Super Mario Party Gameplay Pt. 2 - Nintendo Treehouse: Live | E3 2018


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  • AshtonTUBE
    AshtonTUBE 9 hours ago

    Nintendo I get you can't reveal some things yet, but I would like to know all the playable characters. Could you please tell me? My birthday is October 15th and Super Mario Party is top on my wishlist!

  • Sienna Kressley
    Sienna Kressley 16 hours ago

    omg she calls him mary-o smh

  • Hugo stoltz
    Hugo stoltz Day ago

    No bowser blocks :(

  • joseph phillips
    joseph phillips Day ago

    The ranks are cool

  • Shadowpikachu543
    Shadowpikachu543 3 days ago


  • EJ Studios
    EJ Studios 4 days ago

    I want this so bad

  • JDC
    JDC 5 days ago

    Looks good but will it be better than Mario Party 7? probably not, still gonna get it though.

  • Birdy
    Birdy 5 days ago

    weird so instead of updating splatoon 2,for August your dummus are messing with this. not impressed

  • Mario mischief
    Mario mischief 6 days ago


  • Chris, 22
    Chris, 22 7 days ago

    1:27 Tbh, I kinda don’t like the team names (except Mario Party 5 & 6) especially during the minigames.
    I prefer just all characters names shown on-screen.

  • Arianator 2001
    Arianator 2001 8 days ago

    This reminds of mario party star rush but instead of toads you get others characters.

  • Daniel Pabello Garcia

    We need mario strikers back

  • Anthony Ujueta
    Anthony Ujueta 9 days ago

    Game is awesome, check it out here.

  • GoldenMenas
    GoldenMenas 9 days ago

    Looks fun and awesome definatly getting it on the launch day!!!

  • Imagine Miles
    Imagine Miles 10 days ago

    i was sceptical about this mode until there was a minigame

  • Caty Hernandez
    Caty Hernandez 10 days ago

    shy says toast

  • UnrealLink
    UnrealLink 10 days ago

    how does it work i have 1 switch with the 2 joy cons, do i need another switch to play with 4 ? or can i just buy 2 more joy cons and connect them with my switch ?

  • Pippo Rossi Channel 2
    Pippo Rossi Channel 2 12 days ago

    I love snow Clouds, aww.

  • Buttsagg saggington
    Buttsagg saggington 13 days ago

    I just want the maps to be not flat like in Mario party 8

  • Colten Williams
    Colten Williams 14 days ago


  • Michael Hunter
    Michael Hunter 15 days ago

    I really hope there’s a lot of different boards I don’t mind them being small but if they’re gonna be that way then you need at least need to have a good amount of them to choose from especially with all the characters you can play as

  • SenorScrewSchool
    SenorScrewSchool 15 days ago

    Dyou guys think Shy Guy might be insane for this game mode? His special dice block is 0-4-4-4-4-4. So if you can manage to land on an item space once, then you could like use his special dice block every turn and end up in the same spot and get an item every turn. I think a 0 triggers the same space, and then a 4 can get you back to the same place moving 1 spot in every direction. Yeah you might not be able to do much yourself but maybe getting an item every turn will help your other teammate and more than make up for it?
    Now that I think about it, could this work for any even dice block roll? Can you go back and forth between the same 2 spaces for your entire roll? I'm guessing not, but if you can, someone like DK might be even better cuz I think his is +5c,0,0,0,10,10. You'll be able to trigger an item every time and maybe get lucky with getting 5 coins also! And if you need to move somewhere quickly all of a sudden, you might be able to with the 10 roll.

  • JayR KusH
    JayR KusH 15 days ago

    I’m supper grateful for what’s coming out
    I think this is going to be the best MARIO party like tennis and kart have been but
    Where’s baseball and strikers we need a baseball and strikers

  • Aaronprogamer sueirad
    Aaronprogamer sueirad 15 days ago +1


  • Yuta 90
    Yuta 90 17 days ago


  • Alexis Fernandes
    Alexis Fernandes 18 days ago +1

    I have a question, if I don’t have enough money to buy one second Nintendo Switch in order to have plus 2 Joycons and another screen for Mario Party, will I lose most part of the fun? Because if I will I don’t know if it’s worth buying this at this point, unless there is an options to play for one or two players against the CPU, but it’s not the same thing for sure.

  • shane sharkey
    shane sharkey 19 days ago +1

    80 different mini games to choose from. That’s pretty awesome. The Nintendo Switch was a questionable investment for me at first but now they are producing more and more great games ahead. I’m very pleased. I’ve waited so long for Mario party to be fixed. Nintendo is finally redeeming themselves after all these years.

