Is It Possible to Build a Tunnel from Japan to Korea?

  • Published on May 12, 2018
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    In 1917, a Japanese Army general by the name of Kuniaki Koiso, wanted to connect Japan to the rest of Asia. He suggested the idea of building a grand tunnel from Japan all the way to Korea. Certainly a tremendous feat of engineering; and not just for that point in time. Over the next hundred years, through the various incarnations, and despite the numerous proposals, the project never moved beyond conception; today, as we know, there’s still yet to be a tunnel or bridge connecting the two countries.
    But the question is, for how long?
    Compared to air travel, having an accessible route by land is going to save people a lot of money, especially when sending goods; which is why most companies tend to use sea routes (though that’s still significantly more expensive than sending by land). The proposed tunnel would also serve a portion of the 20,000 people who travel daily between Korea and Japan. Ultimately, there would be an increase in economic activity for both countries, contributing to the economic development of the whole of East Asia
    - Korea Strait
    - Channel Tunnel or Chunnel (longest undersea portion of any tunnel)
    - Seikan Tunnel (longest undersea tunnel overall)
    - 3 proposed routes for the Japan-Korea tunnel - Karatsu to Iki Island to Tsushima Island, then terminating at either Geoje Island or Yeongdu, Busan.
    - Port of Busan
    - Traveling from Tokyo to Seoul by land
    - Immense cost of JKUT
    - Viability of project
    - Historic psychological barrier
    - Japan & Korea war
    - Japanese invasion of Korea
    - Korean mistrust
    - Political & economic influence
    - UK & France history & similarities
    - European Union & East Asian Community
    - Island mentality
    - China's increasing influence
    - Tokyo, Seoul & Beijing route
    - North Korea's relevance
    - Trans-global highway
    - Human transportation, engineering & architecture

Comments • 2 701

  • Kento Bento
    Kento Bento  8 months ago +380

    *[Edit: It's a bit disappointing the number of people leaving premature comments who have clearly reacted only to the title or having only watched part way through the video. Many of the points people are mentioning from the Korean side are already brought up in the video. At least watch it through before dropping viscerally-charged comments.]
    Parts of this video may be sensitive to some people, but I tried to keep this as balanced and fair as possible. If you feel I have said something inaccurate in the video, CONSTRUCTIVE feedback is always welcome. And if you disagree with someone in the comments section, there's no need to be aggressive or belittling. Let's keep it civilized! (I know... i tried).
    For those who feel the need to comment on the 'Sea of Japan' labeling of the map in the video, understand the map is obtained off Google Maps (not labelled by us). Additionally, note that the 'Sea of Japan' is the dominant term used in English-speaking countries (as well as in Europe, China & Russia); while 'East Sea' is used primarily in South Korea ('Korean East Sea' in North Korea). With that said, the video makes no claims on what the 'correct' term is.
    Anyway, I was meant to publish this video last weekend but I got pretty sick, so I'm hoping to get the next video out sooner (to make up for it!).
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    • Yutani Kenji
      Yutani Kenji 6 days ago

      This is when God was creating the Earth.
      God: I decide to create Japan, where I will give the most wonderful culture, the most comfortable climate to the most diligent people
      Angel: Father, If so, only Japanese are so gifted.
      God: Don’t worry. I am creating Korea too.

    • Yamada Taro
      Yamada Taro 6 days ago +1

      +nippononna Kento Bento is 100% Korean pedigree. Most likely Korean immigrant called "Zainichi" trying to cheat on all people in the world as usual Korean cheater. Without exception, all Koreans are nasty cheaters and liars. This hast be taught at school globally.

    • Yamada Taro
      Yamada Taro 6 days ago +1

      +Grenth Blue Japan has not even one single reason to apologize to Korea. But Korea has every single reason to apologize to Japan since Koreans have been ofernders and criminals and Japanese have been victimized by Koreans. So you Koreans have to apologize for making so much lies to cheat on all Humans on Earth.

