311: Live in Gilford, NH 2018 (Full set)

  • Published on Aug 12, 2018
  • AUG 11, 2018
    Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion
    Gilford, NH
    0:00 Stage Enterance into Come Original
    5:11 All Mixed Up
    9:08 Don't Stay Home
    12:03 Prisoner
    15:25 Wildfire
    21:33 Do You Right
    26:23 Stealing Happy Hours
    31:00 Beautiful Disaster
    35:15 Hey Yo
    38:55 Beyond the Gray Sky
    43:58 Applied Science
    55:07 Misdirected Hostility
    58:09 Flowing
    1:01:27 Amber
    1:05:19 Too Late
    1:10:28 You Wouldn't Believe
    1:14:40 Creatures (For A While) *Ladies Delight Version
    1:19:42 Down
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Comments • 68

  • Jubach
    Jubach 5 days ago

    I freaking hate that other singer.

  • Chicho Estradap
    Chicho Estradap Month ago

    Los 90's 😢 Muy buena música!!! 👍

  • justin huse
    justin huse Month ago

    Let me grab a wheel chair

  • IM A FAT MAN Productions

    I went to that it was awesome

  • Anthony Howard
    Anthony Howard 2 months ago +1

    T-minus 11 days. Burgettstown, Pa. I cannot WAIT.

    • Anthony Howard
      Anthony Howard 2 months ago

      @Vinny M Dude it was excellent! Thanks for following up. Glad you got to enjoy the stream. It was honestly one of the best concerts I've been to and I listen to pretty much everything. I've seen Steve Miller...I've seen Mac Miller..I've seen Skynyrd and Seger and 2 Chainz and beyond. It was laid back, there was no fights, everyone had a blast and smoked tree and even though I don't know you, I wish you could have been there

    • Vinny M
      Vinny M 2 months ago +1

      how was it? couch toured the show and loved it!

  • Onyot Munoz
    Onyot Munoz 3 months ago +1

    I wanna like the video, but there are exactly 311 likes! What do I do!!!!

  • MikeFM4
    MikeFM4 4 months ago

    Sound is absolutely great! These guys aged incredibly well too. Great band that defined a lot of my early teen years. It's like listening to the soundtrack of better days before the world got in a big damn hurry

  • J
    J 4 months ago

    SA's my fav haha wiggle jiggle SA!

  • Adrian Opladz
    Adrian Opladz 5 months ago +2

    One of the bests in 90's...still sound great!!

  • Veik Tik
    Veik Tik 5 months ago

    i was like 12 when i discovered 311. Nice to see they are still kicking.

  • TGW
    TGW 5 months ago +1

    Is that Anthony Jeselnik?

  • HappyProblem
    HappyProblem 5 months ago

    Best band ever! That's why i named Nicholas to my son! 311 stylee!

  • mwg911hk
    mwg911hk 6 months ago +1

    I was at this show! The video graphics were amazing! I think they use all LED screens? Every year the shows get tighter and tighter!

  • Patrick Meade
    Patrick Meade 6 months ago

    This is the best version by far of “Too Late” that I have heard!!!! Love the SA scratching

  • Chris Rode
    Chris Rode 6 months ago

    I didn't know Anthony Jeselnik was the singer for 311. Weird.

  • Axel's DDO Channel
    Axel's DDO Channel 6 months ago

    16:22 nick screwed up the guitar solo there lmao...nice to see they are still human.

    • J2Tone
      J2Tone  5 months ago

      That was a tech malfunction, but yea, what they do is definitely live and very human.

  • WilliamKJ WilliamKJ
    WilliamKJ WilliamKJ 7 months ago

    I know I sound old now but music now a days just doesn’t have this musicality. We were spoiled by these guys. This performance sounds real as it can be. Modern live acts today just sound fake and overly produced. You can tell 311 practices like 5 a hours a day to put on a great show. These guys are paragon musicians. Can you say that about some of the other popular acts today?

  • Sergio Perez
    Sergio Perez 7 months ago

    Thanks for uploading.

  • Dale Gribble
    Dale Gribble 8 months ago +1

    Saw 311 once in 07 saw RUSH in 09 and 11. I'm good I can die happy.

  • rorytambores
    rorytambores 9 months ago +14

    critically underrated band. such a cool fusion of styles, and dual lead singers!

  • no1is awake
    no1is awake 10 months ago +2

    these guys still have the sauce!

  • Nick Fowler
    Nick Fowler 10 months ago

    Awesome vid! 311 always brings it. One thing that I can't quite put my finger on is how off Nick and Tim's guitars sound when they play together...like one is always slightly out of tune. Beginning of Stealing Happy Hours for example...

  • maciverandy1
    maciverandy1 10 months ago

    Where are these guys from? Florida?

