Gen. McCaffrey: "No Way" Donald Trump Wasn't Involved In Flynn's Contacts With The Russians | MSNBC

  • Published on Dec 4, 2017
  • Former Trump National Security Advisor Mike Flynn just plead guilty to lying to the FBI about his conversations with the Russian Ambassador. Retired Army Lieutenant Barry McCaffrey discusses whether or not this could potentially implicate President Donald Trump.
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    Gen. McCaffrey: "No Way" Donald Trump Wasn't Involved In Flynn's Contacts With The Russians | MSNBC

Comments • 86

  • Silly Putty
    Silly Putty Year ago

    Seems to me that 99% of American hero’s are in the military, it’s all they can talk about,and look up to??Surely you can find others that have nothing to do with wars, starting wars,funding wars,.........🤔

  • EH PA
    EH PA Year ago

    Can't wait for that military parade. I wonder if Gen. McCaffrey will stand next to Nacho Cheese Napoleon on the review stand

  • Rob Gilbert
    Rob Gilbert Year ago

    Flynn lost his house thanks to your COUP traitor.

  • liliana bloom
    liliana bloom Year ago

    He is a true patriot.

  • bigart1993
    bigart1993 Year ago +2

    The GOP is perfectly fine with selling out America to the Russians as long as they get big tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations. Putin's got nuclear missiles aimed right at Florida and Trump is more concerned with Alec Baldwin?

  • harry johnson
    harry johnson Year ago +2

    Granted Obama made some mistakes, but they weren't daily. At least he was a President that we didn't have to worry about him embarrassing us.

  • John Tobin
    John Tobin Year ago +3

    Trump is a pathological liar. No morals.

  • Kane O
    Kane O Year ago +2

    Trump has cheated his way to the WH, as with all his endeavors. He is nervous his schemes will be exposed. Unfortunately, in America if you get to the top of the food chain there is hardly any punishment for your atrocities.
    Punishment is for the poor and the voiceless. Until now I didn't know that presidential powers are laced with all the privileges of a supreme monarch. Equality before the law is really a deceptive gimmick to smoothly f**k us all.

  • Janice Onley
    Janice Onley Year ago

    He wasnt around during the time period. Asswipe

  • dominic pelle
    dominic pelle Year ago

    “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing,” Mr. Trump said during a news conference here in an apparent reference to Mrs. Clinton’s deleted emails. “I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.”...YEP involved alright

  • bru beck
    bru beck Year ago

    (caveat noted -" his personal opinion") Lt. Gen McCaffrey's statements seem reasonable.

  • Ash Roskell
    Ash Roskell Year ago

    When Diplomats meet with people from the Trump administration, they look at their watches and say, “You’re still here?” Tick tock, tick tock . . .

  • Louis Smith
    Louis Smith Year ago


    • Dana Herron
      Dana Herron Year ago

      Louis Smith hahahahahaha! Suuure.

  • Louis Smith
    Louis Smith Year ago


  • Jim Battersbee
    Jim Battersbee Year ago

    The USA is rotten and corrupt.

    TEHCONIP .A Year ago

    Amazing, simply amazing how many Perfect (almost GOD like) people these media companies find to staff their organizations.. please leave some messianic lords to walk amongst us stupid, flawed little people, or we may just walk around cluelessly bumping into closed doors, and staring at the sun.. p.s. come save us from the mean man who says words at us, and is shrinking the size of our wonderful, perfect, awsome, never wrong, and always truthful government..

  • IJS just me
    IJS just me Year ago +4

    Correct General, 45 is involved in the contracts with Russia. He praises Putin, and keeps lying about everything that's been investigated. He gave up evidence during the campaign, and everyday he still does. The orange clown is unfit, and selling America to the enemy. He is a racist, a traitor, corrupt liar, and con man. The world is laughing at America, and his uneducated base.

  • B. Stone
    B. Stone Year ago +9

    I took a nice big trump after my morning covfefe this morning.

  • Dan Ames
    Dan Ames Year ago +5

    Impeach Dementia Donnie before he gets us all Killed

  • Wayne Fraser
    Wayne Fraser Year ago +3

    Follow the money

  • Ken wilkinson
    Ken wilkinson Year ago +6


    FIST OF FURY Year ago +12

    Treason charges for Flynn and his former boss COVFEFE bigly.

  • ramos1258
    ramos1258 Year ago +1


  • Thomas L
    Thomas L Year ago +2

    Mark my word, Trumps and everyone involved in the Trump campaign will go to prison!

  • Nias
    Nias Year ago +3

    Trump always has things his way and no one else's. That's his pattern. He definitely knew.

  • Notre Dame
    Notre Dame Year ago +2

    Tillerson was misunderstood b/c Kushner/Ivanka took all the powers and messed around. They r Hilly/Bill the second anf they act like they r now the real secretary of state from the beginning. or presidentKushner.

  • Patriot
    Patriot Year ago

    There is nothing wrong with sending an envoy to foreign leaders by the President elect to have a meeting. Obama did it with Iran.

