The High Voltage Ejector Bed


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  • Shaunli White
    Shaunli White 5 days ago

    You should definitely open a shop for these things. You’d probably wind up in the 1% by the end of the year.

  • Toby Bardon
    Toby Bardon 6 days ago

    I clicked to see the build video and it paused, you should fix that.

  • Anonymous Unknown
    Anonymous Unknown 7 days ago

    Ngl, I'd love to start my day like this

  • Lars Landsem
    Lars Landsem 7 days ago

    That’s one way of developing ptsd every time you go to bed

  • William Francis
    William Francis 8 days ago

    Wallace and from it would be proud! Where can I get one?

  • I love DOGS
    I love DOGS 9 days ago

    Anybody noticed something blew up at 0:25

  • Andrew & Rasheeda
    Andrew & Rasheeda 9 days ago

    All you need now is to position it by a swimming pool.

  • Liam Banning
    Liam Banning 11 days ago

    Imagine being this guys wife, getting launched out of bed in the morning with the bed'o'death and then trying to get downstairs to have a cup of coffee only to realise that your maniac husband has turned the stairs into a treadmill

  • my phantom mistress
    my phantom mistress 12 days ago

    Michaelcathulu did something like this very cool!!

  • Julian Crooks
    Julian Crooks 13 days ago

    Aim it toward the window with a slide so when it kicks you out of bed you go out the window, down a slide and into your car.

  • Neortik
    Neortik 13 days ago

    if i have this i will never be late again to school

  • Atharv Narawade
    Atharv Narawade 13 days ago

    You are phinius and ferb sir

  • kirby superstar
    kirby superstar 13 days ago

    It's porridge today Gromit, Tuesday

  • sonicgauge1
    sonicgauge1 13 days ago

    I know some people that need this

  • Jim AmericanMan
    Jim AmericanMan 14 days ago

    I’ll take it

    БАРОН 17 days ago

    Русские есть

  • rockerseven
    rockerseven 18 days ago

    George Jetson had one of these.

  • Random Memes Weekly
    Random Memes Weekly 18 days ago +1

    i want one

  • Andus Mcabu
    Andus Mcabu 18 days ago

    Someone's been watching too much Wallace and Gromit. I love it lol

  • Gracie Eliza
    Gracie Eliza 18 days ago

    I need a bed like that lol

  • Aidan's Vlogs
    Aidan's Vlogs 19 days ago

    This is like a Wallace and Gromet contraption

  • happymangamer
    happymangamer 19 days ago

    i want to buy one XD

  • Johnny Guerrero
    Johnny Guerrero 20 days ago

    This device can be used for obesity people who have trouble getting up

  • ryanbryan312
    ryanbryan312 20 days ago

    this guy needs his own show

  • Oliver Mcclagish
    Oliver Mcclagish 20 days ago

    #wheres the cheez gromit

  • BlaZe Electro
    BlaZe Electro 20 days ago

    Imagine your moms like wake up son and your like nah it's so early and plus who the fuck wants to go to school. Then your mom says well I tried to warn you... then the bed throws you out and your like fuck.

  • M.S.I. G.C.
    M.S.I. G.C. 21 day ago

    I need this in my life

  • محمد فون
    محمد فون 22 days ago

    واو انت جدآ ذكي

  • clarice tat
    clarice tat 24 days ago

    My sister needs

  • Sarah Adams
    Sarah Adams 24 days ago +1

    you are in under wear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha 1:56

  • Gianlu Basso
    Gianlu Basso 26 days ago +1

    Chi qui per jakidale?

  • Dima Dima
    Dima Dima 28 days ago


  • Daweisstebescheid
    Daweisstebescheid 29 days ago

    this is exactly what i need 👍👌

  • alex eckert
    alex eckert 29 days ago

    I wonder if you can mak a small rocket launcher

  • Finn McInroy
    Finn McInroy 29 days ago

    If I woke up in that way I think I would want to die

  • Absolute Bollocks
    Absolute Bollocks Month ago

    1:00 LOL

  • Rahul anand
    Rahul anand Month ago

    This guy is new generation of Mr. Bean

  • Avocado Joe
    Avocado Joe Month ago

    Cheese grommit

    JAGUAR GT Month ago

    I use my 10 google account to sub your channel hehehhehe

  • Sterling Witherspoon


  • Tim Eck
    Tim Eck Month ago

    I got a bed add

    ROBLOX TV HIM Month ago +1

    Есть кто русский и кто из 2019?

  • Dr. Dolphin
    Dr. Dolphin 2 months ago

    This has been copyrighted by Wallace and gromit

  • Eli Records ツ
    Eli Records ツ 2 months ago

    Who sleeps with a dress shirt and a tie on

  • Ghost
    Ghost 2 months ago

    Wallace and gromits bed in real life pretty cool

  • A person who enjoys playing games

    Anyone else want Colin to do a collab with limmy from limmy's show?

  • badabingbadaboom
    badabingbadaboom 2 months ago

    Please start selling them!

  • Swen
    Swen 2 months ago

    build a bigh voltage ejector or just have a mother 🤣

  • Mako547
    Mako547 3 months ago

    Renowned inventor Colin Furze in his pants...... Well, now I have definitely seen everything

  • World Gil
    World Gil 3 months ago

    holy shit you are crazy geneous

  • Yeet Boi
    Yeet Boi 3 months ago

    Hack smith - makes bed in a box
    Colin Furze - makes a bed that chucks you out when you refuse to get up

  • Dan O
    Dan O 3 months ago

    These would work great in an old peoples home.

