How to Build a Mega Tunnel from Korea to Japan

  • Published on May 12, 2018
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    In 1917, a Japanese Army general by the name of Kuniaki Koiso, wanted to connect Japan to the rest of Asia. He suggested the idea of building a grand tunnel from Japan all the way to Korea. Certainly a tremendous feat of engineering; and not just for that point in time. Over the next hundred years, through the various incarnations, and despite the numerous proposals, the project never moved beyond conception; today, as we know, there’s still yet to be a tunnel or bridge connecting the two countries.
    But the question is, for how long?
    Compared to air travel, having an accessible route by land is going to save people a lot of money, especially when sending goods; which is why most companies tend to use sea routes (though that’s still significantly more expensive than sending by land). The proposed tunnel would also serve a portion of the 20,000 people who travel daily between Korea and Japan. Ultimately, there would be an increase in economic activity for both countries, contributing to the economic development of the whole of East Asia
    - Korea Strait
    - Channel Tunnel or Chunnel (longest undersea portion of any tunnel)
    - Seikan Tunnel (longest undersea tunnel overall)
    - 3 proposed routes for the Japan-Korea tunnel - Karatsu to Iki Island to Tsushima Island, then terminating at either Geoje Island or Yeongdu, Busan.
    - Port of Busan
    - Traveling from Tokyo to Seoul by land
    - Immense cost of JKUT
    - Viability of project
    - Historic psychological barrier
    - Japan & Korea war
    - Japanese invasion of Korea
    - Korean mistrust
    - Political & economic influence
    - UK & France history & similarities
    - European Union & East Asian Community
    - Island mentality
    - China's increasing influence
    - Tokyo, Seoul & Beijing route
    - North Korea's relevance
    - Trans-global highway
    - Human transportation, engineering & architecture

Comments • 2 360

  • Kento Bento
    Kento Bento  6 months ago +332

    *[Edit: It's a bit disappointing the number of people leaving premature comments who have clearly reacted only to the title or having only watched part way through the video. Many of the points people are mentioning from the Korean side are already brought up in the video. At least watch it through before dropping viscerally-charged comments.]
    Parts of this video may be sensitive to some people, but I tried to keep this as balanced and fair as possible. If you feel I have said something inaccurate in the video, CONSTRUCTIVE feedback is always welcome. And if you disagree with someone in the comments section, there's no need to be aggressive or belittling. Let's keep it civilized! (I know... i tried).
    For those who feel the need to comment on the 'Sea of Japan' labeling of the map in the video, understand the map is obtained off Google Maps (not labelled by us). Additionally, note that the 'Sea of Japan' is the dominant term used in English-speaking countries (as well as in Europe, China & Russia); while 'East Sea' is used primarily in South Korea ('Korean East Sea' in North Korea). With that said, the video makes no claims on what the 'correct' term is.
    Anyway, I was meant to publish this video last weekend but I got pretty sick, so I'm hoping to get the next video out sooner (to make up for it!).
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    • Yamada Taro
      Yamada Taro 21 day ago

      What kind of Korean are you Kento? All Japanese people hate Koreans. There was recent survey "Which nationality you NEVER want to marry?" in Japan and Korean and Chinese were the above all ranked number one! That much all Japanese people hate Koreans.
      Also, many Asian countries ban marriage between Koreans and humans by law. Even China hate Koreans. The tunnel never comes true.

