Lenovo Y540 - Pick the Right Gaming Laptop!

  • Published on Aug 3, 2019
  • Dave2D review of the Lenovo Legion Y540 and Y545 gaming laptops. These are the best gaming laptops from Lenovo for inexpensive portable gaming, but only one of them is worth getting.
    Legion Y540 - amzn.to/338rPvV
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  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee  5 months ago +1401

    Legion Y540 doesn't disappoint. Very impressed by it. Anyone picking one up?

    • AnnoyedArt1256
      AnnoyedArt1256 6 days ago


    • Inquisitve m
      Inquisitve m 14 days ago

      good for 4k video editing? i dont play games.

    • tehblizz
      tehblizz 18 days ago

      found it for 1250$, sounds good right?

    • Grigoriy Gressel
      Grigoriy Gressel 23 days ago

      I just grabbed one myself on black friday and loving it. got it with the gtx2060. Using it for video editing for my channel and things are running smooth its great.!!! Ready to tackle my youtube journey in 2020!

  • Salfie Chan
    Salfie Chan Hour ago

    I literally smashed my old Lenovo laptop. The word lenuvo brings bad memory's to me

  • Emil Jose
    Emil Jose 3 days ago

    Normal laptop or Gaming laptop which is better for programming...like android studio

  • Agustin Moreyra
    Agustin Moreyra 4 days ago

    y have y545 and it does get hot but in terms of price and quality is the best you can get for a i7 9thgen with 1060. To get a 540 with 2080 you will need a lot more money.

  • Masut the_gooner
    Masut the_gooner 4 days ago

    Hey guys. Is lenovo legion good for structural engineers??? I would appreciate ur replies

  • Don Parmezano
    Don Parmezano 5 days ago

    It is 2020 and people still looking info for gaming laptop. Just buy eGPu or stop wasting Your life playing games. You can a lot more of all that computer power. For example Blender is for free...

  • Austin Flores
    Austin Flores 5 days ago

    This or Acer Helios 300 (Acer one is cheaper) just wanted to see if theres a difference

  • Travel & Photography

    Please also suggest weather this laptop is good enough for 1080p video editing.

  • Travel & Photography

    Please make a video on budget video editing laptops.

  • Tarun Music
    Tarun Music 6 days ago

    It is supporting overclocking?
    And turbo boost enabled?

  • Rohit B
    Rohit B 8 days ago

    I got the y540 before watching your video...thanks for the information btw!

  • Kodazot
    Kodazot 8 days ago

    External battery thinkpad keyboard good to go. Can you tell me battery life without gaming?

  • Rahul Bhatia
    Rahul Bhatia 8 days ago

    Dave Lee is my favorite TVclipr! Informative, straight to the point and a great voice you don't get tired listening to 😀 Thank you Dave!

  • Cam Mirror
    Cam Mirror 8 days ago

    ordering mine soon! :)

  • Douwe Dabbert
    Douwe Dabbert 9 days ago

    i got the y540 144hz 1660 Ti hope i did a smart buy

  • Snehanjan Mishra
    Snehanjan Mishra 9 days ago

    Can I use this laptop for video editing?

  • bihbhkjbnlk
    bihbhkjbnlk 9 days ago

    After much deliberation, this is the computer I’m going to get! Thanks for your review!

  • Steelshot
    Steelshot 10 days ago

    4:05 da fuq

  • Abhishek Kumar Singh
    Abhishek Kumar Singh 10 days ago

    i bought the Y540 model all games run smoothly but it has less battery backup

  • Star wars fan
    Star wars fan 10 days ago

    Can you Play red dead on it? Y540

  • Kursad Deniz
    Kursad Deniz 11 days ago

    I have had this laptop with RTX 2060 now for almost 6 months and it has been worth my every penny.
    Ive been using it for school and work and no one noticed that is was a gaming laptop. This is the main reason why I bought it over Helios 300.
    Plays every game I throw at it with 60 fps on high or ultra. It had only problem with RDR2 but with some testing I play it 60 fps on High/Ultra and few on Medium settings.
    Really a great laptop.

  • Mannishboy
    Mannishboy 14 days ago

    Is this laptop suitable also for photo editing?

  • Shashank Arvind
    Shashank Arvind 15 days ago

    The hard drive is HDD I think and it is 2 TB.

  • Shashank Arvind
    Shashank Arvind 15 days ago

    I think this laptop has 16 GB ram.

  • LastOfADyingBeard
    LastOfADyingBeard 15 days ago

    I bought the Legion Y540 17" w/the 9th gen i7 / 1660ti / 144 Mhz panel / 1 TB SSD. I really love this thing. Coming from a long line of Dell laptops in the past, this lenovo is a breath of fresh air in terms of design. Plus, the keyboard is nice and quiet, the colors on the screen are vibrant and there have been zero issues with this device at all! And I went through 3 laptops when I upgraded! Went through a few returns from hardware issues with other devices. First with HP, then with Asus (twice) and now finally settled in with the Lenovo legion! Couldn't be happier!
    Funny thing about something you said, "Inside we have a keyboard".... The last Asus Zephyrus Rog G I returned ALSO had a keyboard on the inside but, it seemed to be an option that only worked during setup! The whole reason I returned the Zephyrus G is that the keyboard did not register at all as if it weren't even on the device! I actually had to plug in an external keyboard to access the laptop and delete all the files from the device. Never saw anything like that before in my life! So to hear that, "inside we have a keyboard" is actually some useful info so long as the keyboard actually works when using it!