  • dawn star
    dawn star 3 months ago

    It is only for young bones

  • Arminius 1312
    Arminius 1312 3 months ago

    I would actually buy one

  • Shane Ruddock - Pedalling the Globe

    Im so lazy ive bought a smoke alarm with a snooze button

  • The bell ringer Ringer
    The bell ringer Ringer 3 months ago +1

    Put a hole like walece and gromit

  • Zara Imran
    Zara Imran 3 months ago

    Caterpult! !!!

  • TheVoice LessGamer
    TheVoice LessGamer 3 months ago

    can i buy two of those?

  • harlem shaker
    harlem shaker 3 months ago

    Must be a bitch to fix every morning

  • harlem shaker
    harlem shaker 3 months ago

    Must be a bitch to fix every morning

  • Clarissa S
    Clarissa S 3 months ago

    Really need one of these!... Only problem is that I have a bunk bed.. Not sure how well that would work out :/

  • Alvin Fink
    Alvin Fink 3 months ago

    Real life Walace and Gromit

  • Maicon Alves
    Maicon Alves 3 months ago

    Sensacional !

  • Anthony George
    Anthony George 4 months ago

    Did I just see an Englishman support coffee instead of tea??? FAKE NEWS

  • Koralei Swenson
    Koralei Swenson 4 months ago +1

    I want and need this bed!

  • Aaron Kelly
    Aaron Kelly 4 months ago

    You are not wallace or fucking gromit Colin.

  • LootLlama
    LootLlama 4 months ago

    How to get a heart attack😂

  • Dj 140
    Dj 140 4 months ago

    good way to start a new day

  • Kyle Scray
    Kyle Scray 4 months ago

    Hey Colin I have a brother in-law that is always sitting in my chair and I was wondering if you could design a ejection system for a recliner while keeping it look factory? Help

  • Brewtality
    Brewtality 4 months ago

    Lol the last one was pretty pro!

  • Invalid User18
    Invalid User18 4 months ago

    I got a bed advetisment. For a comfortable bed. By Nectar. On this video. w.t.f.

  • cliffhanger94
    cliffhanger94 4 months ago

    I could do with one of those.

  • Merlin Boi
    Merlin Boi 4 months ago

    Thought this was real because my mom sent this to me with no context. She does that all the time.

  • Ray Coan
    Ray Coan 4 months ago

    One questions.
    Is it eligible for Prime shipping?

  • FaZe JaZzY
    FaZe JaZzY 4 months ago

    can i have 1

  • Kaleeswaran .B
    Kaleeswaran .B 5 months ago

    Ha ha better die in bed instead of this

  • Jack The Vegan
    Jack The Vegan 5 months ago

    Who else thinks of Wallace, from Wallace And Gromit?

  • Ken O
    Ken O 5 months ago

    1993 Wallace & Gromit

  • Francine Klemens
    Francine Klemens 5 months ago

    Think George Jetson already had something like this! lol

  • Deborah Swart
    Deborah Swart 5 months ago

    Ohh you got me laugh so loud LOLOLOL

  • Alberto Brando
    Alberto Brando 5 months ago

    How much?

  • mega gamer88
    mega gamer88 5 months ago

    Imagain a hook at the OF your bed

  • Delias Lucero
    Delias Lucero 5 months ago

    I want this ejector bed. Why? So it can make it easier for me to get ready to go to school

  • Santeri's Random Content

    How much does it cost?

  • kandydavins
    kandydavins 5 months ago


  • N - MOB
    N - MOB 5 months ago


  • Ploper Dung
    Ploper Dung 5 months ago +1

    It's joules (volts*amps) that matters, if the voltage is high the current is likely low.

  • big chonk
    big chonk 5 months ago

    I got a bed ad on this vid

  • lanzak
    lanzak 5 months ago

    what about a foldable bed that just like mushes you to wake you up, or one that smashes you to the side into a wall

  • Ginger Ninger
    Ginger Ninger 5 months ago

    All this needs is a slide to the kitchen and the cake-o-matic on the bench and you've got yourself wallace and grommets house.

  • Fazham catastrophe
    Fazham catastrophe 5 months ago

    Wtf this suitable for my

  • Angela Warner
    Angela Warner 5 months ago

    I have narcolepsy. I seriously need a bed just like this! Too bad it's not real.

  • General Heavy
    General Heavy 5 months ago

    I’d buy it

  • Ginger Ninja
    Ginger Ninja 5 months ago

    Colin you are a proper genius.

  • Cooper Helmandollar
    Cooper Helmandollar 6 months ago

    I need it

  • Toxic Chicken
    Toxic Chicken 6 months ago

    nec minute
    battery explodes
    person dies
    rip in peace

  • DogeDoesTheInternet
    DogeDoesTheInternet 6 months ago

    Why does this remind me of Wallace and Grommet?

  • boneygibbon
    boneygibbon 6 months ago

    This guy should be the head of every mechanical project in existence, something goes wrong and it doesn't work? He'll work around it and get it done.

  • 이쿠쿸잌쿠쿠쿠쿠쿠쿠쿠쿠쿠쿠쿠쿠쿠

    thats some wallace and gromit shit