Season 2019 Teaser | League of Legends

  • Published on Jan 23, 2019
  • Get a sneak peek at what’s next for League in 2019.
    Season 2019 Microsite:
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  • Vixel
    Vixel 10 days ago

    Thank you Riot, for all

  • Mitchigan YT
    Mitchigan YT 22 days ago

    Posible rework of ryze? :0

  • Optim147 Tha best
    Optim147 Tha best 24 days ago

    New Supp's Abilities:
    Passive: "This is definitely something Riot would do... "
    - When you take damage, you don't
    Q: "This is Balanced" (30 mana)
    - You dash forward. if you are not close enough to kill the enemy, dash again for 0 mana. For each time you dash, you get +100 bonus true damage on your next ability. If you hit your ability, This is Balanced's cooldown is reduced by 10 seconds. Cooldown 10 seconds.
    W: "New, unique and fun design" (50 mana)
    Passive - You are immune to any Crowd Control effects and gain +50 movement speed for each time your opponents tried to stun / slow / knock up / root you.
    Activable - Stun your enemy for 5 (+1 second for each time you dashed in the last 10 minutes). 2-second cooldown.
    E: "Need Hp? We got you covered" (no mana)
    Passive - Whenever a unit dies near you, you restore health equal to its total health.
    Activable - Heal an ally to full health. No cooldown.
    R: "I think we didn't steal enough" (no mana)
    Steals ur account. No cooldown.


  • Chan
    Chan 26 days ago

    I need more cutie cutie teemo skins.

  • Hugo Vargas Madrid
    Hugo Vargas Madrid Month ago

    Pongan un server en Cali, Colombia

  • EclipseSeth
    EclipseSeth Month ago

    The new support is from Demacia? It has the blue and gold colors.

  • suo ya
    suo ya Month ago


  • Marcelo Varela
    Marcelo Varela Month ago

    Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder

  • Gail Hatherley
    Gail Hatherley Month ago

    Thats how many trickshots ninja has hit

  • Dadang Sulistiyo
    Dadang Sulistiyo Month ago

    I got a dig bick

  • rebecca cailon
    rebecca cailon Month ago

    Press this if you miss old Ninja

  • Gabrielly Bernardo
    Gabrielly Bernardo Month ago

    only me? Ok

  • Charles L. Howard
    Charles L. Howard Month ago

    He is almost Naruto and I'm the Vocaloid Ninja

  • X Tch
    X Tch Month ago

    Change my mind?

  • Deborah Marinkovic
    Deborah Marinkovic Month ago

    I'm pretty sure I know what caused the earth quake here in the Philippines now?

  • yu qe
    yu qe Month ago

    So basically videos of teenagers in high school jumping on desks?

  • gabriel bernal
    gabriel bernal Month ago

    only me? Ok

  • chronicdarkness
    chronicdarkness 2 months ago

    what cinematic is that from a 8 seconds in?

  • Mladenius Maximus
    Mladenius Maximus 2 months ago

    Pantheon cinematic video when ?

  • Simon Sanem
    Simon Sanem 2 months ago

    Her defasında beni güldürüp kahrediyorsunuz! Peki O zaman bekleyin. Şafak söküyor Leona J4 MF Kai'Sai You deserve better then ben Human again for me.

  • Strangers In Paradise Inc.

    Need an Indian server guys..please

  • Lukos0036
    Lukos0036 2 months ago

    Ok but hear me out. LoL champions vs Marvel and or DC characters.

  • smell my ass
    smell my ass 2 months ago

    morgana rework : stun increased to 10 days and a new feature where you can steal the enemys nerves

  • begone thot
    begone thot 2 months ago

    New support Q: give your entire team 900000 gold

  • Iurieti Vladut
    Iurieti Vladut 2 months ago

    star guardian aurelion sol pls rito!

  • kennenking
    kennenking 2 months ago

    Blaaaaaaaah! Give India a server!

  • TCTA
    TCTA 2 months ago

    ba cái cúp nhà tao có đầy :))

  • demonsangells
    demonsangells 2 months ago

    What was that about Marvel Comics? They plan to make comic book series out of the LoL universe?