  • E11
    E11 10 months ago +1


  • Astro Venus
    Astro Venus 10 months ago

    I be likin me some 'o 'dis live 26:15 😎 '97 Boiiiiiiiiiii!!! 🤟🏻🤘🏼

  • Ebony Mullins
    Ebony Mullins 10 months ago +1

    This crowd sucks! What were they sleep? Drunk? This is 311 for goodness sake!

    • springer 90
      springer 90 7 months ago +1

      They been hittin that grassroots uplifter!

  • John Paul Silvestri
    John Paul Silvestri Year ago +2

    Their show was soooo much more energetic in Jersey

  • Paloma Suicida
    Paloma Suicida Year ago

    Thanks a lot!!! 👏👏👏👏

  • danszig mcbrain
    danszig mcbrain Year ago +1

    ive been a huge huge 311 fan for at least the past 12 years, and i havent been to any concert to see tem live, and theyve been in my home town at least once a year, what an idiot , but im going this year in a few months!!

  • reedcomics81
    reedcomics81 Year ago

    They still sound great.

  • Gil Rybak
    Gil Rybak Year ago +2

    That’s crowd seems tame in comparison to dc. When they brought up offspring in come original, we all collectively lost our shits!

    • PapaGinos182
      PapaGinos182 11 months ago +2

      I was there so I can tell you that it was much louder and wilder than what the video shows. This is definitely a straight soundboard mix and I don't think there are any crowd mics included in this mix. That's why you can barely hear the crowd in the video. Honestly it's better that way so that we can hear the tunes clearer haha

  • maiden iron
    maiden iron Year ago +9

    sorry, my eglish, im korean, but i've loved your music and will...love

  • maiden iron
    maiden iron Year ago +4

    you were right or false, you were alwayays alright. my 20ties was most empressive for y'r music. I'm a musician for your debt

    • 07foxmulder
      07foxmulder 4 months ago


    • Hunter JK
      Hunter JK 10 months ago +1

      I'm assuming English isn't your first language my friend. But I'm glad you like 311.

  • DatLlamaDoh
    DatLlamaDoh Year ago +1

    i went to this concert cuz my dad wanted me to added down and beautiful disaster to my playlist just great

  • timothyrixner
    timothyrixner Year ago

    After so many years they still sound SO good. Unreal. This set list is killer. Going to see them Wednesday and I hope it's as good.

  • Erika LeBlanc
    Erika LeBlanc Year ago +2

    I'm not gonna lie, I'm upset Nick didn't take his shirt off when I saw him this past Tuesday.. lol

    • Erika LeBlanc
      Erika LeBlanc 11 months ago

      Allen Ayler Nope not married. What does that have to do with anything though?

    • Erika LeBlanc
      Erika LeBlanc Year ago

      I know! lol

    • J2Tone
      J2Tone  Year ago

      How dare he! It should be a standard.

  • Ryan
    Ryan Year ago +1

    Still crushing it

  • Leticia Emilia
    Leticia Emilia Year ago

    Hermoso show , el público muy tranquilo.
    Nick cada vez más fuerte. 😍

  • Amiyama S.
    Amiyama S. Year ago +6

    I've been the fan since 1997 and It's 2018 already, I have seen so many 311 gigs and I think SA really needs to consider to change his shirt during the gigs.

    • Dustin Norman
      Dustin Norman 7 months ago

      Takes him 10 min 2 peel that one off and dry off just let the dude rock out🤘

    • Michael Perriello
      Michael Perriello 9 months ago

      I thought he does change it? If not that dude could sweat through at least 5 in a gig

  • B W
    B W Year ago +4

    What’s a 311 concert without a sweaty SA....lol. Still rocking it!!

  • David Tucker
    David Tucker Year ago +1

    Thanks for putting this up. I was at the show, was awesome!

  • Lori
    Lori Year ago +3

    Thanks for making my day J2Tone, you are the bomb! Your videos never disappoint 👽👽👽 🤘

  • Commenter
    Commenter Year ago +1


  • Jpopolopolous
    Jpopolopolous Year ago +4

    Last night was such a great night, thanks for getting this up so fast so I can relive it!

  • mauricio flores
    mauricio flores Year ago +8

    do you right and stealing happy hours .... need i say more

    • wave
      wave 2 months ago

      Beyond the Gray Sky

    • wave
      wave 2 months ago

      Stealing Happy Hours ... everything on point

    • vincent ramsey
      vincent ramsey 9 months ago

      @J Craig yeah s.a. went in on that verse this time round haha nice lil twist ive never seen or heard him do haha

    • J Craig
      J Craig Year ago +1

      And a killer version of prisoner!

  • mauricio flores
    mauricio flores Year ago +19

    once again J2Tone thanks for uploading great quality videos from three one one

  • Josh Flanders
    Josh Flanders Year ago

    I was right behind the pit camera man, it was a great fucking time.

  • Ground Realities
    Ground Realities Year ago +11

    That's some killer footage

  • bja311
    bja311 Year ago

    fuck yes