    • Kotonoha Katsura
      Kotonoha Katsura Month ago

      it is sea of japan though

    • Name at Random
      Name at Random Month ago

      Thanks for the great upload . I’ve just discovered your channel and have been watching your other videos. I love your content , your videos are really interesting and well made. Big thumbs up from the UK 👍✌️👍

    • 이승언
      이승언 Month ago

      Thanks to Kento Bento, I really enjoyed the video. I was very interested in the content and gained so much from it.
      One suggestion or, revision to the video is needed. The sea between the Japan and South Korea is marked as "Sea of Japan". It was originally and still now officially "East Sea" or "동해" in Korean peninsula state of view. How that got its name of "Sea of Japan" is during the illegal colonization of Korea.
      I do realize it is very had to change a video that has already been uploaded but next time, when you use a map of Korea and Japan, it wiuld be so kind of you to state it as "East Sea" or use the photo stated "East Sea"

    • 얼그레이
      얼그레이 Month ago

      @s3ts : Don't Japan is Nazi!! It's insisting to use the [Rising Sun Flag], which is equivalent to the Nazi flag. 汚きたない言葉ことばで罵ののしらないで.(Don't use bad words.)

  • 좆인실
    좆인실 5 days ago

    We never connect korea with japan undersea tunnel. If we built tunnel in busan city of korea with japan then they steal our money. And many korean never accept to built undersea tunnel with japan. When japan attack china they thought we need to go through korea(jo-sun) to attack to china. So we never built undersea tunnel with japan

  • 可舟Lighter
    可舟Lighter 6 days ago

    There would be a lot of fun.

  • Pham de West River
    Pham de West River 7 days ago

    Wanna see some Korean women in Japanese good video, tired of Japanese women saying Yameide. Korean women more beautiful

  • Zackiee
    Zackiee 7 days ago

    Is It Possible To Build A Tunnel From Malaysia (Malay Peninsula) To Java?

  • BGMあげるマン気が向いた時に


  • Mr'Koalas
    Mr'Koalas 8 days ago

    North Korea citizens must be a bunch of retards..

  • Spaceexplorer
    Spaceexplorer 9 days ago

    “Japan expands influence”
    North Korea exists.

  • old boy
    old boy 10 days ago


  • Man M
    Man M 10 days ago

    NO Korean want the tunnel....only in Japanese dream..LOL

  • Brayden Dixon
    Brayden Dixon 15 days ago

    157 ,b us $ ?

  • Matycer_cz
    Matycer_cz 17 days ago

    ejo ejo ruky nad hlavou

  • Riley Hill-Pettipas
    Riley Hill-Pettipas 17 days ago

    So apparently they got speed limits over 200 km/h in Japan. 1550km in 7 hours?

  • Inbound
    Inbound 18 days ago

    Reason why you should consult a guy who knows better in Korean economics than to get facts off of the internet.

  • egg masks3
    egg masks3 18 days ago

    welll intresting

  • xidazoon
    xidazoon 18 days ago

    Other hostile nations author said ... meaning China and Russia right?
    Yes construction of the tunnel boost ties between Japan and South Korea. However, Japan really want is to connect to further world, meaning China and Russia. Unless connecting these two large countries tunnel is almost worthless for Japan, because South Korean market is not so large, and we already have ships.
    For Japanese, we need to access to North via South Korea, but South Korea probably think if they can access to China and Russia via North they lose interest for the tunnel, because the tunnel is most valuable in era when North Korea is true hostile.

    DJT FOREVER 20 days ago

    A few years ago I got the boat from Busan, South Korea to Fukuoka, Japan. The sea was rough and it was an unpleasant journey.

  • paul qin
    paul qin 20 days ago

    If North Korea captures it oh no

  • Kentaro Fujita
    Kentaro Fujita 21 day ago

    Never happen. Japan ready for braking off the relationship with Korea.

  • Matthew Coveney
    Matthew Coveney 21 day ago

    Shipping by sea is significantly cheaper per ton than shipping by land; please do your research before making false statements in your videos.

  • dowdylion10
    dowdylion10 23 days ago

    Even now more than 50,000 Korean modern comfort girls are working in Japan illegally.
    And more than 100,000 Korean illegal immigrants in Japan.
    Korea is always lying and causing troubles. ALWAYS.

