Is It Possible to Build a Tunnel from Japan to Korea?

  • Published on May 12, 2018
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    In 1917, a Japanese Army general by the name of Kuniaki Koiso, wanted to connect Japan to the rest of Asia. He suggested the idea of building a grand tunnel from Japan all the way to Korea. Certainly a tremendous feat of engineering; and not just for that point in time. Over the next hundred years, through the various incarnations, and despite the numerous proposals, the project never moved beyond conception; today, as we know, there’s still yet to be a tunnel or bridge connecting the two countries.
    But the question is, for how long?
    Compared to air travel, having an accessible route by land is going to save people a lot of money, especially when sending goods; which is why most companies tend to use sea routes (though that’s still significantly more expensive than sending by land). The proposed tunnel would also serve a portion of the 20,000 people who travel daily between Korea and Japan. Ultimately, there would be an increase in economic activity for both countries, contributing to the economic development of the whole of East Asia
    - Korea Strait
    - Channel Tunnel or Chunnel (longest undersea portion of any tunnel)
    - Seikan Tunnel (longest undersea tunnel overall)
    - 3 proposed routes for the Japan-Korea tunnel - Karatsu to Iki Island to Tsushima Island, then terminating at either Geoje Island or Yeongdu, Busan.
    - Port of Busan
    - Traveling from Tokyo to Seoul by land
    - Immense cost of JKUT
    - Viability of project
    - Historic psychological barrier
    - Japan & Korea war
    - Japanese invasion of Korea
    - Korean mistrust
    - Political & economic influence
    - UK & France history & similarities
    - European Union & East Asian Community
    - Island mentality
    - China's increasing influence
    - Tokyo, Seoul & Beijing route
    - North Korea's relevance
    - Trans-global highway
    - Human transportation, engineering & architecture

Comments • 2 901

  • Kento Bento
    Kento Bento  11 months ago +431

    *[Edit: It's a bit disappointing the number of people leaving premature comments who have clearly reacted only to the title or having only watched part way through the video. Many of the points people are mentioning from the Korean side are already brought up in the video. At least watch it through before dropping viscerally-charged comments.]
    Parts of this video may be sensitive to some people, but I tried to keep this as balanced and fair as possible. If you feel I have said something inaccurate in the video, CONSTRUCTIVE feedback is always welcome. And if you disagree with someone in the comments section, there's no need to be aggressive or belittling. Let's keep it civilized! (I know... i tried).
    For those who feel the need to comment on the 'Sea of Japan' labeling of the map in the video, understand the map is obtained off Google Maps (not labelled by us). Additionally, note that the 'Sea of Japan' is the dominant term used in English-speaking countries (as well as in Europe, China & Russia); while 'East Sea' is used primarily in South Korea ('Korean East Sea' in North Korea). With that said, the video makes no claims on what the 'correct' term is.
    Support Kento Bento on Patreon:
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    • sulljoh1
      sulljoh1 Month ago

      You could have predicted the reaction. Also the proposal was introduced by the Japanese in 1917 so..

    • 선융식
      선융식 2 months ago

      having so many people not watching your video and just start fighting is just because the title of this video itself sparks many people's nerve. needless to say two countries' past, their relations today are getting worse since politicians have no intention to settle up whats happened and try to build up good relationship from scratch. Japanese politicians say sorry to Koreans like 'whatever~' and flips their position just as they turn off the mic, saying completely another thing like 'pathetic Koreans. we're sick and tired of them' which looks they feel no sorry to Koreans.
      East Sea problem is not like what most Westerners might think. Many ancient asian maps including Chinese, Japanese ones are referring it as 'East Sea' from hundreds years ago. 'Sea of Japan' is came out of blue when Japan got major power player in late 19th. Why do you call 'the North Sea' even if it's in the west of Scandinavians? Isn't it because they just called it before from long ago? Why UK never insist that it's British Sea or something unlike Japan?
      International Hydrographic Organization pushed Japan to deal with this naming problem with Korean gov, said otherwise they'd use 'East Sea' only without 'Sea of Japan' and Japan agreed to negotiate with Korea which means 'Sea of Japan' is no more dominant just as not having historical authority that i mentioned above.

