The Hubba Bubble

  • Published on Dec 6, 2016
  • Here's the recipe:
    1 oz. (30ml) Hubba Bubba Gum Infused Vodka
    1/2 oz. (15ml) Triple Sec
    1/2 oz. (15ml) Lemon Juice
    2 oz. (60ml) Pink Lemonade
    Splash of Simple Syrup
    Splash of Lemon-Lime Soda
    Hubba Bubble Gum
    Corn Syrup
    Pink Sugar
    1. Make bubble gum flavored vodka by adding hubba bubbas to a bottle and adding vodka. Allow to infuse for a few hours.
    2. Rim cocktail glass with corn syrup and pink sugar.
    3. Add crushed ice and gumballs to the cocktail glass.
    4. In a mixing glass with ice add bubble gum vodka, triple sec, lemon juice, pink lemonade and simple syrup. Shake.
    5. Pour mixture into the cocktail glass and top with lemon-lime soda.
    6. Garnish drink with more gumballs and enjoy!
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  • Putri Joyce Irawati
    Putri Joyce Irawati 12 days ago

    Wow alcohol and gumballs, that sounds like a choking hazard waiting to happen.

  • palindrome06
    palindrome06 Month ago

    My definition of sexy drink doesn’t match with theirs. This drink is too cute. A martini is sexy. A tom collins is sexy. A negroni is sexy. Simple classic cocktails are sexy. Tropical looking tiki drinks are cool. These types of drinks are cute

  • Nema Billings
    Nema Billings 3 months ago

    Tipsy my stomach would be so messed up with all that sugar!🤣

  • trill gates
    trill gates 5 months ago

    emma made him get tid of the tipsy girls so she coukd fulfil her dreams of being a hand model lmao

  • Isaiah Swon
    Isaiah Swon 7 months ago

    That is a very sexy drink.

  • LaLisuWisu
    LaLisuWisu 7 months ago

    I’m too young for vodka any recommendations?

  • Detroit Q
    Detroit Q 8 months ago

    Can't be sexy with Hubble Fun, yes....but not sexy

  • Asli A
    Asli A 9 months ago

    dadı. hubba

  • An Mejia
    An Mejia 10 months ago

    Looks bomb!!! Just to many things in it lol needs more liqour 😝

  • Robert Garcia
    Robert Garcia Year ago

    I am definitely making this on my 21st birthday..
    What...i like bubblegum

  • Linda Turner
    Linda Turner Year ago

    I love your work... Your art. But Please can u do a Non- Alcoholic version of sone of your work. I don't drink.

  • Teutonic Knight1190

    Looks gay

  • Kerenza Dvojack
    Kerenza Dvojack Year ago

    How long is the vodka good for?

  • depression kills teens

    I miss he's old videos...u know when they were like 7 minutes long not 1 Minute

  • Titoyogo o
    Titoyogo o Year ago

    Make something for kids and I’ll subscribe

  • Titoyogo o
    Titoyogo o Year ago

    This is why most kids hate life. Everything’s always for grown ups SHOOT

  • superchopper 1996

    Who the fuck seriously drinks this?

  • Tom De mont
    Tom De mont Year ago

    yes your longer videos were funny and i enjoyed them very much but as you said in your vlog it was time for a change and this is just as good... i want to become a bartender and these short videos are extremely helpful to learn new drinks keep this $hit up i luv your stuff!!

  • Tsuki Kitsune-chan

    Looks great but wayyy too sweet, I'd skip the simple syrup and add soda water instead of sprite.

  • David Smith
    David Smith Year ago

    is there anything you cant infuse with vodka

  • Poppajosh
    Poppajosh Year ago

    I hate this 1 min stuff of bartender this is gayyyyy

  • Sawan Patel
    Sawan Patel 2 years ago

    Don't let this distract you from the fact Tracy McGrady scored 13 points in 33 seconds.

