4 Levels of Hamburgers: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

  • Published on Mar 28, 2019
  • We challenged chefs of three different levels - an amateur, a home cook and a professional chef - to make their versions of a hamburger. And then we brought in a food scientist to review their work. Which hamburger was the best?
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    4 Levels of Hamburgers: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious
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Comments • 26 893

  • IProPenguin
    IProPenguin 13 hours ago

    i thought it was funny that the woman doesn't know how to cook. woman should know how to cook. dont @me.

  • a bottle of cranberry juice

    Lorenzo has to win,the man made a whole mountain of meat and flavours,and so did emily,but without the bacon,but frank,oh lord frank,his burger looked the saddest,so small no special ingredients,and why would you make your own pickles for a single video? Seems like a waste of time and a delay to the video,overall just time wasted,would much rather eat lorenzos burger than emily's or frank's

  • yee tus
    yee tus 14 hours ago

    level 1: everything that is happening right now is okay. who cares as long as i can eat it
    level 2: makes it with lots of love. you can see how they smile making it because they are professionals of their own.
    level 3. over the top. makes everything scientific and technical. they dont do the usual but according to what they've learned.

  • Jaden’s Shoes
    Jaden’s Shoes 15 hours ago

    I don’t like any of them because of pickles I hate pickles

    Did I mention I hate pickles because I do

  • Jade Nava-Reyna
    Jade Nava-Reyna 15 hours ago

    Lorenzo's food always looks the best

  • Zero Two
    Zero Two 15 hours ago

    Is food scientist like an actual science?

  • Cala Breeces
    Cala Breeces 16 hours ago

    Level 1:mom
    Level 2:entitled mom
    Level 3:kraby patty

  • ::::::::::::
    :::::::::::: 17 hours ago

    Emily: I like a frozen burger
    Frank: *I invented burgers*

  • razorblazer 05
    razorblazer 05 17 hours ago

    Level 1: I bought this beef from a guy in a back alley
    Level 2: I bought this from my butcher
    Level 3: Because I jerk off so much, my penis has developed a lot of flavor, so I'm gonna castrate myself and put it in the beef.

  • Celestial Ivory
    Celestial Ivory 18 hours ago

    Amteur is really how far I can get.

  • xxconaxx360
    xxconaxx360 19 hours ago

    3:14 me after I opened my 🍕 pizza while watching this😀

  • moon
    moon 19 hours ago

    They all look delicious

  • LIlly-eye but i'm a guy

    Level1: i got my beef from the store
    Level2: i got my beef from a farm
    Level3:i murdered this cow right in front of its children so when the children grow up they will fill up with anger making there meat tender

  • Erik Saldana
    Erik Saldana 21 hour ago

    Lorenzo is an identity theft victim,he came out on a shoe about identity theft,either that or he’s an actor

  • Rusty James
    Rusty James 22 hours ago

    This lady looks and sounds like the lady from the "sex offender shuffle"

  • Max Francis
    Max Francis 22 hours ago +3

    Level one: I bought the patty from the store
    Level two: I raised the cow
    Level three: I am the cow

  • fenafeses
    fenafeses 22 hours ago

    Do this don't do that leave the burger alone
    Just push a spatula on it to make it cook evenly what are the others thinking

  • FelisTerras
    FelisTerras 23 hours ago

    Frank's burger is perfection. Loreno's just looks and sounds more delicious. Again, bacon. Can't go wrong with that.

  • 《Itz Lunar》
    《Itz Lunar》 Day ago +1

    Level 0.5 - McDonald's where you at?

  • Noah
    Noah Day ago

    Level one: So yeah have this pink stuff. It looks like meat, I guess.
    Level two: In the morning, my farmer drops off a shipmeant of the finest materials.
    Level three: I like sneaking out around 12 and going to Japan. There, I 'peacefully liberate' the farm and turn the cows in to fresh organic meat. I then sniff the grass to find the finest herbs. I like the greenest of grass, it smells like sour crout.