    • Andy Lee
      Andy Lee 2 months ago

      ​+Haneol Kim Couldn't disagree more. Considering effort of editing on this videos, deleting disputable 'sea of japan' or 'east sea' mark could be quite easy thing to do. Mentioning 'just reffering to google map' is heard just like excuse. Most of Koreans reasonably think you are biased. Still I like some of this guy's videos though. People cannot perfectly objective on every issue. Japanese guy can support on their side. But definitely that is not honest mention at all. And I hope other countries people don't be fooled by some of japan-korea things on this video.

    • David Fincher
      David Fincher 2 months ago

      you're just an idiot. that's all.
      nothing to see here. move along.

    • Yutani Kenji
      Yutani Kenji 3 months ago

      This is when God was creating the Earth.
      God: I decide to create Japan, where I will give the most wonderful culture, the most comfortable climate to the most diligent people
      Angel: Father, If so, only Japanese are so gifted.
      God: Don’t worry. I am creating Korea too.

  • downers sun
    downers sun 4 days ago

    ???:I'm not drunk I hate korea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • A A
    A A 7 days ago

    God put the Japanese people on an they don't bother other nations. Japan must always be an island nation. History shows what happens to them when they try to get out. NO TUNNEL.

  • keyholes
    keyholes 14 days ago +1

    Watching this as a Brit with Brexit hanging over my head, I miss the spirit we had to build the Chunnel. Isolation gets us nowhere but stuck inside our own heads. I hope this tunnel happens one day, and the connectedness is something treasured.

  • Wan Izzat
    Wan Izzat 16 days ago

    Eating big packet of chips while reading this comment section is the idea that i can think for today.

  • shoaib akhtar
    shoaib akhtar 20 days ago

    A tunnel from Korea to Japan? Are you kidding me? How that's possible?

    I was thinking that we are going to build one from earth to moon first. 😂

  • Moepowerplant
    Moepowerplant 23 days ago

    "Chunnel promotes integration with Europe."
    *Looks for Brexit comments.*

  • Enrique Alvarado
    Enrique Alvarado 26 days ago

    Tunnel in a earthquake prone area...what could go wrong

  • Alex Gia
    Alex Gia Month ago

    ffs, it's been half a millenium. Let it go already.
    And most importantly, both countries show no signs of military expansionism.

  • TexMex
    TexMex Month ago

    It's almost always easier and cheaper to move things by sea or river.

  • Azzlover69
    Azzlover69 Month ago

    Who else hate the intro

  • Kenyon papen
    Kenyon papen Month ago

    Don’t do it they’re going to spread the anime

  • Fiercelessman
    Fiercelessman Month ago

    I mean Japan and Korea's technologies are top-notch. It is easy to make one but the diplomatic relation is kinda intertwined as long as historical issues. Korea and Japan are both great countries tho.

  • Min Roh
    Min Roh Month ago

    Sooooo the new Silk Road? I like the idea

  • 한결
    한결 Month ago

    Psychological barrier is not really a issue it is just that korea has nothing to gain from this.
    1, If we dont have the tunnel, busan will be last station when there is rail connecting eurasia.
    2, It is easy for busan people to jump on a train and go to japan and spend money however there isn't major city in japan that is located near korea so even there is a train we cant expect increase of tourism. Japanese living in tokyo and osaka will just use plane.
    3, When we talk about trade and goods korea biggest trade deficit is coming from japan why would we want to increase our trade deficit with japan?

  • lh b
    lh b Month ago

    Korean hate Japanese. Japan is a evil country. most japanese are pervert.

  • brandowag3
    brandowag3 Month ago +1

    I thought we already learned that trains to Busan are dangerous. But on a serious note, it sounds like there is a cell phone going of in the next room throughout the video.

