My Crazy Strange Addiction Obsession

  • Published on Aug 9, 2019
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    Television is dumb and I am here to make fun of it.
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    It was just gatorade
  • ComedyComedy

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  • Ryan Thompson
    Ryan Thompson Month ago +40235

    God I hate this stupid drew gooden guy. Now PJ Handjob, thats someone I can get behind!

    • Gacha Kid
      Gacha Kid 16 hours ago

      NotAnAndriod LastName r/woooosh

    • Thats nice
      Thats nice 13 days ago

      Dr. Kill yourslef is better

    • Soraen
      Soraen 14 days ago

      @Stanley Yelnats i agree

    • MelonII MelonII
      MelonII MelonII 14 days ago

      @Stanley Yelnats bAbY kAta

    • NotAnAndriod LastName
      NotAnAndriod LastName 15 days ago

      @Ruth Well, there is no difference because they are the same person

  • Scarlett
    Scarlett 2 hours ago

    Woah woah....
    “Hey guy”
    “What’s up Greg”

    They really are the same person....

    Just kidding love you two 😂👏🏼

  • Dinessi Cardenas
    Dinessi Cardenas 14 hours ago

    When they took the ice cream out .. it took me out

  • Frog God
    Frog God 17 hours ago

    Hi standing up, im dad

  • Yeet Man
    Yeet Man 20 hours ago

    im addicted to mints

  • Julianna Kopa
    Julianna Kopa 23 hours ago +1

    Damn that’s a huge waste of maple syrup

  • S. J. N.
    S. J. N. Day ago


  • Ken Kaneki
    Ken Kaneki Day ago

    mom i got a fire extinguisher stuck up my ass again

  • Marianne A
    Marianne A Day ago +1

    13:21 lmao I swear that’s what they play in kitchen nightmares when something’s about to go down

  • Daisy Girl
    Daisy Girl 2 days ago +1

    when you originally said shock therapy i thought you meant that they strap her up by the head and electrocute her while screaming “NO POPSICLES!!!”

  • Petya Milkova
    Petya Milkova 2 days ago

    "Gimme that ducking ice cream" something both drew AND danny said. And they still say they're not the same person...


  • 07043885174
    07043885174 2 days ago

    I like your sense of humor. Its witty and not try hardy

  • strangedailythings
    strangedailythings 2 days ago

    Wait, so, did you not keep the other cloves for another time you needed three cloves of garlic?

  • Venus and Luc
    Venus and Luc 2 days ago +1

    Mable syrup shouldn’t move like that, slosh like that

  • big rhonda
    big rhonda 2 days ago

    wait a minute..this isn’t Hank Green..

  • Miss_christie1217
    Miss_christie1217 2 days ago

    Omg you’re so close to 2 million

  • Man'An
    Man'An 2 days ago

    8:55 trys to help a crackhead throws a party for a week off crack brings crack out and gives it to everyone then offers it to the crackhead gets addicted to crack again

  • AdubGalaxyKat
    AdubGalaxyKat 3 days ago

    Drew got an amazing excuse to drink Gatorade.

    Now I wanna pretend to drink mouthwash.

  • Cera Gibson
    Cera Gibson 3 days ago

    Fuck you I’m trying to avoid doing work and everyone knows CAUSE I CANT STOP LAUGHING

  • Olivia s
    Olivia s 3 days ago

    You are hilarious legit best content on TVclip

  • Daughter OftheMoons
    Daughter OftheMoons 3 days ago


  • Elizabeth Nesinov
    Elizabeth Nesinov 3 days ago

    "Hey, guy, welcome back to the Internet, as always, I am coming to you live, from the inside of a giant whale."
    When I first watched this video, which was around 2 AM, I thought that was the funniest thing ever.

  • Mr. matthew
    Mr. matthew 3 days ago

    The maple syrup dude is just an average Canadian.

  • sportluver98
    sportluver98 3 days ago

    I love your humor. vegan or not i almost threw up as that guy ate raw meat

  • emily pereira251
    emily pereira251 3 days ago

    1.69mill lmfao

  • Musicals, Musicals Everywhere

    The shock therapy was completely pointless. Just go to NORMAL therapy.

