The High Voltage Ejector Bed

  • Published on Jul 30, 2015
  • The Ejector bed is what you need if getting up in the morning is not your thing. Taylors of harrogate asked me to make a wake up device to match their High Voltage coffee so i set about making this wonderful machine which so many of you have requested i build (Like the one that clay inventor with his dog has)
    To see the bed being built click here.
    Find out more about “high Voltage” Coffee here
    ‘Music by Rapido T Lusso. Track is called The Caffeine Racer and can be found here.
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  • mega gamer88
    mega gamer88 Day ago

    Imagain a hook at the OF your bed

  • Delias Lucero
    Delias Lucero 2 days ago

    I want this ejector bed. Why? So it can make it easier for me to get ready to go to school

  • sanchopancho02
    sanchopancho02 3 days ago

    How much does it cost?

  • kandydavins
    kandydavins 6 days ago


  • N - MOB
    N - MOB 7 days ago


  • Ploper Dung
    Ploper Dung 9 days ago +1

    It's joules (volts*amps) that matters, if the voltage is high the current is likely low.

  • suprememes
    suprememes 10 days ago

    I got a bed ad on this vid

  • lanzak
    lanzak 11 days ago

    what about a foldable bed that just like mushes you to wake you up, or one that smashes you to the side into a wall

  • Ginger Ninger
    Ginger Ninger 14 days ago

    All this needs is a slide to the kitchen and the cake-o-matic on the bench and you've got yourself wallace and grommets house.

  • Fazham catastrophe
    Fazham catastrophe 14 days ago

    Wtf this suitable for my

  • Angela Warner
    Angela Warner 18 days ago

    I have narcolepsy. I seriously need a bed just like this! Too bad it's not real.

  • General Heavy
    General Heavy 19 days ago

    I’d buy it

  • The Beast
    The Beast 19 days ago

    Colin you are a proper genius.

  • Cooper Helmandollar
    Cooper Helmandollar 27 days ago

    I need it

  • Toxic Chicken
    Toxic Chicken 29 days ago

    nec minute
    battery explodes
    person dies
    rip in peace

  • DogeDoesTheInternet

    Why does this remind me of Wallace and Grommet?

  • boneygibbon
    boneygibbon Month ago

    This guy should be the head of every mechanical project in existence, something goes wrong and it doesn't work? He'll work around it and get it done.

  • 이쿠쿸잌쿠쿠쿠쿠쿠쿠쿠쿠쿠쿠쿠쿠쿠

    thats some wallace and gromit shit

  • CrazyDoggiegamer
    CrazyDoggiegamer Month ago

    Oh man! I need (and want) this! I just can't get up in the morning😂

  • Sharad Sakale
    Sharad Sakale Month ago

    Just made a hole in the wall front of ur bed so that it will directly throw u to the next room

  • Goomba Gamer
    Goomba Gamer Month ago

    Top 10 best back to school items

  • Oğuz Atay
    Oğuz Atay Month ago


  • Gamerjosh18 Main Channel

    That is such an amazing idea. I wish I could have that in my room and try it out. WOW!

  • Jesper Larmit
    Jesper Larmit Month ago

    I want dat bed

  • lol lol
    lol lol Month ago +1

    I tottally subscribed Dude !
    Surf Up .

  • Dragon Studios
    Dragon Studios Month ago

    Wallace and gromet kkkk

  • Tobyatron Animations

    I came here because of Wallace and gromit

  • Adeel Ahmad
    Adeel Ahmad Month ago

    I bought one of these and laid it in my apartment on 56th floor.
    There was a window in front of the bed.

  • free687
    free687 Month ago


  • Bảo quốc Hiếu

    alarm bed alarm

  • Robert Metzler
    Robert Metzler 2 months ago

    geroge jetsons: yes sir wake up or your fire just five more minutes jetsons now his bed has now ejected

  • PAAN paan
    PAAN paan 2 months ago

    single bed? dont you have a wife?

  • Karandeep Pandher
    Karandeep Pandher 2 months ago

    Where do you buy this?

  • Joe Veitch
    Joe Veitch 2 months ago

    “Porridge today Gromit.”

  • Leomessi Leonel
    Leomessi Leonel 2 months ago

    that's perfect for my final quiz lol.

  • teddy pautet
    teddy pautet 2 months ago

    Ti3n ma chaîne TVclip teddy.pautet partage au max et surtout abonne toi

  • Efimov Nikita
    Efimov Nikita 2 months ago

    Я хочу такую)

  • Brian Isaacs
    Brian Isaacs 2 months ago

    A Jetson bed for George Jetson.

  • Nomon Munir
    Nomon Munir 2 months ago


  • Nomon Munir
    Nomon Munir 2 months ago


  • Pocket Man
    Pocket Man 3 months ago

    Wallace and gromit!

  • Oblivions Edge
    Oblivions Edge 3 months ago

    ahem WALLCE AND GROMIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Airline cool8 flight
    Airline cool8 flight 3 months ago

    Did crazy inventions make you so crazy like robin van persie header

  • Jeremy Hill
    Jeremy Hill 3 months ago

    When your mom gets tired of you not getting up & getting ready for school

  • xtraderpysquid
    xtraderpysquid 3 months ago

    Wallace and grommit shit this would piss me off so bad but help me get outta bed so fast cuz it puts u in a standing position

  • Ingemārs Volters
    Ingemārs Volters 3 months ago

    Make bed that ejects you out of the house, lets say straight into swimming pool. That will freshen up some mornings.