    • Yamada Taro
      Yamada Taro 6 days ago +1

      +Andy Moon Japan would NEVER want to have any relation ship with any Koreans since ancient time. Only nasty lairs of theives Koreans are desperately going after Japanese. That is enough. All humans hate Koreans. Why we Japanese have to get connected to the world most hated evil race Korean?

    • Yutani Kenji
      Yutani Kenji 6 days ago

      Bento Kento, I like your videos so much.
      Don’t worry that many Korean scums are harassing you.
      I have seen them protesting against the National Flag of Macedonia, shouting, “ It’s Rising sun.”

  • N_Y
    N_Y 9 hours ago


  • YI KIM
    YI KIM 3 days ago


  • Waffe 28
    Waffe 28 4 days ago

    Seriously where did you get 150% from when Japan will only get 5%? Why would Japan want to build a tunnel that gives 150% profit to Corea but 5% to Japan when half of the Japan including Abe hates Corea? Hmm strange. ....

  • siwu nam
    siwu nam 4 days ago

    s.korea is also an island.
    except for north, s.korea is surrounded by sea. and there is an illegal government in the north.
    even though korea is reunited,
    the rail road in north korea remained the same. after occupation of japan, n.korea didn't repair their rail road. so the train only can run 60km/h at the fastest.

  • S Baek
    S Baek 4 days ago

    It's funny thing : Japaneses tend to insist that they hate idea about making tunnel between k & J. Korean Ministry of Land and etc organization do not have any other concern of this. Even though japan politicians have been coming up with this things, It just doesn't fit up to two country's benefits. they said that, and they have been complaining it. It is absurd

  • hedgehog3180
    hedgehog3180 4 days ago

    The difference between UK-France and Japan-Korea is that Japan fucking colonized Korea and committed numerous atrocities which it has still yet to apologize for, they aren't fucking comparable because Britain never went over to France and forced French women into sex slavery, seriously what the fuck how can you just gloss over that?

  • Erdem Kurucu
    Erdem Kurucu 5 days ago

    well if anyone's going to finish a project this grand it would probably be japan

  • .SpiinDeX
    .SpiinDeX 5 days ago +1

    Your intro is so cringey

  • FlumenSanctiViti
    FlumenSanctiViti 6 days ago

    Wow, I wasn't aware of how much Koreans hate Japan! Germans did some crazy shit to the rest of Europe less than a century ago and it's mostly all settled out now. But war between Korea and Japan ended several centuries ago and hatchet is still not buried.

  • Matt Banka
    Matt Banka 6 days ago

    and thankfully, with one of the tunnels, we could now have a sequel to "Train to Busan" called "Another Train to Bus-" FFdsdgh AMERICA STOP WITH SEQUELS

  • hirokazu
    hirokazu 6 days ago

    Nope Never happen!
    (Because 2 many fkin terrorist)

  • 川井ヒカル
    川井ヒカル 6 days ago

    I'm afraid no Japanese are interested in building a tunnel any longer.
    Many Japanese don't want Koreans to come to stay in Japan.
    Japan sea is a natural wall against invasion from the Chinese continent as well as Korean peninsula.
    But it is not the Japan sea, Japanese hatred against Koreans who have been betrayed Japan.
    Japanese don't trust Koreans. That’s why the tunnel idea looks silly.

  • 기매민
    기매민 7 days ago

    누가 자막좀 만들어주세요

  • Mantova Italy
    Mantova Italy 9 days ago


  • 준영시인
    준영시인 9 days ago

    No one like this idea in korea. No one.

  • Radian
    Radian 10 days ago

    South korea is bootleg japan. Change my mind

  • 미키
    미키 10 days ago

    일본아 중국이랑 연결 해.
    그게 제일 빠른 선택인 것 같아, 그치?

  • eCar Fan21
    eCar Fan21 10 days ago

    I clicked because the tesla in the thumbnail don't really care about the video.

  • Gayatri Saxena
    Gayatri Saxena 11 days ago +1

    I am just looking forward to how they fix the driving on different sides problem. Wouldn't it be cool to change sides of the road between driving as it is technically a law now?

