Hotel Hell - Season 1 Episode 4 - The Keating Hotel Full Episode HD

  • Published on Aug 10, 2018
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    Hell's Kitchen - Season 17 Episode 5 - Josh Josh Josh Full Episode
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  • Kitchen Nightmares Hotel Hell and Hell's Kitchen

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    • Your Neighbour
      Your Neighbour 3 days ago

      High quality rip but dont play fortnite it's children's game.

    • EBOLA King
      EBOLA King 5 days ago

      3:28 wow so savage

    • WaterspoutsOfTheDeep
      WaterspoutsOfTheDeep 7 days ago

      How can you talk about other peoples establishments when your restaurant in las vegas has half it's torches non functional outside? lol

    • AZZZZ342
      AZZZZ342 9 days ago

      Kitchen Nightmares Hotel Hell and Hell's Kitchen 👍🏽

    • joek money
      joek money 12 days ago

      Kitchen Nightmares Hotel Hell and Hell's Kitchen penis?????? 1:48 ????????😑😑😑😑😑😑

  • Eva Smith
    Eva Smith Day ago

    Big baby got himself a hotel....

  • Eva Smith
    Eva Smith Day ago

    DDD....$700 something a night and plastic take out containers....OMG!

  • Christina Kennedy

    Seeing the chef feel appreciated by Gordon and starting to love his passion again is really making me feel some type of way 😭❤️

  • Jake Dowdle
    Jake Dowdle Day ago +1

    i feel really bad for the Executive Chef.

  • Christina Kennedy

    I thought he was gonna call the dog cute but nvm brb crying rn

  • jig ga
    jig ga Day ago

    calls the dog ugly but owns a pug himself xD

  • Sonya Blade
    Sonya Blade Day ago

    36:50 I thought she had a cabbage leaf on her head

  • ResidentEvil302 rican215

    He designed the hotel 4 him not any1 else thats were he fucks up cuz its about the customers if u wana make money

  • ResidentEvil302 rican215

    The lady that brought the food service was kinda sexy..n sandra 2 but somthin puts me off but i would hit

  • ΟrfeasTheRadioactive

    Btw this channel is gonna shutdown because of article 13

  • bubblegirl6678
    bubblegirl6678 Day ago

    Gordon and the chef ☺️☺️thats so sweet 😭😭

  • 福見
    福見 Day ago

    you know what i think ill stick with a holiday inn

  • J Regulatori
    J Regulatori Day ago

    One of the first times I watched a Hotel Hell/Kitchen Nightmare episode and immediately went on google hoping for an update showing it's been closed/owner bankrupt. Almost every episode I think "Wow, these owners aren't bad after all, I really hope this place succeeds" only to be disappointed in finding out it's now closed. Whereas the owner in this ep is just so smug/condescending/intolerable and just reeks of a privileged upbringing with zero humility.

  • Limpan 0011
    Limpan 0011 Day ago

    That intro tho

  • Mama Bear
    Mama Bear Day ago

    Only thing he did wrong was call the dog ugly smh.

  • Clover The OBT
    Clover The OBT Day ago

    Chef Brian is my spirit animal. I luv his passion for cooking *X3*

  • WildAnime
    WildAnime Day ago

    759 a night. Geez

  • AnOrderOfSeokjin Please

    “She’s ugly” 😂

  • Casdekinker
    Casdekinker Day ago +2

    “Bacon and choclate pizza *OH MY GOD*

  • Irish Mangonon
    Irish Mangonon Day ago +1

    *"Hot waitresses with very short skirts"* 🤣🤣🤣

  • CaptainChurrr
    CaptainChurrr Day ago

    I want to bang Sandra

  • Abhigyan Pandey
    Abhigyan Pandey Day ago

    1.6k bad hotel owners

  • ? ?
    ? ? Day ago

    3:29 HAHAHAHAHA 😂😂

  • Ella Umbrella
    Ella Umbrella Day ago +1



  • Jebu911
    Jebu911 2 days ago +1

    Actually, I love the red and black color scheme. Otherwise rooms look bad

  • failed abortion
    failed abortion 2 days ago

    the owner be lookin like Barry B. Benson

  • shooktotheground
    shooktotheground 2 days ago +1

    he just called the dog ugl- oh hell no

  • InsertRandomName
    InsertRandomName 2 days ago

    didnt gordon put a tub in the middle of the living room in another episode or am i mistaken?

  • Joseph Gutierrez
    Joseph Gutierrez 2 days ago


  • fenrirgg
    fenrirgg 2 days ago

    Maybe it gets clients when all other hotels in the city are full. That's the only explanation.