  • John T S
    John T S Month ago +9

    What did Jesus say ? love your neighbour

  • AirCooledMan2006
    AirCooledMan2006 Month ago

    A tunnel between South Korea and Japan sounds awesome, but I'm mostly worried about earthquakes. Consider the fault lines in the region. You sure some earthquake won't come along and fuck it all up?

  • logan desjardins
    logan desjardins Month ago

    It’s 50 times cheaper to move goods by sea than land tunnle = dumb

  • awel a
    awel a Month ago

    can you talk about the malaca tunnel? connecting indonesia to malaysia/singapore? maybe it is more possible because they have a stable relationship just like france and uk

  • D
    D Month ago

    came back to see the drama and wow it's still ongoing haha ~
    immaturity is the real problem here aside from the obvious bigotry.
    lucky a certain someone is not in the chatroom ( Mr. C ) else it would be a blockbuster drama.

  • Wh0_Am_ 1
    Wh0_Am_ 1 Month ago

    The only way I see this happening in the this century is if Korea and Japan unite against a common foe/rival *cough* *cough* China and/or North Korea, in conflict alongside a common ally, (the USA). Otherwise it will likely take generations for the bad blood to thin, as both cultures are ones of tradition, and their memory is long.

  • Surplus King
    Surplus King Month ago

    Nobody want to build tunnel that price so it does not built until east asia form something like EU. (or at least construction cost dropped to current day 3-story shopping center in your next door)

  • leon yoo
    leon yoo Month ago

    Who paid you to create this video?

  • nippononna
    nippononna Month ago

    ってか、この動画を消して欲しい! Please delete this video!

  • punkfruit
    punkfruit Month ago

    the way you pronounce "Kilometers" bugs me :/

  • LovHope Compassion
    LovHope Compassion Month ago

    dream on. if ithappens benefits rich pp only

  • S U B S C R I B E T O P E W D I E P I E

    You have got 999 dislikes

  • Simgen x
    Simgen x Month ago

    Just imagine it. Goods for Japanese people will have to pay taxes to Korea. How can Koreans not consider this a good thing. Profiting from the country you don't like, instead of not profiting. Literally making them pay.

  • Lance Trident
    Lance Trident Month ago

    Need to slaughter both conservationist of east and progressive rationals of west to do so

  • Hwan
    Hwan Month ago

    We korean and most japanese dont want this tunnel! end of story!

  • Brian Woosung Lee
    Brian Woosung Lee Month ago

    nice video, but it will never happen sadly. and no need. Koreans are smarter.

  • MK brothers
    MK brothers Month ago


  • xIcyy
    xIcyy Month ago +8

    *grabs popcorn*
    This comment section sure is fun to read

  • Cheese Nuggets
    Cheese Nuggets Month ago

    Korpan tunnel lmao

  • sulljoh1
    sulljoh1 Month ago

    I agree we should all be more united with neighbors. But you aren't helping by downplaying the Japan->Korea aggression. It's different than French/English conflict which went both ways.
    An Imperial 조선 dynasty never sent fleets to occupy Osaka and send back sex slaves.Korean

  • お豆ひよっこ
    お豆ひよっこ Month ago


  • 인간홍익
    인간홍익 Month ago

    조까는 소리는 보건소 가서 해라
    일본 육지 만들어 줄 일을 너라면 하겠냐??

  • Antonio Gates
    Antonio Gates 2 months ago

    There was a tunnel built for the BART that connects San Francisco and was built around 50 years ago.

  • 이채현
    이채현 2 months ago

    처음에는 그럴듯한데 경제성도 현실성도 둘다 떨어진다.
    근데 통일이 되면 달라질지도

  • David Fincher
    David Fincher 2 months ago

    People who knows Japan only by anime and video games talk about politics. Jesus. God save Japanese people.

  • 임재현
    임재현 2 months ago

    침몰에 대비해서 터널 건설하려구? ㅋ

  • 善膜师
    善膜师 2 months ago

    Japan and Korea arent Sovereign states yet, they have US Military bases on their lands....