  • PhilMC_
    PhilMC_ 11 days ago

    Oh hell no

  • Anumati Kuhu
    Anumati Kuhu 12 days ago

    This project was already studied carefully a few years ago by South Korean government and officially concluded that it is not economically viable due to high construction & annual maintenance cost. Nonetheless some industry lobbyists insist on this Worse-Than-Trump-Wall project to suck on the taxpayer´s money. Don´t fall for that greedy trick.

  • mricardo96
    mricardo96 12 days ago

    Great video, it'd be great for both countries I think. As both counties are really similar in a lot of ways. They can better help each other and form 1 big hand then look away from each other and see other countries like China take them over. Collide and fuck China up, you 2 can do itttt. Lol

  • cliff woodbury
    cliff woodbury 12 days ago

    its funny when you speak of a trans continential rail way you don't place a rail network between Sakhalin and Far East Asia (Russia) that would be far cheaper and should have been built along time ago. But I guess that you would have to have a conversation about why japan didn't secure Sakhalin island in WW2 and that's a different story. Still that would be far cheaper.

    • cliff woodbury
      cliff woodbury 5 days ago

      japan imports all of its oil witch is very very expensive. If a bridge with rail road and gas and oil lines was built over the straight between Sakhalin island and Far East Russia this would no longer be a problem and the Japanese economy would instantly become many times more efficient (save a dollar make a dollar)

  • julian pignat
    julian pignat 13 days ago

    they are errours in video, Japan invaded the Korean pensulat in 1905 and coupided till 1945 then the invisation of the USA in Korea in 1950-1953, whice seperated the Korea of the DPRK that made two Korea in 1953, the is to this day two Koreas the DPRK and South Korea

  • Coffee BLUE
    Coffee BLUE 13 days ago

    It is true that Japan would like to connect the tunnel to Korea. So Japan has already built a 500m tunnel without negotiations with Korea. Why? Japan is preparing for the unification of South Korea and North Korea. At that time, Japan can move to Europe through the Korea-Japan tunnel. As a result, this tunnel is more advantageous for Japan.

    • siwu nam
      siwu nam 4 days ago

      s.korea is also an island.
      except for north, s.korea is surrounded by sea. and there is an illegal government in the north.
      even though korea is reunited,
      the rail road in north korea remained the same in japanese occupation. after occupation of japan, n.korea didn't repair their rail road. so trains can run 60km/h at the fastest

  • 황금니빨
    황금니빨 13 days ago

    나는 극렬히 반델세

  • 虞海
    虞海 14 days ago

    This ridiculous video underestimated the most serious issue for such a tunnel. There has just been no point for such a tunnel unless North Korea opens itself up and has a adequate economy, while the former takes no less than 3 years and the latter takes no less than 5 years. So I can't see such a tunnel in any near future.

  • Fide Nemini
    Fide Nemini 14 days ago

    Japan doesn't want to have anything to do with that garbage country. Besides, nobody wanna pay $100+ billion for for a bloody tunnel LUL

  • Astro rose gold 048
    Astro rose gold 048 14 days ago

    Between Japan and Korea, almost enemy in now a day, so, Japanese dosent want to build a tunnel forever, because we dosent want to have immigrants from Korea and china. so this plan is just wasted time and money. You cant understand relation Japan and Korea, not like U.K and France. dont confuse it, PLEASE!!

  • 莨菪碱
    莨菪碱 14 days ago


  • Ji-Hoon Hwang
    Ji-Hoon Hwang 14 days ago

    As a Korean, born and raised, I just simply say 'Hell No.'

  • 하버
    하버 14 days ago

    댓글보니까 한국인들도 일본인들도 반대하니까
    그냥 무산처리하는게

  • bob bobbgarte
    bob bobbgarte 14 days ago

    You cant compare britsh and french relation with jpn kr.
    What if:
    1. British enslave entire french race
    2. British try to erase french language by banning french from being spoken
    3. British kill more than 1 million French over 30 years in genocide
    4. British use French for human medical experiment
    5. British drag 200,000 French males into battle field, made them charge into Americans without weapons to die for British
    6. British drag 250,000 French females and used them as sex slaves, many being killed.
    7. People who are responsible for 1~6 are enshrined in Arlington cemetary and still revered as national heroes today?
    8. British revise their school textbooks and teach 1~6 never actually happened?
    Do you believe British French relation today can possibly be normal?

