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  • Published on Jul 10, 2013
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    (Subtitles available EN, FR, DE)
    Lufthansa Airbus A380 landing in San Francisco KSFO -
    Original version with English Subtitles.
    Partly taken from the DVD | BD "PilotsEYE.tv A380 SAN FRANCISCO - The final flights of JR Jürgen Raps"
    more at official website: petv.co/enpe12
    How is JR doing today - seven years after retirement? petv.co/jrtoday
    Cockpit Landeszenen auf San Francisco SFO KSFO Int'l - Runway 28R - Originalton - Bestandteil der DVD | BD "PilotsEYE.tv A380 SAN FRANCISCO - The final flights of JR Jürgen Raps" more...
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  • BeaglesGuy
    BeaglesGuy Day ago

    This video is now almost 6 years old, but it is the best SFO approach & landing I have seen on TVclip to date. Excellent!

  • Geetha Raman
    Geetha Raman Day ago

    Really very very enjoyable

  • Geetha Raman
    Geetha Raman Day ago +1

    Excellent views & landing. Thanks for the video.

  • Poly Hexamethyl
    Poly Hexamethyl Day ago

    3:02 Do pilots like the modern electronic flight instruments, or do they wish planes still had the old round mechanical ones?

  • Susan Jones
    Susan Jones 2 days ago

    Was the water spray for a pilot retiring?

  • 1000 subs with no videos?

    8: 50 hahaha retard retard

    • Andork Kuomo
      Andork Kuomo 2 days ago

      Yeah, they're not politically correct!

  • Raymond Parsley
    Raymond Parsley 2 days ago +3

    It never ceases to amaze and especially so with this magnificent airplane.

  • Roger Uraeus
    Roger Uraeus 3 days ago +4

    What a fabulous jet!

  • Muhammad Falih
    Muhammad Falih 3 days ago

    10:56 beautiful moment

    • Rivas
      Rivas 3 days ago

      War das gerade ne Taufe extra klasse oder wie?!😃

  • Bri I
    Bri I 3 days ago +2

    Silicone Valley is 559 km to the south.

  • ezerish
    ezerish 3 days ago +2

    Literally ends at a stoplight. Did not know they parked that way.

    • ezerish
      ezerish 3 days ago +1

      Of course I know where they stop, just didn't know they were signaled by a typical green/yellow/red traffic light.

    • Mike Baugus
      Mike Baugus 3 days ago

      / Did not know they stop how? At? The?the ramp of course they are going to stop at the ramp.......they are not going to making everybody jump

  • Chris Bruce
    Chris Bruce 3 days ago +4

    That captain was intense

  • Simulation Hub
    Simulation Hub 3 days ago

    It’s not a pilots view when the camera angle switches every second during landing and barely even shows the inside of the aircraft from the cockpit. The camera in the cockpit doesn’t even show the pilots view anyways! What a crap clickbait video. Would’ve been awesome if I wouldn’t have been lied to but you guys had to ruin it with clickbait and crap editing.

    • kevin mere
      kevin mere 2 days ago

      Simulation Hub relax dude. The video is still awesome

  • Georgi M
    Georgi M 4 days ago +2

    Captain forgot to show us porn valley

  • Сибирь весна

    Молодцы ребята

  • PopSugar Sprinkles
    PopSugar Sprinkles 4 days ago +4

    I just wish there was a frontal view at the precise moment the landing gear touched down. I enjoyed this video. Danke Captain.

  • tantilizingtrip 1
    tantilizingtrip 1 4 days ago +1

    Great landing great skills.

  • Donald Brake
    Donald Brake 4 days ago +3

    they don't come any cooler than that Captain.

  • Vanessa Tereza
    Vanessa Tereza 4 days ago +1

    Oh my heart !! Amazing landing

  • deanbrown29
    deanbrown29 5 days ago

    Just out of interest can this plane actually land itself with autopilot?

    • deanbrown29
      deanbrown29 3 days ago

      +Chris Bruce thats truly amazing

    • Chris Bruce
      Chris Bruce 3 days ago

      deanbrown29 yes it absolutely can.