  • Hi There
    Hi There 2 days ago

    'my god shes ugly' XP

  • John Vigne
    John Vigne 2 days ago

    I’m a sales representative for Jacuzzi and Sundance spas. That is not a Jacuzzi, it’s a hot tub. The name Jacuzzi has become synonymous with hot tubs. It’s like saying Kleenex or Chapstick

    • John Vigne
      John Vigne 2 days ago

      Also, he’s way off in expense

  • flor mendez
    flor mendez 2 days ago

    I wanna stay there now bye. 😭

  • Creators Archive
    Creators Archive 2 days ago

    Can we just talk about the opening

  • Syrena Xhaferi
    Syrena Xhaferi 2 days ago +1

    a little spoiled mag pie....going around and picking up little shiny things and having other people execute them for you..He doesn't do any work, lazy guy

  • Becky Carreiro
    Becky Carreiro 2 days ago


  • Becky Carreiro
    Becky Carreiro 2 days ago


  • Jada Nicole
    Jada Nicole 2 days ago

    6:03 he didn’t even let him finish LMAO cut him right off 💀💀‼️

  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan 2 days ago +1

    When you have money, but no brain

  • Samantha Best
    Samantha Best 2 days ago

    15:55 would be me if I saw Ramsey walking past me

  • Azleigh Whitford
    Azleigh Whitford 2 days ago

    30:21 awe my heart :')

  • Leigh Alivio
    Leigh Alivio 2 days ago

    I see the smile of the Executive Chef after tasting what he cooked and it's priceless. ❤️

  • Talent TV
    Talent TV 2 days ago

    Gordon : She's ugly
    Dog : *Walks away*

  • Darryl Scotty Spivey

    Eddie means well. He want's it to work. He just needed guidance. He's got a great place to work with. Best to that Team.

  • Taylor Petrofski
    Taylor Petrofski 2 days ago

    Ok are we just going to ignore the fact he called Smudge ugly?? I’m offended for him

  • mukkaar
    mukkaar 2 days ago

    "I designed hotel to be perfect hotel, for me" Yeah... Wtf did he expect would happen. I really can't believe this guy did any business before this.

  • cylindercila
    cylindercila 2 days ago

    29:37 *finally some good fucking food*

  • Nayeli W.
    Nayeli W. 2 days ago

    “smudge? my *GOD* she’s ugly”

  • Winnie The Pooh
    Winnie The Pooh 2 days ago

    *ThE hOTeL iS nOt ThAt BaD*


  • Luis Alonso
    Luis Alonso 2 days ago

    The owner looks like a guy I fucked last year at a park 💀💀

  • Ann Williams
    Ann Williams 2 days ago

    A whole engine for a faint man!

  • Jewel Pool
    Jewel Pool 2 days ago

    "Hello this Christos-""Hey Christos it's Gordon"


  • Ty J
    Ty J 2 days ago

    They're still open and a 4 star hotel

  • Creations Tv
    Creations Tv 2 days ago

    The intro made me cringe anyone else

  • Noosha the cool girl

    Fuck you Gordon Ramsey that french bulldog was so cute you are not supposed to judge animals only food and buildings god put that dog in this world for a reason

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 2 days ago

    This place is still going till this day 2019! It’s crazy I’m surprised this one survived!

  • Feeluck
    Feeluck 2 days ago

    must be a high standard dog, if he isn't fed by 6/10 star dishes!

  • The Heir Of Slytherdor
    The Heir Of Slytherdor 2 days ago +1

    I honestly feel so bad for the executive chef! He’s just doing what the owner asks him too and you could see how stressed he was! I hope he feels better now and is happy at the hotel or is happy at another place!

  • The Heir Of Slytherdor
    The Heir Of Slytherdor 2 days ago +1

    Lady: It looks like a brothel.
    Gordon: You’ve been in a brothel?
    Lady: I haven’t it’s just what i heard.
    Gordon: I can confirm it is like a brothel.
    *Me looking at the comments:* “ARE WE NOT GONNA TALK ABOUT THIS SHIT?!”

  • Superior14
    Superior14 2 days ago

    He kind of looked like he faked it.

  • Bianca Toscano
    Bianca Toscano 2 days ago

    So sad Brian left after all of that damn

  • Bianca Toscano
    Bianca Toscano 2 days ago

    “Get this place out of the pit” “eddie is ready to turn the corner” Gordon’s puns 😂😂😂

  • Bianca Toscano
    Bianca Toscano 2 days ago

    I couldn’t imagine Gordon being in a brothel 😂😂

  • Derek Furst
    Derek Furst 2 days ago

    In my head canon. the head chef and gordon fall in love and live happily ever after

  • BEN 11
    BEN 11 3 days ago

    “I designed it to be perfect for me, not for him” WTF DUDE? ISNT IT MORE IMPORTANT FOR THE CUSTOMER TO LIKE IT THEN YOU TO LIKE IT?!?