  • GungDee W
    GungDee W 14 days ago

    dream on, never gonna happen.

  • Ray Lee
    Ray Lee 15 days ago

    Stupid idea from a white-washed Japanese.

  • 윤상이
    윤상이 15 days ago

    섬나라 원숭이 새끼들 빨리 뒤지면 좋을 듯 합니다.

  • 윤상이
    윤상이 15 days ago

    Making a tunnel to Korea and Japan can be referred as making a tunnel to Britain and Ireland.

  • oowaeo oowaeo
    oowaeo oowaeo 15 days ago +1

    Fukuzaja Yukichi wanted to help Joseon, and a well-qualified person for that was Kim Ok-kyun.

  • 北川賢一
    北川賢一 15 days ago

    No need for Japan, now.

  • Brodie Adcock
    Brodie Adcock 15 days ago

    I am from Australia and have no large investment in the politics of Asia but watch your channel out of curiosity and as a source of unbiased interestingly presented information. After watching this video however I am concerned about your bias primarily by the inclusion of the 150% economic growth stat which seems utterly ridiculous. I can see no reason this would be included unless you are an idiot or heavily biased, I would like to be proved wrong by having a link to the source for this statistic.

  • Jimmy Xing
    Jimmy Xing 15 days ago

    Wish the historical burden between the East-Asian countries can be resolved between people. Wish people from different cultures can shake hand with each other and together step toward a more civilized future.

  • 우동완
    우동완 15 days ago

    If we had a war, we can may let them go. It's so different from England France case.

  • Ratplague707
    Ratplague707 16 days ago

    I doubt that cars would be allowed to freely drive through the tunnel, as any kind of stalled vehicle or accident would be a major safety and traffic hazard. My guess is that this would use a system similar to the Chunnel, where cars, trucks, and buses first drive onto high speed trains that carry them through the tunnel.

  • Sausage McGriddle
    Sausage McGriddle 16 days ago

    "From the time Europe was under the yoke of the Roman Empire until Japan occupied
    the country between 1910 and 1945, Korea has been invaded, occupied and otherwise molested by a foreign power 976 times, according to one Korean historian`s count. If, like thousands of Korean students, you count the current American presence in South Korea as an "occupation,'' the figure is 977."

  • Paul Ferzoco
    Paul Ferzoco 16 days ago

    Nice talk!

  • YoshiBroccoli
    YoshiBroccoli 16 days ago

    Make like 5 trains

  • Jake Lee
    Jake Lee 16 days ago

    45k new jobs? That might be true, but what about the 300k old jobs that will be gone? This project is even more stupid than China's 1belt 1road crap.

  • 南愚文科刺度恵守

    China will build it in 6yrs.

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha 17 days ago

    With all those earthquakes that have been happening at the coast of japan that's not a tunnel i'd wanna go through lol

  • Gong Kim
    Gong Kim 17 days ago

    Bad idea to build a bridge with Japan. It's bad enough with ocean apart. We don't want crazy Japanese extremist driving their vans in S Korea with speaker propaganda.

  • 이박사
    이박사 17 days ago

    일본과 러시아가 사할린과 홋카이도를 잇는 터널을 건설하는 것에 대해 논의중이라 합니다.
    궁금한 게 만약 이 터널이 완성되면, 한국에서 '왜 한일해저터널을 안 만들었냐!'라면서 또 마녀사냥이 시작되지 않을까 여부입니다.
    지도를 봐도 꼭 대륙철도가 한반도를 거쳐서 가야만 한다는 법은 없으니까요. 중간에 불량국가 북한이라는 골칫거리가 있다는 것이 가장 큰 문제이니까요.

  • 이율복
    이율복 17 days ago

    don't like it

  • dogman
    dogman 18 days ago

    People in this comment section are just flat out toxic.

  • bobo12dance
    bobo12dance 18 days ago +1

    when japan sinks into the ocean it will be a tunnel to nowhere!