  • Martin Liu
    Martin Liu 2 months ago

    honshu to hokkaido to sakhalin to russia

  • 쫄깃박
    쫄깃박 2 months ago

    일본 새끼들 그냥 죽여버리자ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 쓰레기 새끼들ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 막상 만나면 말도 제대로 못하는 새끼들이ㅋㅋㅋ 여기서는 말 잘하네?ㅋㅋㅋ 난쟁이 새끼들

  • limjh
    limjh 2 months ago

    Keep that hate up Japanese and Koreans! There's no reason to reconcile. Just work on your Chinese language skills and you'll be fine!

  • 김진혁
    김진혁 2 months ago

    응 안해 꺼져

  • Thinkpad Fan
    Thinkpad Fan 2 months ago

    Nope. Not now not ever.

  • Huntracony
    Huntracony 2 months ago

    Sure, England and France might not have a recent-ish history of war and Korea and Japan do, but look at Germany. Germany occupied and systematically murdered part of the population of all nine of its neighbours except Switzerland yet Germany now has open borders with all of them.

  • Newbell
    Newbell 2 months ago

    It's a junk video. The fundamental reason why Korea opposes the construction of tunnels is because it lacks economic feasibility. Not because of World War II.

  • Gabriel Ko
    Gabriel Ko 2 months ago

    Forever Japan is just island.

  • 어그로꾼
    어그로꾼 2 months ago

    no naver

  • J Baek
    J Baek 2 months ago


  • 함영운
    함영운 2 months ago

    no need to make a tunnel

  • Inu Genki
    Inu Genki 2 months ago

    Hi, good video.
    I live in france and for going in london from paris is cheaper to go in plane. The tunnel is not the better idea for traveling

  • Harry Roger
    Harry Roger 2 months ago

    Screw Koreans. Tired of their BS.

  • Harry Roger
    Harry Roger 2 months ago


  • Problem jeet
    Problem jeet 2 months ago

    Korea is already crying

  • Cosmic Dragneel
    Cosmic Dragneel 2 months ago

    Ok for any korean or japanese people hating on each other you cant blame a person for what their ancestors did its like indians hating brittish black people hating white people french hating germans africans hating Europeans its unreasonable

    • 선융식
      선융식 Month ago

      +Cosmic Dragneel I get your point, but im asking why perpetrators would hate victims? i know reasons indians hate brittish, but why would brittish hate indians? africans surely may hate europeans, but why would europeans hate africans after all they did terrible things to africans? In terms of war crime and taking account who's victim and who's war criminals, why would japanese hate koreans?

    • Cosmic Dragneel
      Cosmic Dragneel 2 months ago

      선융식 indians may hate brittish its because they were their colony and were forced into war germans may hate french because of the world wars the french had taken land and africans might hate europeans because of slavery.

    • 선융식
      선융식 2 months ago

      exactly, but why Japanese are hating Koreans which seems absurd like brittish hating indians germas hating french europeans hating africans?

  • Eric K
    Eric K 2 months ago

    Do not get involved with Japanese, our great ancestor said.
    I'm Korean, and even have Japanese girlfriend, so I go to Japan a lot.
    But every time I went there, I felt discriminated a lot,
    Like for example, IN MANY RESTAURANTS, the owners rejected me to go inside even though I spoke in Japanese only cuz I looked like Korean a lot and my pronunciation sounds Korean while even other westerners were able to go inside.
    And they did similar things to my girlfriend because she doesn't really look like a Japanese.
    Japan invaded Korea, and even 2019, they still discriminate Koreans.
    What a worst country in the world!

  • David Fincher
    David Fincher 2 months ago +1

    japan is socialist country and most of her people are in hunger. they are skinny and small not because they are fit and healthy, but due to malnutrition.
    have you ever visited japan? do you have friends of families living in japan, are you japanese?
    then you should know that it is the truth.
    there are anti-korean consensus in japan. there are no anti-japanese consensus in korea.
    Japan has no future. It's been like that for the past 20 years. her people are ignorant. their people are eating radiated food everyday courtesy of liberal democratic party and its leader abe shinzo whose forefathers were war criminals. escape japan if you can. now.
    what tunnel? feed your people first.