  • beep bop
    beep bop 3 months ago

    Dude id die imagine waking up sideways on your bed and getting thrown at the wall

  • DireWolfe
    DireWolfe 3 months ago

    Hahaha i need that!


    ur neighbors will love you

  • أتابع الناصري. Keillor,Christopher

    A bed not only that can wake you up get you dressed get you out of bed but needs to self make it self I don't know why you have to make a bed but supposedly people do that

  • Radu Nicola
    Radu Nicola 3 months ago

    Fuck off! That's awesome! :)))

  • Thanh An Nguyễn
    Thanh An Nguyễn 3 months ago

    Hi colin how does you hook the bed with the alarm clock

  • h b
    h b 3 months ago

    Wallace and gromit

  • Maxime Soufer
    Maxime Soufer 3 months ago +1

    Who else thought of Wallace & Gromit?

  • Arty Crafter
    Arty Crafter 3 months ago

    Gromit! Tea and cheese please!

  • Ricardo Collier
    Ricardo Collier 3 months ago

    Your electric bill will be high as a kite

  • Ricardo Collier
    Ricardo Collier 3 months ago

    I would buy one.

  • Tiaam Du Nord
    Tiaam Du Nord 3 months ago +1

    Okay but imagine if you’re asleep and you wake up to being thrown out of your bed and your head hits the side of the dresser right in front of you.
    Death hack.

  • jean kirstein
    jean kirstein 3 months ago

    looks like Wallace and gromit but i need that pls help me

  • Cyberminer321
    Cyberminer321 3 months ago

    I need this

  • Kritpitak Chaiya
    Kritpitak Chaiya 3 months ago

    It will going worse if you using hydraulic systems. Yeah,go through the wall.

  • Pokeys Day
    Pokeys Day 4 months ago

    I really need this

  • Jakob stadler
    Jakob stadler 4 months ago

    Just imagine how funny it would be , if you turn it on by accident while you sleep.

  • SuperYouFox
    SuperYouFox 4 months ago

    Very Wallace & Gromit!

  • eduardo silva
    eduardo silva 4 months ago

    Oh my god its very bad

  • Ninja Spy Thomas
    Ninja Spy Thomas 4 months ago

    0:40 When I Wake Up On Monday

  • over00lord Unknown
    over00lord Unknown 4 months ago

    I'd like to see you *break one of your legs* on the landing... (Due to arrogance he had when he won an award.....)

  • Jason Kenneth
    Jason Kenneth 4 months ago

    Colin is at it again

  • Daniel Phillips
    Daniel Phillips 4 months ago

    as your next invention, can you make a full English breakfast machine

    IMTHEDARKNIGHT - 4 months ago

    Wallace and gromit much?

    XCAVOLER x 4 months ago

    We're can I buy this

  • Lab Man
    Lab Man 4 months ago

    I had a go of this at the makers fair UK!!!

  • вова чусовитин

    Я один русский

  • Frustrated Panda
    Frustrated Panda 4 months ago

    You are mad 😂

  • TV alex
    TV alex 4 months ago

    yo i need this too then im never coming to late

  • Gaz HD
    Gaz HD 4 months ago

    For the start we could see your underpants

  • Adamski A.
    Adamski A. 4 months ago

    I would say my daughters definitly need one each. All morning problems solved.

  • Ozzy 06
    Ozzy 06 4 months ago

    If i had this bed, i would be a lawyer or pilot. But i love sleeping and skipping school.

  • Jef verheyden
    Jef verheyden 4 months ago

    A group on facebook is trying to use your idea to make money without giving you credit:

  • Racky Wacky
    Racky Wacky 4 months ago +1

    How r u still alive?

  • DaEpikTrolle
    DaEpikTrolle 4 months ago

    I need this for my sister 😂

  • R M
    R M 5 months ago

    Dear Santa...

  • Thel Vandamee
    Thel Vandamee 5 months ago

    How are you affording to fund this stuff?

  • Daddy Stewart
    Daddy Stewart 5 months ago +1

    Your neighbors must hate you

    • R M
      R M 5 months ago

      Daddy Stewart I'd love it if I had a neighbour like him

  • Splash Attack TCG
    Splash Attack TCG 5 months ago

    I used to dream about a bed like this when I was always late for school. Now,

    I just don't give a shlt.

  • Nikita .Petrov
    Nikita .Petrov 5 months ago

    where can i buy this

  • phong Le
    phong Le 5 months ago

    Video you so like

  • shalwar
    shalwar 5 months ago

    oh my Goodness, i want this for my 2 kids straight to the school😩lol

  • King  Rillyza
    King Rillyza 5 months ago

    I need this...

  • Bullet-Tooth Tony
    Bullet-Tooth Tony 5 months ago

    It's like an invention from Wallace and gromit XD

  • resty lising
    resty lising 5 months ago

    its nice to be ejected until office no need for transportation hahaha

  • Samuel Whitt
    Samuel Whitt 5 months ago

    make a iron man suit

  • JaxJags143
    JaxJags143 5 months ago

    How have you not died yet

  • Anime Cat
    Anime Cat 5 months ago

    I feel bad for the neighbors

  • François Provost
    François Provost 5 months ago

    Perfect for me i have trouble waking up

  • XxFrEshKiNgxX roblox minecraft and more

    This man is a time traveller he has created the future before we had it. Keep rocking with your high tech stuff

  • IAmNotZara
    IAmNotZara 5 months ago

    Lets hope my mum never sees this

  • Mat Grad
    Mat Grad 5 months ago

    hahaha....... im buyin it

  • Animalfriend Forever
    Animalfriend Forever 5 months ago

    Krass man😂👍

  • Alex .van45
    Alex .van45 5 months ago