Average American vs Average Mexican - People Comparison


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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  11 months ago +828

    I did the math on Race in America again.. Based on 2010 Census. White: 72.4%, Black or African American: 12.6%, Asian, 4.8%, Native American and Alaska Natives: 0.9%, Native Hawaiians or Pacific Islanders: 0.2%, Two or more races: 2.9%, Some other race: 6.2%.

    • Abel 42nd
      Abel 42nd 13 hours ago

      That 2010 shit is wrong

    • Daniel D
      Daniel D 4 days ago

      We are not fat your a liar

    • elchamba06
      elchamba06 14 days ago

      +Lady Luck because we Hispanics or Latinos are the only race that is really look at like ALIENS. But who cares we will take over this world. Uhahauhahauhaha. Lol

    • vulture
      vulture Month ago

      +Corn Pop yep it was stolen

    • vulture
      vulture Month ago

      Can you do average americans and average Egyptian that would be a good one

  • Diego Rodriguez
    Diego Rodriguez 2 hours ago

    You said the USA was a colony of great Britain that's as wrong as saying there was no indians there

  • Abel 42nd
    Abel 42nd 13 hours ago

    There's not that many whites trust😂

  • Elias Legarda
    Elias Legarda 19 hours ago

    Dang don’t call Mexicans poor

  • JoJo smOk3 602
    JoJo smOk3 602 20 hours ago

    I’m white but I like my Mexicans, they are such nice people

  • omar pedroza
    omar pedroza 2 days ago

    I'm Mexican

  • The Me
    The Me 2 days ago

    You cant called someone American if there from the USA. America is a continent not a race or country. People that are from the USA you call them US cittizen.

  • Philip Hayes-Salazar

    México actually ranks above-average for per capita income, but when compared to the United States it seems poor by comparison. Mexico's biggest problem is social inequality, the divide between the rich and the poor.

  • Blacktiger黒猫ケヴィン

    LOL Mexico has more freedom than USA. And yeah we work hard but we have one of the best countries in the world. And we don't see if the people is white or not. We are friends with anyone.

  • Gael MZ
    Gael MZ 6 days ago +1

    I’m Mexican and I’m 12 years old and my height is same as average Mexican man but my weight is lower

  • Justice Warrior
    Justice Warrior 6 days ago +1

    So blacks are only 13% but surpass the white criminality?? 😂 😂
    Stereotypes exist from FACTS!!!

  • SuperMariotheShow
    SuperMariotheShow 6 days ago

    Can you do Guatemala and Mexico comparison

  • Javier Macossay Hernandez

    Racist video

  • TGGP senpai
    TGGP senpai 8 days ago

    Half mexican,Born in USA,raised in mexico, I can say both have good and bad things I say...

    • epic
      epic 8 days ago

      TGGP senpai I'm half Mexican too but raised and born in the us

  • Jamison Rucks
    Jamison Rucks 8 days ago

    The funniest part about this entire thing is Mexico is one of the nastiest countries in the world right beside Africa lol

    LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME 10 days ago

    American has nothing on Mexicans....

  • alex avila
    alex avila 11 days ago

    I HAVE to LAUGH.

  • Isabel Orozco
    Isabel Orozco 11 days ago

    I'm Mexican and I'm 5'11 lol

  • Christian Poesse
    Christian Poesse 11 days ago

    Hispanic is someone from Latin America, but they can be white, mixed, black and Native American.

  • Danny 0226
    Danny 0226 12 days ago

    Everyone triggered

  • Justice Warrior
    Justice Warrior 12 days ago +1

    So blacks are only 13% but surpass the white criminality?? 😂 😂
    Stereotypes exist from FACTS!!!

    • Arturo Carrillo
      Arturo Carrillo 6 days ago

      Can I ask you why you think that is? Without insulting please

  • Antonio Acuña
    Antonio Acuña 13 days ago

    Mega racist

  • Da Stuf Man
    Da Stuf Man 14 days ago

    There's one think that Americans and show all ways get rong...

  • Cody The Liberal Slayer

    I don’t hate not like Mexico it’s ok but I dislike how they are trying to come in and replace us

  • Bryan Barbosa
    Bryan Barbosa 16 days ago

    Mmm i wonder what made USA rich Mexicans made us rich

  • darkwear gt growtopia
    darkwear gt growtopia 16 days ago

    singapore vs malaysia

  • family women
    family women 17 days ago

    If Mexico is so nice. Then the Mexicans need to take their stinking bean burrito smelling asses back there, people think Mexicans are good no, most of them leave their own kids behind in Mexico and come to us and have other kids with women here, and drinks all the time. If Mexico was good they wouldn't be here boo- yah!!!!?