  • bobo12dance
    bobo12dance 18 days ago +1

    it's a disaster waiting to happen. japan is in very unstable area and earthquake will break it up underseas.

    TWMASTER200 18 days ago +1

    Yes, let's just continue to hate each other until humanity goes extinct.. that's a good idea. I swear these comments make me so sad.

  • hong jinsung
    hong jinsung 19 days ago

    I will remember this bull shitting channel.

  • hong jinsung
    hong jinsung 19 days ago

    This is fucking nonsense. Do you think Koreans allow this?

  • Danny Dan
    Danny Dan 19 days ago

    Setting aside bad blood between Korea and Japan, economically it makes a lot more sense connecting to the existing Trans-Siberian Railway Network than constructing a brand new Undersea Tunnel. The former will allow Korea to have an access to Europe by road as well.

  • ganja man
    ganja man 19 days ago


  • CrazyCaluz
    CrazyCaluz 19 days ago

    If a tunnel was built with a railway line... It would only make sense if the train follow the concept of the hyperloop to compete with air travel when it comes to travel times.

  • sar buck3
    sar buck3 19 days ago

    Good video and good to know what happened in the future.

  • June Chung
    June Chung 19 days ago

    i dont think its ever gonna happen lol .. look at the korean comments below already xD the emotional issues are to deep to overcome

  • Gak Vivien Roppongi
    Gak Vivien Roppongi 20 days ago

    Many people claim its weak points and deny its possibility. I'm not a Korean. I'm a Japaneses. So I never know how Koreans see Japan. However, we can't judge any book by its cover. Everyone used to say no for carrying a computer in a pocket. Everyone used to say no for being connected by all world citizens. But, see we made all those "impossible" realize so far. I personally like dreaming, rather than find its faults. Why don't you dream and find ways to make it come true rather than just keep pointing out Its flaws? I liked it in Korea when I went there for my school trip and I have been hoping to go there again! A little bit cheaper, I hope.
    You are very welcome to discuss with me. However, in English or Japanese, I can't speak Korean, I'm sorry.

  • Justin Mahida
    Justin Mahida 20 days ago

    There are some fundamental differences between this tunnel and Chunnel:
    - Chunnel connects the UK to all of Europe. For all intents and purposes, land travel from South Korea to Russia or China is impossible, so this bridge would not connect Japan to Asia.
    - Even if you overcome that problem, countries in the region are divided by mountain ranges and politics, with little inter-country train traffic or economic union.
    - Although the UK and France had a historical divide, they were also both engaged in the European Union at the time of tunnel construction. Japan and South Korea do engage with each other in a friendly manner, but not to the degree of cooperation seen within the European Union.

  • C J
    C J 21 day ago

    Your argument equating England/France and South Korea/Japan is very weak. There is a difference comparing wars from hundreds of years ago to one that still have living survivors. The children and grand children still carry the pain of that was done to Koreans by the hands of the Japanese. You should research Korean comfort women and the hell that they lived before posting videos that people should just get over it for the economy. AND I WATCHED THE ENTIRE VIDEO!

  • tv종마
    tv종마 21 day ago

    절대 안해들꺼임 누굴 바보로 아니??
    일본인들은 발길을 돌리시오 ㅋㅋ

  • hugh kahn
    hugh kahn 21 day ago

    Korea loses its geographical advantage when it builds the tunnel. The geographical advantage of which is greatly increased after Korea reunified is much more economic value than that of Japan, so we should not build tunnels. Those who want to build the tunnel are the ones who want Korea to be weak. Don't let the past of Britain and France get by. They are also only acting in the interests of each other. It is rude to discuss emotions in international politics.

  • Chiang Rick
    Chiang Rick 22 days ago

    Just make the dream, the distance is too long.