  • dowdylion10
    dowdylion10 23 days ago

    1953-12-12 Total 17,300 Korean Comfort Women for UN military in 1953
    South Korea had had the same comfort women since 1950-2000s despite they are lying comfort women were sex slaves. South Korea had called their own girls for US military "慰安婦 (=comfort women)" in the Japanese term.

  • NUNON115
    NUNON115 23 days ago

    Korean side persistently begged this plan from Japan.
    But strangely Koreans are lying that Japan is promoting it lol

  • phil700 ag
    phil700 ag 24 days ago

    I know that it could be happen

  • heera rodriguez
    heera rodriguez 25 days ago

    Not when we got Japanese people like you calling the East Sea the "Sea of Japan". No thanks colonist.

  • Jeffrey Wong
    Jeffrey Wong 29 days ago


  • 빈도트
    빈도트 29 days ago

    korea japan relationships are not like france uk at all. japan was always the invader and offender. ALWAYS. You just seem to know the japan’s side of the story.

    • 빈도트
      빈도트 29 days ago

      and where did the 150% vs 5% come from? the tunnel would obviously benefit japan much more

  • Fuzzy Face
    Fuzzy Face 29 days ago


  • ayitian1
    ayitian1 Month ago

    Very nutritious Kento🤔 how often do you create these bentos?

  • Pazelloxu
    Pazelloxu Month ago +1

    North Korean refugees can now escape to Japan lol

  • peter tuann
    peter tuann Month ago

    I love BIG ENGINEERING, but this makes no sense, both countries are advanced, it would still be faster & cheaper to take the ferry, or just fly.

  • Wole Oyeyele
    Wole Oyeyele Month ago

    It's sad that most people still live in the 1940s, even though nearly none of them was actually born back then. Building the tunnel would easily benefit both countries, even if initial building costs are very high. It would ease trade routes, improving the economies of both countries and improve social and political relationships between them. Why do people care what Japan did 400 years ago and again 70 years ago? Back then, Japan was ruled by cruel emperors and dictators. Not sure whether you realised, but Japan is a completely different country today.
    Both Japan and Sout Korea are now 2 highly developed economically stable countries with high levels of technological innovation, and some of the best education systems in the world.
    They, and people who oppose the tunnel for historical reasons should know better. It's ridiculous and petty.

  • Utkarsh Ganesh
    Utkarsh Ganesh Month ago

    Why? Do the Koreans finally forgive the Japanese? Are they ready to join hands and dominate Asia as leaders? Do the Japanese accept this?

  • Timothy Dingman
    Timothy Dingman Month ago

    I presume that the "user instructions" would include "how to blow it up"

  • Noah 6355
    Noah 6355 Month ago

    All I know is everyone hate it to happen.

  • 김대건
    김대건 Month ago +3

    Korea and japan Both hate this plan!!!! So don't fight 😀

  • anglekan
    anglekan Month ago

    Megalodon will break through in one big fart!

  • 아더제너럴
    아더제너럴 Month ago

    nobody cares

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian Month ago

    I’ve never heard of the Channel Tunnel being called Chunnel xD

  • y j
    y j Month ago

    Korea NEED NOT connect to Japan with the undersea tunnel as Japan is the enemy of Korea .
    And Koreans Really HATE japan

  • chosenasagao
    chosenasagao Month ago

    This plan is absurd and past.
    Maintenance costs are far greater than drilling costs.

    Ships are far more efficient.
    And, if Seoul is the last railroad, the airplane is faster and more efficient.

    Before Koreans complete the tunnel of depth and distance over the Seikan tunnel with Korean technology alone, insist on this humorous plan to Japan.

    In Japan, only a few Japanese who are taking bribes from Korean money cult group, Korean residents in Japan, and those who insist on that plan.
    About 10 years ago, the Japanese branch of the Korean cult organization held an event "Japan-Korea tunnel Tsushima exploratory tunnel" every year, inviting donations from foolish followers.
    However, its construction is not even 1 cm away from their land.
    And I have not applied for a construction permit to the governor of Nagasaki prefecture or the Japanese government.

