• Published on Sep 15, 2019
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    Today, pewdiepie minecraft monday, creeper aww man memes & dog and the dad memes plus boys during class powerpoint presentation

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  • Clumsy
    Clumsy  29 days ago +678

    Hi guys, for *DDM420* tomorrow, I'll be featuring 3 lucky people with funny #DDM comment. This is only for that special DDM episode. #DDM your funny comment below. Good luck, we're in the end game now!

  • LonelyBaller
    LonelyBaller 3 days ago

    When clumsy runs out of memes

  • GhostGavaBoy
    GhostGavaBoy 5 days ago

    Boy shut yo skintone chicken bone no home Google chrome flip phone disowned ice cream cone garden gnome flying drone extra chromosome dimmadone hormone metronome Indiana Jones flintstone full blown student loan auto zone friendzone headphone danger zone broken bone iphone hair comb construction zone traffic cone professionally seen Sylvester Stallone head ass up

  • Viktor Radic
    Viktor Radic 13 days ago

    0:17 That’s me

  • Jaycee Carag10
    Jaycee Carag10 13 days ago

    I was about to comment my name and i heard what you said

  • qeetz
    qeetz 14 days ago


  • dragonborn 7960
    dragonborn 7960 15 days ago


  • Sovietwolf679 Comrade
    Sovietwolf679 Comrade 15 days ago

    Why didn’t we use feminists for the shields

  • TheDiamondTea [Otaku with a Aspen Wand]

    2:17 how it feels getting Coastline in R6S

  • Unfazed Envy
    Unfazed Envy 16 days ago +1

    2:36 spongebob has a camel toe

  • Dark Deity Gremory
    Dark Deity Gremory 16 days ago

    (People who played Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow will understand)

  • Blodiś
    Blodiś 17 days ago


  • Shriek is my Life
    Shriek is my Life 18 days ago

    3:16 *relatable* 😂😅🤣😔

  • Blodiś
    Blodiś 18 days ago

    Buckko duggo

  • Tc gaming
    Tc gaming 18 days ago

    I only watch this so doggos or cats protect my room tonight

  • Ivan Petkov
    Ivan Petkov 18 days ago


  • Random Potato Dude
    Random Potato Dude 19 days ago

    When people hates anime.
    They watched hentai instead.

  • Rodri G
    Rodri G 19 days ago

    4:31 Are you kidding me? That’s my general right there 🇨🇱

  • Victor Andrei Amante

    Victors when they see a meme about victors: :)

  • Jake West
    Jake West 21 day ago +1

    Stingray to Steve urwin I’m gonna rock this mans career

  • Snowie Waffles
    Snowie Waffles 22 days ago

    #DDM me : I’m not other girls girls: yeah. Me to it’s like the world doesn’t get me me : I pour milk in a cup and cereal in a bowl girl : 😦

  • Peanut Brain
    Peanut Brain 22 days ago

    *yay he can shoot cum*

  • Leslie Love
    Leslie Love 22 days ago


  • Pro Gamer
    Pro Gamer 23 days ago

    i did what the first 10 words said cuz the other meme channel i used to watch died

  • Cute_ Bxbii
    Cute_ Bxbii 23 days ago

    #DDM perfect 👌 video

  • Country boy
    Country boy 23 days ago

    #happy doggo

  • l o v e l y e d i t s
    l o v e l y e d i t s 23 days ago

    oh boy 420 is gonna be better then the area 51 raid.

  • Caroline Fineberg
    Caroline Fineberg 23 days ago

    2:56 This makes me angry.
    Having a skin disorder does not change your race.

  • Pure Cringe
    Pure Cringe 23 days ago

    *Ah, yes. Thank you, bucket doggo.*

  • dark moonlight
    dark moonlight 23 days ago

    Lol nice

  • Blaze Dragon
    Blaze Dragon 23 days ago

    6:50 omg dantdm

  • Paper Jammy :3
    Paper Jammy :3 23 days ago

    4:46 This is something I am willing to do

  • Teekaiszu
    Teekaiszu 24 days ago +1

    * Laugh in a few seconds *
    Me: *Hold up...*

  • Akatsuki soup
    Akatsuki soup 24 days ago +1

    Me: I'm scared of DaBaby
    Therapist: Huh?
    Me: Aaaaah!

  • Nina-Jalen Williams
    Nina-Jalen Williams 24 days ago

    1:38 I do that all the time

  • Girl In Too Many Fandoms

    0:33 is that Voltron?

  • Chicken noodle strap Idk


  • Octo Birb
    Octo Birb 24 days ago

    5:11 i knew what was coming

  • Game Changerr
    Game Changerr 24 days ago

    8:38 woooooooo IM BULGARIAN

  • GIR
    GIR 24 days ago

    Cool, both of my friends where born in Feb. 13

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 24 days ago

    Thanks bucket doggo he saved me from my sleep paralysis demon

  • Caleb Sealock
    Caleb Sealock 24 days ago +1

    4:45 Wait that’s my birthday

  • Glitch The Deer
    Glitch The Deer 24 days ago

    My furry ass sitting at home smokeing some wedding cake and watching the streamers die

  • Eric Espinosa
    Eric Espinosa 24 days ago

    its called cum

    CHIN KEE HAW 24 days ago

    The Chinese characters mean "dark ghost ice cream" literally

  • Anna Here
    Anna Here 24 days ago

    3:59 isn’t that hard lmao

  • Angelo RO
    Angelo RO 24 days ago

    hey guys im from the philippines and im here too tell you that area 51 will be great but be careful naruto runners there will be landmines

  • Moses Sandoval
    Moses Sandoval 25 days ago

    Like the comment and bucket doggo will protect your room tonight

  • John Mahmutaj
    John Mahmutaj 25 days ago

    Whats the name of that card game , i forgot

  • Lameka Spencer
    Lameka Spencer 25 days ago

    This shit goofy is hell

  • Legend legacy
    Legend legacy 25 days ago

    2:45 this one made me cry a little, because this is so true, people never are truthful, they always attack you from behind, while normal animals show their real selves instead of tricking you, this is a great lesson teacher.

  • sonic and kirby
    sonic and kirby 25 days ago

    When you get up ready for school and your mom says school is cancelled for today:

  • Kitten
    Kitten 25 days ago

    0:56 GENIUS

  • Tania Poitras
    Tania Poitras 25 days ago

    Love your vids

  • Jose Arias
    Jose Arias 25 days ago

    Me: Likes and subs
    Also me: (sleeps)
    Also me: wakes up and sees monster tied up
    Me: thank you... Bucket doggo

  • Viper Craft
    Viper Craft 25 days ago

    roses are red
    clumsy is cool
    you are gay if you use king k rool

  • Nick Todorov
    Nick Todorov 25 days ago

    Im bulgarian. Nice to see that grandpa dobri is still remembered

  • munny bunny
    munny bunny 25 days ago +1

    Im from Bulgaria

  • Want - Diverse Content


  • Polars SZN
    Polars SZN 25 days ago

    When someone says you’re gay and you reply with “Yeah I know I’m happy”
    You fool, you fallen to one of the most classic blunders.