  • Elise stillman
    Elise stillman 3 days ago

    The intro was so cringe

  • Jraybay
    Jraybay 3 days ago

    Cool 1080 quality : D

  • Hello Everyone
    Hello Everyone 3 days ago


  • ChillinDylan 02
    ChillinDylan 02 3 days ago

    Ramsay's been in a brothel, lmao!

  • andrew carson
    andrew carson 3 days ago


  • andrew carson
    andrew carson 3 days ago

    Hotel is DISGUSTING

  • andrew carson
    andrew carson 3 days ago

    That pizza looked FUCKING DISGUSTING

  • A Hot Chick
    A Hot Chick 3 days ago

    Why did they call an Firetruck? 20:51

  • Tiffany Azar
    Tiffany Azar 3 days ago

    Don’t say the dog is ugly your the uglier one

  • Denise Recio
    Denise Recio 3 days ago

    I cry for the chef. Ohh my heart 😭😍

  • Kayleigh Stoke
    Kayleigh Stoke 3 days ago

    The poor chef

  • prac2
    prac2 3 days ago

    pretentious is the word

  • Kayleigh Stoke
    Kayleigh Stoke 3 days ago

    The.poor.dogggggg ☹️

    • Kayleigh Stoke
      Kayleigh Stoke 3 days ago

      I mean when Gordon called him uh-guh-ley (ugly)

  • Kayleigh Stoke
    Kayleigh Stoke 3 days ago

    I have never seen the intro and ITS GREAT!

  • Behrouz Jazizadeh
    Behrouz Jazizadeh 3 days ago

    That chef is so fkin dramatic lmao. Do they rehearse these ? Some of it seems staged. That chef acts like he's in an actual movie

  • mr xXreaperXx
    mr xXreaperXx 3 days ago

    29:31 aw this is such a good part

  • Unknown Player
    Unknown Player 3 days ago

    Well it’s in California so no wonder it sucks

  • Dance Free
    Dance Free 3 days ago

    I mus b weird cuz i kinda liked tha ferarri look and the red. Shoulda been more luxury. That choc pizza was disgusting.

  • Trinity Harris
    Trinity Harris 3 days ago

    The owner is so lazy plus how come your proud of a hotel that you have not been in yet or have eaten at?

  • konroth rec.
    konroth rec. 3 days ago

    long story short: they are all managers .

  • Qshjqqrh Gruru
    Qshjqqrh Gruru 3 days ago

    Wow he just called the dog ugly

  • namyooni
    namyooni 3 days ago

    I don't know if the 'cooking manager' complaining about the food is either sad or funny

  • jillian rodriguez
    jillian rodriguez 3 days ago

    i'm suing gordan for calling smudge "ugly"

  • Patrick Wolf30
    Patrick Wolf30 3 days ago

    Alll mangers and owners are so making me angrey as a TAMATO

  • Haley Muelrath
    Haley Muelrath 3 days ago +2

    “I’m tired” **passes out**

  • Patrick Wolf30
    Patrick Wolf30 3 days ago

    This fucking Eddie boy dosen't belong here he is so bad at work how did he even graduate

  • ii France
    ii France 3 days ago

    Is that fucking Lady Gaga

  • Waffle Productions
    Waffle Productions 3 days ago

    We dumped my dad's cremains (He died and got cremated) off of the pier two lights away from the Cafe at 31:22

  • EMCRectangled
    EMCRectangled 3 days ago

    it sounds like he's saying "Deona" instead of "the owner" so when he said "Eddie; the owner" i thought he said "Eddie Deona" and "you're Deona"

  • EMCRectangled
    EMCRectangled 3 days ago

    poor little smudge

  • Sarah Wilke
    Sarah Wilke 3 days ago

    The chef i think kept trying to make everything about him.

  • Gummy
    Gummy 3 days ago

    gordons brutal honestly makes people fix themselves. hes such a cunt but such a genuine savior at the same time like how could you not like him lmao

  • heken macris
    heken macris 3 days ago

    He does good but this show the way he talks he makes me sick his very toxic

  • Spiderbatman00[BBM]
    Spiderbatman00[BBM] 3 days ago

    You know what made me cry about this?

    Not being able to eat the food...