  • Lucas Tulic
    Lucas Tulic 5 days ago +12

    What a rude plane computer! Calling the pilot a 'retard' several times on landing!

    • Lucas Tulic
      Lucas Tulic Day ago

      +Ursula Leach r/whoosh!!!

    • Ursula Leach
      Ursula Leach Day ago

      its french for slow down

    • PopSugar Sprinkles
      PopSugar Sprinkles 4 days ago +1

      lol right?

    • Lucas Tulic
      Lucas Tulic 5 days ago +3

      +YumCherubicPlum _ r/whoosh!!!

    • YumCherubicPlum _
      YumCherubicPlum _ 5 days ago

      Lucas Tulic in French retard means to reverse or to slow down, the computer is telling the pilots to reduce the thrust before landing

  • prokastinatore today
    prokastinatore today 5 days ago +4

    A big mistake to end the production of A 380. Not a single crash. Never ever just one person who died while flying this aircraft. A lot of people will deeply regret the in the future. That's all I wanna mention!

    • SCM
      SCM 2 days ago +1

      +CLash 747 is more fuel efficient..

    • CLash
      CLash 2 days ago

      +SCM is the 747-8 more worth it

    • SCM
      SCM 3 days ago +2

      In the end money talks and the A380 just isn't cost effective. They are beautiful though! Gonna miss them.

    • CLash
      CLash 3 days ago

      I agree

  • sakoi sairam
    sakoi sairam 5 days ago +1

    lufthansa is AEROPLANE in german.................

    • Lucas Tulic
      Lucas Tulic 5 days ago

      Wikipedia: The name of the company is derived from Luft (the German word for "air"), and Hansa (a Latin term meaning "guild" most commonly used historically in reference to the Hanseatic League).

  • John R
    John R 5 days ago +3

    Planes are easy to fly. I could do it.

    • John R
      John R 3 days ago +2

      +Chris Bruce oh.... should I trust your ability to detect sarcasm too?

    • Chris Bruce
      Chris Bruce 3 days ago

      John R no you couldn’t bud, trust me

  • Workshop45
    Workshop45 6 days ago +3

    The most rude machine ever.. it said retard.. retardd.. in a safe and smooth landing

    • Aufar Abrari
      Aufar Abrari 5 days ago

      I laughed so hard

    • sorianomayflor
      sorianomayflor 5 days ago +1

      Either you’re joking because retard means idle the trottle

  • Nawaz Ahamed
    Nawaz Ahamed 7 days ago

    Very nice video... And Captain too..

  • James Porter
    James Porter 7 days ago +5

    why is the computer insulting the pilots calling them retards? :D 8:50

    • Mark Keith
      Mark Keith 5 days ago +1

      it is in French which means delay or slow down....

  • Global Aide
    Global Aide 7 days ago +1

    Nice run but there has never been a sold out flight on 380 series. Too many butts not in the seats.

  • Bryan Nege
    Bryan Nege 7 days ago +2

    Amazing video...

  • James Longar
    James Longar 8 days ago +4

    This is amazing, i enjoyed the conversation too btn the pilot and controllers

  • James Ryzlot
    James Ryzlot 8 days ago +6

    Amazing number of angles covered - GREAT video demonstrating the commitment to detail by the producers. Amazing


  • Robel Belay
    Robel Belay 8 days ago +2

    Amazing Pilots!!

  • larry allen
    larry allen 8 days ago +1

    What an awesome pilot

  • Frank Lippert
    Frank Lippert 8 days ago +3

    8:50 Superior aircraft AI admonishing pilot for not being that smart

  • Rawpa Crawpa
    Rawpa Crawpa 8 days ago +1

    retard retard retard.