  • man hei kwok
    man hei kwok 20 days ago

    Boss Rush plz

  • Supergamerkarter
    Supergamerkarter 20 days ago +1

    12:26 Aparently non-event spaces are lava

  • Danception
    Danception 21 day ago

    So basically, it has two main game modes... One for the Classic mario party style and one for the star rush style.

  • Logan Smyth
    Logan Smyth 21 day ago

    Is Toadette a playable character?

  • PaperBort
    PaperBort 21 day ago

    Who else remembers broozers from new super mario bros on the ds

  • PaperBort
    PaperBort 21 day ago

    I hope the teams get their own unique names for all the combinations of characters you can get, like in one of the older mario party games

  • gavin gonzalez
    gavin gonzalez 22 days ago

    2:03 Nice Inside Joke Nintendo. 👌😂

  • Robert Morales Javier
    Robert Morales Javier 22 days ago

    oh man mario party childhood dream

  • stryfetc1
    stryfetc1 22 days ago

    5:49 look like Bowser had a stroke

  • Woody Ninja
    Woody Ninja 23 days ago

    Is dry bones in the game

  • Tenacious P
    Tenacious P 23 days ago

    Complaint the board seems a bit restrictive.

  • Anjinhu Lilas
    Anjinhu Lilas 23 days ago

    I hate this new dice block

  • John Choe
    John Choe 23 days ago

    will this be online so you can play with your friends when theyre on their own switch ? or do we all have to play on one switch

  • Jonny Lopez
    Jonny Lopez 23 days ago

    When Toadette was playable in Mario Party 7

  • Charlie Ballesteros
    Charlie Ballesteros 24 days ago

    this reminds me of mario party star rush

  • TheRantingRobots
    TheRantingRobots 24 days ago

    Add Pro Controller support, please! You've screwed up Mario Party for so long with the shared car, and now that that's finally gone, you're forcing motion controls? Please, Nintendo--Pro Controller support!

  • Scribbinge
    Scribbinge 25 days ago +1

    I wish the devs would 'take the opportunity to revitalize' F-Zero as well :P

  • Splax 75
    Splax 75 25 days ago

    The cringe is real

  • Mewtwo Gamer92
    Mewtwo Gamer92 25 days ago +2

    “Bowser never looked more beautiful”
    He gets more beautiful every time(the face minigame is an exception 👍)! I really can’t wait to play Super Mario party :D

  • tony yao
    tony yao 25 days ago +1

    Can't wait till Mario party 981635716 on 10000000ds!

  • Pound Cake
    Pound Cake 25 days ago +1

    The game looks incredible!!

  • e6otrip
    e6otrip 26 days ago

    I can't wait for FWOB to play this 🤞

  • Cat tuber splat tuber 100 Dimond

    Who else can hear splatoon in the back ground

  • -Milka1000-
    -Milka1000- 26 days ago

    2:31 PIKAAA !

  • kirbyxd Gaines in plush kirbyxd in games in plush

    In the background I hear Splatoon noise

  • RetroGamerGuy
    RetroGamerGuy 26 days ago

    Are motion controls FORCED?! That would really put me of getting this now. Shame, it looks great but no traditional control option kinda ruins it for me.

  • Andrewmon
    Andrewmon 26 days ago

    Is any of this online?

  • Jon Beckham
    Jon Beckham 26 days ago

    she is sooooo hot lmao

  • in case of ice
    in case of ice 26 days ago

    It looks like a great game and I can’t wait to get it but... I don’t like how the entire game is based on high fives

  • Twisted Bik
    Twisted Bik 27 days ago +1

    This takes me back to the GameCube ^.^ “Mr.Wallet, just one more time it won’t hurt”

  • thisistherealmeme 1991
    thisistherealmeme 1991 27 days ago +1

    There's always one friend who "accidentally" presses the capture button

  • Ninjakins Plays
    Ninjakins Plays 27 days ago


  • Ismael Santiago
    Ismael Santiago 27 days ago +1

    Friendship ruiner 2.0

  • Aaron Brown
    Aaron Brown 27 days ago

    I'm just like shy guy in school. Shy and trying to hide my identity

  • Bowhunter1987 Strikes
    Bowhunter1987 Strikes 27 days ago +1

    So like the Mario party game were you play as toad and gather teammates.

  • DDRHottestPlayer
    DDRHottestPlayer 27 days ago

    24:50 almost sounds like Patrick Star saying, “We stole a BALLOON!”

