Love, Honour & Obey - Alan's Best Bit's


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  • Philip  Robinson
    Philip Robinson Month ago

    Another funny bit that was missed out was when Ray asks "What's his (Alan's) middle name, Lucky?", lol!!!

  • Cheeseandwhiskers 1998
    Cheeseandwhiskers 1998 2 months ago

    He Was Very Very Busy

  • Darkturtle
    Darkturtle 3 months ago

    Allen was a silly fat wanker.

  • Stephen Davis
    Stephen Davis 5 months ago

    hes a fuckin legend

  • George Pierce
    George Pierce Year ago


    • johanna mix
      johanna mix Year ago

      George Pierce funny as fuck!! genius x

  • Communist Potato
    Communist Potato Year ago


  • mj uk
    mj uk 2 years ago +1

    go on go for it, stab you cye
    best line

  • Josh Turner
    Josh Turner 2 years ago +1

    He done me in the guts

  • arthur smith
    arthur smith 2 years ago +5

    Fix Bayonets.

  • Elaine Symes
    Elaine Symes 2 years ago +1

    Absolutely fantastic. Film. Thanks for putting this together

  • Shelby Dorsett
    Shelby Dorsett 2 years ago

    pmsl love this film!!!!

  • Janet Wellman
    Janet Wellman 3 years ago +1

    I am so looking forward to seeing this movie:)

  • Lord Funface The Atomic Toaster

    What a fackin' muppet!

  • insomniac s
    insomniac s 3 years ago

    load of rubbish

  • luke james
    luke james 4 years ago

    Enter the fooking draaaagon lol

  • Cappen Koiky
    Cappen Koiky 4 years ago +3

    LOVE this movie!!!!!! Classic British humour at it's best!

  • andy c
    andy c 5 years ago +3

    Enter the fuckin dragon

  • tony gandy
    tony gandy 5 years ago +1

    What a film

  • Aaron Patterson
    Aaron Patterson 5 years ago +2

    Get the big boys out the van im trying

  • matelot95
    matelot95 5 years ago

    "GIT AHT!"

  • SethHesio
    SethHesio 5 years ago +1

    I used to have a housemate who wouldn't stop talking about how much he loved this film... he talked like Ray Winstone and was an arsehole. If you can only get by by being threatening, loud and swearing a lot then you're not fun... you're a dick.

  • tukoramerez
    tukoramerez 5 years ago +4

    this film has me in tears, bloody brill,,,,

  • Marcus Bohlin
    Marcus Bohlin 5 years ago +2

    One of my all time favourite films....superb

  • R_C_Davies
    R_C_Davies 6 years ago

    Alan is a disease.

  • Vicki Perrin
    Vicki Perrin 6 years ago +2

    Love this film,being a South Londoner myself,it's top class,Poor ole Alan make's this film top classs Big up Alan!!!

  • Chris Peters
    Chris Peters 6 years ago +1

    I love this film an absolute classic

  • taistelutomaatti
    taistelutomaatti 6 years ago +1

    Why is this film so underrated?

  • ShimmyDigg
    ShimmyDigg 6 years ago

    look at his face!

  • gman9884
    gman9884 6 years ago

    leave it in and get out

  • Kriste_Elaine
    Kriste_Elaine 7 years ago

    "What do I do... leave it in or take it out?"
    "... i know, leave it in and go out"
    Hahaha what a brill film

  • andy gray
    andy gray 8 years ago

    Luvly Alan !!

  • maleproz
    maleproz  8 years ago


    I think i know 3 or 4 mate, Alans are more common than you think, either that or they ain't on same wavelength as moi!

  • Nick Brockwell
    Nick Brockwell 8 years ago

    @maleproz yea still a good video though, i think we all know an alan lol

  • maleproz
    maleproz  8 years ago


    I missed that bit out on purpose pal lol

  • Nick Brockwell
    Nick Brockwell 8 years ago

    you missed the toliet brush up the arse....that was his funniest bit

  • maleproz
    maleproz  8 years ago

    I'm fine thanks mate, when are you going to grace us with another class cover? ;-)

  • freeze
    freeze 8 years ago

    aww not to bad mate how about you ?


  • maleproz
    maleproz  8 years ago

    Cheers mate, how you keeping?!

  • Stones1664
    Stones1664 8 years ago

    Alan rocks... " He stabbed me " priceless :)

  • freeze
    freeze 8 years ago

    totally awsome m8, nice collecton of clips LOL