    BHOPER GIM 23 days ago

    안되지 안되 누구좋자고 저거 만들어봐라 자살폭탄가지고 들어갈사람 한둘아니다

  • Saad Ali
    Saad Ali 23 days ago

    Not only Japan Korea tunnel is possible but these tunnels and bridges are also possible:
    Japan Russia tunnel or bridge
    Russia USA bridge between Bering Strait
    Europe Africa bridge or tunnel between the Strait of Gibraltar
    Malaysia Indonesia tunnel between Strait of Malacca
    Sri Lanka India bridge between Adams bridge
    Africa Asia bridge between Djibouti and Arab peninsula

  • Joshua Han
    Joshua Han 23 days ago

    First off North Korea would have to be de-communisted

  • ひなのの
    ひなのの 24 days ago +1


  • 김정수
    김정수 26 days ago

    I don’t have any objection on this matter but Im wondering...will there be any part of that Japanese island left in the future to be connected by anything?? Well in a couple of decades there won’t even be an island left..their island is literally sinking down inch by inch every year..
    a little shake(earthquake)in the middle , a merry pop and bang(volcano eruptions) on top and some splash(tsunami) on the side might finish it sooner..sadly we might have to wave them sayonara...

  • Cosmic Horror Romance
    Cosmic Horror Romance 26 days ago

    I do respect your opinion, but I will disagree on that it will be more beneficial to South Korea than Japan economically. In any economic agreement, the country with the bigger economy will always win. While not directly related with this topic, think about why all the big economic powers are eager to do economic agreements with financially weaker nations that exploit their own people, but hesitant to with countries that have comparable or better economic capacity with a lot of worker rights (even South Korea is guilty of this).
    Let's revisit this when South Korea's and Japan's GDPs are within 10% or less with each other. Currently, Japan's economy is more than 3 times bigger than Korea (maybe 4 times). If the current conditions holds while the tunnel is built, Pusan will only serve as a transition hub with negligibly little or no economic benefits while majority of Korea will just simply be skipped or ignored. If there's any solace for Korea, is that even though the economy is smaller than Japan it is big enough that it cannot be bullied into entering disadvantageous agreeements like the building of a tunnel.
    Let's be clear on the intent of the tunnel. It will provide easier trade access for Japan to do business with China, Southeast Asia, Middle East, and Europe. The only market that it will open up more for Korea, will be Japan. These are not equal parameters by any measure. If I was in the Korean government, I will try complete a railroad through North Korea and Russia completely circumventing China first before any tunnel talks. That would really change the economic world order. It will completely undermine One Belt, One Road. (That would probably make Russia the new hegemony though)
    Another way of Japan getting help for the tunnel from Korea, perhaps, is helping their reunification efforts (I know kidnapped Japanese citizens are still a issue, but can Japan set an example for South Korea to follow despite political issues?). Also, most people from Korean side that may agree with the tunnel are businessmen, economists, professors, and politicians that were bought from lobbying from Japan (google search or naver search thei background of Koreans who agree with the tunnel). In addition, people who want political alliance with Japan are the descendants of the same people who sold out their own nation for their financial/legal protection from the Japanese government during the Korean occupation. A significant majority of them reside with Korea's right wing parties such as Korea Liberation Party. In order to whitewash their wrongdoings they have agree with Japan's LDP's right wing narrrative. They could be good friends, probably.
    The blowback, while very unfortunate, it was inevitable because it triggered years of unresolved resentment. I wish you knew before posting. Anyways, Thank you for the conversation starter. It gives something for people to talk about near the watercooler.

  • Kyu Cho
    Kyu Cho 27 days ago

    일본쪽빨이 근성 요 주의 쪽빠리믿느니똥싸는일본놈쪽빨이똥깨를믿어라.섬놈들은그냥섬에서살고이번참에 교오토에수소폭탄맞지마

  • Kyu Cho
    Kyu Cho 27 days ago

    쪽바리들이 조선 망하게해놓고 명성황후시해하고 또다시침략의근성을. 현해탄의터널 뚫어. 일본놈왕을 사시미칼로쑤셔버릴래

  • Drangon K
    Drangon K 28 days ago

    Why Korean always bring about history? It's just showing how it affects on economic of 2 countries.
    We are gonna just help each other, OK? When South Korea was facing at crisis, we Japan have been helping you. When Japan is in trouble, Korea should help Japan as well.
    Most of comments on this video are just disgusting. We Japan have been helping Korea all the time, sometime for shitty Korean government too. However, Korea will just get help and keep complaining about history all the time? How long will you need to be satisfied with something cannot be changed? It's over and face it! We Japan had overcome the tragedy of atomic bomb and 311. Korean cannot do that? Yes, Korean can! Don't you even try to help Japan next time? Let's grow up and get over the past now.