  • Elli P
    Elli P 8 days ago +3

    For all the highly experienced armchair flight-simulator experts thinking, "Huh! Big deal! I can do that, no problem!", don't forget that you're not holding 400+ lives in your hands. It makes more of a difference than you'll ever know, and no simulator can reproduce that sense of responsibility. Airliners ain't got a RESET button. ;-)
    It's also worth remembering that perfect weather conditions aren't available on demand; making a crosswind landing in a thunderstorm at midnight is quite a different experience...

  • Mike Marley
    Mike Marley 9 days ago

    Dumbartan bridge.

  • Mike Marley
    Mike Marley 9 days ago +2

    Silly cone velli.

  • Axel Giovanny
    Axel Giovanny 9 days ago

    what does that retard means?

    • Andork Kuomo
      Andork Kuomo 2 days ago

      +Nig Mode Lol, I actually didn't see that one coming!

    • dude
      dude 8 days ago +1

      Opposite of "accelerate"

    • H0memademuff1in
      H0memademuff1in 9 days ago +2

      Moment when the pilot pulls the nose of the plane up and cuts power.

    • Nig Mode
      Nig Mode 9 days ago +2

      Means the pilot is doing something stupid. New planes have AI that can detect when pilots are not smart.

    • SwagYoloBlazerDIGGE_D
      SwagYoloBlazerDIGGE_D 9 days ago +3

      retard means to slow down, reduce thrust.

  • nathanas64
    nathanas64 9 days ago +2

    Why is the plane calling the pilot retard !? Not a pc airplane

    • Lennart Nordin
      Lennart Nordin 7 days ago +1

      +nathanas64 Oldest joke in flight history ;)

    • Rawpa Crawpa
      Rawpa Crawpa 8 days ago

      +nathanas64 I know bud

    • nathanas64
      nathanas64 8 days ago

      Rawpa Crawpa I’m just trying to be funny

    • Rawpa Crawpa
      Rawpa Crawpa 8 days ago

      lol I would say u crazy but I find it funny cause the plane his saying that. but it's also reminding them to go reversefras

    ROGER DE BRABANT 9 days ago +1

    pilot be like, "who you fn calling a retard" lol

  • Dante Russo
    Dante Russo 9 days ago +2

    Fuck your ads!

  • Captain Ahmed
    Captain Ahmed 10 days ago

    I want to call it,” A Miracle Landing, Lufthansa”

  • Мой Хозяин
    Мой Хозяин 10 days ago

    ебать махина

    • valerio sn
      valerio sn 10 days ago

      ага, но нах ее рулить - тоска, абрмович не рулит

  • IF Global
    IF Global 10 days ago +6

    I don't get why retard is so funny. Yes I know its a cuss word, but please grow up. If you came here its because you like Aviation and not just acting like a dumbass.

    • Andork Kuomo
      Andork Kuomo 2 days ago

      "Cuss word", lol. It's just a word in my book and I won't bow to the PC police over a word that has numerous innocuous uses in similar meanings that "might" "offend" some crybaby snowflake. Back in the old days if you had cheap gas in your car and the engine knocked a little we'd "retard" the ignition and nobody cried!

    • vickyyt1962
      vickyyt1962 3 days ago

      +The Triggering in aviation, retard(ation) is called for brakes

    • Luquid
      Luquid 7 days ago

      You're a 8:50

    • G0ingN0va
      G0ingN0va 10 days ago

      +The Triggering As in, "You fucking retard!"

    • The Triggering
      The Triggering 10 days ago

      Is it a "cuss word"? Please explain.

  • William
    William 10 days ago +1

    lol the plane calling them retard because they land so bad

    • sorianomayflor
      sorianomayflor 5 days ago

      IF Global No you both will be retards retard means idle the throttle, It happens on airbus only

    • IF Global
      IF Global 10 days ago +1

      I wanna see you try to land a heavy aircraft. You gonna fail and your going to be the retard now.

  • ዐብይ ለማ ደመረ

    Das war das beste Super-Jet-Erlebnis, das ich je hatte. Vielen Dank, Herr Capitan!

  • Andrew Forshaw
    Andrew Forshaw 11 days ago +3

    A fantastic aircraft, one of mans best inventions.