  • 田中ハルト
    田中ハルト Month ago +1

    Not sure if I want this...

  • Aghast Font
    Aghast Font Month ago

    The relation between Japan and SE Asia has never been too friendly Post WWII, Japan committed some of the worst war crimes in human history during the 30-40s. It's hard to forget when generations of people still feel the aftereffects of the war.
    There's a lot of political and historical barriers for Japan to overcome in order to bring reconciliation with their neighbours.
    There have been some amendments made by them, but it was enough to heal the wound.
    My mother's grandfather was taken away by the Japanese military to serve as part of their puppet force in China.
    Needlessly to say, he was never seen again.
    Personally, it would be a grand project if everything come to fruition. But we are still a long way from getting therre.

  • 宋健熙
    宋健熙 Month ago

    그런데 지금도 러시아와 일본이 훗카이도를 기점으로 해서 해저터널을 짓는다는 논의를 하고있음 만약에 성사되면 화물 정착 지역이 일본이 될수도 있는데 그러면 부산항은 의미없지 않냐

  • Thomas
    Thomas Month ago

    Why did the Seikan tunnel cost so much less than the Channel tunnel when it had an overall greater length? 🤔

  • John Kim
    John Kim Month ago

    haha Koreans would never allow this not even if japan pays for the whole budget. They first need to apologize for their war crimes, sex slave issues and I still dont think people would allow it LOL

  • keo keo
    keo keo Month ago

    Asia needs to be a 1 asia

  • keo keo
    keo keo Month ago

    How about a tunnel between South Korea and china too....

  • Doge
    Doge Month ago +1

    imagine the toll fees...

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez Month ago

    There's a South Korea? Wow!

  • Patttriottt -
    Patttriottt - Month ago

    8:25 this is horrible! Why you allow to speak of Russia as hostile nation to Japan?
    It must be clear that Russia and Japan has excessive cultural links, for example we respect Miyazaki as much as Japanese like USSR cartoons.
    We have scientific links and exchanges too, and they show that we can work productively together.
    Don't mind too much bandits like Putin, they'll die some day and we'll get more reasonable faces to deal with on top level.
    In fact, only thing which lays as bomb between us may be Kuril Islands.
    BUT that is still not reasonable, USA took two your cities alive with 200 000 deaths and you not hostile at them, while we took just a pair of islands with 1000 deaths.

  • Mathew Jackson
    Mathew Jackson Month ago

    it will occur, money talks as always and economically would makes sense.
    WW2 to most Asian countries is still fresh - maybe another 40 years till this generation and the last die then the tunnel will give the thumbs up by society - no one would care much about WW2 then.

  • Martin Verrisin
    Martin Verrisin Month ago

    You call Korea 'continent' ... but are there any roads through North Korea? I thought Korea is as much an island as Japan is, because they are cut off from the continent by the nutjobs... - Do they have routes through North Korea? Who would be insane enough to drive there?

    • Martin Verrisin
      Martin Verrisin Month ago

      +Kento Bento Oh, yeah, of course, but you said "connect to the continent" which... I don't think South Korea is 'really' connected....

    • Kento Bento
      Kento Bento  Month ago

      No one called Korea a continent; the mention of 'continent' was in reference to the larger Asian/Eurasian landmass which Korea is a part of.