    • xIcyy
      xIcyy Month ago

      +David Fincher Japan is a democracy? lol

    • David Fincher
      David Fincher 2 months ago

      +Mr. Popanz go try to live in japan for a year. you'll figure it out.
      one party socialist country = japan.

    • Mr. Popanz
      Mr. Popanz 2 months ago

      I've never seen someone misspelling "North Korea" that badly.

    • David Fincher
      David Fincher 2 months ago

      +N Z exactly someone who doesn't have clue about japan would say.

    • N Z
      N Z 2 months ago +1

      sound like you want a big attention from japan but sadly noone care a shit like you. sorry..

  • David Fincher
    David Fincher 2 months ago

    what a fxxking idiot. what is this kento bento bs?
    japan has collapsed 20 years ago.
    japan is socialist country. abe is doing a fxxking fantastic job keeping japan that way.
    only reason why koreans visit and react to japan is out of sympathy. koreans don't give two flying fxxks about japan. they don't hate japanese.... they just dont care about japan or japanese people.
    japan is a country where anti-korean sentiment shows in their best seller book list. koreans dont care nor have anti japanese best selling books anytime in the history.. why is that? because they've collapsed 20 plus years ago and liberal democratic party needed someone to blame for their misery: korean.
    what a fxxking loser country and equally embarrassingly stupid people.
    educate yourself before making such a false claimed vids like this.

    escape japan if you can. that's the only way to survive.

  • The Future
    The Future 2 months ago

    I’m just worried (as a Korean) that if Korea doesn’t let this happen Japan will kamikaze us lol

  • The Future
    The Future 2 months ago

    I talked to at least 10 Koreans about this subject, and no one wanted this lol
    Why is this even brought up lol
    日本バイバイ 👋

    • N Z
      N Z 2 months ago

      no worry it is not gonna happen. who pays for it?! oh not from me..

  • // AzakiPlayz \\
    // AzakiPlayz \\ 2 months ago


  • d_101
    d_101 2 months ago

    Japan's Shinkansen network has the same rail gauge as Korea's railway ,only the regular trains in Japan have narrow gauge !

  • Casper G
    Casper G 2 months ago

    if it is
    then dont tell korea

  • Tomas Tur
    Tomas Tur 2 months ago

    China is about to decline due to its population problems, I don't think both countries being very conservative and traditional will hurry to build this tunnel

  • 판사님 저는오늘만 삽니다

    when all dumb politicians die. it will start.

  • chopinist1810
    chopinist1810 2 months ago

    don't fight everyone.. imma sure its gonna benefit both nations.
    BuT wHaT iF tHeRe WaS aN eArThQuAkE??

  • Seung Kyu Kim
    Seung Kyu Kim 2 months ago

    Well I know that I am commenting after a long time it has been posted but I do wish to share some points.
    Firstly, I see he tried to be as fair, as someone not from these two countries, and does hope an optimistic future. I applaud that, just that there are some things that non-Koreans and non-Japanese might not know.
    The conflict between the nations in Europe was over when WW2 ended, and Germany apologised for it. Plus, Germany kept their words, they do not have ABC (Atomic, biological, chemical) weapons, limited their army, the chancellor (or PM back then) of Germany travelled to Poland, kneeled and apologised.
    In contrast, it is still continuing in East Asia. There is a border conflict between Korea and Japan, Japan did "apologise" however their actions speak otherwise. Japan declared in their constitution that they will not have an army that will be capable of attacking other countries however they voted to change it. They think that starting WW2 was a Glorious Past, not a mistake never to be repeated. Furthermore, they do not acknowledge the massacres and atrocities they have committed back them (e.g. Nanjing massacre, "comfort" women etc).
    In Europe, UK and France fought over a common enemy and that common enemy has totally changed. We can see how serious Germany was, looking from their punishment to Nazi members and the education system that followed.
    In Japan, in case you didn't know, practically the people who supported the Japanese military government continued, they have a shrine to commemorate the war criminals.
    If you ask Koreans whether they will side with Japan rather than China, the answer will probably a 'no'. Koreans do not trust both sides in the first place.

