PANTRY GOALS! Shop & Organize With Me!

  • Published on Jul 18, 2019
  • This week I've been working on getting my kitchen organized. Shop with me and watch me organize this huge pantry in my new home! I went to Ikea, Bed, Bath & Beyond, the Container Store, and Costco. Did I reach my "pinterest pantry" goal?
    Tall glass jar with glass lid -
    Short glass jar with glass lid -
    King bed sheets -
    Spice jars -
    Small plastic organizer -
    Metal lazy susan -
    Black bin labels -
    Glass jar with silver lid -
    Knife set -
    Wire basket -
    OXO storage set -
    Weave bin -
    Bamboo lid containers -
    Bamboo Turntable -
    Drawer Liner -
    Kirkland pots and pans -
    Clear lazy susan -
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  • Lilyauna Hutzler
    Lilyauna Hutzler 5 hours ago

    My OCD self is quaking about the chocolate and and vanilla teddy grahams were put together in the jar.

  • Shimaa Abouzahra
    Shimaa Abouzahra 14 hours ago

    Ur mom is so cute😍

  • mone bag
    mone bag Day ago

    put the matts that you got from bed bath and beyond at the bottom of the onion basket so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up the onion peel thingy

  • Racine Pearce
    Racine Pearce Day ago

    Yessss this is just the inspiration I needed to get started on our pantry!!

  • Tameka Smoot
    Tameka Smoot Day ago

    Yes virgo problems im so picky my birthday september 6

  • that’s gay
    that’s gay 2 days ago


  • Judith Titterington
    Judith Titterington 3 days ago


  • Oolaay
    Oolaay 5 days ago

    If you need more oxo containers, Costco has a 12pc set for $79

  • Jesal dhruv
    Jesal dhruv 6 days ago

    Link for can organiser pls.

  • riannacreats
    riannacreats 9 days ago

    I LOVE how organized you are

  • Super Awesome Angel
    Super Awesome Angel 10 days ago

    I just want to say I just bought a Dyson for my hair now I gotta get a cricut because your mom was super bomb at that! I don’t know if they have a container store near me in Texas but I plan to look. But great video shout out to mom and princess for being great my mom is the same way with shopping and knowledge we do this a lot together

  • نور الحربي
    نور الحربي 11 days ago


  • Taylor Elizabeth
    Taylor Elizabeth 11 days ago

    I am obsessed!!! also its so nice your momma helps you! beautiful!


    i love your mom!!

  • Mommasawrusrexx
    Mommasawrusrexx 14 days ago

    You should move your potato and onion bins away from each other! Onions put oit gasses that make potatoes go bad faster!

  • Caitlin Jarrett
    Caitlin Jarrett 14 days ago

    The see-through containers with the button on the lid where did you get those at? (They were the ones you put some type of powder in them. You have four of them)

  • Kenda Oyouni
    Kenda Oyouni 15 days ago

    Your pantry is as big as my bathroom oh my god it’s so big

  • Melissa Stugis
    Melissa Stugis 15 days ago +2

    You're well blessed to have a mother like yours and your house is pretty.

  • Isabella Potatoes
    Isabella Potatoes 16 days ago

    Your so pretty ! It's literally unfair. I can't wait till I have my own home and I'm so ready to make it AeStHEtiC🤣

  • pearl trotter
    pearl trotter 16 days ago

    You play with your hair way too much.

  • Kate G
    Kate G 17 days ago

    I can’t wait to get my own house

  • Noelle Nix
    Noelle Nix 17 days ago +1

    This is the content that makes my heart smile. Organization is one thing I take pride in.

  • Taitai7
    Taitai7 17 days ago

    Lovely pantry! I dream of such large storage space 🤗 Only suggestion I'd have is to keep your onions and potatoes separate...their moisture and released gases cause each other to spoil quicker.

  • Liané Schutte
    Liané Schutte 19 days ago

    Where is ziya

  • wil not fight 3rd
    wil not fight 3rd 20 days ago

    Love your mom that's it!

  • Margot Q.
    Margot Q. 22 days ago

    May I see it now that it is six months later? :-) Good job

  • Ninfa Cisneros
    Ninfa Cisneros 23 days ago

    De quien es casa? Tuya o de tu mamá?

  • Lynnie Reeves
    Lynnie Reeves 24 days ago

    My husband would not like me in the container store.

  • Achanté Janelle
    Achanté Janelle 25 days ago

    So freaking satisfying

  • Siva Sankari
    Siva Sankari 25 days ago


  • Kamoree & Shakir
    Kamoree & Shakir 25 days ago

    Gorllll go to target for your containers cheap cute 🙂

  • Vivian Foster
    Vivian Foster 27 days ago

    Thank God someone washes those containers,. I watch these videos and seems like nobody does that first!