    • Or You
      Or You Year ago

      Sith Rocker Dont tell the truth about Obama. Youre a racist..

  • dsm3759703
    dsm3759703 Year ago

    You nutjobs and your delusional Russian paranoia are running Trump's re-election campaign. Thanks!

  • Philip Christensen
    Philip Christensen Year ago +2

    Yes... yes... THIS will finally take down Trump! Pathetic.

  • Matthew Dobbs
    Matthew Dobbs Year ago

    Come on Mc Chrystal is an odd ball, a wild card that cant be controlled...that is no good in a general, the military has to come under the government in a democracy, thats why he was sacked. So if flynn is in the same category, this is truly bad....what else did he do to compromise the USA in his short tenure as NSA....

  • foggy creek
    foggy creek Year ago

    SOOOOO..The new trasition team is expected to talk to foreign officials,not illegal or wrong.Flynn chose to lie about it on his own accord,and was fired for doing so...Every new administration transition team does the same thing..No WRONG DOING...

  • Armando7654
    Armando7654 Year ago +1

    pack of lies & media BS

  • Steve Cousins
    Steve Cousins Year ago +3

    Tillerson is a joke and has hurt our standing in the world. But then Trump has hurt us just as bad if not worse.

  • beethovensbeloved
    beethovensbeloved Year ago +31

    General McCaffrey, your personal statement validates what many intelligent Americans have been saying ever since this administration took power.

  • Boudica
    Boudica Year ago +73

    I miss normal American, with a normal, respectable president!!!

    • Rob Gilbert
      Rob Gilbert Year ago

      Boudica I miss Bush aswell.

    • Bad Fairy
      Bad Fairy Year ago

      Me too.Can paul Ryen be president?

  • nichole Roberts
    nichole Roberts Year ago +12

    He knew what going on..stop defending's helping him! We want truth not lies!

    • Patriot
      Patriot Year ago

      nichole bryan what politician hasn't lied?

  • porcospino289
    porcospino289 Year ago

    "Lieutenant", eh?

  • Daniel Lopez
    Daniel Lopez Year ago +8

    “He started to go off the rails” good grief then Trump hired him? And his wacky son the bad kid from toy story 1 I️

  • Michael Kahr
    Michael Kahr Year ago +2

    The next general in civil service. I smell a pattern.

  • Pro-Planet Earthling
    Pro-Planet Earthling Year ago +19

    This guy seems like an unbiased smart cookie. He praised Flynn for his good work and then seemed disappointed in Flynn's downfall. Respect. I will seek out interviews with him.

  • Bucky Pinata
    Bucky Pinata Year ago +2

    So I guess the General is showing Mueller all the proof he has on it.......yawn

  • Billy Smith
    Billy Smith Year ago +21

    Very wise general

    • Billy Smith
      Billy Smith Year ago +1

      ramos1258 Trumps even starting to slur his speech! Lock him up!

    • ramos1258
      ramos1258 Year ago +1

      Billy Smith poor guy needs to be in old home.

  • sara
    sara Year ago +5

    well there's only 2 things trump could have done either he Knew exactly what his underlings were doing because he told them to. OR trump was too busy stuffing his face with crap fast food to notice what the people around him were doing. You can't have him running everything and Not notice what people around him are doing sooner or later he'd have to realize and it's far too late for fake outrage and throw them under the bus. Maybe if it was eariler on before he took office or Just after being swoen in

    • Deanna Delmar
      Deanna Delmar Year ago +1

      sara The Presidency was handed to him by the Mercers, Kochs, Republican Traitors And Putin. The Mercers filled his cabinet with the Alt Right Wingers. Their Nazi ties are evident. Anyone who cares can Fact check history and these criminal families.

  • 203 cappadon
    203 cappadon Year ago +34

    I respect anyone who speaks truth.

    • doccu
      doccu Year ago

      203 cappadon yes, thx for Trump

    • IJS just me
      IJS just me Year ago +2

      203 cappadon well, 45 is out of that, the world knows he lies lmao

    • Boudica
      Boudica Year ago +2

      the truth shall set you free

  • winnywin
    winnywin Year ago

    "Retired Army Lieutenant Barry McCaffrey discusses whether or not this could potentially implicate President Donald Trump". Why does MSNBC care what a Lieutenant thinks. Surely a Captain or a Major would know more!

    • winnywin
      winnywin Year ago

      Thanks, reallyAZ nokidding, I was being facetious. Though, I bet Lt Gen McCaffrey would be furious at his demotion :)

    • reallyAZ nokidding
      reallyAZ nokidding Year ago +1

      Lieutenant general.
      Guilty by omission

  • Linda Brooks
    Linda Brooks Year ago +34

    McCaffrey thank you for speaking up and telling the truth.

  • Gus Jackson
    Gus Jackson Year ago +6

    At least in prison Mr Trump will get a healthier diet, instead of his current massive intake of just Mc Donald’s. Phew! No wonder he has to get up so early as he bolts to the toilet. Still, he can Twitter to you from the throne. Appropriate really when you get think about what he types.