  • Ming Fung
    Ming Fung Month ago

    8:20 other hostile nation. I wonder which one 🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳

  • Dankmon
    Dankmon Month ago

    Japan is a dick to other asian countries

  • Pat Hamm
    Pat Hamm Month ago

    If a car was being ferried from South Korea to Japan via the tunnel, it would feel weird getting used to driving once you reach Japan because South Korea drives on the right like most of the world while Japan drives on the left side of the road, which in itself is weird because Japan was never colonized by the British

  • elysium76
    elysium76 Month ago

    I hope the Japanese won’t have massive immigration problem like UK is having due to the Franco-Anglo Chunnel

  • Maya Evanstroke
    Maya Evanstroke Month ago

    As it is now. Japan is not being connected to continent with the tunnel. It's only being connected to Korea. Which is not very lucrative. And Korea also have no reason to connect to japan. Why would they they are already located in the continent. Connecting these two countries is akin to connecting two island nation together. It's not britian-france. It's britian-ireland. And let us ask the question why isn't there a tunnel between britian and Ireland? It's not economically viable.

  • mikatu
    mikatu Month ago +1

    Let's build bridges and tunnels, not walls and fences.

  • David Earnest
    David Earnest Month ago

    If the Money is right it will get built. Same with the Bering Strait Tunnel. The rest is National Will.

  • Matt F
    Matt F Month ago

    politically viable. don't u know the history of East Asia? Japan is the common enemy there. Chinese and Koreans may get into some conflicts now and then, but they would unite under the banner of telling Japanese to fuck off. there's some genuine ethnic resentment towards Japan in East Asia that shouldn't be underestimated.

  • Sean Joung
    Sean Joung Month ago

    독도는 우리꺼 ㅋㅋ

  • FunkyLittleGamer
    FunkyLittleGamer Month ago +1

    Tbh I saw more koreans acting like Kids than Japanese...Btw I'm neither Korean nor a Japanese.

    • FunkyLittleGamer
      FunkyLittleGamer 13 days ago

      +Lai Cheok-Minh I don't really know what happened in the past but i think they should try to move on...I'm from India and British ruled over us for 200 years...They Stole many things even Kohinoor Diamond...But Still we moved on and I don't think anyone still holds any grudge...but as I said I dont know what happened between Japan and Korea but they should Try to Move On.

    • Lai Cheok-Minh
      Lai Cheok-Minh 13 days ago

      Koreans still see Japanese people as the same people from 50 years ago. Most of our views in China about Japan have mostly changed since we now see Japan as a friendly nation however we do tend to have disputes with eachother. Korea on the other hand won't let go of their grudges, I don't blame them however I do think they go over the extreme sometimes. They push the agenda that the Japanese want this and that because they 'realise that Koreans are superior' due to the growing influence of Korea on the world stage from Kpop.
      Though let's be honest, most koreaboos who say they are fascinated in Korean culture have no idea what Korea is like other than kpop bands. Some koreaboos even say my Korean friends 'don't look Korean' because they don't look like kpop boys. Ah how I do love ignorant 12yros thinking they know all about the country thanks to some form of media they follow.

  • FunkyLittleGamer
    FunkyLittleGamer Month ago

    There are lots of kids fighting in this comment section and its kinda Funny XD

  • Wolf Gamer
    Wolf Gamer Month ago

    Britain and france use different road and why no sk and japan??

  • Mahesa Suwongso
    Mahesa Suwongso Month ago

    It can also save south korean from us nuking north korea "Cough cough" right kento bento?

  • Plasma xander
    Plasma xander Month ago

    im reffering to the end of the video here but id love to be able to drive from london to tokyo but given the fact that it drove me bonkers just to drive from leeds to london and from goteburg to karlstad maybye not.

  • s3ts
    s3ts Month ago

    Let me tell you what would allow me (Korean American) to finally trust the Japanese...
    1. Ending their emperial line by disowning their lineage entirely.
    2. Ban the use of imperial Japanese flag, punishable by fines or imprisonment.
    3. Complete destruction of shrines which worship war criminals from the pacific asian arc of ww 2.
    4. Immediate disengagement of all their recent buildup of military and naval strength.
    That's when I'll trust them.

  • Michelle
    Michelle Month ago

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 응 꿈깨 ㅋㅋㅋ

  • Jensar Joey Sayson
    Jensar Joey Sayson Month ago

    Why not a floating underwater tunnel?