  • Ogden Trece
    Ogden Trece 2 years ago

    I need a good easy quick drink for my bday any suggestions

  • tyler pennell
    tyler pennell 2 years ago

    God I wish I was 21 so I could drink

    oh wait...

  • mari ela
    mari ela 2 years ago

    i have been a fan for a long time and this format feels like its rushed i don't like it PLEASE GO BACK! to how it was before

  • D.g. Priyani
    D.g. Priyani 2 years ago


  • theclevernugget
    theclevernugget 2 years ago

    What am I doing here? I don't even drink. Looks good though.

  • Maddison Caloon
    Maddison Caloon 2 years ago

    I'm trying to make a cocktail with Australian lifesavers, got no idea where to start 😂

  • ぴーちゃん
    ぴーちゃん 2 years ago +1


  • Cia Isherwood
    Cia Isherwood 2 years ago

    I've just realized after watching this, Americans call sprite "lemon lime soda" here in New Zealand we just call it lemonade and boil it when we are sick haha

  • justthatguy
    justthatguy 2 years ago

    5th dislike and im gone seeya sky.

  • vincent garcia
    vincent garcia 2 years ago

    I like the new format but keeping the "AND THERE YOU HAVE IT!" was honestly awesome.

  • bree vercetti
    bree vercetti 2 years ago


  • JesterOfWood
    JesterOfWood 2 years ago

    I like the drink, I like the format, my only thought would be to include a tastes test and describing what the drink tastes like.

  • Timothy Maryanski
    Timothy Maryanski 2 years ago

    Tipsy man I loved the old version of the videos it looked so much more fun

  • Kay V. D.
    Kay V. D. 2 years ago

    I kinda like the new videos better.... 🤔

  • Danielle Winfrey
    Danielle Winfrey 2 years ago

    I'm making this one for sure!!

    ACHIEVEWN 2 years ago

    love this!

  • Señor Bender
    Señor Bender 2 years ago

    Hey sky, could you make some classics like cuba libre, long island etc with a twist ? That would be great

  • Cornelia Drake
    Cornelia Drake 2 years ago

    My mom used to make the peppermint drink. We call it peppermint slaps. Lol

  • Bernard Steyn
    Bernard Steyn 2 years ago

    I like the new style , but miss the girls trying out the drinks and seeing their reactions as to how strong / good it is.

  • LiL phiLL
    LiL phiLL 2 years ago

    u need to make something with moonshine

  • Lord Of The Depths
    Lord Of The Depths 2 years ago

    skyy, you truly are the king of kings.

  • naregj91
    naregj91 2 years ago

    Sexy ass drink..

  • Michael Boland
    Michael Boland 2 years ago


  • Thomas huynh
    Thomas huynh 2 years ago

    This shit is so boring now

  • Zeak Demotro
    Zeak Demotro 2 years ago

    I like the old videos

  • melanie wilson
    melanie wilson 2 years ago

    why don't you do the videos like you used to do them?

  • Shugars 01
    Shugars 01 2 years ago

    i love how he says it he says it like Vodca

  • me
    me 2 years ago +1

    needs more gumballs.

  • A. Rashad
    A. Rashad 2 years ago

    @1:18 - "Thats what I'm talking about". . .

  • Ak Ramirez
    Ak Ramirez 2 years ago

    am I the only one who doesn't know what the hell simple syrup is!?

    • Ineffable Paradox
      Ineffable Paradox 2 years ago

      Sugar and water in equal parts cooked in a pan just until all the sugar dissolves. It's basically liquid sugar.

  • DJ Cali
    DJ Cali 2 years ago

    Sky how long do you let the vodka infuse with the bubble gum?

  • Aimee Rrrr
    Aimee Rrrr 2 years ago

    Love the new style

  • wuquuur supaarr
    wuquuur supaarr 2 years ago

    is all that gum balls in one drink neccessary for the intended flavor? too many gum balls... youd never eat all that. also is it safe if the gum disintegrates and you drink it? thanks for the video!