    • Drangon K
      Drangon K 20 days ago

      +Korean Mochi Sorry, dude. No matter Korean say "I want sincere apology from JP government" like a baby all the time, we will not change our attitude because there are some possibility that Korean lies just to get compensation like Korean old whores. Once we knew it, we don't care what Korean say anymore as for history education. History is not for Korean, OK?, which is elemental school kids can understand. So pls don't try to change history of other countries anymore. Visting Yasukuni is our culture to hope peace and to promise that we never cause the tragedy again as a leader of Japan. You were talking about Criminal A of war, but there are other soldiers who are non-Japanese and fought against white imperialism. You don't know that, do you? So we don't stop going to Yasukuni no matter Korean and Chinese complain about it.
      What we do have to do is just accept and overcome the past, and help each other. Why can't you guys understand this simple thing? Korea-Japan tunnel is not for fight, but to help each other OK? Don't even think to fight or try to destroy country like fucking parasites of Korean. Korean should change the way of thinking like seriously.

    • Korean Mochi
      Korean Mochi 20 days ago

      Hey, a Korean here. I am all in for a deep Korean-Japanese relationship. The thing is, to my current understanding, many Koreans feels some or many Japanese politician aren't very sincere with their apology to Korea. Many Koreans feel offended by how Japanese politicians visits the Yasukuni Shrine ("commemorates those who died in service of Japan from the Boshin War of 1868-1869 to World War II" Wikipedia Article). The shrine lists the names of many convicted war criminals of which 14 are considered "Class A". Another controversy is the Textbook Controversy where "the Japanese nationalist efforts to whitewash the actions of the Empire of Japan during World War II" Wikipedia Article on 'Japanese history textbook controversies'. This has brought criticism from both the Peoples Republic of China and the Republic of Korea and even from Japanese too. Many Japanese citizens acknowledge the war crimes took place and genuinely feel remorse.

  • imymemine s
    imymemine s 28 days ago

    no need. japan will sink down and disappear soon

  • Ha Roo
    Ha Roo 29 days ago

    켄토 벤또 ㅎㅎ 이름만봐도 일본출신인거 알 수 있죠? 당연히 지 고국에 유리한 생각, 영상을 올리는거겠져 솔직히 이런 영상 보면 불쾌한 것도 있는데 약간 꼬신것도 있네요 ㅎㅎ 영 아쉬운가봐요 그쵸? 남북고속도로 철도 연결되니까 예전에 우리가 손해라 안한다고 결정내린 해저 터널 얘기 다시 꺼내는거 봐요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 그 옛날 남북 관계 안좋을 때도 지들이 아쉬운 입장이었는데 얘들 종특대로 슬금슬금 이런식으로 영상올리면서 국내외 정치질하고 인식 바꾸려 하고 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 거 아쉽게됬수다 ㅎㅎ 남북연결되고 나면 부산항이 아시아의 허브할거라 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 진짜 얘들은 어떻게 어디에 있던 국민성이 똑같은지 참 신기해요...

  • 灰嵐
    灰嵐 29 days ago


  • W J
    W J 29 days ago

    지으면 폭팔시킬 줄 알아

  • Dare To
    Dare To 29 days ago

    This video focused on Japanese side

  • Pokemon ash pikachu Rider Nagano

    *834 South Koreans disliked this video*

  • _Paws_
    _Paws_ Month ago

    I like that the seismic activity was included as a factor that influences where the tunnel should go. Yet I fear in a thousand years or more, seismic activity can change how the world would look like impacting the stability of tunnel or other related infrastructure.

