Love, Honour & Obey - Alan's Best Bit's


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  • Disco
    Disco Month ago

    What? Fucking chunky?

  • Philip  Robinson
    Philip Robinson 7 months ago

    Another funny bit that was missed out was when Ray asks "What's his (Alan's) middle name, Lucky?", lol!!!

  • Cheeseandwhiskers 1998
    Cheeseandwhiskers 1998 8 months ago

    He Was Very Very Busy

  • Darkturtle
    Darkturtle 10 months ago

    Allen was a silly fat wanker.

  • Stephen Davis
    Stephen Davis 11 months ago

    hes a fuckin legend

  • George Pierce
    George Pierce 2 years ago


    • johanna mix
      johanna mix 2 years ago

      George Pierce funny as fuck!! genius x

  • Takumori
    Takumori 2 years ago


  • S-T Connection
    S-T Connection 2 years ago +2

    go on go for it, stab you cye
    best line

  • Josh Turner
    Josh Turner 2 years ago +1

    He done me in the guts

  • arthur smith
    arthur smith 3 years ago +5

    Fix Bayonets.

  • Elaine Symes
    Elaine Symes 3 years ago +1

    Absolutely fantastic. Film. Thanks for putting this together

  • Shelby Dorsett
    Shelby Dorsett 3 years ago

    pmsl love this film!!!!

  • Janet Wellman
    Janet Wellman 3 years ago +1

    I am so looking forward to seeing this movie:)

  • Lord Funface The Atomic Toaster

    What a fackin' muppet!

  • insomniac s
    insomniac s 4 years ago

    load of rubbish

  • luke james
    luke james 4 years ago

    Enter the fooking draaaagon lol

  • Cappen Koiky
    Cappen Koiky 5 years ago +3

    LOVE this movie!!!!!! Classic British humour at it's best!

  • andy c
    andy c 5 years ago +3

    Enter the fuckin dragon

  • tony gandy
    tony gandy 5 years ago +1

    What a film

  • Aaron Patterson
    Aaron Patterson 5 years ago +2

    Get the big boys out the van im trying

  • matelot95
    matelot95 5 years ago

    "GIT AHT!"

  • tukoramerez
    tukoramerez 6 years ago +4

    this film has me in tears, bloody brill,,,,

  • Marcus Bohlin
    Marcus Bohlin 6 years ago +2

    One of my all time favourite films....superb

  • R_C_Davies
    R_C_Davies 6 years ago

    Alan is a disease.

  • Vicki Perrin
    Vicki Perrin 6 years ago +2

    Love this film,being a South Londoner myself,it's top class,Poor ole Alan make's this film top classs Big up Alan!!!

  • Chris Peters
    Chris Peters 6 years ago +1

    I love this film an absolute classic

  • taistelutomaatti
    taistelutomaatti 7 years ago +1

    Why is this film so underrated?

  • ShimmyDigg
    ShimmyDigg 7 years ago

    look at his face!

  • MaKeiTaLLmYseLF
    MaKeiTaLLmYseLF 7 years ago +1

    leave it in and get out

  • Kriste_Elaine
    Kriste_Elaine 8 years ago +1

    "What do I do... leave it in or take it out?"
    "... i know, leave it in and go out"
    Hahaha what a brill film

  • andy gray
    andy gray 8 years ago

    Luvly Alan !!

  • maleproz
    maleproz  8 years ago


    I think i know 3 or 4 mate, Alans are more common than you think, either that or they ain't on same wavelength as moi!

  • Nick Brockwell
    Nick Brockwell 8 years ago

    @maleproz yea still a good video though, i think we all know an alan lol

  • maleproz
    maleproz  8 years ago


    I missed that bit out on purpose pal lol

  • Nick Brockwell
    Nick Brockwell 8 years ago

    you missed the toliet brush up the arse....that was his funniest bit

  • maleproz
    maleproz  9 years ago

    I'm fine thanks mate, when are you going to grace us with another class cover? ;-)

  • freeze
    freeze 9 years ago

    aww not to bad mate how about you ?


  • maleproz
    maleproz  9 years ago

    Cheers mate, how you keeping?!

  • Stones1664
    Stones1664 9 years ago

    Alan rocks... " He stabbed me " priceless :)

  • freeze
    freeze 9 years ago

    totally awsome m8, nice collecton of clips LOL