  • Boof Lord
    Boof Lord 2 months ago

    a quick reminder that in 2.55 of "awaken", jhins ultimate music starts to play in the background, finishing as he takes his bow. "curtain call"

    NEIL PAULO BUAN III 2 months ago

    U son of a b*tches

    NEIL PAULO BUAN III 2 months ago

    Riot dont you dare nerf irelia again

  • SamPlayzHD - Gaming And More!

    The thumbnail, is a teaser for new vs event
    I think it's Yasuo vs Warwick

  • low elo draven main
    low elo draven main 2 months ago

    pyke steals gold
    neeko steals appearance
    sylas steals ult

    new support steals ur pc

  • Krulcifer.
    Krulcifer. 2 months ago

    As much as i hate League, Im still always hyped up!

  • nothing isnt As it seem

    FLOWER OF LIFE?( sacred geometry thing)

  • Ruukasu
    Ruukasu 2 months ago

    i love the game i paly it since summer 2010 but i wish this game wasnt like about 90% lcs

  • Jotaro Joestar
    Jotaro Joestar 2 months ago

    we want a star guardian Garen

  • Best Hip Hop Indonesia
    Best Hip Hop Indonesia 2 months ago


  • Höllisch Blume
    Höllisch Blume 2 months ago

    I got flashbacks

  • KrissTendoUniverse
    KrissTendoUniverse 2 months ago

    0:19 I can see my Zoe right there ❤️

  • hynz sanchez
    hynz sanchez 2 months ago

    Iwant zed to have his legendary skin

  • midajah hayden
    midajah hayden 2 months ago

    I need a new computer so i can play again...

  • Andrew P
    Andrew P 2 months ago +1

    The game is dying. :)

  • demonman905
    demonman905 2 months ago

    I know I'm being that guy, but the wolf on the left of the thumbnail looks exactly like Sabrewolf from Killer Instict on the Xbox One.

  • Roro Racuya
    Roro Racuya 2 months ago

    After releasing support AD Payke another support champ again? I guess AP support. Lol

  • Excutor
    Excutor 2 months ago

    Aatrox: Dafuq?

  • Ngôn Thuỷ
    Ngôn Thuỷ 2 months ago


  • Oreo Wolf
    Oreo Wolf 2 months ago

    Holy bananas

  • Thomas Dean
    Thomas Dean 2 months ago +1

    The new champion should be kayle and morgana's brother. He tries to stop them from fighting, but in doing so, half his body is corrupted by by dark magic from morgana and he wields a spear of lightning (lightning is a light in the dark). During combat, he only has one wing due to the corruption, but in using his toggleable ult, he can drain mana over time to create a wing of darkness that boosts his abilities, movement speed and gains the ability to fly

  • morfi trolls
    morfi trolls 2 months ago

    the only game that can be cheated

  • SoulSheperd
    SoulSheperd 2 months ago

    I See wings.... is it Kayle?

  • Skin Zoe
    Skin Zoe 2 months ago


  • V.D.K ID
    V.D.K ID 2 months ago

    :^V URF

  • Kristoffer
    Kristoffer 2 months ago

    I still think that neeko is a b*tch

  • Noel Jovin
    Noel Jovin 2 months ago

    can you not just update the game

  • 뚝키
    뚝키 2 months ago

    순간스오나와서 너무당황했닥

  • EmeraldWorlds Productions

    What about an event where Shen and Zed team up against Jhin?

  • bob hamster
    bob hamster 2 months ago

    This is how you give out information, they just told us what's up honestly and I appreciate it

  • Steven Tundag
    Steven Tundag 2 months ago

    I G jayce skin is coming

  • Migoy Ibarra
    Migoy Ibarra 2 months ago

    Is this season have a new project skins?

  • Iya Pimentel
    Iya Pimentel 2 months ago

    Darkin support.....

  • Efe Bağdatlı
    Efe Bağdatlı 2 months ago

    Star guardian yasuo pls :D

  • arysain
    arysain 2 months ago

    Wow sweet voice!!