  • dowdylion10
    dowdylion10 Month ago

    Korean side begged the annexation from Japan in 1910 but now "victims wannabe".
    Japan abolished slave system of Joseon Empire/Kingdom and set up more than 4,000 schools and taught Hangul (korean alphabet).
    Seoul University was built in 1924 by Japan. Many hospitals were built by Japan.
    The average life expectancy of Joseon (before the annexation) was only 25 years old!!! Only 25 years old!!!
    But it was improved from 25 to 45 years in 1940s old because Japan had modernized Korea.
    In addition, the population of Korea had doubled only in 36 years!!!! It was no doubt a miracle.
    But Koreans are 사대주의 자, shameless and ungrateful 사대주의 자.

  • dowdylion10
    dowdylion10 Month ago

    Hummm.............Koreans seem to have double-personality. Is this why many Koreans use fake nationalities or disguise as Japanese on TVclip?
    It was Korean side who has made tunnel without any permission from Japan.
    20% of illegal immigrants in Japan are from South Korea.
    S.Korea is exporting 10,000 modern comfort women (prostitutes) to Japan every year.

  • 정인호
    정인호 Month ago

    누구 좋으라고. 해저터널 뚫어

  • Ojiji Ojinavi
    Ojiji Ojinavi Month ago +1

    Fuck no, we already have unwanted korean criminals. Maybe a tunnel to taiwan will be less harmful.

  • LongshotRecordsTV
    LongshotRecordsTV Month ago

    Around the world in 80 days? How long would it take to drive a trans-global road route?

  • Kくん
    Kくん Month ago

    This fucking plan was proposed by Koreans, and 62% of Koreans support this plan in a street interview.
    Koreans are very opposed in the comment section, but there is no way to oppose a fucking Korean🖕😡😡😡

    • Kくん
      Kくん 28 days ago

      Ha Roo
      You are mistaken for an argument.
      Indeed the Korean government denied the necessity of the Japan - Korea tunnel in 2011. So what?
      What I am telling is that this kind of shit plan was proposed by Koreans.
      In 1980, a group of Koreans proposed to open the Japan - Korea tunnel.
      And in November of 1981, in Seoul, Korea, the guru of the Unification Church held the "10th International Conference on Chemistry Unification" and proposed the "International Highway Project".
      And as a starting point of the "International Highway Project", opening of the Japan-Korea tunnel was proposed.

    • Ha Roo
      Ha Roo 29 days ago

      please tell me where you got this info... because I know for a fact that korean goverment did a feasibility research(2011. ministry of land sea and transport) on this agenda and decided that there was no economic benefit... plus you said that koreans want this tunnel and that it is they who proposed this idea, but like i said above 'korean government' decided it was no good and it was japan who suggested doing it which was during the bubble economy of japan. I dont know how old you are but during those time japanese government and their enterprises were really in to spending big chunks of money back then, so they proposed it without cosidering the huge amount of cost it would take.
      so yeah in coclusion you are basically wrong in every aspect...

  • Mr. P. Enis
    Mr. P. Enis Month ago

    From what I can see there would be different tunnels and not just one. You should have said have long the individual tunnel would be instead if basically saying how long there is

    CSGR FOOTBALL Month ago +1

    Most of korean disagree it

  • Brian Zheng NO LIFE

    If they charged a 10$ fare if they build a train, they’d earn like 10,000 a day

  • Andy Deng
    Andy Deng Month ago

    Totally agree that South Korea and Japan are allies. They are the only countries that doesn’t recognize North Korea

  • 1m6
    1m6 Month ago

    This will trigger Korea's collective PTSD.

  • Wings J
    Wings J Month ago +2

    절대 건설해서는안되는 터널

  • Max Musashi
    Max Musashi Month ago

    So it'll really be a train to Busan...

  • ProteinTaco
    ProteinTaco Month ago +2

    Japan : "Hi we raped your country some years ago and never made up for it! Can you build us a tunnel so we can get more rich? Thanks! Oh, you want an apology? Fuck you and let me take your islands (Dokdo) as well!"
    If Japan wants to build a tunnel they should build it with their own money and South Korea should tax every single Japanese traffic. Outright disgusting that this guy thinks a simple "apology" will make up the mindset lol