  • CatN!P
    CatN!P 2 years ago +1

    Jeez.. what happened to sky? 1.3mil now its barely 200k. Still a fan lol?

  • hillnegus300
    hillnegus300 2 years ago

    Lies, the tipsy blog is just more emma. Get money tho, fuck it.

  • BlimpCityFeeder
    BlimpCityFeeder 2 years ago

    Damn it looks like fun. Can't wait to stop needing painkillers, so I can try

  • Max
    Max 2 years ago

    This one reminds me of suicide squad harley

  • Brenda Lares
    Brenda Lares 2 years ago

    i dont even wanna watch them anymore. i just watched for entertainment

  • murls c
    murls c 2 years ago +2

    I know you get a lot of hate for the new video format but I like it. Change isn't always bad :) Keep it up!

  • kibee27
    kibee27 2 years ago

    I actually really like the new format, being a bartender and someone who likes to have people over for drinks, I'm interested in just the recipe rather than looking at girls. It gets right to the point and shows closeups (: Awesome!!

  • xxPorcupine
    xxPorcupine 2 years ago

    Could you make a video talking about which alcohols goes bad and what can keep for ages. Vodka going bad was new to me.

  • Biaggio Alicandro
    Biaggio Alicandro 2 years ago

    I like the new video style. But I mis the girls. You should bring them back on special occasions (Christmas, new year) but it's a nice change. Very brief and to the point. (Also keep the signature "and there you have it")

  • itsyoursemaleaxo
    itsyoursemaleaxo 2 years ago

    This drink is so beautiful😍😍

  • Amber Payne
    Amber Payne 2 years ago

    love the new format I think it's just going to take some getting used to but that being said It your show and as long as you continue to yell " AND THERE YOU HAVE IT " I'm fine lol

  • Amber Payne
    Amber Payne 2 years ago

    love the new format I think it's just going to take some getting used to but that being said It your show and as long as you continue to yell " AND THERE YOU HAVE IT " I'm fine lol

  • Grace Abadeer
    Grace Abadeer 2 years ago

    Y E S S S

  • Brittney O'Brien
    Brittney O'Brien 2 years ago

    I love the new videos!

  • Sadie Louise Reynolds
    Sadie Louise Reynolds 2 years ago

    That fizz when the sprite was added though

  • Mark Kenneth Flores
    Mark Kenneth Flores 2 years ago


  • Deanna M
    Deanna M 2 years ago

    I'm liking the new format. I liked the previous format too but when I'm wanting to learn how to make a new drink, this is a more concise video and the pace is much quicker.
    Nothing wrong with having a different channel with the tipsy girls drinking the drinks and watching them when it's pretty clear that they are already buzzed off their asses. Those drinks gotta go somewhere. Hopefully not down the drain.
    The one thing though, on any cooking show whether it's online or on broadcast tv, I have never see anyone tasting the food and saying that it's nasty and that it doesn't taste good.

  • Deanna M
    Deanna M 2 years ago

    The drink is so pretty to look at. What the hell are you supposed to do with all that damn gum once you've finished drinking the drink? That's a lot of gum balls in that drink!!
    Please don't stick that chewed up gum underneath that table or bar!!
    Actually, Everlasting Gob Stoppers or mini jaw breakers instead of the gum balls could work too and the jaw breakers would eventually dissolve, depending on how fast or slow the drink sits.

  • Dalia Ruiz
    Dalia Ruiz 2 years ago

    vodka goes bad?.... when do you know when it is? :-o lol

  • Jose Antonio
    Jose Antonio 2 years ago

    You are great bro

  • Trey Janice
    Trey Janice 2 years ago +1

    These hate comments about people being mad that the girls arent in it. If they want the girls too, watch the vlogs. If you want the drinks stay!!!!

  • Caille Turcotte
    Caille Turcotte 2 years ago

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  • firley_da_scorpio
    firley_da_scorpio 2 years ago

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  • KanzenSilver
    KanzenSilver 2 years ago

    He still makes good drinks. it was entertaining but I watched it to see him make the drinks! stop Complaining! it's still entertaining ffs!