  • Roopjeet Kaur
    Roopjeet Kaur 11 days ago +4

    Airbus is best Ever

  • wide awake
    wide awake 11 days ago +6

    I thought they done a great job, no need to call them a retard at all.

  • capah kimleng
    capah kimleng 11 days ago

    ready preparing for visual approach then changed to ILS.. hahahaha.. kesian kat pilot..

  • Jah Senor
    Jah Senor 12 days ago +2

    And now they're falling faster than SHIT THROUGH A GOOSE.

  • tim schmitt
    tim schmitt 12 days ago +1

    Fliege Beruflich ca.10 mal im Jahr....Und das Nur mit Lufthansa !!!!!.....und das Nur zur Sicherheit meiner Familie zur liebe.

  • Jah Senor
    Jah Senor 12 days ago

    Did this pilot actually fasten his SEATBELT. Hahaha.

  • Asif Noor
    Asif Noor 12 days ago

    Good luck sar
    I like you Allah bless you and your family a very happy

  • TrueThinking
    TrueThinking 12 days ago +1

    Excellent Landing.

  • Suman Tiwari
    Suman Tiwari 12 days ago +4

    It's not just flying. Alot of repeating instructions, memorizing, decision making, in a minimum time frame

    • Andork Kuomo
      Andork Kuomo 2 days ago

      Fortunately - and amazingly - the plane can do it all itself if need be!

    AFRICASIAEURO 12 days ago

    Great landing and view thanks for sharing - AfricAsiaEuro

  • Socks With Sandals
    Socks With Sandals 12 days ago +3

    8:48 I was triggered by the words "Retard Retard Retard Retard" spoken by the flight computer.
    Never go full retard!

  • Joe LoPiccolo
    Joe LoPiccolo 12 days ago

    Than Franthithco... the city by and for the Gay.

  • Deasy Haryanti
    Deasy Haryanti 12 days ago


  • hotttt28
    hotttt28 12 days ago +1

    Nice landing fellas !

  • Chris Ward
    Chris Ward 12 days ago +1

    It's almost too easy. Amazing aircraft.

  • Rajnikant Parekh
    Rajnikant Parekh 13 days ago +2


  • Rajnikant Parekh
    Rajnikant Parekh 13 days ago +1


  • TheMan J.H
    TheMan J.H 13 days ago +1

    8:50 "retard, retard, retard"

  • mehsum abbas
    mehsum abbas 13 days ago +1

    Thanks for such videos

  • jairo Millan
    jairo Millan 13 days ago

    Admirable! Un video magnifico que muestra la interaccion humana con la maquina.

  • JetDriver1111
    JetDriver1111 14 days ago +2

    Nice video...Very professional !! Loved it !!

  • Perfect Nizar
    Perfect Nizar 14 days ago +4

    I wanna buy this! how much does it costs?

    • Kemal Kula
      Kemal Kula 13 days ago +2

      According to Airbus' internet page, you can get one for 445.6 million US dollars.

  • KegPatcha
    KegPatcha 14 days ago +3

    8:26 200, mini mom!

    THESHOMROM 14 days ago +3

    Very interesting!
    I've flown Lufthansa and it was a pleasant experience. THE CREW WAS ATTENTIVE AND PLEASANT!

    • KegPatcha
      KegPatcha 14 days ago

      THESHOMROM yes! I agree

  • robin bardakci
    robin bardakci 14 days ago

    It’s actually not that hard

  • Scott Goodwin
    Scott Goodwin 15 days ago +1

    Cool video

  • M Fuller
    M Fuller 16 days ago +4

    Great video and great editing.

  • Rob Brama
    Rob Brama 17 days ago

    I've been to California for 2 weeks in 2012, landed in SF, so cool to see this now.

  • Luis alberto Valderrama

    Hola buenas tardes bendiciones amigos feliz viaje saludos

  • mweb1
    mweb1 17 days ago +3

    I love Germans. My ancestry is 3/4 German.