    It is not about moving on from the past. That past continues until this very day. That is the issue.

    P.S. Personally, I do feel that Japanese people are not the ones to blame, as they are kind, well mannered and know what is right and wrong. However, the politicians there are the ones to blame.

  • Minseob Ahn
    Minseob Ahn 2 months ago +8

    Why build an expensive tunnel connected to a sinking country? lololololol

  • UnfixedSam
    UnfixedSam 2 months ago

    Just to tell you KB. It takes me 6 to 7 hours from seoul to busan. So seoul to Tokyo is going to take wayyyy and i mean wayyyyyyyy longer.

  • J.D. Hague
    J.D. Hague 2 months ago

    This tunnel is not happening and should not happen. Both countries have massive debts. Both are contracting in population. Both dislike the other. You can already get from one to the other. Also, it wouldn't connect the top 3 areas of Japan, but rather a very far edge spot. Not even slightly ideal. This will not happen.

  • Ji Kang
    Ji Kang 2 months ago

    I watched the video. and it's BS as hell.

  • doaftheloaf
    doaftheloaf 2 months ago

    it definitely benefits japan more if north korea ever allows passage through its territory. would this work between alaska and russia?

  • Fjohnny
    Fjohnny 2 months ago

    방사능 원숭이는 섬에만 있어요. 섬 밖으로 나오면 세계평화가 위협 받습니다. 세계평화를 위하여 사무라이답게 자살을 추천합니다.

  • Fjohnny
    Fjohnny 2 months ago

    Connect with those babaric radioactive monkey kingdom? Hell no. No fukn way. According to their instint that inherited by acestor monkey they invade asia again.

  • Jesper van Dijk
    Jesper van Dijk 2 months ago

    All land travel will still have to go through north korea

  • CavCave
    CavCave 2 months ago

    3:54 $157 billion? I might be weird (and I probably am), but that doesn't sound like much when you realise that the US spends almost $600 billion PER YEAR on its clearly oversized military. That $157 billion might also be spread out among 15 years as said in 4:01.

  • [: 떡팸 :]가래떡
    [: 떡팸 :]가래떡 2 months ago

    누가 한국어 자막좀 달아줘 나 이사람 영상 보고싶은데 내가 영어 더럽게 못해서 무슨말 하는지 모르겠다 힝

  • fischkopp1234
    fischkopp1234 2 months ago

    It's gonna hold the world record in being the longest deathtrap in history in a region of the world most famous for being one of the most prone to tsunamis and seaquakes. What could go wrong?
    Hey, does someone need a used Chunnel? The one in Europe isn't needed anymore, because the UK is bed-ridden with island-mentality-fever again.

  • Michael Timpson
    Michael Timpson 2 months ago

    Is your native language German? Because the correct pronunciation of KM is Kil-lom-iter, not Kill-oh-mee-tor throughout most of the English speaking world (North America, Britain, etc.) You say that word like it is pronounced in German.

    • Michael Timpson
      Michael Timpson 2 months ago

      +Kento Bento Typically I find people who grew up speaking another language tend to pronounce it that way though. Kinda sounds funny actually.

    • Kento Bento
      Kento Bento  2 months ago

      Both are legit in English. (click the speaker audio icon to hear pronunciation)

  • Ali A
    Ali A 2 months ago

    Koreans and Japanese stop fighting you’re both Chinese!