  • Hikmat moudares
    Hikmat moudares 17 days ago

    Thanks Dave for the your review ..you are the greatest one

  • demon6937
    demon6937 18 days ago

    No way with a rtx 2060 that this will be priced as $1200

  • iStinkii
    iStinkii 21 day ago

    How much battery life does the y540 have while not playing games but browsing and using Microsoft word etc

  • DZA Vinci
    DZA Vinci 24 days ago

    Dave is this laptop good for music production and recording?

    • Grigoriy Gressel
      Grigoriy Gressel 23 days ago

      I am using it for video editing for my channel so i would say it should be more then powerfull enough to handle music production!

  • 25 days ago +2

    Retro gaming in 20 years is going to be so colourful

  • JackHammer
    JackHammer 26 days ago


    shit i bought the y545 before watching this video :(

  • Kile Nikson Chua
    Kile Nikson Chua 28 days ago

    where did you bought the 144hz refresh rate? in amazon it's only 60hz

    • Grigoriy Gressel
      Grigoriy Gressel 16 days ago

      @Andrés Julián Cruz Parra yeah that's what I got!

    • Andrés Julián Cruz Parra
      Andrés Julián Cruz Parra 16 days ago

      Go to b&h photovideo. I got it for 1200 144hz with rtx 2060. Unfortunately for this year it seems that they increased the price to 1300

    • Grigoriy Gressel
      Grigoriy Gressel 23 days ago

      I got it straight from lenovo on black friday where you can pick your configuration. Its gona look great in the videos on making for my channel :)

    • Darul Khair
      Darul Khair 26 days ago +1

      must be out of stock.
      this device is so popular, no wonder many people buy it

  • vansh prajapati
    vansh prajapati 28 days ago

    I bought it and it works amazingly good. I got i5 version with 1650 gtx. It's surprisingly good for that too. I got is on Amazon at a sale for around 870 dollars. Absolutely loved it. It also renders my blender animation pretty quickly without getting hot. It stays in its optimal state most of the time, though sometimes the fans crank up alot, though, still it's good enough

  • kiran basre
    kiran basre 29 days ago

    i think he is little confused

  • Raheel Siddiqui
    Raheel Siddiqui 29 days ago +1

    Can you make a review of Lenovo ideapad L340

  • William Shakespeare 1564

    You are a very good speaker.awesome review.

  • Little Berries Productions

    I noe its all powerful and such...but..can it run Microsoft office 2020?

  • Ed1c
    Ed1c Month ago

    So what is the difference between Y530 and Y540?

  • Boaz
    Boaz Month ago

    The wifi40 looking great

  • m!x Champagne
    m!x Champagne Month ago

    Parents didnt give for christmas rip

  • Enhanced Nero
    Enhanced Nero Month ago

    Is there really any performance difference between the Y740 vs the Y540? Like Would it run games better, significantly heat up faster etc?

    • Piero Bernedo
      Piero Bernedo 29 days ago

      Y740 has a 2060 RTX so obviously yes but pick the i7 because i5 one would literally explode

  •  Month ago

    Is the keyboard RGB backlit?

  • Bharath Kumar
    Bharath Kumar Month ago

    Dell G3 3590 9th gen vs lenovo legion Y540 9th gen which one is better to buy. Please suggest to me

    • Grigoriy Gressel
      Grigoriy Gressel 23 days ago

      don't buy dell they have gone dowhill in the past 5 years when it comes to laptops. go lenovo

  • Bharath Kumar
    Bharath Kumar Month ago

    Dell G3 3590 review

  • PRodous
    PRodous Month ago

    How about asus tuf fx 505 dt

  • PRodous
    PRodous Month ago

    Plz also review asus tuf fx dt 505

  • Borgeb
    Borgeb Month ago

    Battery on 540 sucks. Max 4 hours

  • Saggitalia
    Saggitalia Month ago +1

    You telling me people actually lift their laptop lids from the sides rather than centrally? Why, just why?

  • DJ Bobby K
    DJ Bobby K Month ago

    Great Info. Thank you :)

  • Syed Soulat Alvi
    Syed Soulat Alvi Month ago

    Hello Dave, what should I prefer legion Y540, Asus Rog G531 or Asus g502 (r7 3750H). Please help me my budget is 4500 AED

    • Syed Soulat Alvi
      Syed Soulat Alvi Month ago

      With good gaming speed , display and refreshing rate

  • Zak The Ghost
    Zak The Ghost Month ago

    Is Helios 300 better?

  • yoga hanung
    yoga hanung Month ago

    In your opinion which one better to do photo, video & 3D stuff, lenovo y545, msi prestige 15 or asus rog g531gu? Thanks

  • Jonathan Leacock
    Jonathan Leacock Month ago

    Hey Dave, please review the lenovo Y7000SE laptop

  • Nittikorn Chian
    Nittikorn Chian Month ago

    Hey Dave, could you do one on the L340? Thanks in advance

  • CJ Salvador
    CJ Salvador Month ago

    Hi Dave,

    I'm planning to get the i5-9300H and RTX 2060 version of this. Wouldn't that bottleneck? Would the thermals be any different for the said config?

    Thanks a lot. Love your reviews. Keep it up bro!

  • vasstheboss
    vasstheboss Month ago

    Just bought it today...with a RTX 2060

  • Jesus Alvarado
    Jesus Alvarado Month ago +2

    Lenovo Y540 vs Predator Helios 300 ?

  • fadhli ikram
    fadhli ikram Month ago

    bought one, numeric pad placement is awkwardly high

  • moed al garny
    moed al garny Month ago

    Can you make a video about the HP15.6 pavilion?

  • Garry Cox
    Garry Cox Month ago

    "in 2019, this list helped me decide for the best gaming laptop *scafe.shop/bgl2019?nu* hope it helps you out too!"