  • 서상교
    서상교 Month ago

    Get out!! Sea of japan

  • West Coast Canuck
    West Coast Canuck Month ago

    We need it between Victoria BC & Mainland Canada.. On a Daily basis we commute on ferry to reach our workplaces

  • fyun89
    fyun89 Month ago

    @Kento I think you should make a video of what's really going on between Japan and Korea, given the reactions here. Koreans are essentially mad for four major things: 1. Lack of apology from Japan for comfort women (No. the victims didn't want money. It was lead by the impeached president, Park. There's a movement to return the money for an official apology) 2. Japan's actions toward Dokdo (aka Takeshima). 3. Labeling of East Sea. 4. Quit using the Japanese imperial flag (same as swastika of Nazi) and their rituals toward the soldiers of the previous war. If these four major issues are solved, Korea and Japan's relationship will become much better.

  • ss Ro
    ss Ro Month ago

    Sorry, We don't need it.
    But, you guys also think the same thing.

  • Noémi Dupertuis
    Noémi Dupertuis Month ago

    I like the idea really.
    But seriously, tokyo-seoul 1550km in 7 hours? when a nightbus from Kyoto to Tokyo takes 6 hours? Let's be serious, at the speed of Japanese drivers, that would never be possible.
    In the case of France, it's continental and roads go in all directions, but Japan is long, composed of many islands. For me, as a Japanese resident, I can't really see how such a tunnel would be useful for Japan as a whole. Certainly it would for Kyushu and Busan, but at a wider scale I don't think so.

  • madcat gaming
    madcat gaming Month ago

    Why not a transportation system across the world with the mega pyramids as rest stops or towns or even cities in the oceans

  • 장현호
    장현호 Month ago

    Not we call South Korea, we are not call South KoreaPlease we call KOREA OR Republic Of KOREA but DPRK call of North Korea OKThank you

  • Mitchell
    Mitchell Month ago

    we actually had 2 100 year wars

  • iggy fugazi
    iggy fugazi Month ago

    Japan would be better off learning to channel the volcano to build a larger land mass off the coast and extending itself

  • iggy fugazi
    iggy fugazi Month ago

    earthquake volcano tunnel hmm because Japan has such goodwill with China and Korea

  • Lord Mashie
    Lord Mashie Month ago

    Despite the complications, if the two countries can come to some sort of agreement and be able to build it, that would be awesome. Nationalists from both sides honestly need to settle down. (I'm Japanese).

  • Yung Washing Machine

    If Tokyo to Seoul would be possible in 7 hours then you would have to travel at over 200 km per hour
    Check your math

  • Fishing台
    Fishing台 Month ago

    I don't think Japan should do it, Korea is so call an ally so she isn't a problem, but China, North Korea and Russian is, when Korea fall, the tunnel itself become a national threat to Japan.
    sure you can blow the tunnel up when things go south, but why risk it when you can just don't waste the money to build it at the first place?

  • Gihwan Song
    Gihwan Song Month ago +1

    Very biased, manipulative as usual, all lies and propaganda from Japan. Japan wants to connect to Korea for their economic, trade and security interest. This does not benefit Korea in any way, and Korea does not need this.

    • Gihwan Song
      Gihwan Song Month ago

      +ecksdee you're just clueless mate

    • ecksdee
      ecksdee Month ago

      You realize the videomaker is half korean

  • Thomas Hammond
    Thomas Hammond Month ago

    kento bento (love the name btw) absolutely amazing content! great video and i love the topics you discuss. you definitely do your research!

  • Markus Duesseldorf
    Markus Duesseldorf Month ago

    Such a tunnel doesn't make much sense as long as there is North Korea which obstructs free movement between Japan and continental Asia.