    • Symebo Symebo
      Symebo Symebo 11 days ago

      i mean the baby which i guess is yours looks like a nopalte hija de tu perra madre regresate a mexico

  • Tommy Brad
    Tommy Brad 19 days ago

    I would be afraid to go to Mexico because I've heard how they have a high rate of kidnappings

  • Diana Martinez
    Diana Martinez 21 day ago


  • Diana Martinez
    Diana Martinez 21 day ago

    Mexican 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽💞 and there is way more Mexican in most school than Americans in all are local school about 10 schools

  • Maria Vargas
    Maria Vargas 21 day ago

    Most of this stuff isn't really acurate

  • Antonio Perez
    Antonio Perez 22 days ago

    The sad truth about my home country of Mexico... fukn government

  • RayzPlayz101 xD
    RayzPlayz101 xD 23 days ago


  • Juan Assenzi
    Juan Assenzi 23 days ago

    You’re wrong, many people are from country in the Middle East and Europe

  • Martin Sahagun
    Martin Sahagun 24 days ago

    You should show the average american fat eating mc donalds not the business man 🙄

  • Jacob Lopez
    Jacob Lopez 24 days ago

    Mexicans are way more social and positive than Americans.

  • Ann Linley
    Ann Linley 25 days ago

    I don't like Mexicans crossing the border illegally, however, Mexicans are hard working and this video seems stereotypical.

  • Kam Blaisdell
    Kam Blaisdell 25 days ago

    America is the second place for billionaires in the world, China has more

  • El Chapos Son
    El Chapos Son 26 days ago

    Sorry to inform you but we wear the same clothes as "Americans" wear, I know shocking.

    • Spook Hater
      Spook Hater 25 days ago

      and REPORTED..and im not a bad guy just towards people like you

    • Spook Hater
      Spook Hater 25 days ago

      +El Chapos Son cool i dont care i was drunk then and im drunk now.....NASCAR SUNDAY

    • El Chapos Son
      El Chapos Son 25 days ago +1

      +Spook Hater *REPORTED*

    • Spook Hater
      Spook Hater 25 days ago

      nah i know..dont try to act smart

  • Carlos El Gato
    Carlos El Gato 27 days ago

    Denmark consume the most amount of anti depressants, that’s the happinesses

  • Carlos El Gato
    Carlos El Gato 27 days ago

    What is Hispanic or Latino? I know the awnser... what race is that? Could be any including European or Asian . It is just a cultural heritage in this cas the language, so Hispanic or how you like to call this group Latinos could be of any races. In this video you got wrong a lot of info

  • Tee Bone
    Tee Bone 28 days ago

    And all mexican boxers lose to Pacquiao. Lol 😂😂 just kidding..

  • Lee Francis
    Lee Francis 29 days ago

    That is a piss poor conpairion. Rememer Mexican are Native to America.

  • Miguel Angel Diaz ambrosio

    Nos otros tambien somos americanos no solo esos gringos creidos

  • CallmeTopics
    CallmeTopics Month ago

    Why was the Conquistador black?

  • Pac1fic0
    Pac1fic0 Month ago

    Dude, your graphics are completely off. Have you ever been to Mexico? Your American characters should be much fatter.

  • Pac1fic0
    Pac1fic0 Month ago

    In my experience Mexicans are the people with the best sense of humor on the planet.

  • Siddharth Kumar
    Siddharth Kumar Month ago

    Make a good video on Brazilian election

  • Natalie Rubalcaba
    Natalie Rubalcaba Month ago

    Us Mexicans are obese because our family be making good food

  • Randomly Vlogs
    Randomly Vlogs Month ago

    Those percentages are just make up numbers😂

  • Gerardo Leon
    Gerardo Leon Month ago

    Conozco bien Mexico, he vivido por mucho tiempo en Mexico y creo que no es correcta la parte racial...primeramente no tenemos la "cultura" de distinguir razas, pero si me preguntan diria que en general el 60% es Mestizo, el 30% es Blanco y el 10% Indigena.

  • Sofia Salazar
    Sofia Salazar Month ago

    Believe it or not, most of us are extremely proud of being Mexican, not ashamed. And for all of those who are saying we’re jerk drug dealers, just think we’re not the ones criticizing the others

  • Luisa Navarro
    Luisa Navarro Month ago

    *just ask a Mexican*

  • u82zar
    u82zar Month ago

    Wait wait wait, how are only 1.0-/+% of native americans left?