  • Nicoledaly87
    Nicoledaly87 2 years ago +1

    love the new set up of the videos. this drink looks so good just like the others lol

  • SongBirdC
    SongBirdC 2 years ago +13

    It's a drink channel. I don't no why people are whining. I subscribed to the channel for the drinks so the change makes no difference to me.

  • Ladson Simmons
    Ladson Simmons 2 years ago

    vodka goes bad?? whaaat? does other alcohol?

  • mufasa nhallah
    mufasa nhallah 2 years ago

    all im imagining is hard ass gum tht you cant chew lol

  • bizagam1974
    bizagam1974 2 years ago

    The gum is called Hubba Bubba, not Hubba Bubble. Hubba Bubba bubblegeum. Say that 3 times fast

  • Kumiho Beauty
    Kumiho Beauty 2 years ago

    the girls also go live on facebook follow him on snapchat if you want to see the girls live on facebook making the drinks.

  • Gerard w.
    Gerard w. 2 years ago +4

    this video has a lot of ...eye candy... I'll see myself out

  • Cue Ball
    Cue Ball 2 years ago +2

    Do you have any drinks that are cider based? Do you use any brown liquor?

  • CrusadersMark
    CrusadersMark 2 years ago

    I was actually wondering what people meant by tipsy bartender is changing so I had to check it out to see what's up, I've been watching tipsy bartender for a long time now and the changes aren't bad at all, it's a channel for making drinks and shots, I sub to the channel for the drinks so in time to come I would make them myself for when me and the guys have a little get together again.

  • Alyssa Janae
    Alyssa Janae 2 years ago

    alcohol & bubble gum. my 2 favorite things😩

  • Connor Gordon
    Connor Gordon 2 years ago

    Can you make special where sometime the girls are there. Like if you agree

  • sadjst
    sadjst 2 years ago

    too much shit in the drink imho.
    i would drink it with the hubba infused kamikaze (vodka, triple sec, lemon juice) as a straight cocktail or with the sprite as a long drink with only half rim and less actual candy in it, but that's just me

  • Mayank Gupta
    Mayank Gupta 2 years ago

    Why are u not getting any other girls after u started dating Emma
    I loved Emma in your videos... but this format is not much fun :(

  • Rhys B
    Rhys B 2 years ago

    Feel bad because so many people are throwing shit at Skyy for the change in format - yes we all enjoyed the entertainment of watching the girls etc but at the end of the day, it's a channel about drinks, and even if it wasn't, it's Tipsy's channel so he can do what he wants with it. I'm sticking around - the drink ideas he's throwing out to us at the moment look awesome.
    People acting so entitled. Jeez.

  • Jeziel Vargas
    Jeziel Vargas 2 years ago

    Imma be honest, hate the new style. No hate, just unsubbing. I know a lot of people hate the change too. All I can say is unsubscribe. People don't really talk with views anymore, it's all about subs. If you want a channel to change you have to unsub. That is all.

  • Melissa Malo
    Melissa Malo 2 years ago

    The ending shot with the subscribe banner looks oddly familiar....buzzfeed ?

  • damon hayward
    damon hayward 2 years ago

    I prf the old videos... Way way better and funnier, plus ❤️ the girls lol

  • nitrous07me
    nitrous07me 2 years ago +1

    Where's the interaction w/ the girls in this vid?? That's the best part

  • Nia Vazquez
    Nia Vazquez 2 years ago

    Who watches his old videos just bc u miss the girls 🤔

  • nWo409
    nWo409 2 years ago

    I know this is an alcoholic drinks show, but do you think you could make a drink or two without alcohol or substitute something for the vodka? I just watched this with my pregnant friend and she sad she has to wait another 5 months to try this.

  • Stefan Mauhart
    Stefan Mauhart 2 years ago +2

    and there you have it
    the diabetes gum gun