  • Itsgonnabe Mei
    Itsgonnabe Mei 27 days ago

    Pantry goals and dang the house is so nice

  • Traci
    Traci 27 days ago

    Your pantry looks amazing! Tip: turn your steak knives upside down, it helps from dulling them each time you pull them from the block :)

  • anjali giri
    anjali giri 29 days ago

    This is my best watched video in 2019 amazing I loved it pantry and kitchen this exactly is my dream

  • Carol Campos
    Carol Campos 29 days ago

    Costco now sells the OXO containers!! I love what you did. It’s beautiful! And your pantry is the size of my house. #goals

  • Ruby & Jovoni
    Ruby & Jovoni 29 days ago

    Girl u got shmoney u could had went to hobby lobby and burlington for the clear acrylic organizer

    • Lucky Ali
      Lucky Ali 27 days ago

      Ruby & Jovoni yeah but she wants to keep her shmoney when u have money if u just keep buying the expensive stuff just because you can then the money won’t last long so you gotta spend smart 🥰

  • Latina Morris
    Latina Morris 29 days ago

    It feel like i met you with a girl name TiSHA at boomer jacks in 2017 . If you’re not the same girl you look just like her . Are you from Louisiana. ?

  • Lilizcorner
    Lilizcorner Month ago

    Hi, what kinda if camera do you film with? When you are walking around stores is it visible or hidden? Do people stare at you while you are filming and talking?

  • Jameshia Sampson
    Jameshia Sampson Month ago

    You're mom. The real MVP

  • MoiWonder
    MoiWonder Month ago

    Love this video. It’s cool to see you actually shopping and not doing the microwave version we see often. One note: try to swap out Corn Starch for Arrowroot starch/flour. It’s used the same way and it’s actually healthy. No aftertaste and better for the digestive tract👍🏽

  • Shay's Tube
    Shay's Tube Month ago

    Nice pantry! Tfs!

  • B4 You Grow Up
    B4 You Grow Up Month ago

    Also, love your kitchen! Very similar to mine, all white! Love your style girl!!!

  • B4 You Grow Up
    B4 You Grow Up Month ago

    Just found your channel! Excited to see more of your videos!! ps. I'ma need you to come organize my pantry x)

  • Nora Armenta
    Nora Armenta Month ago

    Wow I love it 😍

  • coco. pebblezz
    coco. pebblezz Month ago

    I'm just amazed at the ppl who disliked like why? R u ok?

  • Tiffany Castro
    Tiffany Castro Month ago

    😍 I'm in love with your pantry!!! It looks so good

  • SeanPerrin
    SeanPerrin Month ago

    I need that FUCKING spice rack where is it fromz

  • Marlene Ramirez
    Marlene Ramirez Month ago

    man i can’t wait to have my own home 🥺

  • Sif A.W.E
    Sif A.W.E Month ago

    Gurl I'm a virgo too so I understand your struggle lmao 😩😂

  • Sydney Robinson
    Sydney Robinson Month ago

    Zero waste people are quivering

  • Tia Hr
    Tia Hr Month ago

    When she said « Virgo problems » I felt that... I spent days comparing items and prices from Argos, asda, amazon, b&m, AliExpress ect😭😂

  • Shekinah Benson
    Shekinah Benson Month ago

    First video and I'm so gonna subscribe and the little girl helping at the beginning is so cute

  • P Faith
    P Faith Month ago

    Absolutely beautiful and amazing

  • lannadelarosa
    lannadelarosa Month ago

    Love this so much and H-E-B represent!
    As a long time fan of decanting, may I also suggest that you add reusable labels with either the expiration date of the package on to the container or when you last decanted into it? Especially important with perishable- you will quickly forget that info, easier to have it written on the container.
    Container store sells some really awesome reusable labels that you can write in with any permanent marker/Sharper and includes an eraser to erase it and rewrite the label as needed.
    I hope for the best for you and your family! Thanks for sharing.

  • nat cab
    nat cab Month ago

    YASS us virgos are very detailed-oriented !! i am the same way

  • Arianna Thomas
    Arianna Thomas Month ago

    You should use the tasty app for dinner, lunch, and breakfast ideas. And they are lots of ideas! I really recommend it!😁

  • Darin Wahab-Kareem
    Darin Wahab-Kareem Month ago

    it has become so beautiful ,Well done👏🏼❤️🌸

  • Kate Andrews
    Kate Andrews Month ago +1

    you should get a dry erase board for the wall and write your grocery list on it as you run out of items ❤️❤️❤️

  • All Around The Mizzi’s

    I thought that at 15:10 was soooo satisfying