  • Asocial Gothic Gamer
    Asocial Gothic Gamer 2 months ago

    Watch the new support end up being Kayle after she's reworked. Knowing riot, I wouldnt be surprised if they pull something dumb like that thinking its a good idea

  • Keiji Pangilinan
    Keiji Pangilinan 2 months ago

    OMG I just got the chills yieeeeeeep. Excited for S9

  • Satan Himself
    Satan Himself 2 months ago

    Please bring back the old darius splash art

  • jocko
    jocko 2 months ago

    Remove polaks pls

  • Osmen Ahmed
    Osmen Ahmed 2 months ago

    No comment ❤❤

  • قناة الشيف محمد


  • YellowTruckDestruction
    YellowTruckDestruction 2 months ago

    oh yeah yeah

  • Kozacki Kozak
    Kozacki Kozak 2 months ago

    delete kai sa pls

  • Lucian Dan
    Lucian Dan 2 months ago +2

    -New Champion name :
    -Abilities :
    Q : Throw a book that opens and gives damage
    W : Heal
    E : Stun
    R : Makes the player bigger and stronger

  • Foruto Kun
    Foruto Kun 2 months ago


  • Dustinmaester
    Dustinmaester 2 months ago

    I havnt played lol in years,, like probbaly 5 or 6... is Annie still the best/easiest APC mid lane? she was adorable with her 1 shot penta Tibbers. I remember the only middle lane hero that could beat annie was an APC ezreal. also very adorable with massive burst and nothing else that could be usefull for a team game.

  • Ali Cessay
    Ali Cessay 2 months ago

    Well I’m staying adc now

  • Jason young
    Jason young 2 months ago

    Smite is better than LoL
    Change my mind.

  • Camila Ruano Fernández

    So Star Guardians are coming back but when did they left?

  • Mều
    Mều 2 months ago

    *The new support champion is yasuo* 🤣🤣🤣

  • Elisandro Moreno
    Elisandro Moreno 2 months ago

    Season 9 not season 2019

  • allen panicker
    allen panicker 2 months ago

    how many seasons have been ther

  • Andrei69
    Andrei69 2 months ago

    Nerf IRELIA

  • ArrBe
    ArrBe 2 months ago

    I wish league wasnt top down.

  • kentaro sudayan
    kentaro sudayan 2 months ago +1

    ohhh another ryze rework

  • BakaBule
    BakaBule 2 months ago

    Support mains are happy

  • Maxamillius Litty
    Maxamillius Litty 2 months ago

    LOL IS

    Oh yeah yeah

  • mad scientist ziggs
    mad scientist ziggs 2 months ago

    Warwick is so creepy in the thumbnail

  • XyPer Lt
    XyPer Lt 2 months ago

    New Support Probably Steals Life And Give It To Your Adc

  • Jerwin's Best!
    Jerwin's Best! 2 months ago

    New supp. that steals enemy Mana and gives it to their ADCs.... Which depends on the kind of sorcery written on that spell book, anything could happen....

  • B Sherry
    B Sherry 2 months ago +1

    Marvel comics?!

  • ian nikko miranda
    ian nikko miranda 2 months ago

    I hope this new champion has a TOGGLE EFFECT like kai'sa and pyke

  • Vergaron
    Vergaron 2 months ago

    I have a crazy theory that the next support is a smoke looking elemental, if you look at the smoke thats falling down from the light at the book and the purple smoke at the right of the picture, you will see it looks pretty much identical to the image in the little potion flask. it looks like an elemental with 3 blue eyes and its body is dark purple (which explains the purple smoke) and its head has the same colour as the smoke from the book. He was probably spawned by a spell which someone used to make ''it'' alive. sorry for the bad grammar. but i hope you get it.

  • Lukkuchi Kun
    Lukkuchi Kun 2 months ago

    Xerath skin??

  • Amara Tenoh
    Amara Tenoh 2 months ago

    New star guardian line up!

  • Jhin The DramaQueen
    Jhin The DramaQueen 2 months ago


  • Johnpaul Cenon
    Johnpaul Cenon 3 months ago

    im waiting for this season

  • Dusk Sorrow
    Dusk Sorrow 3 months ago

    Wish the new supports ult can become 1 with its ally like the spirit of the support is in the ally if you know what i mean😎

  • Nstiseo
    Nstiseo 3 months ago

    ded gaem

  • EvilNeon
    EvilNeon 3 months ago

    kayle & Morg rework? thats whats up

  • Tan Le
    Tan Le 3 months ago

    Can the new sup 360 no-scope headshot tho??? 0_o

  • Solar's Lounge
    Solar's Lounge 3 months ago

    new Support ult = Steals enemy HP and transfer it to an ally
    new Support ult = Steals enemy Location and swaps