  • eip81
    eip81 2 months ago +1

    Yes they should build it! Japan and Korea should be connected to the Asian mainland so energy resources can travel to Japan/Korea, and hi-tech manufactured goods can go back the other way. North Korea needs to be integrated to the economy of Northeast Asia. China, Japan and the Koreas should work together and integrate the Asian economy. RCEP should be concluded as soon as possible. Shanghai Cooperation Organization should be converted to an Asian Union with Japan, Korea and ASEAN countries all joining. Asians should cooperate and make this the Asian century.

  • Dora Wang
    Dora Wang 2 months ago

    I don't think Japan and Korean like each other enough to want something like this connection them. Too close for comfort.

  • Peker Tarik
    Peker Tarik 2 months ago

    No way~~~~
    There is no possibility for us to allow it to be constructed.

  • Bryan9516
    Bryan9516 2 months ago

    This won't happen. Japan must be isolated in the sea.

  • LegosheepIsAwesome
    LegosheepIsAwesome 2 months ago +1

    No-one calls it the Chunnel

  • 90일
    90일 2 months ago

    Why japan wants to build a tunnel : Sinking of Japan

  • Paul Power
    Paul Power 2 months ago

    Train cargo is exceptional more expensive and more inefficient than ship cargo, one ships cargo equals multiple kilometer long trains.
    Let's do the math, one TEU, the standart cargo containers is 12,2 meters long. Let's say it takes 15m on a train wagon for mechanical reasons (it's actually 17,5m but ain't gonna do maths again). 50 years old 2nd Generation Cargoships can hold 1500 TEUs, that equalls 22,5 Kilometer train wagons. The newest 7th gen can take in 14.000 TEUs thats 220 KILOMETERS of train. Also a ship can take multiple routes, depending on the coastline. A train can only take trips on, well, rails.
    China is learning this lesson right now with it's stupid silkway project... nobody is sending cargo and the capacity of the whole system could only handle a fraction of ship cargo. You also need to consider safety distances between trains, wear down of the rails, passenger travel and workforce. (You don't need much more people on a 7th gen ship than on a 2nd one, but you need one driver, one mechanic and one co driver/jumper on a train... if you have a one kilometer long trains that would equal to 660 people instead of 20 to 30 for 7th gen cargo ships)
    The only times tunnels are better opportunities are to bypass mountain ranges.
    It's cheaper to take the ship between France and England and much faster to take the plane from... well... everywhere. I personally know nobody who did the travel via the chunnel. I planed on taking the ride during a winter snow storm once, but it was cheaper and faster to just wait for the storm to end and go by plane anyway.

  • Reltpid
    Reltpid 2 months ago

    I think they don't care about this but Koreans. Building tunnels between Russia and Japan, Taiwan and Japan, and USA and Japan, or even Australia and Japan could be much faster. Depends on Korea, since Japanese don't care and they have alternatives to this such as things I mentioned above. Both sides can get many benefits of the tunnel. Shame

  • MonoPalisa
    MonoPalisa 2 months ago

    English Channel made it possible that you can drive from London all the way to Rome. While Japan-Korea tunnel only gives you access to Korea. If NK is no longer existed, we can see the possibility that the tunnel being built. Would love to see an East Asian & SEA equivalent of EU.
    The reality is, people on the continental East Asia don't like Japanese.

  • N_Y
    N_Y 2 months ago +1


  • YI KIM
    YI KIM 3 months ago


  • Waffe 28
    Waffe 28 3 months ago

    Seriously where did you get 150% from when Japan will only get 5%? Why would Japan want to build a tunnel that gives 150% profit to Corea but 5% to Japan when half of the Japan including Abe hates Corea? Hmm strange. ....

  • siwu nam
    siwu nam 3 months ago

    s.korea is also an island.
    except for north, s.korea is surrounded by sea. and there is an illegal government in the north.
    even though korea is reunited,
    the rail road in north korea remained the same. after occupation of japan, n.korea didn't repair their rail road. so the train only can run 60km/h at the fastest.