  • useless
    useless 4 days ago +2

    "ever had a day in your life without maple s--"
    " *_no_* "

  • TheVioletOwl
    TheVioletOwl 4 days ago

    I have a weird eating habit. Nailpolish. Ik its poisonous, but when i get bored i start eating it off of my nails

  • Sydney Jordan
    Sydney Jordan 4 days ago +1

    absolute treat to my soul, drew. stoned, eating a bagel, watching this, while it lightly rains. magnificent.

  • Kristina Marie
    Kristina Marie 4 days ago

    So, Martin's an alcoholic?

  • Taylor Rebekah
    Taylor Rebekah 4 days ago +2

    Is madder a word? "We made danielle madder and madder"

  • Dan Coppola
    Dan Coppola 5 days ago

    U making $$$$$$$$$$ but still relatable

  • Queen
    Queen 5 days ago +1

    "We help freaky eaters get rid of their strange addiction by wasting tons of food because people aren't starving to death!"

  • Alexandra H
    Alexandra H 5 days ago

    why do you have the metro map on your wall 💀

  • nic decker
    nic decker 5 days ago

    if they tryed to do this to me i honestly would just get sad and then eat more

  • Isabella Kawamura
    Isabella Kawamura 5 days ago

    Daniel got madder and madder

  • The Moon
    The Moon 5 days ago +1

    3:41 forgot to change your voice again danny...

  • BurnedBunz
    BurnedBunz 5 days ago +1


  • the odd vlogz
    the odd vlogz 5 days ago

    "can i get you some icecream" she says "cheat day"

  • Buff Natsuki
    Buff Natsuki 5 days ago

    Stange addiction is for doing or eating something, crazy obsession is for collecting or acting as something

  • Susan Saphire
    Susan Saphire 6 days ago

    Hi Danny, I purchased a ticket for the event, however I am no longer able to go. Would I be ale to recieve a refund? If not, if someone needs a ticket in New Jersey email me and I'll sell it to you.

  • Rayna Falch
    Rayna Falch 6 days ago

    I think my email made an impact on that whole “button that can give u feedback” idea. Great idea Drew

  • Kai Long
    Kai Long 6 days ago

    He should do a part 2 about the girl who is addicted to soda who never ends up recovering

  • Buggy Murphy
    Buggy Murphy 6 days ago

    Screw Danny he is so fucking dumb am team pj handjob. Also did you hear jb blowjob married pj handjob and jj virgin.

  • Conmattang
    Conmattang 7 days ago

    The sound effect at 13:20 is such a staple of reality shows I love it

  • maryannestarr
    maryannestarr 7 days ago

    Hiiiiiiii hehehe

    Hiiiiiiiii hehehe

  • Lisa Kostner
    Lisa Kostner 7 days ago

    “I went through kind of a meltdown”, yes, and these popstickle sticks too

  • Izmayla Maulana
    Izmayla Maulana 7 days ago

    That skit was hilarious 😂 😆

  • Guybrush Threepwood
    Guybrush Threepwood 7 days ago

    6:54 Ayy it’s the train lines in Washington DC

  • V. Rostar
    V. Rostar 7 days ago

    My mom doesn't even buy that much ice cream and there's twelve of us lmao

  • K8.O
    K8.O 7 days ago

    “Hi, I’m standing up.😀”

  • waaygaan
    waaygaan 7 days ago

    This is one of my favorite Danny Gonzalez videos, you should really look at the older toddlers and tiaras eps, the productions choices bring me to tears

  • L.J. Rainbowglider
    L.J. Rainbowglider 7 days ago

    When Im bored I watch TLC

  • Stella O'Brien
    Stella O'Brien 8 days ago

    The guy who eats raw meat looks(kind of) like owen Wilson's twin

  • Maya Wei
    Maya Wei 8 days ago

    15:26 shall be my new wallpaper

  • lucid_lunar_ lawripops

    I always thought TLC meant Tv Loves Controversy 🤦‍♀️ I don't know why 🤷‍♀️ anyway they missed a trick there, it makes more sense than The Learning Channel, given the shows on there 😄

  • Zoopo Ismeh
    Zoopo Ismeh 8 days ago

    Is Drew's son Rizz from the Rizzuto show?

  • Queso Helado
    Queso Helado 8 days ago

    Definitely thought that was cheese in the thumbnail.

  • Caesthoffe
    Caesthoffe 8 days ago

    My Freaky Crazy Strange Addiction Obsession Eaters

  • Julian Buxhofer
    Julian Buxhofer 9 days ago

    The end is really deep and sentimental