  • Benji Sero
    Benji Sero Month ago

    America is a stolen country

  • Gloria Kadar
    Gloria Kadar Month ago

    illigals like the mayflower people?

  • NewBPure
    NewBPure Month ago

    thats not a fucking taco

  • The Weird Kids
    The Weird Kids Month ago


  • aaron green
    aaron green Month ago

    A black Mexican must be some kind of super rare Pokémon never seen one

  • jud dude
    jud dude Month ago

    Compared to Whites in the US of European descent, Mexicans are some of the ugliest people in the world. At least the ones they are sending here are. Unless they are keeping the ones that don't look like human buffalo, man there are awfully unattractive.

  • Left Twix
    Left Twix Month ago


  • mario flores
    mario flores Month ago

    Just watch Coco to see how beautiful our Mexican is ..

  • Universal Powder
    Universal Powder Month ago

    Lol wow terrible info idk where this guy got his details from.

  • El Skeleto
    El Skeleto Month ago

    Wtf is this soy Mexicans and I'm 6"1

  • Ripper Street777
    Ripper Street777 Month ago

    America: hey Mexico
    Mexico: yah?
    America: I learned so much about you
    Mexico: really?
    America: yah we're the same
    Mexico: oh I know that already Amigo

  • Lese39
    Lese39 Month ago

    The info is completely correct, but those pictures... That really feels wrong for us...

  • 024nad
    024nad Month ago

    But white people dont know they always assume there German or Irish lol and most have no culture

  • Guttorm Markussen
    Guttorm Markussen Month ago

    Why didnt you just say all white are from europe? Idiotic to say this or that nation.

  • Rodrigo Beltran
    Rodrigo Beltran Month ago

    For Us MEXICANS THE TERM "AMERICAN" Applies to all people born in the AMERICAN continent .. You "GRINGOS" THINK the term applies only to urself just because your country's name.. But you should be call UNITEDSTATIANS..NOT AMERICANS ...AMERICA ITS A CONTINENT NOT A COUNTRY .. EGOCENTRIC BURROS!!

  • JC 1
    JC 1 Month ago

    Amerindian??? You must have pulled that out of your ass. Native Americans is the proper name. Indian for people of INDIA.

  • Marisol Andrade
    Marisol Andrade Month ago

    Why the hell do you have to put a sombrero on all the Mexicans and a giant mustache

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach Month ago

    Lol, atheism doesn’t really exist over there does it? 🤣 They must know their shit then...

  • Truly Bad bunny
    Truly Bad bunny Month ago +3

    Honestly I’m Mexican I don’t agree with this, I grew up in Mexico and I was fucking happy until my dad made me a U.S citizen and brought me here, I cried everyday I was way happier in Mexico. And family is everything to most Mexican people not to mention trust respect and honesty.

    • Truly Bad bunny
      Truly Bad bunny Month ago

      Josh Litz I know, I was commenting what was true to me I think people are happy in Mexico just like there are happy people here

    • Josh Litz
      Josh Litz Month ago

      well yeah as a kid you were moved from your home country to a foreign place of course you cried. That doesn't change happiness rates.

  • Steve Jovan
    Steve Jovan Month ago

    Wherever you see the British you find prosperity but wherever you see the Spanish colonies you see poverty. Yes there is a difference!

  • carloniano
    carloniano Month ago +1

    Good video, as a mexican I can see that you used facts, we have so much in common and most mexicans have family in the USA, so I bet we understand each other very well, I hope trump won't bother us anymore.

  • Clarissa Pullen
    Clarissa Pullen Month ago +1

    There is one easy way some Americans can learn more about Mexico. There is a movie that was released a few years ago called Coco. It talks about Dia de muertos, Mexican family life, and quite a bit about the culture there.

  • MrArmandioux
    MrArmandioux Month ago +1

    My dream is to see Mexicans 🇲🇽 and Usonians 🇺🇸 together like brothers but that’s never gonna be true:/ usonians are very racist people and they hate us just because we are happy and hardworking people:/

  • stan hootzz
    stan hootzz Month ago +2

    Here's an interesting factoid....
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The GOP under Bush from 2001 to 2008 allowed into the states more than 6 million NDNS from south of the border....Remember when AZ and NM were aboot to Secede from the Union over this outta control situation???.(McCain n the Rest of the Senators from AZ and NM were VERY SILENT....So now "THEY" (the RICH and the GOP) so now we throw the "DISPOSABLE LABOR" (BROWN N$GGERS) back across the Border.......................Institutionalized RACISM...................WHITE SILENCE is COMPLICITY!