  • Vivian Ju
    Vivian Ju Day ago +1

    Level 2.5: Tasty chef

  • Max2ds
    Max2ds Day ago

    “I’m just gonna poke at it”
    Me, looking at my soft baby fingers: “no”

  • Enceladus Eve
    Enceladus Eve Day ago

    "I like to grind my own meat."...... 😐....... well,......... Me too!

  • ML4Bzero
    ML4Bzero Day ago +1

    FRaNK: I have been a chef for 24 centuries.

  • Mamako Senpai
    Mamako Senpai Day ago


  • Logan Belleque
    Logan Belleque Day ago

    Emily’s looks like a friken krabby patty

  • Zorkz HD
    Zorkz HD Day ago

    Level 3: I'm gonna be using the meat from a fire Dragon because the dragons fire makes it more cooked

  • Zorkz HD
    Zorkz HD Day ago

    Level 3:I'm using the ingredients that were used on the titanic

  • Fantasticalgaming 345

    Level 2 lowkey looking the best borger

  • Monique Alecia
    Monique Alecia Day ago

    When I find out that home girl is married I just instantly feel bad for her husband LOL

  • Rachel Gonzalez
    Rachel Gonzalez Day ago

    Wait did you say monster cheese . CHILD ITS MUENSTER SAYBIT RIGHT

  • Rachel Gonzalez
    Rachel Gonzalez Day ago

    Ummm but like level one looks the best

  • William Brito
    William Brito Day ago +4

    Level 1 chef: I bought some pickles
    Level 2 chef: I bought some pickles
    Level 3 chef: Well, I like to make my pickles
    Me:😱 my mouth went right open for like half a minute and then I realised that I was druling
    (Sos that I can’t spell)

  • Isaac Farrugia
    Isaac Farrugia Day ago

    The first one isnts a level one its a downy

  • PurplewolfyXD gachagirl

    im suprised the level three chef didn’t raise a freaking cow for this video.

  • Anthony's Corner
    Anthony's Corner Day ago +1

    Let me get invited to Lorenzo's party

  • Mysterious Chris

    You fogot daddy barbeque recipe

  • Aburame Lennon
    Aburame Lennon Day ago

    Please make more of these videos. I’m inspired to cook the right way 👩‍🍳

  • 沧狼凌水寒
    沧狼凌水寒 Day ago

    3:14 OMG call the Batman !!! the Joker is here !!!

  • Chanell Buchanan

    I hope to become a succesful TVclipr people tell me I will be nothing so stop trying but I continue to try and grind on TVclip Ik I can become a succesful TVclipr if I keep trying and the money I get from TVclip I hope to save for college to become an orthopedic surgeon 👩‍⚕️

  • Vincent Lupo
    Vincent Lupo Day ago

    Frank: its not complected.
    *proceeds to make his own pickles*

  • Vanessa Mejias
    Vanessa Mejias Day ago

    I like level 2 the more💕

  • antigoniem06
    antigoniem06 Day ago

    Emily's burger looks like a Krabby Patty.

  • Zane Meyer
    Zane Meyer Day ago

    4 levels? Are you sure

  • patricia Bermudez

    I don’t want Emily to cook for me 😂.
    Lorenzo i learn so much from you girl

  • Infinite Stars
    Infinite Stars Day ago

    Is it just me or...
    The level 1 is more... good looking..? I dunno

  • Sub 2 me Bro182
    Sub 2 me Bro182 Day ago +14

    Level 1. I have a grocery store meat
    Level 2. I have meat from a farm
    Level 3. As a chef myself I raise my own cow

  • Drew Rycerz
    Drew Rycerz Day ago

    Now, I prefer making my beef from an actual cow. So, we're going to take Daisy here (*Moo*) and put her down for that really fresh, delicious smooth taste.