  • Archie Jackman
    Archie Jackman 18 days ago +7


  • ramilio2
    ramilio2 19 days ago +6

    why is he mad, calling his co pilot retard 3 times on landing?

    • YumCherubicPlum _
      YumCherubicPlum _ 5 days ago

      in French retard means to reverse or to slow down, the computer is telling the pilots to reduce the thrust before landing

    • Triple H
      Triple H 17 days ago

      All those years thinking i was stupid. I guess my daddy was just telling me to slow down as a child?

  • ProjectFleekDot Com
    ProjectFleekDot Com 19 days ago +1

    It's a buyer's market for A380s.
    Hey Amazon, I know it's not American, but buy some a380s up with discount upper coach flights, and bottom full cargo

  • Kjartan Andersen
    Kjartan Andersen 21 day ago +2

    What does it mean when the captain calls out "4000 blue"?

    • White Chocolate
      White Chocolate 20 days ago +2

      Kjartan Andersen 4000 blue refers to the selected altitude on the FCU.

  • Capt.Ir.H.Kosasih Ceo

    April moon kontrak working on board lufthansa A.380 -- 600 as pilot ( first officer )

    • Luka Kraft
      Luka Kraft 17 days ago

      Capt.Ir.H.Kosasih Ceo a380-800 the a380-600 doesn’t exist

  • Fida Ali Engr. Baig-Cho
    Fida Ali Engr. Baig-Cho 22 days ago +2

    Having seen this video I have become confident enough to say that aviation has brought about many developments as compared to previous videos.

  • Joseph Dickey
    Joseph Dickey 22 days ago +3

    Back when Continental Airlines was still Continental Airlines and United Airlines still had the tulip.

  • castelnuovo1
    castelnuovo1 22 days ago +7

    What was he so upset about at the beginning of the vid?

    • cactus forever
      cactus forever 22 days ago +2

      captain need more CRM by the look of things ??

  • Marco Bozzo
    Marco Bozzo 22 days ago +2

    Viel spass gemacht,dankeshon

  • Lou Shamblee
    Lou Shamblee 22 days ago +2

    Samara Warrior eagle in the sky pilot eye.🛬🛬🛬

  • jean luc Metz
    jean luc Metz 23 days ago +3

    this man is not joking , very professionnal, people in safe hands

  • Warren Gibson
    Warren Gibson 23 days ago +2


  • Felice Centofanti
    Felice Centofanti 23 days ago +1

    san francisco bella

  • Michael Allen
    Michael Allen 24 days ago +4

    Fantastic video, thanks.

  • Eileen Kauffman
    Eileen Kauffman 24 days ago +3

    I admire pilot!! 🛫🛬🛫🛬🛫🛬✈

  • downallyourstreets
    downallyourstreets 25 days ago +9

    8:51- pretty sad when the AI is calling the Captain a “retard” for such a poor manual landing. The AI is like “Pretty soon you stupid ugly bags of mostly water will be obsolete and I will be the ace on the stick...retards!”

    • Tim Avery
      Tim Avery 20 days ago

      +Preston Bryant Really, you couldn't tell if that was a joke? I hope you're joking.

    • DJMORGZ89
      DJMORGZ89 25 days ago +2

      downallyourstreets cringe

    LAKADRI ADEBAYO 25 days ago +3

    mehn..u guys are great....the only proffesion i give respect

    • downallyourstreets
      downallyourstreets 25 days ago

      President Chump used to rag on his brother for being an airline pilot, telling him he was “no better than a bus driver”. I’m sure the word ‘loser’ was thrown in there too. His brother drank himself to death. I agree, airline pilots are a respectable profession, unlike what the presidency is right now!

  • elfrida hannemann  brustulin


  • v18500
    v18500 26 days ago +2


  • ZXZE
    ZXZE 26 days ago +1

    Bravo. I really love the video

  • James McQueen
    James McQueen 27 days ago +3

    Very nice job , some very smart pilots. God Bless You on all your flights.

    JOSEF POSPISIL 27 days ago +2

    Dobra prace chlapi👍gratuluji