  • jannmutube
    jannmutube Year ago +7

    Okay, Flynn was a good general in the military but then he became a mercenary. He would have helped Russia develop nuclear power facilities in oil rich countries like Saudi Arabia. He had ties to Russian Oligarchs in Turkey and was willing to do whatever for Erdogan for cash. He stood by while Russia interfered in our election and was in favor of eliminating sanctions against Russian banks like VEB that are no more than money laundering operations.
    Rogue Intel services like Flynn Intel and mercenary groups like Blackwater can have undesirable consequences. Maybe it's right to reduce his sentence but they should probably have him under surveillance for the rest of his life.

  • Picket Fence
    Picket Fence Year ago +15

    Daffy Drump is trashing America.

    • Boudica
      Boudica Year ago

      I miss a respectable president who speaks like an educated adult

  • Royce Charlton
    Royce Charlton Year ago +59

    He was involved...

    • Perry Walton
      Perry Walton Year ago

      Royce Charlton if it had something to do with money, and Russia...yep, Trump was involved.

    • nichole Roberts
      nichole Roberts Year ago +2

      Royce Charlton I agree..

  • sanjuansteve
    sanjuansteve Year ago +18

    Drumpf, most of his campaign crew, family and cabinet were/are all in the deal to use the presidency as a tool to sell out anything and everything including democracy itself in one massive cash grab. #akaTreason

  • Ramatu Brimah
    Ramatu Brimah Year ago +29

    Didn't Britain already rescind and cancelled the invitation?

    • Ingeborg Gueldner
      Ingeborg Gueldner Year ago

      Ramatu Brimah yes, they did!

    • Allosaurus Fragilis
      Allosaurus Fragilis Year ago +1

      As far as i know the invite still stands but no date has been given.

    • Sean O
      Sean O Year ago +5

      Jeremy Backup I think it would be Great diplomacy and I wish every country did it to him.

    • Jeremy Backup
      Jeremy Backup Year ago +4

      I believe they had cancelled the invite and last I heard, they were bringing a motion up to parliament to vote in a Trump Ban, to prevent future visits as well. I don't think that will pass though, Trump is a traitorous monster, but it would still be bad diplomacy to outright ban him from their country.

  • Andrew L PickfordIII
    Andrew L PickfordIII Year ago +39

    Crooks hang with crooks!

  • Miguel Gordillo
    Miguel Gordillo Year ago +26

    apparently trump just cancelled his visit to the UK? that's a shame -- they were trying to get a few million to protest the moment.

    • Ash Roskell
      Ash Roskell Year ago

      Miguel Gordillo : He will NEVER show. It will keep being put off until he’s out of office. In a few months

    • Boudica
      Boudica Year ago +3

      No, the UK uninvited him

    • Heather Shaw
      Heather Shaw Year ago +4

      UK. Already had disinvited him after all the anti-muslim retweets. But I guess the voices in his head are telling him he cancelled it. Yeah, because that's not CRAZY at all.

    • Jeremy Backup
      Jeremy Backup Year ago +4

      Like usual, Trump was uninvited and then 'canceled'.
      Same thing he does when people turn down invitations to the White House. After they publicly mention they don't want to visit the White House, he cancels their invitations. Same thing with his business council. After 75% of the board members left the council, he disbanded it and tried to make it look it it was all his idea.

    • Bad Fairy
      Bad Fairy Year ago +2

      Air force one would not touch the ground in the UK. You are wright there would be millions of protest.

  • Jo smith
    Jo smith Year ago +103

    oF COURSE TRUMP WAS INVOLVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Skedward boby
      Skedward boby Year ago +1

      The proof: Trump admitted it when he answered a question from the CNN correspondent about this same point in his press conference of Feb 16, 2016 . Trump answered that Flynn was doing his job by communicating with the Russians and that he (Trump) would have instructed Flynn to do so if he was not doing it, but I did not ask to do that....the admission is right here: Trump did not see any need to instruct Flynn to communicate with the Russians because he was a ware that Flynn was already doing so...common sense..!!

    • WE WUZ VIKANGS!!! n shiet.
      WE WUZ VIKANGS!!! n shiet. Year ago

      Jo smith Involved with your momma.But who wasint.

    • Mahesh Silva
      Mahesh Silva Year ago +1

      Jo smith really u got proof???

  • Erwin Vomberg
    Erwin Vomberg Year ago +24

    What did we learn about new people coming into this "adminstration"? Not long and they are torn up in the Pussygrabbers games... so this is not a step forward, its stepping in place - except they manage to run that clown-"president" into the ground and into jail.

    • Ash Roskell
      Ash Roskell Year ago

      Erwin Vomberg : The irony will be, people will soon be saying, “Look, it won’t be long, before Trump is gone. Then we can enact those SANCTIONS that still haven’t been acted on yet.” And the GOP will cry FOUL when THEY are out of office!