  • S Baek
    S Baek 3 months ago

    It's funny thing : Japaneses tend to insist that they hate idea about making tunnel between k & J. Korean Ministry of Land and etc organization do not have any other concern of this. Even though japan politicians have been coming up with this things, It just doesn't fit up to two country's benefits. they said that, and they have been complaining it. It is absurd

    • S Baek
      S Baek Month ago

      from this, my personal point of view : [column being in haste "it was likely to be" about murdering Kim jeong nam] [yahoo_jp main news] [Topic bout JP_curling player] look by 7:18 (broadcasting N-S summit) [ candidate's daughter ] [president moon] [Broadcasting survey in s.korea] [Making a guess through conversation between moon & kim] [韓国 公聽会 聞様]
      Some K people used to say this refering to some people of japaneses : 관음의 민족(stalking people / 観音の民族)
      By doing this, some Japaneses say K always stalks me!!!!!!! jeez!!!! like this :

      "Koreans don't know their future! They will fall off soon or later!"
      but how about us, K people are only concerned of fukushima's radioactive contamination.
      I just wonder all the time. why someone would not think if our(japan's) newspapers were made biased, or manufactured misleadingly.
      we would rather appreciate and be touched for looking after us all the way.
      Now u got my time. thanks

    • S Baek
      S Baek Month ago


      I wanna to say a lot that DPJ and LDP, but leaving these behind.. I ask you to show me [K-medias do stalk] not that survey result with Tunnel matter. but fine let's say this. [今年1月、釜山以外の全国民1000人と釜山市民1000人の標本を地域別人口比率に基づいて抽出した後、専門調査機関に依頼してインターネットアンケート調査を実施した結果だ。 ] In statistics, basically when it comes to say Sampling trustful, it must be as much than 0.1% out of entire all koreans. You can't insist [koreans want to make tunnel] from at most 1000 people. In addition it was not from K-government, but 釜山商工会議所で社団法人 韓日トンネル研究会[
      Korea-Japan Tunnel researcher in Pusan Chamber of Commerce]. Isn't it obviously private organization? Private organization can't be same with government. By the way japan's party has said and insist the matters. right? You wanna know K people's real opinions, check this page. [ ]

      I don't know where I should start it from. Type 朝日新聞 韓国 / 韓国 / 讀賣新聞 韓国 / 産経新聞 韓国 / 毎日新聞 韓国 in google and yahoo_jp. I wonder news I was surprised of many news about K. Curling, Strawberry, tunnel, Comfort Women, BTS t-shirts including Atomic bombing.... well it's so as many. geunhye park, kim jeong eun.... nuclear... dispute of speaking japan king... radar.. galaxy bomber... fine dust.. foldable phone. what do i have to choose first?
      Korea's future from asahi magazine. well I have never seen jp_future columns on magazine like this though.
      It is just second one from 1 page. Do I have to go on search?

      you have been concerning with K matters, so checking articles about K in J-newpapers, then you saw this kento-bento vid in the end? Let's be honest.

    • nippononna
      nippononna Month ago +1

      +S Baek DPJ has already dissolved in 2016! That party has been just a perennial opposition party which tried to sell Japan to Lee Myung-bak when they were a ruling party for a moment...
      But it's just a past thing. They can never ever be a ruling party again. Many Japanese people hate that party.
      DPJ is famous as a Korean dog in Japan...

      BTW can you read Japanese?
      >K-media stalking, find and show me K-article about that
      >J-media also look into K-side more, not less than K-media.
      For example? I've never heard of that.

    • S Baek
      S Baek Month ago / No need to find hard, this yahoo_jp 1page news shows that Japan DPJ(Democratic Party of Japan) has said and japanese professor has taken a measure. See the article, then you could know that investigation under sea has conducted from nagoya once. even this time LDP does not care this matter, what will be different? you want to say K-media stalking, find and show me K-article about that. Plus, J-media also look into K-side more, not less than K-media. Have a good day

    • nippononna
      nippononna Month ago

      Which Japanese politicians?
      This idea article always comes from Korea media like a stalker on Yahoo! Japan news!