  • Tom Bruce
    Tom Bruce 28 days ago


  • YourYoshi
    YourYoshi 28 days ago +1

    I grew up with Mario Party DS and Mario Party 8...I played Mario Party 9 and I was always engrossed in unlocking the 2 dark silhouettes: Shy Guy and Magikoopa/Kamek. When I finally realized the solo mode meant 1-player mode and NOT music mode (I was very stupid back then), I absolutely flipped out when I FINALLY unlocked Shy Guy. He was, and will forever be my favorite character...and when I saw him as a returning character my nostalgia shed a tear. Anyways, I bought a copy of the original Mario Party, and I fell in love with the old style of gameplay. I also got Mario Party 2, and Mario Party 4. Mario Party 10 was honestly trash. I didn’t even bother purchasing Star Rush and Top 100. I just wanted a return to form, like Mario Party DS, which I grew up with. This game looks absolutely amazing. While everyone falling head over heals for Smash, I’m marking my walls with chalk counting down the release of this game. The boards don’t have that awful car, stars are back, mini games are actually played after everyone takes their turn, and best of all...not everything is luck. There’s actual freaking strategy!! Characters have their own dice blocks, so there’s strategy with picking your character! Mini games look great too, and the variety of boards look fantastic! All I am trying to say is...this is going to be the ultimate party. It’s the one we’ve all been waiting for. The true Mario Party. Thank you for reading.

  • We Are Pauline Official Channel

    Pauline as a playable character please! ♥️

  • Kooka Man
    Kooka Man Month ago +14

    24:00 Shy Guy is *DEAD*

  • Jim Noonan
    Jim Noonan Month ago

    This game looks awsome!!!!!!!!!☺️

  • Mr. Galaxy
    Mr. Galaxy Month ago +1

    I really hope there will be returning stages, especially Wiggler’s Garden from DS. PLEASE NINTENDO 🤞

  • Midna Moon
    Midna Moon Month ago

    This'll get me thru the wait for smash Bros!

  • erick cortes
    erick cortes Month ago +2

    lessss gooooo

  • Gaming Alpha 101
    Gaming Alpha 101 Month ago

    Roads line of testing the bond of your friendship is freaking hilarious

  • Gaming Alpha 101
    Gaming Alpha 101 Month ago +1


  • Gaming Alpha 101
    Gaming Alpha 101 Month ago +1

    This is AWESOME! Gearing this game in december

  • Akash Patel
    Akash Patel Month ago

    Asian lady does not know how to play

  • O Boss
    O Boss Month ago +1

    E3 2019: Super Super Mario Maker Ultimate Deluxe.

    You're welcome, everybody.

  • Abraam 77
    Abraam 77 Month ago

    What coud be the price 30 40 60 euros

  • cookiecrazy33
    cookiecrazy33 Month ago +1

    This looks amazing

  • Kevincurley 91
    Kevincurley 91 Month ago +1

    can you guys play more

  • Stain
    Stain Month ago +1

    During the tutorial of the mode, it said that if both players land on the star space, you can get 2 stars!!

  • SportsGaming2011
    SportsGaming2011 Month ago +1

    Wait Wario and waluigi’s victory dances are from mp10

  • Jamie P
    Jamie P Month ago +1

    Omg hahaha
    at 12:52 it says 'DIE' instead of 'DICE'

  • captaindcc
    captaindcc Month ago

    Does this game has online possibilities?

  • Victor Hugo
    Victor Hugo Month ago

    This looks fun! But I am a creep and don't have any friends to play with, so I'm gonna have to pass on it

  • camden noll
    camden noll Month ago +1

    Until October

  • camden noll
    camden noll Month ago +1

    And the game was never seen again

  • Solaris321
    Solaris321 Month ago +1

    Now can we get an 8 player party now?

  • Anime4 Mii
    Anime4 Mii Month ago

    5:15 haha kind of like Key master

  • Faiza Ali
    Faiza Ali Month ago

    Play more pls

  • Adriana Galvez
    Adriana Galvez Month ago +1


  • Zach Ennis
    Zach Ennis Month ago

    Will there be a mode that has all 4 players go at once and be a free for all, like star rush?

  • HoneyCat890
    HoneyCat890 Month ago

    Star Rush iTs Return

  • Potato gaming
    Potato gaming Month ago

    That's cool, every character has a unique dice they can use

  • Tom Bruce
    Tom Bruce Month ago


  • Tom Bruce
    Tom Bruce Month ago


  • Kristen Curley
    Kristen Curley Month ago

    i am nervous because you kinda need two consoles does it come with it

  • Chubes Meow
    Chubes Meow Month ago

    So I bought Mario party star rush for nothing?


  • Devolved State
    Devolved State Month ago

    Nintendo needs to get back to making exciting games....that yoshi game looked sooo boring....

  • [LSF] Chaz
    [LSF] Chaz Month ago +1

    We can't play as Toad or Toadette? That's stupid.

  • Daniel Thales
    Daniel Thales Month ago +1

    oooh o love Mario Party
    this game is already awesome!