  • SPM72
    SPM72 Month ago +1

    Yea get out of your Mexican house and........ As you can see... NOBODY IS HOLDING A GUITAR WHIT SOMBREROS

  • Junior Rm
    Junior Rm 2 months ago +1

    Im 16, 5'10, 153lbs and mexican whats up

  • Fizzle Dragon
    Fizzle Dragon 2 months ago

    I was born in Mexico and moved here (LEGALLY, for all u racists) when I was four. Obviously that means I speak both English and Spanish, though I always get “compliments” like “wowww you speak perfect English! I thought that was impossible for a Mexican” but like... I would think that if you spend 3/4 of your life in America, you’d speak English properly but whatever. Also people always ask how I got here, like wow okay there’s this thing called a PLANE TICKET, and a PASSPORT, but I get it because usually the people asking me this have never gone anywhere outside their state like LOL I FEEL BAD FOR U NOT GETTING TO SEE DA WORLDDDD

  • Corey Morrell
    Corey Morrell 2 months ago


  • -Gustavo- parkour
    -Gustavo- parkour 2 months ago

    Viva Mexico 2 days for the celebration

  • -Gustavo- parkour
    -Gustavo- parkour 2 months ago

    Maldito Trump

  • Jose Perez
    Jose Perez 2 months ago

    Thank God there is Chicano studies. If it were up to me, people of Mexican and Central american descent would have the same autonomous rights as Native Americans.

  • Tee Kim
    Tee Kim 2 months ago +1

    mexicans are also american. being an american doesnt mean that a person is only from the united states in north america... perhaps the U.S needs a name change because the people are brainwashed to take up the reference name of an entire continent and dont have their own original/specific way of identifying themselves.

    • Georgius LAS
      Georgius LAS Month ago

      Tee Kim
      *Sorry for my bad english*
      In spanish, people from USA are called "Estadounidenses".
      Being mexican, I have no problem with they calls you "americans" but, if you changr that term in english, would be "United Statesians" or "Usonians".

  • the hillbilly gamer !
    the hillbilly gamer ! 2 months ago +1

    So the average Mexican is a mutt

  • the hillbilly gamer !
    the hillbilly gamer ! 2 months ago +1

    That's a disgrace that Mexicans have a higher population than black people in America black people are Real Americans they fought in the wars that help build the country and they've added to the culture Mexicans are just economic parasites

  • the hillbilly gamer !
    the hillbilly gamer ! 2 months ago +1

    Well the average American has freedom of speech in the right to bear arms and lives in a modern civilized country not a third-world shit hole

  • FKKB
    FKKB 2 months ago +1

    1:19, apparently France, the Netherlands, Poland, and Germany aren't countries.

    • FKKB
      FKKB 2 months ago

      Italy too.

  • marcogentile YT
    marcogentile YT 2 months ago +5

    Saludos a los mexicanos desde España ;)

    • Georgius LAS
      Georgius LAS Month ago

      MarcoGentile YT

    • marcogentile YT
      marcogentile YT Month ago +4

      +Georgius LAS Saludos a un pais precioso con gran cultura y la proxima potencia economica hispana ;)

    • Georgius LAS
      Georgius LAS Month ago

      Saludos, a La Madre Patria ♥

    • MrArmandioux
      MrArmandioux Month ago +1

      Marco Gentile saludos hermano español 🇲🇽 🇪🇸

  • Adan Druego
    Adan Druego 2 months ago +1

    Now, all we need is a fat Canada. Then the sinking of North America can begin. Too many supersized meals make too many supersized individuals.

  • Pablo Escobar
    Pablo Escobar 2 months ago +1

    Actually people in Switzerland make more than Americans

  • Bran Kind
    Bran Kind 2 months ago +1

    You are so wrong on the 5% illegal Mexican. True estimates are at least 30 million

  • Iman Amatullah
    Iman Amatullah 2 months ago +1

    I think this is racist. Anybody else?

  • Chuy Treviño
    Chuy Treviño 2 months ago +1


  • oliver567
    oliver567 2 months ago +1

    I hate immigration, overpopulation sucks

    COMIC BOOK HERO 2 months ago +1

    here in America We don't get paid big Dollars I quit my job at Terry's In Duncanville Because I only got paid 30$ up to 200 and that wasn't Enough I Sure do hate living in America

  • Jacqueline B.
    Jacqueline B. 2 months ago +2

    This is the most stereotypical thing I've ever seen in my life

  • Sweet N Sour
    Sweet N Sour 2 months ago +1

    I love being Mexican ☺️