  • Papi Detroit
    Papi Detroit Day ago

    So not even women are good in the kitchen..... what in tardnation

  • Drew Rycerz
    Drew Rycerz Day ago

    I'm a chef too but...making your own pickles for a burger you're kinda over doin it brother. Surprised the guy didn't make his own jar to hold them let alone the vinegar inside.

  • Varga Roli
    Varga Roli 2 days ago +15


    Frank: I spent 3000 years breeding the perfect cow species for this burger

    • Jaime13R
      Jaime13R Day ago

      Varga Roli 😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Jonas Rowe
    Jonas Rowe 2 days ago

    lorenzos laugh is so cringy

  • Bbbb Gggg
    Bbbb Gggg 2 days ago

    Frank basically strangled a rare tiger in Botswana with his own hands and peeled the skin off with his nails because only he knows the right way, in order not to ruin the taste of the meat.
    Emily just bought meat as normal people do though jesus christ

  • fantakuning
    fantakuning 2 days ago

    uhm level 1 "chef" lmao

  • Ron Crider
    Ron Crider 2 days ago

    Lorenzo's all day

  • Ron Crider
    Ron Crider 2 days ago

    That armature cook is not a cook. Why not get someone from the house that can actually cook a burger

  • Hala Madrid y Nada Mas

    Wait isn’t it bad to eat a burger medium rare since your not killing all the bacteria

  • Skeppy
    Skeppy 2 days ago +1

    No one:
    Not a single soul:
    Frank: I like to make my own cow.

    MrVALENTIUS 2 days ago

    so much bs

  • Water skeppy sheep
    Water skeppy sheep 2 days ago

    3:15 that laugh tho🤣

  • LentoturmaHub
    LentoturmaHub 2 days ago +4

    Me at the beginning:

  • Cantendo
    Cantendo 2 days ago +15

    Level 1: KETCHUP
    Level 3: I made my own pickles.

  • I Sub To Pewds Lololol
    I Sub To Pewds Lololol 2 days ago +1

    Where's Mr.Crab,Looks like its not complete.

  • Ibnu Khair Tashdick
    Ibnu Khair Tashdick 2 days ago

    how about all the four-level chef meet together and taste each dish they made? It would be so dramatic, I suggest?

  • anisking Omerovich
    anisking Omerovich 2 days ago

    how can a lady be this bad in kitchen?😂

  • Emy Reynoso Oviedo
    Emy Reynoso Oviedo 2 days ago

    I'll eat the level 2 one

  • Lord Edward
    Lord Edward 2 days ago

    The thing that I find most noteworthy, is that the "level 3" chef made way too much out of a relatively simple process. Is freshly ground beef better? Yeah, but is isn't that much better. Home made pickles? Again, better? Maybe but that much better? Choice of cheese or bun is a personal preference. Personally, cheddar is way better than Munster in my book. All things considered, the only useful tips normal people can get from this all came for Level 2. Level 1 is nothing more than an incompetent cook not truly a demonstration of Level 1.

  • SaggyToast99
    SaggyToast99 2 days ago +1

    As a chef I like to make my own cows

  • Matt Freake
    Matt Freake 2 days ago

    All level 0s will order McDonald’s

  • adjfsk
    adjfsk 2 days ago

    Why does emily seem confused by everything she adds to her burger?
    Some breadcrumbs? Garlic powder? Pepper..? Salt?

  • Sarah C
    Sarah C 2 days ago +2

    No one:
    Epicurious viewers: clicking away videos just to see or make roast comments that’s better than the actual video

  • Sacaed Winchester
    Sacaed Winchester 2 days ago

    Im james and im a level one crook.

    Let it sink in

  • Tommy Bevacqua
    Tommy Bevacqua 2 days ago +13

    8:46 listen with your eyes closed for like 2-3 seconds

  • Oreo Boi
    Oreo Boi 2 days ago

    Not gonna lie Emily's burger looks super tasty.

  • Carrot Top
    Carrot Top 2 days ago

    Thumbnail had 3. Came just to say that. Good day