heart beats and know when an animal is dead. I saw a wildlife infra red film where they were filming a herd of antelopes and there was a bright spot on one of the antelopes hind which the camera crew said was an injury and the lions singled the antelope out and caught it and the film crew said they must have heard the animal limp.

  • Mike Chambers
    Mike Chambers 17 days ago

    makes you wonder how a 500lb cat can be stealthy or discreet.

  • Jgeorge
    Jgeorge 19 days ago

    Two great looking lions.

  • ajay Aj
    ajay Aj 19 days ago

    So sad but it’s nature!

  • Lonewolf Jackson
    Lonewolf Jackson 20 days ago +1

    Dude! That was sick!! #WayCool

  • Aria Astaraki
    Aria Astaraki 22 days ago

    خب نامردا نمیزاشتیدگوساله رو بکوشن این چه قانونیه بشاش توش.......‌

  • Christian Taylor
    Christian Taylor 24 days ago

    Do you know who these lions are?

  • ceo edcd
    ceo edcd 24 days ago

    oh....so poor.....

  • Hilal Ahmed
    Hilal Ahmed 24 days ago

    Much gruesome killing

  • Angelica Guzman
    Angelica Guzman 25 days ago

    Mirones de mierda

  • teeone10
    teeone10 26 days ago

    lions are ruthless killers

  • Beautiful Animals
    Beautiful Animals 27 days ago

    Nice video

  • Matte Intencion
    Matte Intencion 28 days ago

    Mr.T n kinky tail?

  • Paul Vincent Terrado
    Paul Vincent Terrado 29 days ago

    poor calf :(

  • Beni Walcott
    Beni Walcott 29 days ago

    That’s the mapogo brothers that’s just three we saw.

  • LeDaniel Daychanel
    LeDaniel Daychanel Month ago +2

    Calf: " I wanna play too!"

  • Charlie D
    Charlie D Month ago +2

    Lucky Leo the Lion , he is having filet Minion tonight! With a side of mommy ! 🐄 🍖 🐄

  • Victor Suchite
    Victor Suchite Month ago

    todos losquetoman esos bideos tanbien son unos salvajes como esos animales no tienen consiensia de estar viendo como la vida salvaje muere dia adia

  • Themba Themba
    Themba Themba Month ago +1

    I like watching but this hurts me

  • Helio Moraes
    Helio Moraes Month ago

    esses americanos malditos não fazem nada

  • Ibrahimovic Bra
    Ibrahimovic Bra Month ago

    i think they put the calf and the mother in this field , where are alot of lions...just to film and get some views

  • عياض مولود

    الله ينتقم منكم ومن هل تصوير الظالم الله سبحانه وتعالى يقول من احيى نفسأ كأنما احيى الناس جميعأ لوناقذيهم كان الله كتبلم اجر ولاكن انت ظلام وويلأ للظالم من عذاب الله ليش الام توي والدة وارنها زغير شنو دى صورون متباهين لواسوون اعلانات اشكد ماعدكم مخافة الله الله ياخذلهم حوبتهم من عدكم انشاء الله

  • Pulling the Strings

    Completely fake. That Buffalo was obviously a paid actor.

  • Linh Levan
    Linh Levan Month ago

    Cả 2 mẹ con đều chết thương vl

  • Sagn C
    Sagn C Month ago

    It is tough it is to be a carnivour...I mean u need to find ur own food and u don't know the success rate

  • palafox
    palafox Month ago

    Fils de pute de Dieu ,d'avoir créer un monde d'enculer comme çà. La mère et son bébé??

  • kamulegeya owen
    kamulegeya owen Month ago

    Idiot screeners!. Can't save calfing mom, and calls it cow yet buffalo. Stuuupid.

    • Laco Surovcik
      Laco Surovcik 5 days ago

      @Rob The Ranger Wildlife Videos please don´t react and waste your energy for these people. Is in incredible how stupid some of them are...

    • Rob The Ranger Wildlife Videos
      Rob The Ranger Wildlife Videos  Month ago

      Cow=female bull=male Buffalo is literally in the title. As for saving, you think I'm going to run over thare and fight off the lions?

  • Amit Bajwa
    Amit Bajwa Month ago +1

    Keep your mic update! Wind sound irritates!

  • Murtadha Ibrahim
    Murtadha Ibrahim Month ago

    The little buffalo was like : a snack a snack , you can have me too

  • Roger M
    Roger M Month ago

    That was funny

  • سوما غامد
    سوما غامد Month ago

    الله لايسامحكم ي المصورين

  • Balakrishnan Subbiah


  • Lisa Hatton
    Lisa Hatton Month ago

    Awesome video of nature at it's best..If these lion's didn't eat the "grass eaters" can you imagine how many of them there would be..

  • frannie banani
    frannie banani Month ago

    why they not killing baby so fast

  • frannie banani
    frannie banani Month ago

    almost lions know camera on them doing some gruesome photo ops lol

  • frannie banani
    frannie banani Month ago

    can't believe the baby was still alive thry didn't kill it legs are moving. lol

  • frannie banani
    frannie banani Month ago

    that baby cow should of just ran. but he wanted to be near his mama

  • frannie banani
    frannie banani Month ago +1

    that cow might of had a chance with one lion but not 2. once third came by its over lol.

  • Danish Shakil
    Danish Shakil Month ago

    Don't feel bad because if lion not hunt he will be die

  • Nubia Oliveira
    Nubia Oliveira Month ago

    Gente, vocês fazem muito barulho, estão na casa dos leões.

  • Ronald Negro Mejia
    Ronald Negro Mejia Month ago

    So this is the original video? Nice! I used to see part of it. Great video.

  • Empress janet
    Empress janet Month ago

    I would love to see this live poor kid instead of running for his/her life ,😥😥

  • 山田健一
    山田健一 Month ago


  • 山田健一
    山田健一 Month ago


  • Party Over Here
    Party Over Here Month ago

    Rob, how far off was the heard from the mother. It would seem safer to birth around the heard.

    • Rob The Ranger Wildlife Videos
      Rob The Ranger Wildlife Videos  Month ago

      Not far, you can see the whole herd starting to move at the beginning, they were probably no more than 500m into the bush

  • Party Over Here
    Party Over Here Month ago

    Rob the Ranger, I feel for you having to read a lot of these comments. 🤦🏽‍♀️

    • Party Over Here
      Party Over Here Month ago

      Rob The Ranger Wildlife Videos WOW! That would be great! Incorporating this message into your video line up would be huge. At times I find myself defending others; people who are attacked just because they are frequent viewers. I don’t know what’s wrong with society. God Bless you Rob and the work you are doing.

    • Rob The Ranger Wildlife Videos
      Rob The Ranger Wildlife Videos  Month ago

      I should actually do a series along the lines of "Mean Tweets" but with TVclip comments...

  • Anwar Ahmed
    Anwar Ahmed Month ago

    O God