  • satoshiketchump
    satoshiketchump Month ago

    Lmao SK is already an island, where the northern part is lava

  • USKOR2004
    USKOR2004 Month ago

    Funny how in Korea we think of a Trans-Eurasian railroad line as ending in Busan lolol

  • USKOR2004
    USKOR2004 Month ago

    8:34 And all three presidents were frauds

    • USKOR2004
      USKOR2004 Month ago

      Actually Roh Moo Hyun was just a sad sad man

  • imnotadummyimjustdum Roblox

    But there are many problems as much as the optimistic views which you've shown us. The tunnel passes through a fault line, which brings the tunnel into a safety problem. In this long tunnel, There would be no way to create a safe evacuation route for people in the middle of the sea in case of an emergency situation such as fire or traffic accident. So if there is an earthquake around the Tsushima island where the tunnel passes through, it's game over for all of them. Also, there is this suspicion between the two which causes a blockade to this project, but this isn't the biggest problem. The economies of the two nations are not doing very good nowadays. The Japanese bubble economy has collapsed and the lost decade has just passed through in Japan, and their economy is hanging on a string, which, the national debt situation is worsening day by day. In Korea as well, the economic growth is slowing down, and internal problems are blowing up, and is taking the path of Japan to the lost decade, from population decrease to incoming collapsing of housing market. None can manage such a project at this situation. That protest against the mayor of Busan after his sign of approval to this project was not really because of hatred towards the Japanese, but because the people want the government to just focus on the internal policies and the welfare of the people than such megaprojects. If you see, for the last few years, there has been numerous cases of regional bodies (city, province, etc) wasting the tax monies on those megaprojects and bringing no real profit for the people, such as the 4 river reorganisation project, gyeongin ara-canal, and regional airports. The economic profit which is mentioned, is quite over expected. The train cargo travel in Japan (don't get me wrong, I have the least intention to insult anyone) sucks. Because if the technical problems of Japanese railway network (uses 1067mm narrow gauge), there are many tracks which can't even transport international standard cargo containers, and since many of Japan's major cities are on the shoreside and have a good ports, railway cargo is often ignored. For passenger transport as well, using a plane(cheap airlines) is much more cheaper, and faster than using a train. Finally, this is more of a technical problem. Korea uses 1435mm standard gauge, and Japan uses 1067 narrow gauge. This means that a Japanese train can't simply run on a Korean railway track and a Korean train can't run on a Japanese railway. One side needs to change, or their trains should be modified for a gauge transfer, or the passengers need to transfer at the border to a different train, or Korean and Japan needs to install a double track across the country's railway network which will cost as much as installing a new railway.

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    Thank you for this helpful tutorial.

  • Dunzhi Jialuo
    Dunzhi Jialuo Month ago

    150% increase for korea and 5% for japan. dafaq you got this from ? loll

  • god hand
    god hand 2 months ago +1

    Korea is Samsung's slave they are poor. Japan forget Korea focus on world.

  • GoldenDoom
    GoldenDoom 2 months ago

    also if the world was too connect the world with a high way then there would be idiots who will drive around the whole world

  • GoldenDoom
    GoldenDoom 2 months ago

    also one problem with the tunnel from korea to japan is air. if cars are allowed then it will be too well gassy but maybe elon musk can solve this using a hyperlink

  • Thug life갓양남
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    And i hope you wont get offended by those racist jokes. Cheers

  • Thug life갓양남
    Thug life갓양남 2 months ago

    Its interesting topic but you have some missing points. First if north korea doesnt allows the path to continent, it is no use. Second is it possible and safe techincally?? You know japan locates in ring of fire and it includes island of sushima. If theres earthquake in tunnel it will be a catastrophe like fukushima. Third do you know northern port cities of France downsized because of chunnel?? Busan is second largest city in Korea and if Busan port gets bad effect because of chunnel it wont benefit Korea as much as Japan. So I dont think it will benifit both size as you think. And thats why japan is more eager to build that tunnel.

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    you are awesome

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    I think comparing with uk and france is not so good.
    Has france ever been colonized by uk for 36 years?